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**Hello everyone! Since I updated my profile in August last year, my father passed away a few months later in October 2018. I have some swaps to fulfill still and will do that though they are from 2016. I left them on my Dashboard as Unsent because well they are still Unsent. I have signed up for some Christmas Card swaps meanwhile as I just need to receive and send some Christmas Cheer. While I wait I will get my previous swaps from 2016 out. I hope you all are enjoying the end of this year and look forward to seeing old friends here and meeting new ones....Karla, Nov 30, 2019

**Hello! Wow it's been over 2 years since I was here! Time flies! Life's difficulties took over me back in 2016 and my dad developed cancer back in 2016. This was hard to endure after losing my husband to cancer just 2 years prior. We are grateful my dad is still with us though his health has steadily declined over the past 2 years.

I have missed Swapbot and the joy it brought my life through the friends I'd made and the creativity I could express. I need a bit of that again so I am back! I see I have swaps on my Dashboard. I will begin with those and make sure they were fulfilled and if not will be sure to send them. I apologize to anyone who was concerned about my intentions. Just know I was always a good swapper during my years here and life simply overwhelmed me as it is sometimes apt to do.

March 29, 2016: Please accept my apologies for having been away from Swap-bot for the past month. I have allowed my swaps to become late, and I'm really sorry! Logging on today to contact partners and hosts to let you all know I am going to fulfill these swaps this week and next. Again, I'm so sorry for my lateness. Thank you to those who checked up on me. And thank you all for your patience.**

profile last updated August 20, 2018

Hi! My name is Karla, and let me tell you

I joined my first Swap-bot swap back in June 2006, and I have had a lot of fun over the years! I have met a variety of people, made new friends, and expanded my creativity. Swap-bot is a wonderful creation itself, and I am grateful for its inception and its continual maintenance. Thank you @travisj and @racheljohnson !!!

To everyone who has sent me a swap over the past 9 years, thank you for sending smiles to my mailbox and to my face! I love snail mail!


---DO YOU EXPERIENCE THIS SPELLING DILEMMA - "Stationary" or "Stationery"?---

Here on Swap-bot, you will probably always use "stationEry" with an "e". Stationery with an "e" is writing materials, as pens, pencils, paper, and envelopes. If it helps, here are some ways people remember which spelling to use.

  • Remember that just like writing letters, we also "write" e-mails. "E-mail" begins with the letter "e". So since we write letters, and we write email, remember the "e" in "e-mail" and use the word "stationEry".

  • @thegypsie utilized a Google search which gave her this tip...let the "e" in "stationEry" make you think of an "Envelope"!

  • @Itti learned "stationEry because it means pEns and pEncils."

The alternative, "stationAry" is ONLY used to describe something that is not moving, still, staying in one place or position, immobile, or not changing.


If you want to trick out your profile, with links, pictures, etc., here is a helpful post from Swap-bot's blog. Click here.

Thanks go to @tiggerkitn25 for this link to an assortment of characters you can copy and paste into your profile, swaps, groups, and posts.

About My Family

I have recently been widowed, September 17, 2014. Tommy was my first husband, although I was his third wife. Three time's a charm, right? We met each other in July of 1986, got engaged Christmas Eve 1986, had a long engagement, and married in September of 1989, on HIS birthday. We celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary September 30, 2013! ;~) Unfortunately, he passed away right before our 25th anniversary. The children and I miss him.

Tommy and I had 4 beautiful children together, 3 girls and a boy thrown in the middle (#3). I can't remember what life was like before them and can't imagine life without them. We always felt very blessed. It really is an amazing adventure to become parents and then watch those little babies grow and become. Become whatever they're going to become. They are 20, 17, 14 and 8.

About My Hobbies

My personal hobbies and interests... to put it simply I love anything to do with yarn or paper.

I love to crochet, having been taught by my mom when I was 6 years old. I taught myself to knit when I was 30 years old! I find crocheting faster, but I love the knit fabric and am glad that I know how to knit. However, I'd still consider myself a beginning knitter, though an intermediate crocheter. I also enjoy cross-stitch and will crochet with the thread skeins that you can buy for cross-stitching projects. I have crocheted with sewing thread, too, making dainty little snowflakes for a bookmark exchange group I play in. Crocheting with tiny thread was challenging but the snowflakes turned out beautifully. I predominately crochet with thicker embroidery and cross-stitching thread when I'm not using yarn. I like to crochet bookmarks, snowflakes, coasters, and other small treasures with thread. With yarn I enjoy making pretty much anything, afghans, scarves, dishcloths, potholders, hats, toys, amigurumi...anything!

Besides yarn, paper is another love of mine. It started with writing letters and keeping journals as a child. I've always enjoyed writing letters and receiving them. The latest "letter" I enjoy is something called a "Pocket Letter". Google it if you like to write letters and also enjoy a bit of craftiness. Pocket Letters are my latest love! Here are a few I've done (click on picture to see larger pic):

, ,

Since joining SB, I've learned about recycling magazines into envelopes, and I love to make them and receive them. I also enjoy creating scrapbook pages, but my time is so limited that I rarely do a large scrapbook page and instead create smaller papercrafts by making notecards, postcards, and other small items. I like to make ATCs though I consider myself still a beginner, and I rarely make them. Zentangles are another love, and I have enjoyed creating zentangles and zendoodles in a small notebook I keep. I would like to incorporate zentangles into ATCs. I also like making matchbox crafts. Basically, if it's a papercraft, I'll probably enjoy it.

For my personal ephemera collecting, I love postcards, postage stamps, bookmarks, stickers, scrapbooking papers, cardstock, and stationery.

And of course with all the papercrafts I love, I love pens and writing tools, too! My favorite pens are very fine point ones such as Sharpies, Uniball and Pilot Precise V5. The finer the point, the better. I love how much easier it is to write a more lengthy note on a postcard when I have a 0.5 or 0.7 point pen. And colored fine point pens are a bonus!

Besides, the above, here is a little more about me.


  • Pinks (pale and hot pink and all shades in between)
  • Blues (Royal/Cobalt blues and Teal blues spec.)
  • Greens (Emerald green and Lime green spec.)
  • Ivory
  • "Fall" colors of burgandy, hunter green, gold, and browns, individually or in a combination
  • Color combos of Lime Green/Fuschia, Turquoise/Brown; Pink/Brown; Pink/Black; Red/Black

I like all colors really, but those listed above really grab my attention. Yellow and orange are my least favorite colors, but they have their charm at the right time or place. :)


  • Swap-bot's "Ernie" - anything!
  • Cupcakes
  • cute Amigurumi creatures
  • Butterflies
  • Ladybugs
  • Dragonflies
  • Flowers
  • Green frogs (like Tree Frogs)
  • Sheep
  • Waterfalls
  • Rainbows
  • Polka-dots
  • Hearts
  • Teacups/Teapots

Postage stamps that have the word "Love" or stamps with hearts would thrill me.

I love Washi Tape! I learned about Washi Tape and Deco Tape through Swap-bot and reading other swappers' profiles. I looked online for what everyone was talking about and have even received washi tape decorated envies in my mail. So since I first learned of them about a year ago, I have quite a collection since those first "few rolls". ha ha! But I'm always interested in new designs!

Lately I am into Planners and anything Planner-related. :)


I like a variety of postcards, but I'm not into "dark" or goth themes nor vampires or werewolves (not a Twilight fan nor Harry Potter). Interestingly, though, I did receive a postcard from Hell once, and I found it really interesting. I still talk about it with a smile. Who knew I'd ever get a postcard from Hell? Did you know there was a Hell, Norway? Since then, I've discovered a few other places around the world have a "Hell". So if you live in Hell or some other darkly named town, I love getting those sorts of "dark" postcards.

While I will probably like whatever you'd like to send in the way of postcards, 'cause I just love postcards, my favorite themes are:

  • anything from my "LOVE" list above
  • postcards with illustrations of postage stamps
  • sunsets
  • moons
  • waterfalls
  • rainbows
  • night-time city views
  • daytime city skylines
  • hot-air balloons, or any balloons really
  • lighthouses
  • castles
  • cemeteries
  • dolls
  • brides
  • wedding couples/wedding scenes
  • paintings by Monet
  • paintings by Mary Cassatt
  • vintage (meaning "linen")
  • girly or cutesie

Animals I like on postcards are:

  • kittens
  • puppies
  • any baby animal, really
  • giraffes
  • wild cats
  • fox
  • sheep
  • colorful frogs
  • butterflies
  • dragonflies
  • deer/fawn
  • colorful birds

I do not have, but would LOVE, a postcard(s) of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

REGARDING HANDMADE POSTCARDS: I love papercrafts, and therefore I can appreciate a handmade postcard. However, I am so sad to receive a handcrafted postcard that got mutilated by our automated postal machines when I know someone has put their time and heart into making it. If you want to send a handmade postcard, I will love that you took the time to make me something. However, consider if the adhesive you use will keep your paper layers secure, with no edges or corners able to be lifted up when they go through postal machinery. When in doubt, I don't mind you sending your handcrafted postcard in an envelope to protect it. I have received some very lovely handmade postcards where the different layers of paper were so secure that it looked like one card and it traveled well. But I've also received other postcards whose glue just could not hold, and they arrived ripped and damaged by the postal machines. Please take care if you choose to send a handmade postcard. I'd love to be able to admire your handiwork as you intended it. :)

If you're at a loss as to what to write on your postcard, check out Postcrossing's blogpost of 20 ideas of things to write about on your postcard! :)


Includes, but is not limited to, contemporary Christian music, classical, a little jazz, 80's music, and strangely, music from the 50's and 60's!


When I have time to read, I enjoy contemporary Christian fiction (though not romance), biographies and autobiographies, and some mysteries. I also like crafty books pertaining to my hobbies or new craft interests. I'm always interested in vegetarian cookbooks or cookie/cupcake cookbooks. My favorite publishers are Multanomah, Tyndale, Harvest, Bethany House, and Pacific Press. Some favorite authors include Ted Dekker, Nicholas Sparks, Debbie Macomber, and Richard Paul Evans.


I pretty much like any candy made of milk chocolate (Kisses, M&Ms, Hershey's chocolate bars...) I don't really care for dark chocolate, but I'll eat it if there's no milk chocolate around! I also love Tootsie Rolls, caramels, peppermint, and peanut or pecan brittle. My all-time favorite cookies are Oreos! I also love Fig Newtons. My favorite nuts are almonds, pecans, and walnuts. Any candy or cookie that includes those nuts is just "icing on the cake" to me!

My Work

I am so thankful to be able to stay home with my children and homeschool them. When I'm not at home, I am working part-time with my local county health department as a WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor. I have taken the courses and trained to obtain my CLC license (Certified Lactation Counselor). I feel so blessed to be available to other moms who want to breastfeed their babies but who are faced with obstacles, real and perceived. Sometimes a mom just needs to know that she's doing it "right", or that her baby is actually getting her milk, or that she is legally protected to breastfeed in public in the United States of America (can you believe we have to have a law?!), or maybe just hear from a fellow mom that she's doing great!

That's All About Me!

Thank you for reading my Profile. I hope it gave you a sense of my likes and interests. If there is anything else you'd like to know, feel free to ask me. If there's any other information you think I should list here in the About Me section, let me know!

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Comment: Your beautiful card really did brighten my day! I enjoyed reading it and it sounds like we have some things in common! I also love all the little coffee stickers and bits. Thanks so much!!
SunflowerRose rated for Just Because Postcard Swap#30 on Mar 15, 2021
Comment: Want to go to the beach atleast once in my life. I have never been. Such a pretty card
KarenFife rated for Just Because Postcard Swap#30 on Mar 12, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the unique postcard from The Everglades! I love something a bit different!! 🐊💚
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful valentine card and extras.
Comment: Oh Karla....Your note and extras definately brightened my week!!!! Such a BEAUTIFUL envie of happiness:)))) THANKYOU!!!
Comment: I love the stationery - so pretty :) Thank you for such a lovely note! I will write back :)
Comment: Thanks a lot for the card and goodies! Will write you back soon.
CraftyShana76 rated for Just Because Postcard Swap#30 on Feb 24, 2021
Comment: TYSVM for such a nice PC!! Sunset is gorgeous! Funny story about the picture you took. No beaches here in Nebraska but small ones off Lake houses.
Comment: Thank you! As for ska recommendations...it depends on what style of music you typically like as ska can vary wildly from band to band (some are more traditional while others are very punk oriented). I would say a good starting place would be either English Beat, the Specials, or the Slackers. All are more danceable and good for someone who is not familiar with the genre. I hope you like them! :)
Comment: Thank you for the blue heart card! I like it! ^_^ My ultimate bias is Jungkook!! XD I'm always excited to meet fellow ARMYs and KPOP fans. Have a great Valentine's weekend to you and your lovely daughters & niece! xoxo
Coss rated for MauiMami's Valentine Card Exchange #2 on Feb 9, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the cute card and lovely note. I will put the stickers to good use on one of my upcoming swaps.
goosey rated for MissBrenda's Valentine Card swap #8 on Feb 9, 2021
Comment: thank you so much for the lovely valentine! i enjoyed your note very much.. and hope to swap again soon. i appreciate the valentine stamps, too!
ArtfulFig rated for Valentine’s Swap on Feb 8, 2021
Comment: What a lovely Valentine card! I just plan to enjoy the day too. I hope you have a lovely time visiting your mom in Florida.
CraftyShana76 rated for Valentine’s Swap on Feb 6, 2021
Comment: No plans for me. It’s just another day. Hubby doesn’t believe in it. TYVM!
Comment: What a pretty card you made! Love it. Thank you so much for the card, letter & lovely tuckins❣️
fighterangel rated for Valentine’s Swap on Feb 2, 2021
Comment: Hiya! Happy (early) Valentine's Day! I'll be opening my cards on Feb. 14th. :3 Thank you for the wonderful happy mail and I'm looking forward to opening my beautiful card. Take care and much love!!!
Comment: Thank you for the pretty card and the nice note. My name's spelling is rather odd, I don't run across it very often, but there is an author who spells her name the "my" way. :) Hope you have a nice Valentine's day. :)
Comment: Hi Karla! I love handmade cards and yours is just beautiful! Yes, I do recognize that stamp and I love how you put all the hearts on it. Thank you for choosing pink - even the envelope! Thanks, too, for all the extras. This was a fun swap to receive from you!
03Scarlett rated for PVT: Long Letter Swap on Dec 19, 2020
Comment: Thanks so much for the great letter! 😀
Comment: Karla, this was the PRETTIEST and most creative swap that I've ever gotten for any Bible Verse Writing Challenges that I've done (which has been quite a few!) 😀 Thank you so much - I love, love ... love it! (I sure wish I had your creativity for doing things like that!) (Hugs)

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lou on Mar 29, 2016:

Karla: please get caught up ASAP, you're in a lot of WIYM groups!

nomElizabeth on Feb 17, 2016:

Super in love with the birthday package! Whoop!

anrtist on Dec 8, 2015:

Blessings! cc

anrtist on Dec 3, 2015:

Blessings! cc

anrtist on Jun 6, 2015:

I just Luv the ZENTANGLED Bookmark~ (U R SO Talented!!! ;-) & the peacock bookmark you sent me! ;-) the way you packaged it and in purple & with
That glitter tape ~ epic too!!! Where did you get that? ;-) THANX & Blessings, cc

lagemaz on Apr 27, 2015:

Thanks for joining the fun in the Christian Homestead April showers bring May flowers WTA -Marie

ladydy5 on Apr 14, 2015:

Approved: welcome to Make An Envelope group

Candyn29 on Feb 5, 2015:


Mugsie on Jan 25, 2015:

"Happy Birthday"!

From all of us at "WIYM" group!

anrtist on Jan 21, 2015:

I really hope you Enjoy it! ;-)

Blessings, cc

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