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I have been retired for a number of years and find that very delightful. Have been married to the most wonderful man for more than 40 years.Life is great. We lived in Palo Alto, California for almost 30 years and they were great years. Northern California in the early 70s was the corridor to heaven. Unbelievably beautiful, wherever you were. The freeways were lined with Oleander. Wonderful fruit orchards with the best apricots in the world. I could go on and on. But then came the computer businesses and people beyond people and the flowers and orchards were replaced with concrete. So, about 9 years ago we 'escaped'. Never regretted it at all.

Here in Reno I belong to a quilting guild and a small private group, we get together somewhat frequently and usually do shoe box projects. Sometimes we meet for lunch only, or go some place exciting.

Every Morning (M - F) I walk for about 50 min. It's a good way to start off the day.

I love trees. The most beautiful thing for me is to walk through a forest and see the sun shine through the trees.And listen for bird serenading and little critters rustling about. My emphasis is on little critters. Once I saw a bear not very far from where I was and it scared the dickens out of me. That was only once and that definitely is enough.

In the winter we usually spend several months in Mexico.

Life is a continuous series of treats!

I love to eat. Cooking is a great pleasure for me and baking even more.

I love licorice.

One of my favorite people is Shirley MacLaine. I think she is terrific.

CRAFTS. Besides rubber stamping my favorite things are photography, gardening, making packages, and doing swaps, eating, reading, listen to music.

My collection of rubber stamps is rather large, however, I am always looking for Ken Brown stamps and would love to trade.

Altering almost anything is fun! Especially books or matchboxes or Altoid type tins.

Lately I picked up quilting again. Many years ago I gave it a try and started buying fabrics, but then I got into stamping and that one won. Both are rather time consuming. But now I am back at quilting (and buying fabrics!!!) and mostly I make smaller quilts for or 'Loving Laps' charity.

I am a dabbler at lots and master of none!

Swap-Bot. I love doing swaps and reading profiles on Swap-Bot. What a great organization this is! So many wonderful and interesting people . At the end of my profile I used to list flakers but I now have deleted them. Those people are despicable and not worth a second thought. Every time I saw that grouping it annoyed me. So now they are gone. Non-raters are another group of unlikable folks. Why are they like that? Especially those who have this big announcement in their profile of pledging to rate.

SWAPS. It is greatly appreciated if you write on the outside of the envelope the name of the swap.

ABOUT RATINGS. I put my heart into all my swaps and would never dream of flaking. If a problem arises I will contact my swap partner, please do the same. If for some reason you have not been rated then most likely I haven't received the swap, so please PM me. Also, if you receive something from me and there was postage due, please let me know and I will pay for that immediately. Often I use older stamps from my previous collection and the glue might not be as good as the new ones.

DISLIKES besides flakers and non-raters are things that are considered cute. I am not into cute, like Hello Kitty or Kawaii or children related stickers etc. Disney is my No. 1 dislike. Please DO NOT send me any little snips of papers, I have boxes full of that.




Guns. If I watch a show and within the first few minutes there are dead people and a lot of firing and screaming, well, off goes this program. The same fate goes with too much cussing. Is there really a need for that?

I recycle packing materials and envelopes. If they are not torn I use them again to protect the environment. You can do this as well when you send to me, please.

Favorite Music

Rock and Roll, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Yes, Grateful Dead, Zucchero, etc. All the great bands, gosh, there was a lot of wonderful music out there. Having lived in the Bay Area in the 70s had it advantages. It seems that all the great band gave concerts in San Francisco and I went to lots of them. Seen almost everyone I wanted to, a special treat was the Floyd. Absolutely. And the Stones, and U2 and and and ....

Favorite Movies

I am quite fond of movies and my very very all-time favorite is 'Notorious' with Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant. This movie I have seen so often I could just about recite is frame by frame. Wonderful film.

Favorite Television

Not too crazy about TV. A good bet is always PBS with their Nature programs and 'Independent Lens' and 'Front line'. Some of my very favorite series were Homeland, The Americans, Ozark. Nurse Jackie. Netflix is marvelous, wouldn't want to miss it. So very user friendly.


I am fond of postcards, especially non-touristy but all are great. Honestly I must say I have never thrown a postcard away. Over the years I collected those that people sent me from vacations and travels etc. They are written on and with stamps, they filled a large shoe box.

Then I started collecting vintage cards and they are in a 3-ring binder in protective holders, mostly Valentines and also some Christmas. I look at them quite often. So beautiful. There must be about 40 of them.

My collection got rather large and I have enough! No space. So please don't send any postcards to me. Thanks. Except ---

I would like to collect postcards of Royal Families and US Presidents and their families. Now I have two, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Mamie on their wedding day and John F. Kennedy. What treasures.


I like anything from the 60s or 70ts

Small fabric scraps (100% cotton)


Georgia O'Keefe, Maxfield Parrish

Art Deco

Tim Holtz

Stencils I love stencils

About Me

Please, please, please do NOT send me any of these items: scraps of paper, I have tons of it. No Post-its No loose lined papers.

Favorite Authors

I love reading books.

A favorite author is Barbara Kingsolver, I have all her books, The Poisenwood Bible is terrific and I have read it more than once. Also I am very fond of Kurt Vonnegut.


DParker85 rated for CPG Round Robin Minizine #7 - US on Jul 6, 2024
Comment: Love your ladybug spread!
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Great zines!! Thank you for the delightful swap and the super cute stickers too!! Happy Halloween!
Response: Thanks for the great rating. I am so happy you liked the swap!
lawchick rated for Spooky Zines #1 (USA) on Sep 29, 2023
Comment: I'm wondering where you found a box of zines! That sounds so fun to look through. Minizines are my favorite, too, and I wish there were more people into zine swaps. This Spooky zine is super fun! Thank you for sharing it!
Response: How wonderful you liked this swap. Well, I didn't 'find' a box with minizines. made a box and all zines (received) go in to this box. Then I can just take this box and look at them whenever I want to. This box is small and the all stand up in it. Totally agree with you, wish more people would like these swaps as much as I do! Thanks for the heart much appreciated.
Lisapotterylady rated for SOHC: 3 Halloween Things on Sep 14, 2023
Comment: I was really happy to get this package of fun Halloween things! Did you make the beautiful mug rug? I love it but sure don't want to get my coffee mug anywhere near it - I'm very talented at spilling it!
Response: Hi, so glad you liked the package I sent to you and yes, did make the mug rug. Don't be afraid to spill on it, it is washable. thanks for your rating and the heart
crescendo rated for Zine-Go-Round; Round Lucky13 on Jun 7, 2023
Comment: Forgive me for this very late rating I just now discovered the swap still in my sent list. That is not normal for me to miss rating someone!! Ach!
Response: Thank you so very much for your rating and the heart. Much appreciated.
Comment: Thank you for the fun pc and for the extras you made for me. What a super fun package to open and enjoy! Aloha!
Response: You are very welcome. Thanks fo the heart.
Comment: wOw love the card....love the extras.... love the stamps on the envelope....GREAT SwaP many hearts to you.....
Response: What a lovely comment! Thanks so much.
Comment: Thanks for these 3 great zines. I want to get my gardens planted too! I have a bunch of potatoes growing in buckets so far, they are up. I will transplant them into fish totes, when we get out to the island. Stay safe and healthy! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: You are very welcome. Happy almost spring! Hugs, Barbara
Comment: Thank you so much for the envie of goodies!! The swap postcard was great but I appreciate the really cool Frida PC and images and the spooky witch images as well. Thank you!!!
Response: You are very welcome. Happy almost spring! Hugs, Barbara
Onaki rated for Zines #7 (USA) on Apr 30, 2023
Comment: Thank you for always sending such wonderful zines! I love them a lot! Thanks for sharing your stamps from the conventions you've attended as well!
Response: Ah.. you make me blush .. thanks so much.
thecolorofinfinity rated for Zines #6 (USA) on Apr 28, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the very cute zine + extras!
Response: Thanks for the heart and telling me you liked what I sent to you.
PeliKat rated for Zines #8 (USA) on Apr 24, 2023
Comment: Barbara, I loved finding a flamingo in my mailbox! Thank you for the envelope with the Christmas flamingo,it made me LOL! Your coffee zine was great! The 'mall woman' looked like she needs a cup ASAP. :-D You obviously read my profile to choose so many of my favorites to send to me -thank you for that. And the ribbon is so beautiful!!! I'm saving it for a really special project. You created a wonderful swap and I truly appreciate the time and thought that you put into it!! Thank you! Thank you!
Response: Thank you so much for this lovely note, this is what it is all about right? To make your partner happy.. I appreciate the heart. Maybe we'll be partners again.
OrigamiGrace rated for CPG List Minizines #41 - US on Apr 24, 2023
Comment: Delightful swap - thank you! I loved your minizines - both are great, I love pigs is especially cute! And thank you for all the nice extras - love the tag mini folder, that might be a good swap to host!!
Response: Thank you, Grace, for your lovely message. I am so happy you liked the swap.Thanks for the heart.
Comment: Love the collaged envie! And all of the goodies inside. Thank you.
Response: So glad you were happy with the envelope. I was a bit concerned about it going through the mail. Thanks for the heart, much appreciated.
riviwriter rated for Zines #35 on Oct 17, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the great zine and the fun extras! Happy swapping :)
Response: Thanks for the great rating. I am so happy you liked this swap!
DeboraCreates rated for Zine-Go-Round Round 16 on Oct 8, 2022
Comment: Thanks for passing Miss Kitty Hello's Cupcake zine to me - thanks also for the extra PCs. The stamps on your envelope are so much fun, too - I will be saving those! Happy swapping!
Response: Thank you for your kind words and the heart, I really appreciate it.
Onaki rated for Zines #26 on Sep 17, 2022
Comment: Another wonderful zine! Thank you so much.
Response: You are so very welcome! I am so happy you were happy!!
Onaki rated for Zines #25 on Sep 17, 2022
Comment: Absolutely love your zines! You can always put multiple swaps in one envelope to save on postage! I'm fine with that. :)
Response: I am thrilled that you love my zines and I know yours are the very best. It means a lot - thanks.
derakisu rated for Zines #27 on Sep 14, 2022
Comment: I got a good laugh out of your "Women have the right to shoes/choose" ! I own a minimal pair of shoes, including infamous QuΓ©bec winter-weather boots but I can't help stopping at shoes store every time I go shopping.
Response: Happy you liked the zine. Thanks for the heart.

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OrigamiGrace on Apr 13, 2023:

Please log in and read your pms! My swap was returned to be as your address is coming up undeliverable and your local Post Office returned it.

dorcii on Nov 19, 2020:

Thank you soo much for the happy mail you sent to me, I received it!! :)

anrtist on Aug 5, 2015:

AMAZING MAIL ART GROUP has a ~B I N G O ~ Game starting SUNDAY if you wanna play! Just check in the group and select your words, say you're in & pm me your list! ;-)
ENJOY!!! Blessings, cc

ladydy5 on May 29, 2015:

Oh! It's great to be retire, so welcome to Our group 9Little Pockets.

pne on Oct 10, 2014:

Thank you for helping my travelling postcard from round 19 get back to me!

doulakk on Jul 25, 2014:

Welcome to our group!
Please join one or two swaps!

click here

camelsamba on May 4, 2014:

Hi Barbara - I got those postcards that you sent / resent me. Funny thing is, we used to get mail addressed to "112-114 W Washington". It was the official address of a cafe downtown. My husband knew the owner, so he finally told her she should change the address to be 112 or 114. I don't think we've gotten anything for them since. There is no 124, though - but I'm surprised the PO didn't try to find a few variations that would have yielded my name. Thanks for sending them on!

AnnieMaxine on Oct 25, 2013:

Thank you for returning the Adventures of the Traveling Postcards! I will be sure to get them out in the next round! Also, thank you for the extras! My son loved the cowgirl one! HAHA :) Have a great winter in the warm weather! See you in the spring! Annie

Jjean on Aug 10, 2013:

Just had to tell you, read your profile and you sound like a super person...very interesting!

needlewings on Apr 29, 2013:


oops forgot the coding for the photo to show!

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