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I'm retired with two grown children and two grandsons. I also have an 8 year old granddaughter. She LUVS kawaii (Sanrio in particular) and anime. I'll pass anything from those groups on to her. I live in Arizona where it's very hot in the summer. I like fall best of all, especially when it finally starts to cool off.

I'm actually very easy to please - if you make it for me, I'm going to appreciate the effort. I'm thankful when people put time, thought and heart into what they make and send. Hand made items are wonderful, but finding vintage items at a thrift store or yard sale also takes time and energy, so I really appreciate what is required to complete a well done swap.

I won't flake and I will rate. If I should happen to forget to rate a swap, please let me know. I always try to send something my partner will like and I read all profiles, regardless if the swap says "sender's choice". Profiles are fun to read and they help me create a good swap package.

If you don't receive a swap or tag from me, please let me know right away. I have no problem re-sending or doing whatever it takes to fix a problem. I host swaps sometimes and if necessary I will angel any swap I host.

Favorite colors

I like ocean colors - different shades of blues and greens mixed together and sometimes a bit of purple is thrown in. I love that.

I like Halloween colors together - black and orange. I like fall colors, especially when they're natural.

I like all colors really. It's how they are combined and mixed and put together that is pleasing to my eyes.

About Me

I DO THESE CRAFTS: * Apparently I've become addicted to making gift tags! I have three shoe boxes full of tags I have made. I'd love to share with you - just ask and you shall receive!

  • I do VERY simple jewelry making, mostly just pendants on cords and chains and earrings. I would LOVE to learn some jewelry techniques like wire wrapping and beading. But for now, I do make some interesting jewelry with my limited skill set. =)

*altered objects - matchboxes, rusty old tins, altoid tins, boxes, dolls, lotsa stuff!

*mixed media - configurations, shadow boxes, dioramas

*cardmaking, tags

  • I like to alter dolls, especially for Halloween. I'll turn them into zombies, witches pumpkin heads, scary stuff. Sometimes they are cute too. And speaking of my Halloween dolls...I don't sew and I'm forever in need of witch hats. If you ever want to do a private swap and you will make me a witch hat for a doll, yay!!! I like to decorate them myself so I just need the basic hat, any size because I alter all sorts of dolls. Honestly, it's my favorite crafting activity.

** I LOVE to make ornaments for different holidays or occasions

I DO NOT sew, nor do I embroider, crochet, knit...but I admire the talents of those who do! Nothing better than receiving something hand crafted that I could never even begin to know how to do myself.


A...antiques, art, archeology, animals, Arizona

B...bats, books (vintage), book covers to use as a canvas for projects, Buddha, butterflies, blues music, baskets, batik

C...chihuahuas, Celtic history, crafting, Christmas (kitschy, vintage), clouds, circus (vintage) including vintage clowns, cactus (especially saguaros), classic rock, crystals

D...dolls (old ones especially) that I can alter into Halloween decorations, art dolls, handmade dolls, doll parts, I LOVE DOLLS, desert, dinos, dioramas

E...earrings (especially bigger and boho style), elves, ephemera

F...Frida Kahlo, flowers (deep red roses, black roses, geraniums, sunflowers, azaleas), fairies, Flannery O'Connor

G...ghosts, goblins, ghouls, ghastly gnashers, goddesses, gothic stuff, geraniums

H...handmade everything, HALLOWEEN!!!, history, hippos, harpy, hats for my altered witch dolls!!!...any size or color or material. =)

I...Ireland, indigenous cultures

J...jack-o-lanterns, jewelry, junque, Johanna Parker designs...so CUTE!!!

K...Krampus, kitsch, kitchen witches, kitchen towels, keys (vintage), Ken Kesey

L...lovely vintage lady images (fortune tellers, witches, Victorian, flappers, ethnic, fairies, mermaids, etc.), loteria images, labradorite crystals

M...mermaids, Mexican arts and crafts, moon, miniatures for crafting, mountains, milagros, mammoth & mastodons, mushrooms

N...Nosferatu, Neanderthals, Native American art and history, new discoveries - I like to experience newness

O...ocean, orange (the color), old lace, October

P...pumpkins, plants, photos (vintage), prehistoric everything, photography - I love Cindy Sherman, Francesca Woodman, Vivian Maier, Diane Arbus, and I absolutely adore Claude Cahun

Q...questioning everything

R...robins, ravens, roses, Rolling Stones, random things - sometimes I don't even know I like something until I'm introduced to it

S...sandy beaches, stars, sunsets, sea, Stonehenge, succulents, saguaro cactus, Scotland, spooky vibes

T...toads, toadstools, thrift stores, tie dye, tomorrows

U...unusual anythings

V...vintage...vintage...vintage, Valentines, Viking history

W...witches, windmills, waterfalls, witchy craft supplies, cool washi tape, Wales

X...x-tra special surprises

Y...yummy sweets, yellow moons



rodents, especially rats. I have a bit of a phobia, I guess. Realistic rats and mice freak me out.

scrapbook supplies - I do some scrapbooking once in awhile but I already have a lot of supplies on hand, and I usually need something specific when I do scrapbooking projects. And please, no scrapbook paper scraps. My cup runneth over with paper scraps already.

ATCs ~ Please, don't send me an ATC!! I actually do like making ATCs and I used to make and swap tons of them, but I stopped collecting them years ago.

Kid's stickers..

I know that bookmarks are very popular, but I really don't need any. I do most of my reading online. I do enjoy making bookmarks though.

I don't do stamping so I really have no need for stamps or ink pads. I will gladly pass them on if I receive them though.


weird, funky clay faces - especially painted ones

small Halloween or otherwise spooky things that I can use for Halloween shadowboxes - I like them kind of creepy! Did I mention witch hats for my altered dolls? Sorry, I'm a broken record

I can always use natural items like stones, leaves, bits of interesting wood, dried flowers, etc...

old keys

old photos, especially of people...the older the photo, the better!

vintage needlework - small doilies, crochet, embroidery, etc.

THRIFT STORE FINDS - small items I can use for shadowbox and assembly pieces, especially items for Halloween,and retro or kitchy Christmas projects

cool vintage stuff

handmade items that you LOVE to make!

nautical, ocean, seashell, MERMAID items

Old discarded small doll clothes - Barbie sized or smaller. I don't sew, but I do re-fashion doll clothes for some of my art dolls/altered dolls.

I'm in love with retro Christmas items - kitchy 1950-1960s elves, Lefton china figurines, retro stickers, wrapping paper, cards, etc. These items don't have to be in "like new" condition because they are VINTAGE! I can hide all sorts of flaws and cracks with paint, glue and glitter...=).


I like candy, especially chocolate, both dark and light. I dislike gummy candy. I don't drink herbal teas, but do drink black tea. Spices from other places interest me. I started drinking coffee a few years ago. I like regular (unflavored). That way I can add flavored creamers.=)

I like to try unusual (regional) things.

I am a pescaterian and have been for 36 years. (I do eat fish, eggs and cheese.)


JDiFani rated for WYIM: Just swap something! #2 on Feb 28, 2024
Comment: WOW!!! I am beyond thankful for your swap!!! What a fun and sweet gift!! I LOVE all of what you sent and the little flying "guy" is awesome!! Thank you for going above and beyond! So many hearts!!! Thank you again!
Response: You are very welcome! I was excited to see that you like Dia de los Muertos so this was really fun for me! Thank yo for the rating.
luv2kraft rated for SOHC:Valloween Card & Tuck-in on Jan 31, 2024
Comment: What a wonderful pkg to receive.Thank you for the sweet cardcard and all the extra goodies. Very nice of you to be so generous.
Response: You're very welcome, and thank you for joining the swap and for the nice rating!
luleemik rated for Private Galetine Swap on Jan 24, 2024
Comment: WOWZA... another great swap from my favorite partner! The Anne Taintor style card made me LOL, the milagros are amazing...I have never seen the large ones. Love, love, love the gnome box(gnomes are my fave) and altered heart. I don't have much in the way of decorations for Valentine's Day, so your beautiful assemblage and altered heart will go in my living room! I'm hiding the sweet treats ...just for me lol! Thank you again for swapping and being an amazing swapper!
Response: Thank you for the rating and kind words! I went back and forth about the tart cup assemblage because it just didn't 100% suit me so I kept adding to it, hoping I'd finally be satisfied. Feel free to add or subtract! Next time I will do a layout before I start gluing, but my style is to design as I go. =) =) Happy Valentine's Day, friend! So glad we're swapping again.
Comment: Oh Robin!!! I can’t tell you enough, how amazingly incredible your Christmas swap is!! You made my day. Thank you so much!! You know by now how much I admire your style, how you package things, make things, everything is so unique and perfectly different. The gorgeous mermaid doll you made I’ll treasure forever!! She is a work of art!! Gorgeous! And so much Frida!! Yay!! So much love!! The crafting supplies, beautiful tissue paper, stationery, post cards, ribbon, seam binding, bits and bobs!! So much beauty to create with!! I love the moon necklace, Zora loves her goodies and already squirreled them away. My Mom was over the moon with the gees bend book—what a great find—and the gorgeous tag bookmark you made. I love the metal moon, Mexican goodies. So so much, I know I’m forgetting things…the bath and body works, love!! It’s amazing that we are buddies by mail, who’ve never met in person, yet your gifts are the most personal and more me than things I’m given by people who’ve known me my whole life. I treasure you and I treasure this Christmas tradition!! Thank you so much for keeping it going with me!! I can only hope my package made you even half as delighted as yours made me!! Big hugs and so much gratitude!! ❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️
Response: Erin,you're so sweet and I feel exactly the same way. About the Frida collage thing that I made...I saw one that was similar on Etsy and I sort of made yours to look similar. I don't feel guilty copying Etsy ideas when I'm gifting. I wouldn't do that for selling something though. Thank you for the mermaid compliment.That was fun to make ~ I just kept adding more and more and more until it got heavy and that's when I finally stopped. =)I decorate my house the same way...maximalist to the max! ha ha! Happy New Year to you and the family!!! xoxo
Jsereg001 rated for SOHC: Altered Christmas Decor on Dec 8, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much!!
Response: You are very welcome ~ Happy Holidays!
luleemik rated for Not So Crappy Holidays Swap on Nov 21, 2023
Comment: I can hardly wait until Christmas to open all of these beautifully wrapped packages! I'll check back in with additional comments after Christmas. Thanks for swapping with me. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!!!
Response: You are most welcome, Ms. Lu! Maybe you'll want to open them before Christmas? Let's open them a week before so we can enjoy them during the season...but only if you want to. =)
Comment: Thank you! It reminds me of Arizona (always home, even when I don't live there)!
kittyhahahotbot rated for WIYM: gliTTer BOMB postcard on Oct 3, 2023
Comment: Ahhhhh Robin, Starry Night.....good choice. lol And I love Roys stamp designs too! Excellent you joined! Cheers!!!
Response: Glad you liked it!
Comment: This card is so pretty and I love all the details, decorated button, stars and fun ephemera! Love it! Thank you for the bonus ephemera too! So pretty!
Response: Thank you! I enjoyed making it.
denisedecker58 rated for 13 Days of Halloween USA 2023 on Sep 28, 2023
Comment: I received the box of Halloween wrapped packages and was totally thrilled! You did an amazing job with this and I am so happy that I am your partner! Lol! I can't wait to start opening everything and hope my curiosity holds out! Thank you for the time and effort you put into this swap. If I could give you 1 hearts I would!
Response: Oh, thanks so much! I decided awhile back to limit my number of swaps but to try and make the ones I do extra special. It's a win for me because I really enjoy putting together my swaps.
rainydayangie rated for SOHC: 3 Halloween Things on Sep 11, 2023
Comment: Thanks so much for the great Halloween goodies! I hung up the altered glove (very cool) and can't wait to use the plate to serve some sort of spooky treat!
Response: You are very welcome! I had fun putting this swap together. Happy Hauntings!!
Comment: Thankyou so much for the amazing decorated envie! I love it 😄 💗
Response: You're very welcome and thank you for the rating!
Comment: Oh hi and FUN FUN FUN receiving from you..... thank you for a t tom terrific postcard I esp LOVE the elephant poopoo paper label.... fun fun fun..... many hearts to YOU!
Response: You're very welcome! Hope to swap again soon.
JazD rated for WIYM: Filled Bag Swap on Aug 8, 2023
Comment: OMG Robin Thank you for such an amazing swap. You went above and beyond and I love everything. The doll head blew me away. I am in love with it. I put it on my kitchen counter. I wish I could give you a hundred hearts. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Response: You are very welcome!! I had fun putting it together. Our profiles had so much in common that I really wanted to splurge a bit. =)
samsstuff rated for SOHC: Mermaid Altered Art Doll on Jul 1, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the sweet little merbaby! I love it so much!
Response: You are welcome! I was so happy that you joined this swap.
kittyhahahotbot rated for SOHC: Profile Surprise on Jun 27, 2023
Comment: Hey Miss Robin. Thank you for the beeeeeautiful mushroom bag! So vivid! And thank you for the 2 'ornaments'. Ornaments cuz they will be going onto my Christmas craft tree! Super cool! Super pretty!
Response: You are so very welcome! Thank you much for the rating, and I'm glad you like your goodies.
Courtney rated for WIYM: Just swap something! on Jun 13, 2023
Comment: Thank you for such a lovely package! You were so thoughtful. I adore everything!
Response: You're very welcome Courtney! I joined another swap you are hosting. =)
geekgirl1001000 rated for SOHC: Collage on May 14, 2023
Comment: "Bessie" is great! awesome collage. thank you
Response: Thank you! She was a lot of fun. Hope you're having a great weekend ~ CC
Comment: Thank you for the pretty, yellow postcard! Hey, Dory swam upside down! LOL
Response: Sadly, I didn't realize she was upside down until the sticker was good and stuck. Thank you for the rating and extra thanks for hosting!!! Happy spring!
Comment: What cool card, thanks!
Response: You are very welcome and thank you for the rating!

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Glitter is where the home is. lol

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Thank you so, so much my sweet friend for the beautiful journal you sent me for the tag in the SOHC group. I LOVE it!! You're the best. xo

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The message is ....LOL.....thanks for being such a fun sport!

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Happy Birthday Month from all of your swapping friends at the WIYM Group!! We hope you enjoy your special day. May all of your Birthday wishes come true and your New Year be all you hope it can be and more!! 🎂🎂🎂💌🎂🎂🎂

chimerix on Sep 21, 2022:

Thank you so much for the great Halloween tags and the cool little tin album. What a wonderful package to open! A big Aloha!

SOHC tag

thriftymermaid on Apr 23, 2022:

Thank you for the wonderful Easter swap!! xoxo

kittyhahahotbot on Apr 8, 2022:

I'd like to thank everyone who made this oscar elephant doll possible. Thank you again Robin!

thriftymermaid on Dec 25, 2021:

Wishing you and yours all the best at Christmas and in the coming New Year!! 💚🎄💚🎅💚🧜‍♀️💚

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