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Post office update: Today marks a week since I have received mail. I'd put a few cards into my mailbox this week, expecting them to be picked up. They weren't. So, I took them and a bunch of swaps into the post office today, where I learned that of the 13 routes in my city, only 8 are currently staffed. Mine is one of the unstaffed. What does this mean? Well, I only get stamped mail if someone has time to do part of an extra route. I jokingly asked if when they had a whole truckful of just my mail, if it would arrive and bury me in mail. I do a lot of swaps, you know? My favorite post office lady took pity on my and looked in the back to see if she could find some of my mail. So, I got a few things. However, I can't go to the local post office but on Saturday (I work an hour away at a school), and there's no guarantee of finding any of my mail anyway....it could be "out for delivery that inevitably gets postponed." So, please be patient. If I don't rate you, I'm probably still waiting for the mail to arrive. I'm not ignoring you. Also, I no longer know even if I mail something at the actual post office if it goes the day I take it there. Or if it does, if you are having the same issues in your town. Sigh. I like swapping. I'm sad it's hard right now to get things out (and IN!) from the post. Boxes might get through--maybe once a week I can get a box delivery since those have priority.

Time for an update!!! I found a job, and I will be an English teacher, starting in August at a high school about an hour away from where I currently live. So, it's a change from being an English professor, working with college students, to being an English teacher, working with high school students, but I'm looking forward to it. I will be teaching 9th graders, mostly, and also a section of dual enrollment (similar to what I had been doing--teaching a college class, only to seniors in high school).

There are lots of changes now in my world--like that giant drive up and down the interstate each day. I would like to be moving closer, but that is a HUGE project. I've been putting my school address on things like coloring colab postcards, because I know it might take a while before those come back to me, and that way I'll be sure to get them, even if I have a new address (as I know postcards aren't forwardable mail). In my ideal world, I'd like to move before the snow comes, but we'll have to see if the universe allows this (the housing market is CRAZY right now!). I get to wait until I find the right house because I can drive if I must, and I will be for a while. It's looking like moving will have to wait until summer. I don't have time to get my house ready.

I restarted my blog, Hungry Like the Wolfe. I'm setting a goal of doing 1 post a week! I get behind sometimes, but I'm trying to catch up. Please check it out and follow me.

Please be careful when mailing flat things that might move around in an envie. The mail supervisor for my region is VERY PICKY. If anything bunches up in the envie, and I mean stuff as small as a few teabags or one magnet with a circle or a paperclipped collection of items that could be 3/4" thick, then he will tag it and make me pay the package rate to collect my mail.

In exciting news, I haven't had any postage due mail in more than a month now! Thank you for taping/wrapping things carefully so they don't slide around and become thick. It seems to be working!

Yes, I received a 3 on 23 September 2019. I had an irresponsible streak. It is not a fixable 3, as in I can't go back into the past and send in a timely manner. I do take pictures of all of my swaps. I mark sent when the swap is ready to go to the post office. I do contact people when a swap is going to be late. I learned from my mistakes. Most people are accepting of that, but I also now have a 3 from someone who did not accept my explanation of why a swap is late. I contacted all of my partners as I had the swaps completed but had been carrying them around with me unable to get to the post office because of back to school meetings. I don't know how to fix that, as I was being as responsible as I could.

As for my other 3, I will in the future contact all swap partners if something will be EVEN 1 DAY LATE. I am currently trying to make sure to send swaps out before the swap date (and am on a streak where I am several days ahead!) If I am permitted to do any swaps in the future (I must recognize that at some point I will allowed to do nothing because I have failed to be timely 4 times in the past.), I will continue this streak. If not, I will contact my partner.

If a swap does not arrive, please contact me before rating me a 1. I will do all in my power to fix it.

I'm an English teacher. I also enjoy reading, cross stitch, cooking, board games, Magic the gathering.

I love cats. I have one cat, Aspect, who has been my best friend for 15 years. She is now older than most of my students!

I also like owls.

The website link will take you to my food blog Hungry Like the Wolfe

I'm a big fan of coffee and tea. I like a wide variety of both. I'm very interested in trying new kinds of tea and coffee! I can use loose leaf and bagged teas.

I also really love hats and fascinators. I don't really do ball caps, but I have the look that allows me to wear Derby type hats or English facinators (basically tiny hats on a headband). I also enjoy tiaras and other fun headpieces. I find a lot of these sorts of things at Halloween at Michael's or at stores like Claire's at the mall.

I really like large mugs for all of my hot beverages. I think delicate little tea cups are cute, but I want to drink more than a tea sample :) Oversized mugs are my favorites.

I like stickers, and I've decided that I will once again join into some sticker swaps. I do get a lot of my stickers from Current which has HUGE sticker sheets, like 9x13, so those might be cut into smaller chunks and/or should count as more than one sheet. But they have gorgeous stickers!

I also have been finding myself drawn to things with the stars and galaxies and suns and moons lately.The sky and the universe are so beautiful!

Favorite Crafts

Baking (especially at midnight)

cross stitch (I'm working on a huge dragon writer piece right now). I'm working on a second huge project of a piano being played in the woods.

I also enjoy making my own body products like bath bombs and shower cream and shampoo. I love to use my essential oils in all that I do.

If something arrives at my house made of thick enough paper, and that paper has a picture, it's probably going to be turned into an envelope. This includes catalogs, college alumni magazines, grocery magazines with coupons and recipes, calendars, the fronts of magazines, etc.

Weird Jobs

I'm a mystery shopper, which means I go into stores and ask questions and write about what happens in the encounters.

This results in people asking me weird questions sometimes like how to use a prison credit card at the gas pumps. I also get asked if I would like to join the army.

I have photographed bathroom graffiti so I have picture proof that something isn't supposed to be there.

Favorite Music

They say that most people are nostalgic for the music of when they were young adults. I am no exception. I am a little stuck in the 90s and early 00s I love the Lilth Fair set (Tori Amos, Alanis Morrisette, Indigo Girls, etc)

I also listen to a community radio station that plays music you don't normally hear on other radio stations. Carbon Leaf, for example. Or blues or such a wide variety!

In tv, I really miss Firefly!

Favorite Books

I'm an English teacher, so you might have guessed that I do love to read. I am usually reading 3 books at a time--one fiction or nonfiction, 1 romance or mystery, and 1 young adult, science fiction, or fantasy. I am also usually listening to an audiobook, which I download from the library app.

I also like to read and write about food. I'm a poet, so I also read and write poetry.

I love Harry Potter and think it's the sort of thing worth rereading.

Books are always a good choice. No Nicholas Sparks or other super sentimental (translates as I don't want to cry my eyes out when reading) or horror, but sending me books is otherwise a good idea!


Fuzzy socks

This summer I started watching Avatar the Last Airbender, and I love it! Uncle Iroh is my favorite. Raise a cup in his honor with me!

Things that smell good. Love scented items. Favorite scents include lavender, fall scents, mint, floral, woodsy

purple and orange are favorite colors

olive drab is a color that looks really good on me

trees, though I prefer non-evergreen

I'm addicted to lip balm. I make my own and I also buy lip balm all the time

bath products. I think the best .way to end the day is with a bath and good book. Baths are best with something scented in them--bombs, salts, bubbles, oils

I geek out over stationary and pens and stickers

I LOVE puns and wordplay!

Glitter. I know it gets everywhere, but I still love it!

Please Don't Send

Recipes that require zucchini (I'm allergic). I am allergic to all kinds of squash, pumpkin, and zucchini. I have learned that pumpkin can usually be switched to sweet potato and turns out yum, but I don't know how to substitute for zucchini

Winnie the Pooh

Please no things that smell like smoke. This seems mostly to be an issue with thrift store swaps, but applies in all cases. I don't deal well with smoke smells, and I can't always wash it out/off. Then I have to throw away a gift, and that makes me sad.

Postcard Preferences

I like a wide variety of postcards. I enjoy the touristy ones, but I really like the non-touristy ones, too. I like pictures of owls, dragons, fantasy, some of the art cards, B/W photography. Things with sparkle and glitter are fine. I enjoy nature, particularly trees. Cats are wonderful on postcards.

Not a big fan of postcards with just a couple of words on a background, like "sweater weather" for fall. Would rather have a scene. That said, I got a postcard that said "Your sparkle has not gone unnoticed" in bright glittery colors, and I loved it. I like bright colors. Sometimes I love the random postcards. I like vintage ones, too, and I can get these at a local store, which is fun.


My kitty, Aspect, is 15, but still has a lot of energy. Her favorite toys include those balls that look like soccer or golf balls and are made of Nerf/sponge material or ones that are like big pompoms.

When she was a kitten, she had a bat toy. It was her favorite ever, though it quickly became 2 toys: bat head and bat body. She LOVES bats. And glitter. I tell her all the time that it's ok to love glitter and Bojuka Bog (a magic card--it's ok to have a girly side and a competitive side) She also likes a catnip mouse now and again, especially the grey ones. She loves pipe cleaners and string and her laser toy. She'll run down the hall and jump to get that red dot!

Specti loves treats of most kinds.

She does not like hard plastic balls with bells in them or toys shaped like springs. I try to keep her away from too much catnip as she gets angry instead of mellow when she's had too much. She had a cactus once, as she loved to rub against it and use it a comb....until she tried to take it to bed. Then I had to confiscate the cactus. I was also recently reminded that she wants to eat Mardi Gras beads, so please do not send them to either of us. They must remain closed in a box at all times because they are shiny and she wants to eat them.

Like most kitties, she'll love the box as much as if not more than the toy :)


Comment: Thank you for the adorable Halloween Kitten card! SO CUTE! May your Halloween be hauntingly happy and frightfully fangtastic!! x gabi
Comment: Thank you for the cute card and pumpkin stickers!
Comment: Thank you for the lovely card. I love the silver accents!
Comment: Thank you for the swap! I adore the cat washi. Your fall-themed return label is lovely. Those are really cute fall stickers too, especially the black crow. I had saved the Halloween cards until closer to Halloween so I'm just now opening them.
Jangonz rated for MissBrenda's Halloween Card Swap #10 on Oct 19, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the Halloween card and goodies.
ephemeralcorgis rated for Poetry Journal Fall 2021 USA on Oct 18, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the journal. I look forward to reading through it.
Comment: Thanks for the postcards and the nice envelope!
Comment: Thank you for the kitty Halloween card. I appreciate the skull hand card
Comment: Thank you so much for the postcards!
Comment: Hello Eulegirl ^.^ Thanks for your wonderful swap and the cute stickers! The card notecard is soo sweet, too. - I hope you have a wonderful week and stay safe! Yours, Maxi
Comment: Thank you for the lovely postcards:)
paperlover rated for HALLOWEEN GREETING CARD SWAP on Oct 12, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the cat Halloween card
SatisHuman rated for Vocabulary Postcard #1 on Oct 12, 2021
Comment: Thanks for sharing, great words. And of course, I love the kitty postcard.
Autist rated for SCATTS - O - Round 8 - US Only on Oct 12, 2021
Comment: Thank you! We had a few same answers!
HappyMom rated for SCATTS - R - ROUND 8 - US ONLY on Oct 12, 2021
Comment: Thanks Maryann :) We had similar answers again - great minds think alike!
Comment: Thank you.
minniepic rated for PH: Specific Scavenger Hunt PQR on Oct 11, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the lovely postcards ❤️
alittledabble rated for Autumn Scavenger Hunt on Oct 9, 2021
Comment: This was a phenomenal swap! Thank you! and your homemade envelopes are really beautiful! Especially the fall themed one you included for me. The quality of that owl card is just lovely. The pc’s are gorgeous and make me glad it’s fall. The little vintage flower card was a flashback to childhood. I think we had a print like that in the house. ❤️
tlemon4 rated for 13 Days of Halloween USA on Oct 9, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much I cannot wait to start opening the gifts you sent. Such cute paper :):)
Comment: Thank you! I love all of the ones you sent. Have a great weekend!❤️

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