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Date Joined: September 8, 2012
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Country: United States
My Instagram (Warning: spoilers and nsfw art)

About Me

Hola, my name's Jessie! I enjoy movies, music, painting, and random crafting projects, and I look forward to the new art I find through this to admire and inspire me.

I'm somewhere in my mid 30's. I have 2 of the sweetest chihuahuas you'd ever meet, Loki and Dexter. They are my children, but my cat, Judas is my familiar! He follows me around everywhere and we just get each other. Update: A new polydactyl kitten has been added to the family named Toby, and he has the biggest purr and so much spunk already! He LOVES to play fetch with anything from twist ties to dog toys. I'm an INFP, Aquarius, Ravenclaw, and Team Valor for those of you that play Pokemon GO! (My trainer code is 5137 4991 4113 - feel free to add me)

My craft stuff will probably always be the biggest space consumer in my place, so I joined this to help put it to good use! I'm a bit quiet, but I love making new friends & discussing movies, music, shows, and stories, mostly. I'm part hippy, part metal head, part witch, part nerd, & part mermaid.

I cannot stress how much I love anything nautical! Vintage gothic and psychedelic/bohemian are a couple of my other favorites when it comes to home decor, and if I like the art I get through swaps enough, I try to find a place to display it, especially in those 3 categories. Mushrooms are included in the psychedelic category, but I love all mushroom stuff, including more vintage/biology book styles of art. My partner and I like to antique shop, and when we leave town on any adventure, we always try to find a mushroom souvenir to bring back home.


FYI I use a sponge pen for sealing envelopes, so water is used, not saliva.

I pledge to rate
I give hearts based on effort. Be that how much you put into your art, or, especially for postcards, whether or not you took the time to look at my profile and pick something special to my taste, or for non-profile based, at least wrote or sent me something interesting, these all fit in that category. I believe creativity isn't as much a talent as it is a skill that has to be exercised. I miss the way I drew and painted as a teen, but after not finding the time for it up until the past few years on and off, I'm still finding my footing artistically.

I mark sent when the mail is "out of my hands," as per Swapbot rules, which in most cases, means my mailbox. Therefore postmark may be a day or two after that, but I do try to get them out asap, before the deadline.

I also pledge: To always send my swaps on time, or IF some crisis comes up, to message you ahead of time about it being sent late. I am NOT a flaker, so please message me if you don't receive something and are worried! I've gotten to a point now where I send most stuff off well before the deadline. I have, however, lost much faith in the US Postal system - It makes me understanding of others' lost swaps, as long as they do me the same courtesy I would do them, by messaging before the deadline about sending a late swap, keeping in close contact, and re-sending when necessary.

Favorite Movies

  • I Heart Huckabees is my favorite movie. I love existential movies/conversations, especially when combined with humor. Life is absurd, and many times terrifying, and I don't think I'd survive it if I couldn't laugh about it.
  • Pretty much any pop culture movie, except I only keep up about halfway on super hero movies. Not a big fan of action. Unless it has Keanu Reeves in it, of course.
  • Horror movies, especially the old 80's/90's ones
  • I also LOVE claymation and creepy puppetry, like in The Labyrinth.

blanket meme

TV shows

Too many to count, but I will note I'm a big fan of animation geared toward adults, as in the humor or content is commonly appreciated by adults, even if it's kid-friendly too. Examples include Venture Brothers (and pretty much anything adultswim), Gravity Falls, Midnight Gospel, and of course Adventure Time and anime.

Adventure Time


  • Favorite colors: Any shade of red or teal, especially dark, saturated shades. I also particularly like bright/neon colors and holographic/iridescent. Lately I've been really taking to orange, which is my current hair color.

  • ADVENTURE TIME - I love ALLL the characters, but my absolute favorites are Marceline and Bubblegum, who I have tattooed on me, along with Catbug and Puppycat. If you know where either of those come from I will adore you haha

  • Alan Watts & Terence McKenna (quotes would be lovely)
  • Alphonse Mucha/ ART NOUVEAU
  • ANIMAL BONES - the real thing or anything depicting them
  • Animals in clothing, especially formal wear
  • Anime
  • Avocados
  • Homemade bookmarks
  • Boston Terriers / Frenchies
  • Brads
  • CATS
  • Circular punchies, but only if you can do unique 1" ones (for bottle cap magnets)
  • CIRCUS & flow art
  • Colorful messages
  • Coffee or tea stained paper!
  • COTTAGECORE/ haunted cottagecore
  • Deadly or otherwise odd or rare plants
  • Dinosaurs & dinosaur birds (ostriches, emus, magpies, geese, flamingos)
  • Embossed images, cards, etc.
  • Embellishments
  • Envelopes. Bought & made are both great, as long as they're not plain!
  • Ferrets/ weasels
  • Any FOLKLORE, mythical, or cryptid creature
  • Garfield
  • Hearts, especially anatomical
  • Hemp or leather cord
  • HORROR and creepy things
  • Hot wax stamps
  • INAPPROPRIATE HUMOR, as long as it's not racist, homophobic, etc.
  • Kawaii
  • Krampus
  • Lace
  • Llamas
  • Lilies - tiger lilies are my favorite flower
  • Mandalas/ bohemian patterns / PSYCHEDELIC
  • MOTHS, especially lunar
  • Music
  • NAUTICAL! Especially mermaids, piratey things, narwhals, & creatures with tentacles
  • Organic beads/ charms (glass, stone, wood, etc)
  • Painting - acrylic & watercolor
  • PHANTASMAGORIA, like Alice in Wonderland
  • Pinups
  • Postcards
  • Recycled book pages or fabric
  • Risque
  • Shabby chic
  • Spiders
  • Squishies are my favorite sensory thing! I know it's probably not relevant here, but on the same train of thought, I like soft puffy stickers for sensory reasons too
  • Stamps
  • Stencils
  • Steampunk/ dystopian
  • Succulents, but not spiky cacti
  • Sushi
  • Tardigrades
  • Tattoo style art, stickers, whatever
  • Teapots/ Tea - art or the real thing. My favorites are thai tea, black tea and fruity/ginger, but I'll try anything
  • Textures
  • VINTAGE/ retro, especially antique portraits (1920's or before), or "ghost" photos, as I've sometimes seen them labeled
  • Washi tape
  • Witchcraft
  • Woodland creatures (Foxes, birds/ owls, deer, worms, & forest folklore creatures especially)
  • Zazzle
  • Zodiacs


  • ATC Note:

    I'm on the hunt for some quality coffee ATC's at the moment for a home decor project I have in mind.

  • Ornaments

    Since I join homemade ornament swaps some years, my tree is now Krampus themed, so even if Krampus is too challenging, I would love ornaments in the red/black/vintage scheme of colors to add to it! Other creepy or occult ornaments also go on my tree.


In General

  • Not a big fan of yellow, but it's not going to bug me unless there's an obnoxious amount on whatever I receive.
  • Organized religion, unless it's satirical
  • Kid stuff, reward or planner stickers, etc.
  • Trypophobia triggers. Fractals are an exception; even though they still trigger it a little, I love them a lot.
  • Disney, Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry
  • Modern art
  • Southwest tribal style
  • Country living, "live, laugh, love", etc.
  • Scented stuff - I'm picky
  • Coloring papers or postcards. I have so many now and not enough patience for them!


I really don't like anything generic, especially touristy! Even if it's vintage. Please save those for someone who will appreciate it.

PLEASE no Disney, Looney Tunes, or otherwise kiddy cards. I've never been a fan, and don't have any kids to share it with. I only like the cartoons listed in "TV shows".

Not a fan of scenery / landscape postcards. I'd much prefer the weirdest PC you've got! Also any of my above likes are just as welcome on a postcard. :D


I currently have tons of Alice in Wonderland, Adventure Time, D&D, and over-sized Star Wars PCs. Feel free to message me a request if I am sending to you for a swap, or if you want to do a private swap for one (or a handful). I love receiving hearts, and will always do my best to please!

Favorite Music

My top genres are indie/folk, metal (except 80's hair metal), electronica/EDM, and rap. I also take to a fair amount of 80's songs and oldies. I like just about anything except country and pop music. The stuff I listen to most is rarely on the radio, if ever. I'm a big fan of Spotify.
Some of my favorite bands: Aesop Rock, Aphex Twin, The Blood Brothers, Dan Deacon, Days N Daze, Elliot Smith, Eyedea, The Faint, The Fall of Troy, Foster the People, Glass Animals, Gogol Bordello, Heaven Shall Burn, La Dispute, Lorn, Marc Rebillet, OK Go, Otep, Poor Mans Poison, Puscifer, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Rone, Samsa, Space Jesus, Suicide Silence, Tipper, Truth, Um...


rkassman rated for CPG Summer Themed HMPC - Global on Aug 17, 2022
Comment: Thank you for such a bright,cheery postcard! I really love how you incorporated the popsicle postage stamps <3
JossieAyame rated for Cottagecore Galore on Aug 17, 2022
Comment: Thank you for all the lovely cottagecore themed goodies!
bluehairedmary rated for NYUP USA Only #82 on Aug 13, 2022
Comment: Great postcard! Definitely a keeper! I love llamas! We've had temps in the low 90s - it's really the humidity that's killer around here. It's been tolerable because of indoor A/C! lol
squince rated for NYUP USA Only #82 on Aug 11, 2022
Comment: Thanks!
ellie rated for CPG Mythical Creatures ATC - US on Aug 11, 2022
Comment: What a beautiful ACT. Thanks for making it so special.
aurelas rated for This Postcard Needs Help Swap 3 on Aug 10, 2022
Comment: I absolutely love what you did with the postcard! It's perfect :D
Comment: Thanks, these are great :)
Comment: Great batch of cards, Jessie.Thanks for thoughtfully cjhoosing ones based on my profile preferences -- and extras besides! My favorite is Robert MacMillan's take-off on The Sleeping Gypsy. I love artsy humor!
Comment: Haha, it looks ungodly uncomfortable! Or like a place to hide a body, LOL, the stamp you made is funny too! Thanks for the PC!
Unbijou rated for PH: Scavenger Hunt for PCs #189 on Jul 30, 2022
Comment: Love your post cards! Thanks the unusual marine animals is my fav next to the bonus!!!
ultracinematik rated for SSM: Find four #24 on Jul 29, 2022
Comment: Thank you for a very delightful swap. Every papery bit is a treat!
Bavarija rated for PH: Scavenger Hunt For PCs #188 on Jul 25, 2022
Comment: Hello, Thank you for nice cards! I wish you good mood! Evelina
Begokschaf rated for ATC Bag #110 (USA) on Jul 21, 2022
Comment: Thank you. I liked the stickers too.
Comment: Thanks!
Comment: Hey there Miss Myself! Thanks so much for the resend, I really, really appreciate it! <3 By the way, putting the stamp next to the little Alice picture is a move I am grateful for. :) You're such an awesome private swap partner and I love getting cards from you! Shall we do another round?
Response: Awe, thank you! I'm up for another round! I'll try to remember to message you this weekend with the swap info if I don't hear from you by then.
banjobraids rated for TITS Pro-Choice Notecard Swap on Jul 17, 2022
Comment: SO excited to get this swap. Thanks for the resend. It got here fast. No idea what was up last month. I actually got a picture of this one in my Informed Mail and then it didn't show up for a couple days. I was freaking out, but then it showed up. Maybe one of the neighbors had it. I had to go on Curious Nature Shop and pick out some stickers. They're so cool! Thanks so much for a great swap! This is going up in my office and I love all the stickers and your lovely note. I've been devastated lately of course. I remember this feeling from the 90s when we were fighting so hard and now we're here again. It's disheartening. Hang in there🌈
Response: I'm glad it made it so quick! And right? I love their stickers, they're all great. Thanks for supporting a local business! The person who owns the shop apparently travels in a similar people network as the one I'm in - friend of a friend kind of thing. Glad to help keep it in business! I'm glad you liked the card too! A friend has been trying to comfort me by reminding me that they can't take away our rights - just make things more inconvenient. The resources are there nonetheless... I really hope we get our sh*t together soon though. <3
WildStick rated for CPG QUICKIE: Wild Animal PC - US on Jul 16, 2022
Comment: Love the jellyfish pc! I had no idea we had jelly fossils in Utah, that’s so cool! Thanks!
Response: Right?? I didn't even know this half of the country used to be in the ocean, but makes sense why there are so many ocean fossils even out here in the desert! The more you know. <3
simcoe54 rated for PH: Beach Blast! on Jul 16, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the great postcards and extras.
Comment: Super cute deco!! Love it!
Conni59 rated for AM: Memento Mori ATC on Jul 10, 2022
Comment: Love this swap. Thank you for the amazing art ❤️

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