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Date Joined: January 21, 2017
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Birthday: December 11
Country: United States

About Me

Hi, I'm Leslie.

11/17/21: Get ready swappers! Found this article "USPS plans price hikes two times a year starting in 2023"


11/15/21: I have officially hosted 100 swaps! Isn't swapping great? I've met so many new friends, it's fantastic!

10/18/21: Amazing! I have completed 1001 swaps as of today.... WOW!

I LOVE 🐌🐌 mail! Finding something other than a bill in my mailbox, it really makes my day!

If you have not received a swap from me, please let me know before you rate. I have not missed a swap deadline to date, and will always message you if I think it will be late. In fact, I usually have swaps ready to go a few days after they are assigned. I will wait, however until a few days before swap deadline to send if you have not sent yours to your partner. When putting outgoing mail in the mailbox, I will not mark sent until the postman has picked it up.


Colors: I love all shades of purple, Jewel Tones and bright colors. Not fond of pastels.

I have a beautiful Cockatiel named Kohi no Karemu. Coffee and Cream in Japanese. She is a beautiful buff color as opposed to the normal white. She has the orange cheeks and some gorgeous yellow tail feathers (see my Avatar). Unlike females of other bird species, the female cockatiel cannot talk or imitate other sounds (like whistling tunes). This does not keep her from letting me know what she wants! If I am cooking or crafting, she has to have her nosey little beak right beside me to let me know if she approves or not 🦜. She also loves it when I bring her cage out to the table on the deck for breakfast. If it's raining, she makes a stink about not going out. She also greets us vocally before we even come in the door, if we have been out. She is a great companion, and cheers me up immensely when I am down. πŸ’œ I wish I could put a vest on her and make her my companion animal.

I was a Lead Investigator in a paranormal group in Nebraska (Great Plains Supernatural Investigations) for several years before I moved to Florida. We all loved doing investigations, and listening to the evening's recordings can be tedious, but when you find something... WOW!

Rating: please be thoughtful when rating. If your partner sent you 3 things pertaining to a swap theme, when they only needed to send one, or sent some extras that your profile says you like, be kind...rate with a heart. Don't you want to to make someone's day?? πŸ’š

POSTCARDS: if you want a 🧑 from me, please write more than a word or three on a postcard swap you send to me. I would like to hear about you - your likes/dislikes, your day, the weather in your area, your pet, your craft faves, fave TV or movies, your fave quote,, anything that's on your mind.... Sending me a postcard that only says... "Happing swapping" or "Have a nice day" for example, will not prompt me to give a heart rating.


My 90 yr old mother lives with me. She still has her license (but doesn't drive here in Florida), and makes friends easily.

My son and his girlfriend just moved to NY City! Hooray!!! Now we are on the same coast!

Favorite Crafts

For Crafts, I am a long-time stamper and scrapbooker. I used to make full size Pocket Letters - i rarely do those now, they are very time consuming.

I can do most crafts, however, I have not yet been able to get the hang of sewing, crocheting, or knitting... but I would still like to learn someday.

PHOTOGRAPHY: I am an amateur photographer. I use a point and shoot camera, and have gotten some great pictures! I mostly photograph nature. Plants, birds, dragonflies, butterflies. People are okay, but to me, they spoil a nice scene more often than not!! That includes pics of me. I'm not a selfie fan, and I usually don't want to be in a pic when I'm traveling...I know what I look like!! I want to remember where I've been πŸ˜‰

I have found my inner artist from being on swap sites. It's exciting to be challenged like this!

Favorite Books

My all time favorite books...

  1. Martians Go Home

  2. The Disc World series by Terry Prachett

  3. The Harry Potter Series

  4. A book from childhood... The Diamond in the Window.

  5. Little Men by Louisa May Alcott (any LMA book, truth be told)

  6. The Golden Compass trilogy

Favorite Movies

Favorite Movies... hmmm So Many!

I love old movies: Examples: Singing in the Rain, Bringing up Baby, Oklahoma, Carousel, The Philadelphia Story, American Graffiti, Back to the Future (the first is the best! and yes, it IS a classic!), Dirty Dancing... and the list goes on.

If you like classic movies check out this website... http://www.omahafilmevent.com. My friend Bruce puts on these events, and before I moved, I was a volunteer at the bi-annual events. A fabulous, fun, and tiring evening! Please note : COVID-19 has a put a hold on these events for now.

TELEVISION: I am addicted to older British Sitcoms - in particular: Butterflies, To The Manor Born, and The Good Life (Good Neighbors - in the US)

I loved The Last Man On Earth ... so upset when it was canceled. I feel they need to do an anniversary show to let people know what happens.

MASH, Scrubs, Peak Practice, New Amsterdam, and The Resident (hmm, theme emerging!). Outlander, Lucifer, Sabrina, Don't Trust the B in Apt 23, Ghost Whisperer, Cheers, The Big Bang Theory, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Mare of East Town, and so many more. The key is, I like to be entertained, like shows that don't talk down to me like I'm 3 yrs old, and don't like gore for gore's sake.


Please, do not feel you need to send me anything from below...however, if you have some of these, please use them to create your swap! Or you can send some if you absolutely insist! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ lol.

Also, I love all things Dyan Reaveley/Dylusions. I use the Dylusions paints and inks in a lot of my Swaps. The colors are so vibrant, and the Dyan Reaveley stamps are so funky and fun, I love them! So receiving anything you create with these would be fabulous!

I have taken classes from Dina Wakley, as well. She is a beautiful, warm, talented woman! I learned how to use a gelli plate, and I love it! Never thought I would want to learn something else, but Gelli printing is awesome.. try it if you have a chance. Loved, loved, loved the Dina Classes!

I love Tim Holtz products too. He is so creative! I don't own a lot of his things, but someday, I will.

And, I really love Smash Books. They are what I have been using on my trips for the past few years.

Swap On!!

..Thank you!


TEAS: Please note that I am allergic to Chamomile, echinacea, and the daisy family. Also: I dislike Chai, rooibos, Earl Grey, and anything with licorice or anise flavoring. Green or black teas are both okay.
As one of my t- shirts says, "Caffeine is my friend" πŸ˜‰

SCENTS: SMOKEY OR STRONG SMELLING ODORS. I have Severe allergies and any smokey, moldy, or other strong smelling odors (including perfumes, and candles). They actually make me physically sick. Sadly, I have thrown swaps in the trash before I even open them due to the strong odors. 😫


People who won't give a πŸ’œ for a postcard they received. Postcards require thought too.

People who don't rate.

People who rate 1 without contacting their partner first.


If I am participating in sock swap.... partner, please note- I take a size 9-11. I wear crew or short crew socks (above the ankle). I am unable to wear ankle socks any more due to ankle surgery and pain when things touch my ankle. Thank you!


I will contact you if I expect my swap to be mailed late. Rules of swaps are there to be followed (as are all rules in life!) I follow them when I send to you, I would sincerely appreciate you follow them when sending to me.

I WILL rate down if not mailed by the Mail By date of the swap and you have not contacted me. Or if you hit the Mailed button but your swap postal date is more than 2 days from mailed date.

REGARDING QUESTIONABLE ENVIES: Please note that I am a responsible and reasonable swapper. I always try to bring questionable envies to the post office, but sometimes one will slip through and need extra extra postage πŸ™ PLEASE, if I owe you postage, let me know. Also, I have been receiving a growing number of POSTAGE OWED envies. I am now telling my postman to return these to the sender. I have been burned by people not paying me. Once in a while the postman will pay the extra postage and I will pay him back. I will ask you to please return the money to me by unused postage, postal check, or cashiers check. Please note, I have no control over when he does this!

*NOTE: Since the move to Florida, I have been mailing most of my swaps from the mailbox. If your swap has a post date on the item that is one day later than I sent from the mailbox, I apologize. I always hit the sent button after the mail has been picked up, not when I drop it in my mailbox. Unfortunately, it may take the mailman (yes, it's really a man!) a long time to get it back to the post office for sorting and mailing. And, I regret that the postal service may have issues if I tell my postman to get the items to post office ASAP ... and darn the rest of his route!! Lol. πŸ˜‰ I do usually send swaps out ahead of the swap date, so it should still be in compliance.

I can't believe that I actually have to put this on my profile: Swappers that owe me postage:

***Speedy Found Image #16 - $2.68 UPDATE: 1/22/20: I was told by a member of the Swap Bot Flakers that it could be a problem at my end of the postal system. I should go and talk to my post office. So, I did. Here is what they told me: PO stated they would never let an envie that size, with a tracking number, be mailed for $1.10 in stamps. The Post Office will give out piles of tracking numbers to people that mail a lot of items (who knew?). She had to have put the tracking on herself and mailed it. So, when I got home, out of curiosity, I Checked USPS website, here is what it says for the tracking number on the envie: "Label Created, not yet in system A status update is not yet available on your package. It will be available when the shipper provides an update or the package is delivered to USPS. Check back soon."
If it had been mailed with the PO and they put the tracking number on it, it would be in the system as having reached its destination at my house. And the proper postage would be on it.


Robinarie rated for CMF- It's All About The Bird Card on Dec 4, 2021
Comment: I like yellow and blue together too. Pretty Lotus Bird Card. Thank you, Robinarie
Response: You're so welcome! I'm glad you like it! I think it came out cute! Thank you for the ❀ rating πŸ™‚ Enjoy the card and Happy Holidays!
MarHelene rated for Art Collab PC #93 (USA) on Dec 3, 2021
Comment: Love the card, sending it home!
Response: Hooray! Yes, if they are away from home too long, I think they get homesick πŸ˜‰ lol. Thank you for the ❀ rating πŸ™‚ Happiest of Holidays to you and your loved ones! ❄❄
young46356 rated for AN: The Big One #5 (US) on Dec 2, 2021
Comment: Thanks
Response: Yw
squince rated for A Holiday Card in the US #2 on Dec 2, 2021
Response: Thanks for rating.
Comment: Thank you for your card! I always wanted hermit crabs but never had any, Ra sounds really pretty :)
Response: Glad it made it to you! The hermit crabs were fun. One she'd his she'll, and we had to find another he would like..it was very interesting. You should get one! Ra was a beautiful snake. So Many colors of orange... if you look up cornsnakes, they come in All colors! Thank you for rating.
Comment: I am not going to rate you down, but please remember that if your partner is the owner or the pc or has worked on the pc you have, you are to message me first before sending. Thanks! I adore what you added.
Response: I'm so, so sorry. I've contacted swap coordinators before, and they've said to send anyway. I guess I was thinking you were one of them. What would you like me to do to fix it?
debbiespoms rated for $1. Christmas Ornament🎍 on Nov 30, 2021
Comment: Oh wow, You deserve more than one heart, for this Mitten ornament from Joann's! I just love that store & I order online from there a lot! The mitten is beautiful and heck no, I don't mind at all, you bought the ornament from there!~ Thank you so much for that, for the so lovely Christmas card, your nice words, and most of all, for joining my swap. That ornament as I speak, is on the our tree right now. We put it up 2 days before Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful Christmas Leslie!
Response: I'm so glad you got it! And that you like it. It was too plain ( but still adorable) with only the 2 Pinecones πŸ˜‰ I bet it's beautiful on the tree! Merry Christmas to you and your family too!! πŸŽ„β€
Comment: Thanks for the pretty card and extras. We are headed to Phoenix this weekend for 2 concerts.
Response: Thank you for the ❀ rating. I hope you have a great time in Phoenix! Merry Holidays πŸŽ„
basykes rated for NYUP USA Only #77 on Nov 26, 2021
Comment: Thanks for your card. we haven't done any traveling in a few years and have no plans for an upcoming trip. We've never been to Japan. Strangely enough, I have no desire to visit Japan.
Response: I guess COVID has put a huge dent in travel for everyone. I hope that whenver you go next, that you have a wonderful time. Thank you for the 🀎 rating. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones. πŸŽ„
mcall rated for FTLOC#1-Use your paper scraps #3 -US on Nov 25, 2021
Comment: Love them all! so fun to look at. Thank you Leslie
Response: So happy you like the items I created from scraps! Thank you for the 🀎 rating πŸ˜ƒ. Happy Holidays to you and those you love! πŸŽ„
Comment: Thank you. It was a pleasure to receive your card this week. Now I'm hungry for gingerbread. :)
Response: Glad you liked it. Thank you for rating.
mariewilliams810 rated for No Glitter Christmas Card on Nov 23, 2021
Comment: Thank you ! Happy Holidays!
Response: Thank you for the 🀎 rating πŸ˜ƒ. Happy Holidays to you too!! πŸŽ„
CajunLady rated for OSS: Easy PC_Nov. on Nov 23, 2021
Comment: Thank you!!
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for the 🀎 rating πŸ˜ƒ Hope you don't have too much to do to prepare for the holidays πŸŽ„
ellie rated for USATC: Feathered Friend ATC on Nov 23, 2021
Comment: I just love the red bird. thanks for making it so special. Happy Thanksgiving!
Response: Hooray! He is supposed to look like the background paper. Thank you for the 🀎 rating. Enjoy him !
Comment: nice owl! ^^
Response: So happy you like it! Thank you for the 🀎 rating.
Comment: Stay well! Good things to be thankful for! :)
Response: Thank you for the 🀎 rating. Yes! Lots and lots.
SatisHuman rated for CPG Coloring Collab #21 Nov - US on Nov 22, 2021
Comment: Thanks for sending a new card!
Response: Welcome! Have fun with it! Thank you for rating.
Comment: Hi Leslie, I've been cold all day. Outside wind chill has been in the 30;s all day so I enjoyed your Christmas card that said Stay warm. I have been opening the ATC's as they arrive. I loved your cards of Gold, Reindeer and Holly. Especially enjoyed the image of the reindeer with ribbon around his neck. They are lovely. Thanks again and thanks for hosting this wonderful swap. :)
Response: Thank you for joining the swaps! I'm so happy you liked the calendar atcs for this round. I mean it...stay warm! Or move here to Florida. It was about 72 degrees today πŸ™‚ see you in the next round! Thank you for the 🀎 rating πŸ˜ƒ
Comment: Thank you for passing along the vintage themed pc. I look forward to adding to it. Sorry for the late rate, but my mail is just now getting delivered correctly. So sorry!
Response: Thank you for the 🀎 rating. Glad all is sorted out now.
MailArtbyJac rated for NYUP USA Only #77 on Nov 22, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the pretty ad card!
Response: You're welcome! I think they are really pretty..even though they are ad cards. I'm so pleased that you do too πŸ™‚ thank you for the 🀎 rating. Hope your Turkey day was spent with friends a loved ones.

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Cgscdy on Nov 29, 2021:

Ty for returning my coloring collab PC ❀️

DinkySparkle on Nov 25, 2021:

Happy Thanksgiving

samsstuff on Nov 13, 2021:

I meant to say that I love the seaweed and the fish that you put by the merman ( which I also love)

samsstuff on Nov 13, 2021:

Thank you for sending my Art Collab PC back to me. I love the merman that you added!

dakotadee on Nov 10, 2021:

Thank you for the great state stickers, card and postcard.

DinkySparkle on Nov 9, 2021:

Thank you so much for the RAK of 3 international postage stamps! Very generous of you. πŸ“«

debbiespoms on Oct 8, 2021:

Aren't you just the sweetest! Thank you so much, for the Manatee postcards, while I recuperate. You're so thoughtful! Nope, I don't need anything. But thank you for asking.

myancey on Oct 5, 2021:

Leslie!!!!!!! I love the cards!!!!! I love the stickers. Thanks for sending for wta swaps in Usa ! Much appreciated. I wish u a very good week. Thank you. I love the stamps too

yvonne401 on Aug 1, 2021:

Welcome to Cold Hands Warm Hearts! It's great to have you here!



myancey on Jul 26, 2021:

The Guys name is Ted vigil who is the jd impersonator. Take care

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