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Surgery went well. Recovery will take a bit. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement.

2023 Word for the year: Thrive

I am so glad that I found this site as I love swapping here on swap-bot. It's hard to believe it's been over a decade swapping here. I feel fortunate to have swapped with so many fantastic people. My name is Angela and I live in Northern California. I love to travel, and have many wishlist places I would love to visit and learn about. I'm especially interested in Swedish or Scandinavian culture and lore. I love adding paper/newspaper/magazine articles that are in other languages to my collages and mixed media art. I also love to collect found objects and any vintage photographs to use in my art, including old photo slides. I am a huge animal fan. My dream would be to own a ranch, with many different types of animals. We even love animals that many people don't, like snakes, and spiders, squirrels, bats, or rats and mice. Currently, we have 3 dogs, and 3 cats.
My family is everything to me. I love being a Grandma. I was lucky enough to meet my best friend and soul mate when I was 16. 30+ years later, and she's still my best friend and the person I want to hang-out with, travel with and chat with. We celebrated our 20th anniversary by getting married in Hawaii. One of my favorite places in the world.
I love many things..including animals, art of all kinds, mail art and crafting. I enjoy painting, wood burning, collage, fiber and mixed media projects. I love sewn projects and stuffies. And, my favorite are art dolls. I also like to dabble in mosaics, ceramics, and anything that grabs my attention at the time. Currently, I'm trying to re-learn macrame. When I was a child my grandmother had taught me how to do macrame and I made all sorts of macrame planters and projects. I believe I love arts and crafts because of her. I like to try new things, and new processes or techniques for art. I also like to recycle or upcycle items. Finding new uses for old items is fun for me, and they will often end up in my art projects.

Favorite Music

I love listening to music-feeling the beat, and letting it take you away. I love tribal drums, chanting, wolf sounds and ocean sounds. And of course, radio music: Rock, Country, Pop-Top 40, Jazz. What I listen to depends on my mood at the time but my dial is usually on rock or country. I love 80's rock bands.
Right now I am loving WaitInTheTruck







Also Love this video HERE-7Trolls

Favorite Books

Some of my favorite books are children's stories. Love books that have illustrated fairy tales, and myths or legends. I like to learn about other cultures, traditions, and legends. I also like to read mysteries, supernatural, crime dramas and some romance like Nora Roberts. If it can scare me or intrigue me, I'll probably like it. I also Love craft books and art magazines. Any Stampington Publication will be treasured. I do love poetry, cooking and baking, animals, travel, art, and coffee table books. Especially ocean related and wolves. I'm not a fan of war books, historical themes and period books. I love Stampington magazines...all of them really.

Favorite Movies

I enjoy movies and often think a great job for me would be to be a movie critic as I could watch a movie every day. I like treasure hunting stories like Tomb Raider,The Mummy, National Treasure. Other faves include Super 8, Lord of the Rings, Twilight series, Da Vinci Code, Hackers, The Net, Enemy of the State, Stigmata, Copycat, Aliens, Big Fish, the Bourne Series, Timeline, Stargate, Moulin Rouge, Avatar, The Way and many, many others. Including kids movies like Aladdin, Hotel Transylvania, Monsters Inc, etc. Because I like so many different types of movies, I have many favorite actors.

Favorite Television

I also enjoy many television shows. My favorites include: The Resident, Lucifer, FaceOff, Songland, MasterChef, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, The Walking Dead, Survivor, Vikings, Anne with an E, Flea Market Flip and Project Runway/Making the cut.

Favorite Crafts

Some of my favorite crafts include mixed media crafts, anything with fibers, using fabric, felting. I love hand-made ornaments and hand made post cards, ATC's, Inkbox cards....really all mail art. Making art dolls is so much fun for me. I like to try different styles and materials. Polymer Clay and Jewelry is high on my list of faves. I like things that tell a story or are personal. I can't wait to try encaustic wax paintings. Upcycling/recycling items in to art is fun, and I often pick up pieces off the ground, like rusted bottle caps and metal bits, and think wow that will make a cool......


I like Mail Art and Art Dolls, Monsters, Space and Science, Fairy Tales, Myths and legends, Steampunk, zombies, ragdolls, horror dolls, mermaids/mermen, driftwood, sea glass, pirates, rusty metal, assemblages, mixed media, ephemera, pottery/ceramics, handmade ornaments, fairies, elves, animals, anything ocean/nautical, asian influenced items, flowers-especially poppies and stagazer lilies, bird of paradise, and orchids, tropical stuff, decorated chopsticks, mini scissors, the ocean, lightning and thunder, rain, rainbows, lightning bugs, the smell when it rains, music and movies, laughing, holidays, 49ers, plants & air plants, texture, fibers, jewelry, wind chimes, sea turtles and much much more.

Favorite colors include shades of blue thru green-like the ocean, rusty colors, smoky blue, golds, dusty pinks, burnt oranges, reds, metals. Actually I can't think of a color I really don't like.

Currently I would like some music sheet papers, and ATC Coin Blanks. If anyone has some, I'm happy to trade something.

I enjoy getting newspapers/magazine articles in different languages, tags from clothing and other products....not the thin price tag, but the thicker logo or designer tags off products, bottle caps from around the globe, maps from anywhere, ties, barbies and dolls-even broken or just the limbs, art process articles or art books/magazines, broken jewelry/watches, rusted metal will thrill me, hardware like door knobs and drawer pulls, bones and teeth, bullet shells, rulers and tape measures (broken is ok), journals and cool stuff to add to journals-like journal pockets and handmade embellishments, any unique item, real vintage anything, keys, wings, small crowns and embellishments, game pieces, beads and jewelry left overs, doll appendages and patterns, and any art and hand-made items.

For postcards, I love the weird, wacky and unusual. I like art, people, nature scenes and animals. Not in to map postcards or "greetings from" type postcards. For handmade postcards and mail art, please do not put tape over your postcards or envelopes coming to me.

Dislikes: I'm pretty easy going and enjoy most things. However, putting tape over your art or envelopes, ruins your art, in my opinion. Please do not cover your artwork in tape. I also do not care for store bought stickers to be used in any art. I do not like items that smell of smoke. I prefer silver to gold tone jewelry. Please do not send me food or drink packets, as I will not use them. And if I can't use something you've sent, I will gladly pass it on to someone who can.


I appreciate every swap that I receive. I send my swaps on time and I will rate you when I receive yours. Please include your swap and user info in your swap, so that I can rate you. Please let me know before you rate me a 1 or 3 as I send all my swaps. I also photograph my swaps, and keep my postal receipts, and will gladly check on any package for you. Please rate me when you receive your item from me and feel free to PM me if there are any questions about any swap I am in or if you would like to do a private swap.
While extras can be fun, I do not rate based on them. I would much rather have a quality swap then a poor swap with many extras.
I also do give hearts on Postcards/cards and email swaps- especially when the sender takes the time to actually write something about themself or they go above what is requested in the swap in someway. This can be as easy as reading my profile and personalizing my swap, decorating the envelope, including a nice note, etc...you do not need to send extra stuff to get a heart from me. I do not give hearts based on the extras but rather on if the sender put effort in to the swap. I'm also not offended easily, so feel free to create art in your own style. I will also rate based on the swap requirements, not on any extras that may have been sent. I'm always up for trading art, art magazines, jewelry and art supplies.
I do recycle and upcycle items. Including boxes, envelopes and packing materials. I'll even pull off some washi or bits from envelopes and give them new life. It's a small way to help keep more trash out of the landfill.

Reduce Recycle ReUse

I love my swaps and my groups. If you have an interest in any of them or have any questions or concerns, just send me a message. As an artist, I have deadlines constantly. To help me keep track of things, I often post swaps early and it also gives you a chance to plan ahead. I look forward to swapping with you.
Crafty Recyclers
Fantastic Art Dolls
Amazing Mail Art
Handmade Postcard Club
Experienced ATC Swappers USA
USA ATC swaps

Just as an fyi, the flickr link above is to my old group...the swapping artist....not my personal swaps.


Comment: Angela, OMG!!!! My jaw literally dropped when I opened this swap from you! This ATC is INCREDIBLE. I seriously am just speechless right now!! I also love Ouija board imagery, so this is seriously perfect. I am in love with the creativity you have! This is seriously amazing. I wish I had better words, but I am truly just stunned at how beautiful this is!! I also watch the show Ancient Aliens, my dad is a big fan of that one! :D Now I feel like binge watching Ink Master... LOL! But seriously, thank you so so very much for this ATC. I am honored and feel so lucky I get to add this work of art into my collection. Thank you so so SOO much. I am beyond grateful and appreciative<3<3
Sonya rated for USATC: See Through ATC on Sep 21, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful flower and bees see through ATC. Yes, I agree, quite the challenge on the small ATC size, but I'd be happy to make another one - maybe ink box size? Much appreciated. :)
Response: You're very welcome. And, yes, you are always welcome to host.❤️
Comment: Ooooo, sorry ... I thought I had already rated this pile of swaps ... I feel ashamed ... But thank you so much for being my partner en sending me this piece of happy mail! I love that you made especially for me this original Red Riding Hood! Many THANKS!!! XO
Response: You're welcome. It was my pleasure.
papercraft70 rated for HMPC: Frida PC on Sep 20, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the swap and I hope you are getting better. Take care.
Response: You're welcome.
georgiafae rated for AMA: Corset Shaped ATC on Sep 19, 2023
Comment: So glad your surgery went well! My, its been a long time since we swapped. I love the collaged corset you sent-I am perfectly happy with this one! Take care, my friend!
Response: You're welcome.
CMBOND rated for USATC: Cool Cats ATC on Sep 18, 2023
Comment: I absolutely love your Cool Cats ATC! Oh, an orange kitty! How wonderful. We have 3 cats and 4 dogs, it gets a little furry in our house. :)
Response: You're welcome. And I totally get it, I keep lint rollers everywhere...even in the cars. ;)
DeAnnaVarela rated for HMPC: See Through Postcard #2 on Sep 12, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the fabulous postcard! I love the colors and the theme. I'm so glad it wasn't lost in the mail. Hugs, D
Response: You're welcome. I am too.
Comment: Wow this ATC card is absolutely beautiful! I am so happy that you were my swap partner! This is amazing and I LoVE it! The lighthouse in the background and the girl driving! I love her hot pink pirate hat ! This is so awesome and a wonderful swap! I hope you had a great time at the ocean and enjoyed the salty breeze! Happy swapping!
Response: You're welcome. And, yes, I always love the ocean. ;)
KarenLaneWV rated for USATC: Put a House on It on Sep 6, 2023
Comment: Sorry... I was sure I had rated this... Once in a while, things get missed.
Response: No problem. Sometimes Swap-bot glitches also. Thank you.
Comment: Thanks Angela for the fun inbox card with all the smiling faces😄 Well, I made my inbox card almost the same, using up all the little stickers I normally don’t use. Also thanks for the nice note card. I will come back to you in a pm with some recommendations for visiting Belgium. It will take some time because I just came home from a little trip. You know how it goes, I need to organise end clean all the camping stuff we took with us…
Response: You're welcome. Hope you had a great time.
Nehalennia rated for HMPC: Add Stitching - August on Aug 30, 2023
Comment: Wow, Angela, your postcard is amazing!! LOVE, LOVE it so much!! The fish shape is fabulous. I'm into fabric collaging too, so it couldn't be more perfect for me :-) Thank you so much! 1000 hearts for you <3
Response: You're very welcome. It was my pleasure.
carol rated for AMA: HD/HP Pass and Paste #129 on Aug 29, 2023
Comment: Love this card! Such a fun image! Gonna have to really contemplate what I can do to stand up to your crazy caterpillar! Thanks!
Response: HaHa You're welcome.
twileteyes rated for AMA: See Through Postcard on Aug 26, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the amazing postcard! It's gorgeous!
Response: You're welcome.
turnsoleluna rated for Color themed ATC round 3 on Aug 25, 2023
Comment: Stunning purple mask ATC, thank you! Attending a masquerade ball does sound wonderful :D
Response: You're welcome.
Sonya rated for EASU: Found Poetry ATC on Aug 23, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the lovely ATC of found poetry, Angela. This was such a challenging swap and I truly enjoyed it. Also, what a nice surprise to see some Halloween stamps. I don't have any like these. So thoughtful of you. Hope all went well. Cheers!
Response: You're welcome.
tcornell rated for Color themed Atc round 4 on Aug 23, 2023
Comment: Your ATC is beautiful- thank you so much!
Response: You're welcome.
Itchy rated for AMA: ONE DOZEN LAYERS ATC on Aug 23, 2023
Comment: Hello again Angela! I didn´t realise until now that you got me as a partner twice! Thank you for the ATC! Like it! :)
Response: You're welcome.
Itchy rated for AMA: More Heart Love - August on Aug 23, 2023
Comment: Thank you for this awsome PC, I was so excited when I saw it in my mail-box, I had been waiting all day for the mail-car to deliver som mail to me. And later today I got it in my mail-box, tnx! And I liked the halloween-touch to i! TNX! ;)
Response: You're welcome.
papercraft70 rated for AMA: Tangled Pass and Paste #5 on Aug 23, 2023
Comment: Received the tangled pass and paste pc. Your entry is cute. I will pass to the owner soon.
Response: Great. Have fun.
Gobarb rated for EASU: Circles ATC on Aug 21, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the circles ATC. You sure got a lot of circles on it.
Response: You're welcome.

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BeckyG56 on Sep 20, 2023:

Happy to hear surgery went well. Take time to rest, that's important for healing!

TTrotti on Sep 16, 2023:

Glad surgery went well. Take it slow. Glad the PC arrived, you may get another, take care. xx Tama

YooperHill on Sep 12, 2023:

I’m happy all went well. Good to see you logging in!

DaisyNY on Aug 14, 2023:

I love the hot embossed floating quotes! I'm just looking at the Collage Fodder pc again.

watercolorgirl on Jul 24, 2023:

Thank you fro adding to and sending home my AMA Pass and Paste. I love your word "thrive" and I think it goes along well with my word "grateful". I love your art work and the pink lady makes me laugh. So glad that I have another of your artworks. Hope you are doing well this summer.

carol on Jun 30, 2023:

Thanks so much for the snorkeling dog you made from my scribble! So cute and clever! What's even cooler is that it was waiting for me after i returned from a trip to San Carlos, Mexico where we scuba dove and snorkeled! Perfect timing! Love, love, love it! What a fun swap!

Lealie on Jun 3, 2023:

thanks ^^

Lealie on Jun 3, 2023:

This might be random, but I just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your profile yesterday and your word of the year just stuck with me. I decided to at least make it my word of the month ;). Exactly the word I needed.

Tynkerbelle on Mar 6, 2023:

wishing you a speedy recovery, take care and see ya swapping soon :)

RockyBeach on Mar 5, 2023:

Get well soon!

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