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Halling Sapphires WI

About Me

I am a bubbly, fun, outgoing, alternative person living in Kent in the UK. I love swapping and writing to people all over the world! I live with my husband and son, and my three crazy little ratties! I work for Network Rail in the wonderful world of Risk Management!

I am a loyal friend, and I love to spoil my friends and family, and my pets!

I have swapped for many years, co-founding swap groups way back in the Yahoo! Groups days! I love sharing the things I love with people all over.

I love music, film and TV, reading, and crafting! I think a new obsession is going to be decorating bottles and putting fairy lights in them!

I also love my Lego collection and am forever purchasing more, even before finishing the last one (or two, or three, or four...!) - my current Lego project is Diagon Alley! It took me several months to build my Elf Club House, so this one could be the long game!

I am a proud President of a Women's Institute Group (see my profile websites!) and love what we can do for the local community. We are definitely more Tea (read Gin...) and Tarts than Jam and Jerusalem these days!

Favorite Music

I love all different kinds of music; mainly alternative, punk, and heavy metal. Favourite bands are HIM, Kill Hannah, My Passion, Dommin, The Rasmus, Placebo, 30 Seconds to Mars, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Garbage, Innerpartysystem, Madina Lake, Plumb, David Usher, William Control, A7X, Fightstar, Feeder, Rachel Stamp, Powerspace, Nine Inch Nails, Bon Jovi, Greenday, Jimmy Eat World... the list could go on! I also love classical, and a good bit of John Barrowman!

Favorite Movies

This is another long list, lets just say anything weird, unusual and Gothic is likely to be in here... including The Crow, Sweeney Todd, Saw, The Messengers, The Fog, Pulse... I also have a guilty pleasure for romcoms... current favourites are The Wedding Singer, Wedding Crashers, Bridget Jones.

I love Harry Potter, although am definitely not a Mastermind calibre fan! That would be The Crow!

Through my husband and son, I have developed a liking for Star Wars! I adore a Porg, and have to say I was really into The Mandalorian!

I love Disney films, but not the princess ones... my favourite is Ratatouille! Closely followed by Lilo & Stitch. I also love the original animal-based ones like The Aristocats, Robin Hood, and 101 Dalmatians. Pixar are also great, although I am very out of touch with them now! Wall-E is a definite love!

I also love James Bond, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and a good ol' DC film too!

And for those of you who watch ITV on Bank Holidays in the UK, I love a good bit of Carry On!

Favorite Television

Well, here we go again... Grey's Anatomy, House, The Crow Stairway to Heaven, Twin Peaks, Buffy, Angel, Smallville, Supernatural, Heroes, Six Feet Under, The X Files, The Big Bang Theory, Elementary, The Inbetweeners, How I Met Your Mother, Cold Feet, Queer as Folk, Bottom, The Young Ones, Fawlty Towers, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Friends, Sons of Anarchy, Ozark, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Californication, Game of Thrones, The Witcher, Dexter, The Mandalorian, Black Mirror, Cobra Kai...

And loads more that I can't remember right now!

Favorite Books

I love loads of different types of books, at the moment I am working through Paranormal Romance by Christine Feehan... and young adult and teen ficition writers like Maggie Stiefvater and Cassandra Clare.

I also love Crime writers like Patricia Cornwell, Harlan Coben, Lee Child, Robin Cook, Seth Marjolis... Also comics and graphic novels, especially The Crow by James O'Barr...

Any books with grisly murders, vampires, werewolves, monsters and anything strange is good by me!!!

Favorite Crafts

I love Papercraft - scrapbooking, card making, art journalling... that kind of stuff... wish I had more time to do it though!! Crystal Art is my latest favourite.

I've recently picked up cross stitch as a total beginner, and love making the knotted bracelets. I fancy trying out Macrame, and one day hope to learn to knit!

I also love digital craft and photography; I have recently rediscovered my love for retro photography and old cameras, and hope to get some new craft projects on the go!


I love to swap:

Stickers, Postcards, Notecards, Craft Items, Finished Crafts, Socks, Paperback Books, Buttons and Badges, Jewellery, Music Memorabilia, Film Memorabilia, Stationary, Post-It notes, Altered Art, Pet Items, .......and probably lots more!

All of these things I am willing to give in return

The short answer is that is it has a Heartagram on it, is anything to do with my favourite music, or my favourite films or tv shows, is ratty or batty or birdy or furry, or black or purple or blue or red, I am pretty much going to LOVE it!!! I love swallows, peacocks, owls, tattoos, erotica, paranormal romance, werewolves, vampires... The list could keep going on and on...!!!

I also love to receive gifts for my pets (rats), they are the most important part of my life at the moment and they deserve treats too :-)

Interests & Hobbies

I am interested in so many things it blows my mind, lol...! I love ecology, conservation, environmental issues, animals and wildlife, rats, bats, crows, cats, snails, science, alternative and historic fashion, gothic culture, punk, paganism, wicca, vampires, monsters, superheroes, geeks, ghosts and paranormal, fantasy, dragons, whimsical things, faerys, witches, tattoos, piercings, engineering, languages, computers, travel to other countries, rare books, swimming and fitness, massage, yoga, colour therapy, candles, museums, art, historical buildings and events, other public holidays... again, I could go on!

I love my music and go to lots of gigs, I also love collecting bootleg and vintage music releases, and any music and band memorobilia! I love reading, and love comic books... I craft, I go to Rat shows, and I love to swap, and write short letters! I am an Avon rep in my free time which I love!

A-Z of Loves!

(wow, this is harder than I thought... call it a work in progress!)

A - Astrology! Animals! Autumn! Astronomy! Anne Stokes!

B - Blue! Black! Buffy! Bats! Bottom (TV show)!

C - CHRISTMAS! Crafts! Cross Stitch! Crystal Art! Charmed! Crows! The Crow!

D - Doctor Who! Dexter! David Duchovny! Dragons! David Tennant!

E - Escape Rooms! Embroidery (I'm learning...)!

F - F.R.I.E.N.D.S! Friendship Bracelets! Felt crafts! Faeries!

G - Grey's Anatomy! Gillian Anderson! Good Omens!

H - Hamsters! Happy things! HIM (band)! Harry Potter! Hokusai! Hedgehogs!

I -

J - John Barrowman! Julia Donaldson Books!

K - Kill Hannah! Kumihimo!

L - Learning (I know, I'm weird...)! Lego! Lucky Cats! Lilo &Stitch! Lisa Parker!

M - Music! Movies! Macrame! Mugs! Moon!

N - Night-time!

O - Owls! Oracle Cards (decks & random cards)!

P - Postcards! Poldark! Pokemon Go! Porgs! Peacocks! Pin Badges! Plastic Canvas! Placebo! Playing Cards (not decks, random cool ones ;-))!

Q - Queer as Folk (UK version)

R - Rats! Reading! Ratatouille!

S - Saucy (risque) stuff! Sugar Skulls! Supernatural! Smallville! Sherlock! Superheroes! Stickers! Snails! Stars! Space! Strong Women!

T - Tattoos! True Blood! Torchwood! Tarot Cards (decks and random cards)! Twin Peaks! Trinkets!

U - Unicorns!

V - Vampires! The Vampire Diaries (and The Originals!)

W - Women's Institute stuff! Werewolves! Witchy Things!

X - The X Files (I love a bit of Mulder and Scully!)

Y - The Young Ones!

Z - Zodiac (particularly Capricorn)!

Closing Quote

~~ All of us are in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars ~~

Oscar Wilde


Minxy1964 rated for UKCA: ATC - A is for.... on Aug 4, 2021
Comment: I love it! Always wanted an Armadillo. Not sure the cat would approve lol. Thank you for the bits as well. All will be used xx
Comment: Oh my goodness!!! I love the bird PAGES (!!!) you created, they are so beautiful, with so many places to journal. They are stunning and have so much work in them! The colours and the beautiful bird imagery is gorgeous!!! Thank you SO, SO, SO much! 💕🐦💕 xx
Response: I am so glad that you liked them Hollie :-) I really enjoyed putting these together. I hope they look good in your journal. Thank you for the heart <3
Comment: Love these pages, Lucy. You're right, the papers are gorgeous. And I love all the ribbon tags! Xx
Response: I am a bit obsessed with ribbon paperclips and charms at the moment :-D. I'm glad you liked the pages, I'm really enjoying the Sabbat swaps! Mabon next... I'm hunting already,,,!!! Thank you for the heart <3
Comment: Absolutely stunning journal charm. So many charms and sparkly bits! I love the colour of the ribbons as well. It's going on my lilac journal, think it'll be a good match. Thank you so much, Lucy xx
Response: I'm so glad that you liked it, Lynda, I had fun making it :-) I think we'll definitely need to make more! Thank you for the heart <3
Comment: Thank you for another fabulous journal page. I can't believe how quickly it has filled up. I am going to need to start a new set of covers soon.
Response: I'm so glad that you liked it Kirsty, the journals do fill up, don't they! I'll run another covers swap soon, as I will also need more! I have different covers for different themed pages! Thank you for the heart, and look forward to swapping again soon <3
denimblu14 rated for UKCA: Small Felt Stuffie on Jul 24, 2021
Comment: I absolutely love the little hippo that you made especially for me, thank you very much Lucy. All is well ta with me and I hope that the same applies to you :)
Response: I'm so glad that you liked him, Carol :-) We are all good down here at the moment, glad for a bit of cooler weather! Thank you for the heart <3
LondonWriting rated for UKPP: RAINBOW SERIES - YELLOW on Jul 20, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the pretty yellow card, which I received today. Lovely stamp too! Enjoy the ☀️ x
Response: I'm glad you liked it, I thought it was very cheerful :-) Thank you for the heart <3
Comment: Thank you for a fabulous mermaid page and it coordinates so well with the others. I, too, found this to be the hardest page so far.
Response: I'm glad you liked it, it took me so long to decide how to approach it! The carnival one is proving difficult too...! Thank you for the heart <3
dancingtiger rated for UKPP: J... on Jul 16, 2021
Comment: what a colourful card..it's fun sorting through the stash isn't it. We get loads of jelly fish washed up on the beach in the summer..intriguing to see them up close.
Response: I'm so glad you liked it, I took a gamble that jellyfish don't creep you out, as I know that they do some people! Thank you for the heart <3
denimblu14 rated for UKPP: RAINBOW SERIES - ORANGE on Jul 2, 2021
Comment: Love the giraffe postcard Lucy, I think that I need to think outside of the box sometimes as I never thought of this animal as a contender for this swap :)
Response: Lol, I was just flicking through my postcards and he jumped out at me! I'm glad that you like him, he was definitely very orange! Thank you for the heart <3
craftynut rated for UKCA: Altered Playing Card on Jun 30, 2021
Comment: Thank you, I love the playing card and matching decoration (not sure what their real name is).
Response: I'm so glad that you liked them, I enjoyed making them. I think I will probably do more! Thank you for the heart <3
Comment: Gorgeous page, and I adore the little rat charms. Thank you so much for this swap xx
Response: I'm so glad you liked it :-) We'll have to think of some more fun pages to do! <3
Comment: Thanks for the fun quiz, so sorry for the slow rating! Is it Dundee? :)
Response: Yes, it is Dundee, well done :-) Good to see you back, I hope you are OK!
Comment: Thank you for another fabulous journal page. I put them all together and even though different people have done them, they are really well co-ordinated.
Response: You are very welcome, I am glad that you like it! I love using Anne Stokes dragons in my journals, I think they are beautiful. Perhaps one day I should attempt to draw a dragon myself! Looking forward to the next batch of pages :-D
Comment: Thank you for a fabulous page for my journal. It's amazing how differently the theme for the pages can be interpreted. Thank you for the time you took to make it.
Response: I'm glad that you liked it, I struggle with creating the artwork but always enjoy building things using art that is already created! Thank you for the heart <3
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful covers that you made. I can't wait to put the journal together. I love the lace that you used. I never thought of putting anything on the rings.
Response: I'm so glad that you liked them - I really love the map papers! I hope the rings are big enough to keep you going for a while :-) Thank you for the heart <3
craftynut rated for UKPP: I... on Jun 4, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the great postcard. I have just knitted the planets for a display at school but I did not know that Jupiter had a moon.
Response: I'm so glad that you liked it - knitted planets, my son would probably love those too! Thank you for the heart <3
Minxy1964 rated for Postcard with a theme #2 on Jun 3, 2021
Comment: Pretty kitty! This is what my cat thinks she looks like... xx
Response: Lol, little wild-cats at heart! I love how the lynx has tufts on it's ears! So cute! Thank you for the heart <3
dancingtiger rated for UKPP: H... on May 27, 2021
Comment: cute card, thanks...a woman in the local FB group reminds us to take care at strimming time then again just before Bonfire Night
Response: You are very welcome, I am glad you liked little Herbie! Thank you for the heart <3
craftynut rated for UKCA: Twinchies on May 26, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the fabulous twinchies. I never even thought of needlework. I automatically papercrafted the ones I did. If there is another similar swap then I will think of a completely different way of doing them. I really love them. Thank you so much.
Response: You are welcome, I'm so glad that you liked them :-) I enjoyed making them for you! I'll ask Lynda to host some more Twinchies swaps! Thank you for the heart <3

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Welcome to Cold Hands Warm Hearts! It's great to have you here!



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Hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start!

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Welcome to Weirder Every Day!

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Hope your move goes well..wish you every happiness in your new home :-)

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Hey Lucy♥♥ Just dropping in some love your way! Have a great weekend!!

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Hugs AND smooches to you sweetie pie!! It's good to see you back around. xoxo

FunsizeSteph on Jun 19, 2012:

an idea for your saucy themed atc series, how about couples and character? theyre quite wide to interpret :-)

Itti on May 24, 2012:

Hey, I saw you're from the UK and swap FBs. I was just wondering if you swapped slams or decos or bags too?

VivaLaDiane on May 24, 2012:

PEEP!! I love you sweetie♥♥

denimblu14 on May 2, 2012:

Thankyou Lucy for the super WTA postcard :)

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