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About Me

I live in England and I am well over 18 years of age.

RATING: I always rate promptly..but I am human and could one day forget. I won't be cross if you you pm me to remind me about a rating or to ask if something has been received.

********Please do not send me anything with real fur or feathers and I prefer not to have things depicting wild animals in circuses or zoos, nudity or anything overtly sexual, or with blood, gore or cruelty..don't like horror or vampire stuff******

Other things that I prefer not to receive: Stuff showing violence, gore, sexually explicit.

I am not that fussy. I understand that a SENDERS CHOICE swap is exactly that and that the sender does not have to take my profile into account unless the guidelines say so. I really would appreciate it if people would respect my request not to have fur/feather/explicit/gore though :-)

POSTCARDS. I really like ones showing food/drink/recipes of different places..also market scenes, state flowers, rocks and minerals, pumpkins, chilli peppers and other veggies ( weird, I know) ecology, tea, coffee, cakes, candy and chocolate. Flamingos, recipes, traditional crafts, spinning, national costume, fairies(fantasy not cute), traditional buildings, your favourite store, storefronts and store displays, tea/coffee cups and pots, aurora, interractive cards such as lenticular or folding out ones, ones showing postboxes, glitter cards, foil cards, snowscenes, seashells.

SOCKS: I really like socks, I handknit them and also love shopbought ones. Not keen on plain ones but I like themed ones..eg seasonal, or ones that have patterns involving pastels or bright colours with black and ethnic patterns. Anything with silver, gold or sparkly bits. Lacy patterns are nice too. I prefer not to have socks with indivdual toes or big toes...not mad keen on plain socks. Don't like cartoon or TV characters or ones with jokes or rude comments. And I love sock-knitting wool..especially multicoloured or the self patterning ones or shaded dyes..either commercial or from dyers or Etsy sellers.

My sock size is: UK/Australia 6 USA 7 Japan 23.5 Or a one-size sock is fine also

KNITTING /YARN I love yarn.. I probably do prefer wool or natural fibers, or a mix. I love sock yarn and of course, that is often improved by having a percentage of nylon to make it wear well. Don't mind recycled washed yarn if it is special . I love handspun yarn..even very tiny skeins are treasures. Many synthetic yarns can be lovely though..so I wouldn't exclude them from my stash! And I am interested in vegan and cruelty/free yarns, and yarns made of weird stuff like paper and seaweed etc.

I am very interested in Scandinavian yarns and in traditional natural colours like browns/grays/blacks/read and especially folk style patterns for things like socks, mittens and bags.

FIBRE I love spinning on my drop spindle and hope to get a wheel this year, so any type of spinning fiber is welcome ...I love small sample of spinning fluff. I like all fibers, but really interested in fibre from specific sheep breeds and also art yarn batts, which often contain sparkly bits/synthetics/add-ins.

NORWAY I am very interested in anything related to Norwegian knitting , textiles, bunader, cloth, spinning, yarn, pewter and other buttons, knit patterns, ribbons with woven or embroidered patterns in traditional designs, small trinkets, pewter. Xmas traditions. Recipes and patterns cut from Magazines with Norwegian text . Chocolate with Norwegian writing on the wrappings...any pretty Norwegian ephemera including leaflets as I am collecting stuff for a Norwegian travel journal I have started but not finished. Anything related to cloudberries( Not so keen on Trolls though....too scary :-) )

Food preferences:

The only things I really DON'T LIKE are LICORICE and ANISEED.

I like eating out and at home and I like cooking from scratch. I am not specifically a vegetarian, but I do like veggie and vegan food and I like trying ethnic foods. I believe food and cookery can have a spiritual dimension. I like interesting salads and I like cupcakes, macarons, sushi and bento boxes and chocolate. . Trying to avoid high saturated fat butter/cream type recipes and foods but not always trying hard enough :-)

TEAS: at the moment I am having a real thing for trying different types of tea...herbal/fruit/black/green decaf or non/decaf. Really like tea bags so I can use the wrappers in my atcs afterwards. NOT KEEN ON: licorice/aniseed flavours

Like hot chocolate sachets, prefer not to have instant coffee.

Would also welcome other hot drinks sachets..especially if unusual.

Other info:

Not into Cartoon characters or kid's stuff ( but kawaii etc is fine)

Please remember that I am sending from the UK. I send stuff to overseas by Airmail, but it can take around 2-3 weeks to arrive, or longer if customs open it for inspection . Please contact me if you are expecting something from me and it does not arrive. Please also remember that I may be on a different day from you, because of the International Dateline/Time thingies.

I love....goddess dolls, art dolls, my very favourites are dotee dolls , collecting/making atc's, crazy quilting, spindle spinning, papercrafts.

I collect fibers/yarns that I can use in my textile crafts..pieces of about 1 yard or more ( or less if special ) are appreciated. I enjoy knitting ( especially socks), spindle spinning, embroidery of many types, journaling, watercolour painting,

I like small decorated( 32ct) matchboxes or matchbox shrines, which I am displaying in on old printers tray where the sections are exactly the right size.

I LOVE handmade recycled envies, mailart envies, hand made postcards :-)

I often check out magazines for interesting stuff that can be collaged onto atc's, especially those with unusual pictures, like new-age articles etc.

I am just starting to get interested in handmade/selfpublished zines.

I also like altered/outsider art, quilting, paper and fiber arts, chocolate, tea, trinkets, stickers, decorated matchboxes, love my garden ( I love pumkins, squashes and chilli pepers, to grow and to eat and to look at)I collect small pieces of yarn for atc's and CQ, cupcake theme stuff, charms, beads, pincusions,small candles, small windchimes, anything to do with the sea or the beach, how-to painting, foreign language texts with nice piccies or oriental text, or anything I can collage onto an atc even if I can't read it. Also jar fairies, blackbirds, birdhouse themes,fish, Buddhist art, Wiccan art, goddess art, shrines. I like bees and beehives

Like ephemera ( new or old) that can be cut up and used on atc..eg interesting food/chocolate/soap packaging ( with or without the original contents)

Love seasonal celebrations, including Christian Festivals, also Halloween. Also seasonal festivals of other religions including Wiccan, Buddhist, Hindu and others I haven't mentioned or may not yet have discovered.


Have been quilting for over 20 years, having been a freestyle creative embroiderer before I went on a holiday with quilters and got exposed to all that fabric ! I am quite skilled at most techniques, including free-machine embroidery and free-machine quilting, but tend to avoid doinganything with a lot of machine applique ( although I don't mind hand applique) Love strip piecing and modern art construction techniques..tend not to hand piece much except for hexagon english paperpiecing and Japnese folded patchwork...although I am able to hand piece if need be. I love the part of binding where you hemstitch to the back by hand...it's so therapeutic :-)

I like traditional quilting, art quilting and crazy quilting. I admire, but don't really do wholecloth quilting. I like small hangings and doll quilts and miniature quilts... I belong to two Project Linus groups here in England and enjoy participating in that very much. I also like sashiko stitching. Tend to go for smaller projects nowadays...like bookwraps and mugrugs. Have eclectic fabric tastes..I like plaids, but not really country-style in general. I like Christmas fabrics in traditional red/green/white/cream colourways. Love Rowan and Kaffe Fasset in all their colourways,,, and also the new 50's looking florals in red/pink/turquoise etc. Scandinavian designs. Like black and white prints and stuff with text on. Tend not to go for traditional calico tiny floral prints. I do like taupe prints though. I like most fabrics really...as long as it is nice cotton. Even fabric I wouldn't choose myself can be a great enhancement to my stash !

I love reels of cotton machine sewing or machine quilting thread in any colour and any size. I adore pincushions and needlebooks.

and also creative embroidery. I have a drop spindle that I haven't used often enough.

I love sewn and knitted food items, and I love stitch markers although I don't knit much myself.

Can't say what my favourite colour is or isn't as all colours vary so much depending on what they are used with. I think it is quite hard to make grey look good though ( view that as a challenge if you like !) If I like the theme, then I am almost certain to appreciate almost any colour. Also, some people are so artistic that they can use colours together that I would never dream of, and still come up with a thing of beauty!

Favorite Music

ethnic music from various countries, The Who, Gregorian Chant, Enya

Favorite Books

documentaries, crafts, unusual cookery, travel (esp Japan),books about all the stuff listed under favourite crafts. Don't mind used books if not dirty/smelly.

Favorite Crafts

My favourites are atc's and self made/published 'zines .

Also, mixed media art, embroidery, quilting, collage, bit of painting and drawing ( esp watercolour), bead stuff, art dolls, outsider art, stamping, card making, all textile stuff, decorated matchboxes, jar fairies, mixed media shrines.

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2012 20/8 notecards to TerryF (not swap) 4/8 pf postcard tag sent to Jamiebee1 21/7 resend to Rachel and Travis for Thankyou 20/7 RAK to Pashanista 5/7/12 tag noteecard to thefruid for NTG tag 21/4 forum rakdraw jubilee postcard mailed 9/3 prima flowers to Marryth pc to vbalrney 27/2 WTA pcard to reauk 25/1 rak quiltcure fabric to michelleK

2011 2/8 engl pc for Kirstyk( not swap)
2/8 pc for Denise's mum(not swap) 21/7 tag pc to 3goldkeys ?/7 RAK to Perkl8r 25/6 pc mailed to Selene16 ( informal exchange) 12/6 small surprise thankyou to thefruid 11/6 folklore/costume#2 swap - resends to misswalflower and jannyvof as originals not arrived yet. 11/5 nakd p/c group Pooh p/c to suzieq11 27/4 surprise rw pc rak to papercraftfairy sent pc in envie to Tish R with rw stamps 26 Apr 18 Apr sent Tag pc to suzieq11 9 Apr R Wedd pc to angelkay for forum pc tag 1 Apr rak easter cards to runnerbean 29 Mar pc to bluehairedmary ( p forum tag) 27 Mar pc sent to bobogirl 19 Feb sent K/W postcard to morwesong 29jan pcard tag to Id0bel1eve(sweeties) 25 Jan: wastwater pc to blockstar for wpc group tag ( requested to be naked and written) 21 Jan teddy postcard to Abella0823 forum tag

2010: 31 Dec: sent envie to Mayje ( not swap) 30 Dec: sent camel p/card tao sharingink ( tag) 30 Dec sent 2 separate envies rose tea to lepvert 26 Dec sent tag postcard to Krizia 20 Dec sent 1 p/card to onlyincambodia( not formal swap) 3 dec Ancient monument p/c to Krizia Pc to Vblarney for RAP group Frys pc to idobelieve for forum pc tag Harrods pd to krizia for forum pc tag ncard to Notecards to go WTA Nov winner 6Nov London pc to ladytrancevision ( forum tag) 23Oct pooh pc to idobelieve for p/c forum tag 23 Oct sent "angel" wta postcard to thehappyhoneybee 11 Oct sent magazine recipe to DSM 11Oct sent rak tea to LPV knit donut card to idobelieve 4Oct cream tea postcard to Mayje 23 Sept Britain deco mailed back to papilonvert 7 August RECD from lpv: forum thread prize rak of beautiful ice-cream t-towel Wishlist group July item sent 14 July

2009: Notecard for NTG WTA Oct sent 2 Nov Postcard tag 23/10 to amy Postcdtag 26/9 Maggles45 sent 28/9 Wishlist group Sept etsy wish to Tryph ( 18/9) Wishlist group Sept wish to Texydeb ( 19/9) salty candy for rak sent 14 Aug Item from Aug wishlist to Paflip25 envies for June wishlist group to thefruid and fsjbrit
1 item for april wishlist airmail Malaysia 24Apr 1 item for march wishlist gp mailed 6 March 09 3 items for wishlist group Feb mailed4 feb 2009 Angel cupcake atcs for redcrystal -18Jan09 Crochet yarn for Mojo ( not a trade)- mailed 18 Jan(2ndclass)

Postcards for Viridianmuse - mailed 15 Jan ( private swap) ATC for glasssnowdrop sent 3rd wk Nov(not trade) CQ base block for Hag53- mailed 23sept08 Atc tag for Panda2778 mailed 11 July

Private trade fabric/quilt atcs for cupcake atc -mailing airmail June 11

Make an atc in a theme she likes for Merlinda - recd

Angel green/blue swap for Chanel - received

Make an atc in a theme I like. Completed. Sent to vwwoman07 who confirmed receipt , received from asureskyz.

Atcs sent to BFD who RAK'd me Halloween socks. Both parties received :-)

Dotee doll sent to Jenny B 1 April in return for bubble tea supplies. Both parties received :-)


Comment: Thank you for the cool postcard. Wouldn't it be just awesome if Nessie was real?! I would love it :D
Response: Thankyou for the prompt rating and the heart..I am glad the card made it to you safely. I am always on the lookout when I go to Scotlan..just in case I might see her!
tigerlilly327 rated for FS: Tea and a cheery note on Jan 24, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the very cheery note, The card you sent is so cute! I plan to include it in the next magpie journal I make. I would never laugh about the age of your UFO's. I just last week gave away fabric I had bought to make a ladybug themed quilt for my 2 year old niece. She'll be 2 this year! Thank you also for the Numi mint tea. It's one of my favorites since it tastes wonderful hot or cold.
dobie256 rated for TPP: Fruit Salad on Jul 1, 2014
Comment: Thanks for the delicious pineapple. I agree, a tropical drink would be good. Our heat this week is beastly (in the upper 90s today)! My tomatoes need it though. Have yourself a lovely summer. <3
eepy rated for National Park Postcard on Jun 15, 2014
Comment: Thanks so much, MA, and your husband for the beautiful PC of the Dartmoor National Park! I would love to do that walk. Thanks too for the great postage.... After reading your comments on the PC I laughed when I saw the dog stamp... said to myself I wonder if that's the Hound of the Baskervilles! LOL!
Response: Oh..I hadn't thought of that..I suspect that pooch on the stamp was not the hound :-) Thankyou for the prompt rating and the heart.
rossika rated for SENG - Themed Postcard #4 (SKY) on Mar 28, 2014
Comment: Thank you very much! I love it!!!
Comment: I was so glad to see you had joined the swap - and even more so to be your partner! I love the postcard and stamps!! Animals are definitely my favorite theme! I agree about respecting wildlife more too!! Have a great day and hope to see you in another swap! : )
Response: I was pleased when I was given you as a partner - thanks for rating so promptly, and for the heart :-)
Comment: I loved your comment about your husband being trained to buy postcards! :-) I particularly like the uni one and the phone & letter box! You're the best - thanks!
Response: Those red telephone boxes are being replaced ..in many areas they have all gone :-( Thanks for rating so promptly, and for the heart
pahunt925 rated for PC Trading: Starts w/letter "H" PC on Jun 24, 2013
Comment: thank you for this adorable highland cow. he's so cute.
Response: Hope to be seeing some real-life ones this week :-) Glad you liked him...thanks for rating so promptly, and for the heart.
MBrunt rated for SENG 3+ Postage Stamps Postcard #8 on Jun 3, 2013
Comment: THank you for the beautiful card and stamps
Response: Glad it arrived safe and sound..thanks for rating so quickly and for the heart.
savannahjan rated for NTG: Colour #1: Yellow on Apr 18, 2013
Comment: I loved the interesting historical facts you included about yellow! Thank you! And the notecard is gorgeous. Can't wait to use it. :)
Response: I'm glad you like it. I think all that thinking about yellow has made spring arrive here because the sun is shining at last! Thanks for rating so promptly and for the heart
Uniflame rated for AES: Illustrated Postcard on Mar 26, 2013
Comment: What a beautiful card! I just love the robin :)
Response: I am glad you liked him...he's still very seasonal, as we are continuing to have snow here, and the local robin is boldly looking for food. Thankyou for taking the trouble to rate so promptly, and for the heart.
mayuze rated for SENG: Non touristic PC - March on Mar 14, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for this lovely postcard! My favourite is chocolate too but don't like the icing either, because to sweet :) But without they don't look as pretty, do they? :)
Response: I am so pleased you liked the card..thanks for the heart ...the world needs more chocolate cake :-)
Teja rated for SENG: 3+ Postage Stamps Postcard #4 on Jan 21, 2013
Comment: Thank you a lot for great PC and great selection of stamps - it is realy special to see PC with 5 large stamps.
Response: I'm glad it reached you safely....thanks for rating so promptly, and for the heart.
pandakitty rated for Christmas postcards on Dec 6, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful card.
Response: I am so glad you received it safely..and that you liked it. Thankyou for rating me, and for the heart. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.r.
Comment: Love the map pc thank you so much.
Response: So glad it arrived safely and that you like it. Thanks for rating me so promotly, and for the heart.
Patty66 rated for Christmas postcards on Nov 28, 2012
Comment: Nice card, thank you!!
Response: that arrived quickly...thanks for rating so promptly. Received my first christmas postcard ( not for this swap) today..starting to feel the season now!
atanava rated for S-(Z) Alphabet PC Swap S on Nov 26, 2012
Comment: Hi. I like the postcard and i agree with ur grandmother ;-). Dont stop to be kind to people because there are a lot of people who will be kind to you O:-). Pm me if u feel free. I always there to be kind to u!
Response: Thankyou for your rating and kind words.
Comment: Cute card, Thanks!
Response: Much appreciate the prompt rating..thankyou for the heart. I am glad you liked the card :-)
Comment: Thanks for the lovely Halloween Postcard. Love it. Happy Halloween and happy swapping,Linda
Response: Glad it has arrived safely. I'm pleased you like it..I had to buy one for myself too :-)
oliviadonkit rated for Halloween Postcard Swap on Oct 16, 2012
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Thanks for rating so promptly and for the heart..I am very glad it arrived in time for Halloween!

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MystyxMya on Sep 6, 2018:

Stopped by to say Hi!

Kasha22 on Dec 25, 2014:

The tube map postcard arrived! Thank you so much. I wonder when mine will get to you.

VivaLaDiane on Jun 25, 2014:

I hope they do as well. I've always thought highly of you and will forever continue to do so. I wish you all the very best. xo♥

choke on Sep 10, 2013:

Thank you very much for the RAP card you sent me from Amsterdam. I'm glad you had a nice trip!

GirlFriday on Sep 10, 2013:

I love it I love it I love it!!!! thank you so much for the RAP Stegosaurus PC!!!!

Vblarney on Jun 10, 2013:

image and I'm glad you like the recipe!

choke on Jun 2, 2013:

Thank you for the RAP you sent me :) I am very happy to add this new map to my collection, what fun! I really appreciate it!

Vblarney on May 26, 2013:

Thank you for the R.A.P.

xxkarenlxx on Jan 23, 2013:

Thank you for the RAP postcard. You made my day. :)

racheljohnson on Sep 4, 2012:

This is a bit late, but thank you soooo much for the Queen Elizabeth postcard you sent as part of the "Thank You Swap-bot" Swap. Users like you truly make Swap-bot great!

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