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MisplacedfromPA on May 2, 2018:

I am keeping you in my prayers, as are many people I am sure. Keep your chin up.

adaywithmom on Feb 18, 2018:

Profile Quote #5 - April (adaywithmom)

"Be strong, You never know Who you are Inspiring."

itsnobody on Feb 18, 2018:

"Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody's heart." :) -Anthony J. D'Angelo

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Wildchild on Feb 17, 2018:

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TonyaAshe on Feb 17, 2018:

Hello from Georgia - USA.

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that's when you're most beautiful. --Zoe Kravitz

Have a blessed day filled with joy love and beauty, ~Tonya from Profile Quote #5

Katiebrb on Feb 17, 2018:

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“While it is February one can taste the full joys of anticipation. Spring stands at the gate with her finger on the latch." - Patience Strong

Carissakarisma on Jan 4, 2018:

Hello everyone! I am sorry I have been behind on all my swaps. I had a really hard 2017 in and out of the hospital - Finally have been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer... I am trying to keep positive vibes and high spirits, as well as, my mind busy. I apologize for everyone that have not received anything from me. I will be catching up slowly these next few weeks. Please bear with me.

goinjenny on May 25, 2017:

I just received this message from her daughter on her behalf:

Hello there. I am writing on behalf of my mother. She has been hospitalized the past few weeks due to complications of a surgery. She asked me to check her emails and respond to them. She can still receive them on her phone but she has no energy to do anything since she has been heavily medicated. I let her know of her messages and she told me to let you know that she had the mail ready to be sent out but never made it. That is the day she ended up in the hospital. So I will be sending them out as soon as I can find them. I hope you understand. Thank you.


I wanted to let everyone know since I noticed some of her low ratings! ~Jen

lou on May 10, 2017:

Happy Birthday Month from WIYM group!

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