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Date Joined: March 22, 2019
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Birthday: February 9
Country: United States

About Me

I'm going to be taking a break from swaps for 2-3 months. My youngest son is getting married the end of September, and my garden is now starting to produce. I'll be busy with wedding plans and activities, and preserving produce. If I have time, I may be able to join a couple of simple swaps...

If you get my name for a swap, please do a favor and put the name of the swap, plus your swap-bot name on the back of the envelope. It really helps in case you forget to include a note with the info on it. Thanks!!

IMPORTANT!! Some of my swaps are LATE! I recently got heat stroke and was pretty sick for a few days (record hot temps here!). My hubby offered to mail my letters/pc's for me. I think you can guess where this is going...yes, he took them, put them on the console in his truck, and on the way home from his errand, forgot to mail them. When he realized he forgot, he didn't tell me and figured he'd mail them later that night. He forgot again, but I knew none of this! Well, our son-in-law came over to borrow the truck because they are moving. He had the truck for a few days, and when he returned it, our son borrowed it to move an RV trailer, and it was gone for another few days. When he returned it, he decided to clean it because his kids had made a mess of it. And that's when he found the letters/pc's that were supposed to have been mailed! He gave them to my husband, who still didn't tell me, and mailed them the next day. I'm so sorry! I have NO IDEA what swaps were late. It was a pretty big stack. I tried to figure it out, but gave up. Just know that sometimes when people get to be 66 years old and have a lot of work issues on their mind (like my husband does), they can be forgetful. He apologizes to everyone!

UPDATE: Sometimes I can't get to our post office until after 5pm pick up, but I mail it the day it is due.

**We live in the fastest growing State in the U.S. and the fastest growing area in our State.Traffic is horrible. Our Post Office is incredibly busy. It serves 3 fast growing cities. 4,000 new residents a month, and they are having a very difficult time keeping up with the growth!

** PLEASE BE PATIENT IN WAITING FOR MY SWAPS TO ARRIVE! Our Post Office is overwhelmed, and sometimes we think they have forgotten to pick up the mail in the mail drop box in their parking lot. When we've gone there, mail has been overflowing out of it. PLEASE BE PATIENT AND GIVE MY SWAPS TIME TO ARRIVE! Thank you!!

If you ever get a letter returned that you sent to me, please take a picture of it with those yellow stickers affixed with the reason why it was returned, and email me the picture. I can take it into the Post Office and file a complaint. It happens rarely, but has happened in the past.

I'm a mom and a grandma. Married to my best friend. We share a lot of interests. We met while playing in an orchestra for a musical.

PETS: 9 backyard hens, five zebra finches, two canaries. Three cats.

I love writing letters, and enjoy greeting card pals, postcard pals, and long letter pen palling. Been writing to pen pals since I was a pre-teen.

I am a Christian. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) so I do not drink tea, coffee, or alcohol.

I don't collect Christian symbols like Crosses. I am respectful of other religions, and don't mind answering questions about mine, and appreciate respectful conversations. And no, I do not have a Sister Wife! Our Church doesn't condone that kind of lifestyle. But I am respectful of those who do.

For 20 years we hosted 24 exchange students (2 at a time) from countries all over the world. They lived with us for 10 months and went to high school with my own kids. We learned first-hand about other cultures, traditions, and religions.

My mom was from Preston, Idaho, and my dad was from Germany. I grew up eating a mixture of traditional German foods, German Culture, and hearing German spoken nearly everyday when my dad called his parents on the phone, and when we went to visit my German grandparents.

I home schooled my 7 kids until they went part-time grades 7-12. They are all now successful adults. Each one of them lived in another country and learned to speak their languages fluently. They were missionaries for our Church.

Favorite Music

I play the cello and am a retired music teacher. Love all kinds of music. Classical, Oldies, most Country. Listen to The Voice, America's Got Talent, Britain's X-Factor. Favorite musical is Les Miserable. I"m not too keen on Jazz or the Blues.

Favorite Books

I love reading! I've always got a book in hand or a stack nearby. :-) I read clean sweet romance, Historical fiction, and my author daughter's books (Andrea Pearson on Amazon) who writes Urban Fantasy and has a few clean romances. If you like good deals, two of her books are audiobooks for free on youtube, in case you are into Urban Fantasy:

Shadow Hunter (won two awards): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKbplEW2vg4

Praxis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfWBAbHiRBU

I have a long list of favorite authors and eagerly look forward to new releases from them.

Favorite Movies

Chick flicks, of course. Love North & South (BBC version of Elizabeth Gaskell;s classic novel with Daniela Denby-Ashe and Richard Armitage--not the U.S. Civil War movie), Pride and Prejudice, Princess Bride, While You Were Sleeping, Sweet Home Alabama, Dan in Real Life, ...just to name a few. My kids watch Hallmark movies and tell me which ones they like the best.

Favorite Television

Anything to do with genealogy and family history, like "Who Do You Think You Are" on TLC, and also BBC versions. Random Acts. Relative Race.

I don't watch a lot of TV shows, but I loved the Sherlock series. The Office, and Parks & Recreation.

I prefer to watch videos on Youtube Gardening videos Canning, dehydrating, freeze-drying Health & Nutrition Current Events My son's videos (survival ones): Half Insane Outdoor Guy (just search for it on youtube) Dry Bar Comedy. Paper crafting Making jewelry History

Youtube videos are fun to watch!


Making my own envelopes & stationery Photo cards. I have two sons who are professional photographers, and they have some awesome photos!

Crocheting and knitting. I have a room full of yarn.



  • I have a huge organic garden and bottle/feeze/dehydrate my produce. I have a few health problems so most of my food is made from scratch. I love learning about nutrition and health.

  • Biking and walking. I love visiting with friends.

  • History and learning new things, which includes reading non-fiction books.

  • Helping others with genealogy and tracing their roots, plus finding connections between people.

  • Being outdoors and tend to get "cabin fever" in the colder months.

DISLIKE: - I really dislike shopping.

Exchange preferences

  • THANK YOU FOR TRYING TO SWAP FROM MY PREFERENCES!! You'll be my best friend forever! :-)

.**Love to get address labels if you can make them on your printer. :-)


  • Tourist-type postcards ESPECIALLY pretty landscapes.

    • State MAP postcards.
    • Amish
    • Waterfalls and Bridges
  • PLEASE * I prefer the following postcards BLANK and in an envelope so I can use them for gifts and in other swaps:

  • Farm Animals- Favorites are Horses, cows, chickens

  • Birds of all kinds
  • Woodland Animals
  • Zoo Animals
  • African animals & Animals in Australia
  • Rare animals
  • I'm ok with an odd or unusual PC per swap. But they aren't my favorite.

DISLIKE Postcards of: * Cartoons, Ads * Patterns or Designs * Erotica, pin-ups, half-dressed people. * Modern Art

  1. Blank note cards (cute homemade kind fine, too)

  2. Flat Stickers (but not little kid, student or Puffy ones)

  • LOVE!! large realistic flower stickers! Any stickers with flowers. Flowers in a vase or canning jar. Holiday stickers, but not freaky/scary Halloween ones. Only the cute kind.
  1. Unused postage stamps are great! I don't collect USED stamps.

  2. Stationery w/ matching envelope

  3. Love to get address labels if you can make them on your printer. I really like them--as you can tell.


DISLIKES! Please, If possible! Please don't send!

  • No tea bags, or coffee.

  • Postcards of cartoons, Art, nudity.

  • I am not into: Scrapbooking, Junk Journaling, ATC's.

It doesn't make me happy, it stresses me out! :-) Seriously. Maybe someday I'll get excited about it. ???

  • Please NO random papers, scraps, pieces, or small papers!!!

  • Please NO pocket letters

  • No Journaling prompts or Journaling stickers

  • No Paper embellishments

  • Game Cards

  • ATC's.

  • No confetti or glitter, or ribbons.



If you do not receive something on time from me, it most likely is the Post Office being inefficient.

I ALWAYS mail my swaps on time! Believe it or not, I take photos of my swaps, and a video of me mailing them. Sounds silly, but that's what I do. :-)

I also take photos of my very favorite swaps I receive, especially envelopes that are fantastically designed and decorated ones. SO FUN!!


You can also google mail that has been dumped into the woods, off the sides of a road, garbage dumpsters, and people who steal mail.

Google Mail truck fires, and see just how many mail trucks have burned with mail in them. Thankfully I have not heard of a mail carrier being hurt by fire. However, our mail carrier got hit by a car while standing next to mailboxes, delivering the mail. The driver was impaired. The car hit him and drug him underneath it for several feet. Life-flighted to a Trauma 1 hospital. 18 surgeries later they had to amputate one leg below the knee. So sad!!


Comment: Thank you so much! Three of the four cards were new for me, and I've got over 4500 LP cards, so new cards are hard to come by! And thank you for the extra stamp. <3 <3 If you'd like to do a private LP swap, let me know!
Comment: OMG I just got the same postcard last month and I was thinking, wait did I forgot to rate the swapper so they resended? Haha. This is the first time happening to me. Thank you for the cool stamps that you will add to my collection
Comment: Thank you so much for the cute Elk PC and the joke! Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Diane
mchesser12 rated for Black and White pc swap #90 on Aug 4, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the funny "Montana Rest Area" postcard. If the timing was a year ago, the toilet paper might be missing.
Response: So true! LOL!!
kydestar rated for PH: Send 3 Touristy Postcards #18 on Aug 4, 2021
Comment: I love these postcards, thank you!
suepier rated for PC from a Place I Don't Live #19 on Aug 3, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful Grand Canyon postcard. We are also having a very hot and very dry summer.
TakenByChance rated for Photo Postcard Global #317374 on Aug 3, 2021
Comment: Hello Betty, I’ve also love taking photos and making postcards and greeting cards out of them for a long time. The cloud formations are very nice with all of the contrasting blues, the surrounding flat ground to the lake meeting up with the mountains sure is beautiful too. Thank you for sharing ☺️
howdyholly rated for Quote PC Swap #30 on Aug 3, 2021
Comment: Great card and quote. From a gas station? They have good taste. Thank you!
debbiespoms rated for Quote PC Swap #30 on Aug 3, 2021
Comment: Thank you Betty for the great Utah PC and your quote by Gordon B. Hinkley!
Comment: Thank you very much, for the 2 summer themed PC's and again for the PC stamp. Way too kind of you! And, also for the comic strips!
dustcollector rated for Food packaging swap #8 on Aug 3, 2021
Comment: Thank you. Magnum ice cream bars with dark chocolate are my favorite.
squince rated for Quote PC Swap #30 on Aug 3, 2021
Comment: Thanks
andee73 rated for NOTECARD ROUND ROBIN #4 on Aug 3, 2021
craftynut rated for Simple PC Swap 5 Partners INTL on Aug 3, 2021
Comment: Thank you, the drawings must be amazing to see for real. Have a great day.
Comment: Thank you for your chatty note. Such a cute kitty card. I love that you ended with some quotes. The photo sticker was a nice touch. I'll have to figure out how to do that as well. Hope the rest of your summer is a good one.
cynaemon rated for BLC Book Postcard Prompt #5 on Aug 3, 2021
Comment: Thanks.
Comment: Thank you.
Comment: Thank you for the postcard! No I have not visited Utah before and I'll keep the attractions you mentioned in mind when I can come to the US :D
AJ73 rated for Ugly PC Swap #35 on Aug 2, 2021
Comment: Thank you Betty. I Love your postcard. It such a sweet abstract Asian kitty. It's true, isn't it? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hugs, Alma
rohana rated for Ratings Booster Postcard Swap #53 on Aug 2, 2021
Comment: Hi, Betty! I received your lovely postcard today! Thank you so much!!! Really appreciate it! ♥️♥️♥️

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Welcome to The Christian Homestead! We are happy to have you! New swaps are being posted today so do not be afraid to jump in and join the fun!

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Welcome to Cold Hands Warm Hearts! It's great to have you here!



VitaLynne on Jun 18, 2021:

Hi there. I sent you both a private message and a postcard on June 1. Hi there. I'm checking in to see whether you received my postcard yet in response to Postcard With a Prompt #135. If so, would you kindly let me know. I am a bit concerned as it has been 17 days since I sent it.

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Welcome to Sunshine Swaps!

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Thanks so much for sending my PC back and for the nice note!

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