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Date Joined: December 30, 2012
Last Online: October 16, 2021
Birthday: February 26
Country: Netherlands
My hibernating blog Graasland

About Me

This profile page was updated on Monday June 21st (summertime!) 2021

My nickname "GNOE" is Dutch for gnu or wildebeest.

I'm an animal loving museum information specialist adoring her rescue cats Kuki and Sumi.

I volunteer at a donkey sanctuary which makes me the happiest (and luckiest) person in the world!!! Definitely a Crazy Donkey Lady and proud of it.

I'm vegan, which means I employ a compassionate & eco-friendly lifestyle using no animal products whatsoever. No meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, gelatine (gelli plate), bee's wax etcetera, nor wool, leather, silk, wool-felt or products for either crafts or personal care tested on animals or containing animal ingredients. I find this makes me feel at peace with the world. :)

Interests and themes

  • mail art and art journalling / (trashy) junk journals
  • dabbling in textile arts (visible mending, fiber mail = fabric mail art, crochet and embroidery)
  • Asia (Japan and Indonesia); Japanese and Scandinavian design
  • donkeys
  • peacocks, kingfishers and other brightly multicoloured birds for their iridescent plumage
  • gnus
  • bling (I probably was a magpie in a previous life ;-)
  • small and fragrant flowers like snowdrops, freesia, sweet pea, purple crocus, lavender and cherry blossom (sakura)
  • museums
  • reusing, recycling, repurposing and upcycling / zero waste society


  • peacock palette
  • candy cane colour combo: yellow, orange, pink and red)

I'm into cinema, books (literary fiction, J-Lit, mystery/thriller with clever female protagonist), and hiking. I used to make bentos, postcross and geocache but hardly do so these days.

Postcards or other mail (art) about anything of the above will make my day.

For tea swaps my tea of choice is green or rooibos. Preferred fruit is citrus.

About swaps


My goal when sending out swaps is to put a smile on your face. I personally think swapping should be fun and make us happy; there's too much drama in the world already.

I mark my items sent after I've dropped them in the mailbox. Where I live mail is only collected on weekdays at 5pm. Naturally I mail in time for pick-up when sending out on the last day of the swap. Swap-Bot rules speak for themselves.

I reuse -clean- packaging and such as much as possible.


If possible, I prefer to receive postcards in an envelope so I can reuse the stamps for journalling or mail art :) Love special stamps!

I have a No thanks ~ I'd rather not receive list at the bottom of this page. It's there to aid you, not restrict! Of course I'll appreciate anything you send :-) I will never rate down for getting something from those lists (the thought alone is absurd to me!) If possible I will just pass along what I cannot use -- but it seems such a waste of postage and effort on your side that can be avoided.

So please don't worry about it, nor be offended?!

Wish list

These are not requests, just a few things that will make me happy. I love looking at other people's wish-lists to help me pick something nice, and I hope that's the same for you.

  • a letter -- I looooove reading letters!
  • vintage letter paper
  • postalettes
  • anything DONKEY! (though not a fan of caricature/Disney)
  • embroidery thread; variegated and shiny make my heart leap and currently low on reds, purples 'n blues
  • haberdashery in general
  • glass, wooden or metallic beads
  • pieces of fun fabric (dying for some scraps of sari, batik and kimono fabric!)
  • quality handmade postcard
  • clothes patch made by you, including Teesha Moore style puffy scrap patches
  • handmade pincushion or kit/easy instruction
  • handmade needle book with room for threader
  • sea glass
  • origami paper, esp. washi, foil, chiyogami and duo (double sided)
  • anything relating to my interests described earlier on this page
  • did I mention a letter? ;-)

Crazy Donkey Lady special request

USA Forever stamp

If you live in the United States and are sending me snailmail, please consider using this stamp from the Heritage Breeds USA Forever set (may 2021). It will definitely earn you a heart! Although I'm pretty generous with those already so it may not really make a difference LOL. But please know you'll brighten my day and spark my soul!

Used copies are very much appreciated too! :)

I'd rather not receive

  • poetry
  • sports theme (except hiking and aesthetic kinds e.g. water ballet, figure skating)
  • book pages (except extremely pretty) -- I'm already drowning! LOL
  • sticky notes / page flags -- I received so many the will last me a lifetime
  • alphabet stickers / rub-ons
  • I prefer not to receive anything edible unless you're 100% sure it's vegan

Sorry but no thanks

  • it probably goes without saying but anything containing animal ingredients or animal cruelty
  • girly, cutesy, children's/childish stuff (YA), kawaii, Diddle, Care Bears, Disney... you get the picture ;)
  • "keep calm" & other motivational quotes (not the desired effect LOL)
  • crap quality stickers (seems obvious to me but apparently it's not?)
  • boring plastic clothes buttons
  • touristy postcards (views) / souvenirs
  • hibiscus and red / forest fruit flavoured tea
  • jewelry and make-up; I hardly ever wear any
  • contemporary leaflets -- I have a NO JUNK MAIL sticker on my mailbox and recycle/upcycle the things that come into my house as much as possible; so please don't add to the pile LOL


JossieAyame rated for ESO Colours - Green on Oct 6, 2021
Comment: Heel erg bedankt voor de super cool groen pakketje! Er zitten zo veel leuke dingen erin en ik zal ook zeker de Zooplus kortingbon gebruiken. Ik koop al de voeding van mijn katten op Zooplus :D
Response: Fijn dat je mijn groene snailmail leuk vindt! En dat je van de bon gebruik kunt maken want ik heb getwijfeld of ik die er nu wel of niet bij moest doen, maar hij lag op mijn bureau toen ik bezig was met al dat groen LOL Goed weekend!
IrisDrissen rated for NS: Teamwork PC # 51 on Sep 29, 2021
Comment: Wat een genot om je envelop weer op de deurmat te vinden! En zo'n mooi getypte brief erbij! Ik ga hem afmaken en naar de eerste afzender terugsturen!
Response: Fijn dat je blij was met mijn "flop" en brief! Succes met afronden van deze kaart & dankjewel voor je rating!
Tessssssa rated for NS: Bookpage pocket on Sep 24, 2021
Comment: Bedankt voor de pocket en de leuke goodies!
Response: Graag gedaan :-) Dank weer voor het hosten en hartje <3 Fijn weekend!
Ikat78 rated for Random Envelope 8 on Aug 10, 2021
Comment: OMG, I am so happy I received from you! My tortoise is two faced just like the card you sent. :) I was on SB a long time ago then was off a few years. So glad to be back. I love hearing from a fellow Crime Junkie. How cool!!!!!! The washi tape isn’t my style either BUT I will use it, lol. Your note was like talking to a friend. I love it all. I think you penal a friend of mine as well-Susan…..?? Thanks again and I am sure we will cross paths again soon. P.S. you took such care in wrapping this all up in a pretty package. Made my day. :)
Response: Hiya! So sorry to get back to you SO late but I haven't been on SB much the past month or so. THANK YOU for your wonderful comment and I'm really glad you liked my mail!!! YAY! We aim to please LOL. Hope you're doing fine and maybe we'll meet again in a swap <3
Jangonz rated for CPG One Word Swap - Global on Aug 2, 2021
Comment: Thank You for the goodies. I hope your friend is better.
Response: You're very welcome and thanks for the heart <3
IrisDrissen rated for NS: Teamwork PC # 48 on Jul 28, 2021
Comment: Inderdaad al weer een PC teamwork kaartje van jou. Maar wat een prachtige envelop heb je erbij gedaan! Prachtig al dat goud!! Super mooi!! Ga er mee aan de slag!
Response: Fijn dat hem mooi vindt! Dankjewel voor het hart en succes!
IrisDrissen rated for NS: Teamwork PC # 47 on Jul 10, 2021
Comment: Ik ga ermee aan de slag! Eens kijken wat het vervolg gaat worden! ps: restaurant Iris bestaat nog in Eindhoven. Voor zover ik kan zien, draait het nog steeds ! Ik ben er zelf nooit geweest, maar wel grappig dat het Iris heet. Het ligt trouwens in de Iris-buurt!! haha
Response: Ha, nou weten we meteen waar de naam waarschijnlijk vandaan komt! En knap dat ze nog steeds draaien. Ben benieuwd naar je vervolg van de kaart; succes!
Petaltea rated for ESO: Summer Postcard on Jul 3, 2021
Comment: What a lovely summer themed postcard! Thank you! Now we wait for the sun! Lol. I do love this time of year. The dutch do love their gardens. Have a great summer!
Response: Haha yes, we never know if/when we'll have real summer here -- but I guess that's no different in the UK (are you from the UK or maybe another English language country?) We've only had our allotment for a few years now and it certainly feels like a blessing; living in a flat in the city. Best thing! Especially in pandemic times. Thanks for the heart <3
LizzyJo rated for N&T~ Super easy challenge on Jul 1, 2021
Comment: I was sure I rated you for this, but I guess it didn't stick the first time. I love my lighthouse patch. It's so cool how you used a button for the light. Thank you for reading my profile and basing your design on one of my favorites.
Response: You're very welcome! I'm glad it's to your liking :-) Thank YOU again for your amazing donkey patch (+ peacock feather ones)!! <3
IrisDrissen rated for NS: Teamwork PC # 46 on Jun 15, 2021
Comment: Dank je Chanou! Eens kijken wat ik hier aan kan toevoegen!!
Response: Ik ben benieuwd! To be continued...
BusyB rated for Junk Journal Fun on Jun 14, 2021
Comment: Oh Chanou, you are the best! You made my day! This white cat found me and she looks a lot like my Yuki, that look! Lol This one is a keeper. Thank you for the special goodies (I'm over the moon!) some of my favorites wonderfully presented with a list about the items you sent (love that) and yes 'a letter is always better' I surely enjoyed yours! Enjoy your summertime junk journaling ! Many ❤️s for you!!
Response: Thank you so much for the heart and -even more so- your fabulous comment!!! My heart made a little happy dance :-)
Comment: Hello Chanou! Received your lovely sending today. Your note was so enjoyable and friendly, and the way you folded it was a treat, many thanks for that! I loved the sweet little envelope of small zebra items too. The handsome postcards will go into my collection to await the right moment. Thanks so much for making such a lovely mailart and swap for me! I so appreciate it.
Response: Thank you so much for your awesome comment and heart! I'm glad it met its purpose ;-) (and sorry for the super late response)
Comment: Wow. Thank you so much for what you sent and the extra fabulous envelope. I have so many ideas of what to make. I will message you a picture of the final journal page. By the way, your mail was delivered a week ago, but I was on a vacation then. Hope you get your vaccines soon. I have both of mine and it is a really good feeling. Take care
Response: What a wonderful message! :-D Looking forward to see what you made. I hope you had a delightful vacation? I got my first vaccine on Saturday (the Dolly Parton one LOL), the hubs gets his day after tomorrow. It's happening! *biggest smile*
ScrapHappyGabi rated for JIFJJ: COLOR! YELLOW! on May 26, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the lovely yellow envelope full of so much yellow FUN~! I just love everything you sent so much Thank you for always making your swaps so special!! I will use everything you sent! it's all so much fun!! I hope your garden is looking beautiful! it's been very hot here (32C) and so everything is wilting and our grass has turned brown! This year is the 17 year Cicada emergence - it's worth googling... Princeton, New Jersey is covered in Cicadas and their 'singing' is SO LOUD!! Video on my instagram (GabiGirl) xx Gabi
Response: Definitely looking up the cicada emergence Gabi! Sounds really cool (though they may eat a lot as well???). I'm glad my envie made you happy again and that you like it all YAY :-D
TTrotti rated for SSM: Mail art supply envelope #11 on May 26, 2021
Comment: Hi Chanou!! Rec'd your beautiful mail art today!! Wow - love how you decorated the front and back!! So lovely. Yes, the mail is very good here in Europe so swaps come fast!. Thx so much for the goodies too - I can't wait to use them on my mail art. Love that piece of lace too - gorgeous!! - Love donkeys! We have one here that lets us know it's morning - he sounds quite asthmatic!! Also I forgot to say love the variety of stamps you sent - they are really cool. thx much Chanou and see you 'round the post box! xxTama
Response: LOL asthmatic sounds goooood! *grin* I would love to be woken by that sound each and every day. *starts daydreaming* Happy to hear it was a good mail day. See you around!
kizzlets rated for LDEM - Bits and Bobs for 1 stamp #4 on May 22, 2021
Comment: Thank you very much for your swap and brightening my mailbox!
Response: You're welcome :-)
rainydayangie rated for WIYM: Blind envie #21-green on May 21, 2021
Comment: Thank you for all the green goodies! The envelope was gorgeous.
Response: You're very welcome. I hope it was stuff you can use -- profile based swaps are more of my thing LOL.
JadeFan rated for SSM: Wake up a Millionaire on May 21, 2021
Comment: A wonderful postcard. We have similar dreams, my sanctuary was for cats. Take care of your big heart.
Response: HOW COOL IS THAT! I currently have two rescue cats and <3 cat sanctuaries too. Thank you for the heart and for being you!
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful patch, I love all the purple and the orange complements it very well. Nicely made!
Response: So glad to hear that! Thank you for the heart <3
howdyholly rated for JIFJJ: COLOR! RED! on May 13, 2021
Comment: Great red pieces and goodies. THANK YOU!
Response: You're welcome! And thank you for the heart.

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OrigamiGrace on Aug 10, 2021:

Just stopping by to say hi!


Curiouskitty on May 25, 2021:

Hello Chanou! Thank you so much for the lovely IFM WTA prize! I love all the Flow goodies you sent. The writing paper with the cats & the little house are my favorites but everything is delightful especially since Flow isn't importing for sale in Canada. The paper craft & stationery must be from a new book - I've never seen the prints before. I apprec6your beautiful letter, your festival sounds like the perfect fit of remembrance & celebration! Your envelope & stamps made my day when your letter arrived in my mailbox! Colourful is great! Take care, Tina

kittyhahahotbot on May 14, 2021:

Thank you for the lovely birthday wish!

weatherwax on Apr 9, 2021:

Thank you for joining :)

Ciska76 on Mar 20, 2021:

💌 onderweg

susieq11 on Mar 13, 2021:

Hello Chanou! Thank you for your sweet note and Year of the Ox card and mail art! That was so nice of you to send in addition to the postcard! Very nice Happy Mail on a sunny Saturday!! xoxo

Catida on Feb 10, 2021:

Oh wow, I just got your extra envelope! So many stickers, thank you very much! The kids are thrilled! As for what to read, I want to recommend "Born A Crime" by Trevor Noah. Of the 50 books I read during 2020 it is the one I remember best, and as the best :) AND it only has some 300 pages ;)

simcoe54 on Jan 23, 2021:

Yippee - the pez dispenser arrived undamaged and it is perfect for my daughter's collection. She is very happy with it and it is soooo cute. Thanks for thinking of us.

LadyJo on Jan 19, 2021:

Thank you for the CPG wishlist for December. Great postcards, lovely envie an I enjoyed reading what you are up too!

OrigamiGrace on Jan 15, 2021:

Thank you for a delightful letter and goodies - so nice of you!

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