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Birthday: October 15
Country: United States

About Me

GOSH THIS NEEDS SOME EDITS STAT! Life has changed a lot for me since I started. Bear with me while I tidy up a bit.

"I'm an offoff broadway theatre freelancer (SM/ASM/props/wardrobe) turned stay-at-home mom trying to keep from turning into a crazy shut in."

HA HA well not doing theatre today (but boy do I miss it!) and had a bit of a career/life shift, mostly typing real fast these days to pay those single mom super mom bills.

My profile is in progress. It'll take me some time to craft a list of likes and dislikes that really makes for ideal swapping. ---{[EDIT: I said that at first because I was shy but now look how long this thing is!!!]}-- I am about the process of making, meeting a challenge and sending out things that will bring joy to the recipient. Plus my day becomes so much better when the mailbox isn't empty.

I want to use the limitations of swap criteria and the pressure of a deadline to narrow down the infinite universe of creative possibility in much the same way a school assignment or an opening night does. I want to feel connected to other people. And, of course, who doesn't like the excitement of the mailbox containing something other than bills and advertisements, something with YOUR name on it, especially when that something could be ANYTHING?

I'm fairly open-minded, hard to offend, easy to amuse and I can find the beauty in just about anything.

A word on Religion: I was raised Catholic through confirmation. My ex was raised Mormon. What I have faith in currently is a really long and personal discussion.

Random fun Astrological Tidbit: My daughter is a Gemini bunny who keeps me on my toes while I am a Libra born in the Chinese year of the rat. I keep her in balance while keeping my own even keel and that would probably make a really cool tattoo.

Speaking of the little one: She is 8 really hopes her birthday isn't cancelled this year and has gone from homeschool to public school and (temporarily) back again.

Currently My Hair Is: Short again (actually kinda midlength growing out a bit). Natural dark brown. Still debating whether or not I want to color again. Maybe auburn, maybe blue.

Now, without further ado, here are some likes & dislikes to feed your inspiration. This is meant to give you ideas on who I am and what brings me joy. It is by no means a list of demands:


LIKES: ooo sparkly (glitter, shimmer, mirrorball - I love it all. I am a magpie and will stop for a second look at broken glass on the sidewalk if the light catches it right)

glow-in-the-dark, glow-in-the-day (except neon orange, not so into that one)

spirals, hearts, stars, smiley faces, rainbows

myths, folklore, tall tales, legends and fairytales


small bits of fabric/fiber of all kinds, pretty paper (it's an interesting sensual texture pattern love thing - one of these days I'm just going to get up the nerve to spend that much on something so silly and buy myself a big fat fabric swatch book)

BEADS (OMG. Addicted. The only thing I'm avoiding in that department would be standard size solid color plastic pony beads b/c I probably have enough to stock a summercamp and to have any more would be absurd.)


the look of really solid earthy stoneware type ceramics and really cartoonish polyclay

tiny things (we love making cute decorative scenes and fairy corners with all our little collected nature bits, miniatures and quarter machine people/critters. Plus it helps to keep the art wee 'cause city rent.

handmade, things that are a little imperfect/worn/mended, character even with age - wearing in vs. wearing out

keys which look like they open something interesting

the juxtaposition/intersection of light and dark

things with a good story to them, objects with a history (even if that story was totally made up. I'll go along with an elaborately outrageous lie well told. that said I do enjoy when the truth is stranger than fiction.)

medical/scientific/other diagrams, botanical prints

lamps, lanterns, fairylights, candles (I have romanticized ideas about lighting. Actually, I have romanticized ideas about a lot of things...)

I love thrift because I like to rescue the beautiful thing someone else thought was trash. I'm a big little kid so I love toy stores and science stores too. Also I'd probably love pretty much anything you could buy in a store that is selling or better yet burning incense on premises (non-smoke related- giant pot leaf banners aren't my style).

weird, strange, bizarre, unusual things/oddities

I'm fascinated by the customs, traditions, myths, languages, costumes and decorating styles of different cultures past, present and future.

ancient modern futuristic

east or west, north or south

queens and peasants,

the corseted, the bare,

travellers, mystics

hippies, ravers, burners

goths & gutter punks

It takes all kinds

DISLIKES: aspartame (artificial sweetener), black licorice, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, clowns (more of a meh, than a dislike. I'm not bothered by clowns, they're fun to work with IRL but I wouldn't go out of my way to have an image of one in my possession.)


batman to superman (see also: x-men)

pirates to ninjas (but it's a close call)

art nouveau to art deco

dark colored pearls to light colored pearls (they're so much more mysterious)

nail polish to lipstick (I don't do "full face" that often. However, on the rare occasions when I do wear make up it is totally over the top like deep plumberry lips or electric green glitter eyeshadow with a hot pink fun wig)

hook earrings to studs (straight posts just don't sit right in my ears)

pillows to be functional (As much as I love excessive ornamentation I'd rather have this particular cozy cuddly item be non-stabby.)

A word about COLOR:

Not much color preference. Not particularly fond of pastels. I trust your intuition as an artist to choose colors that go well together or let one amazing color stand on it's own, rainbows are awesome, black and white can be powerful. I approve of earth tones, color blocking, deep rich shades, bright electric hues, cool colors, hot colors, high contrast, monochrome and greyscale. Pick the palette that suits your project. I have faith in you. (NOTE: I've seen some ugly colors that were probably just caught in the wrong context but I have never had a problem with ANY shade of blue)

My Collections

teeny tiny trinket boxes (my favorite thrift store find)


mateless earrings


ostentatious rings

postage stamps on which the cancellation mark has defaced the subject of the stamp in an amusing manner (ex. Lady Liberty with a black eye, George Washington with a mustache, sea turtle with Frida Kahlo eyebrows)

Favorite Music

generalizations: BROAD musical tastes, starting with a solid core of classic rock, followed by punk, then blues, then EDM (used to have more here but decided to save genre rambles for those who care), some metal, some 90s rap, some non-generic country, those really peppy oldies songs (think songs from Time Life's "The Teen Years" set), and a little bit of everything else just to round it out. I'm all about a good beat and poetic lyrics sung by vocalists who feel what they sing so hard I feel it too.

a sampling of specific artists: Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Scott Joplin, Sublime, The Cure, The Who (esp. Tommy & Quadrophenia), Bob Dylan (esp. Blood On The Tracks), The Smiths, The Pixies, Violent Femmes, Led Zepplin, George Thorogood, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Ani DiFranco, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, Amanda Palmer, Melissa Etheridge, Concrete Blonde, Kittie, Black Sabbath, Tracy Chapman, Deb Talan, Jethro Tull, Queen, Tom Petty, O.A.R., Tool, Dave Matthews Band, Oasis, Weezer, Portishead, Radiohead, Dropkick Murphys, Counting Crows, The Hippos, The Specials, The Pietasters, Mustard Plug, Less Than Jake, NoFX, Big D & The Kids Table, Goldfinger, Rancid, Bad Religion, Billie Eilish, Die Antewoord, Psychostick, Ninja Sex Party

We also like musicals in this house: Rocky Horror, Jesus Christ Superstar, Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat, Grease, Fosse, Moulin Rouge, Les Mis, Hello Dolly, My Fair Lady, Rent...

oh yeah and the occasional air banjo

Will update

Favorite Books

I like horror, sci-fi and fantasy. I lean towards authors with a crazy, irreverent &/or dark sense of humor. and strong girl characters. I read LOTS of non-fiction too.

Ray Bradbury's Short Stories Stephen King (all of it, since 4th grade) Slapstick by Kurt Vonnegut Lamb by Christopher Moore Shel Silverstein Neil Gaiman Poppy Z. Brite Dr. Seuss Chuck Palahniuk Charles Bukowski Sylvia Plath Edward Gorey Jhonen Vasquez Franz Kafka

O and let's not forget the children's books. I love story time.

The old version of The Real Mother Goose not the crap edited anniversary edition

Favorite TV & Movies

sci-fi and fantasy

foreign films (I've read a lot of movies)

anime (more subtitles!!! simple knitting only!)

forensics shows & police procedural dramas

horror/thriller movies (high production value or 3 guys with a steady-cam, spatter or atmospheric psychological thriller, new release or older than grandpa.)

documentaries (especially ones about artsy or strange people)

A few TV shows I've enjoyed: Firefly, Dexter, House, CSI, Law & Order, The Tudors, Mythbusters, How It's Made, Avatar, Invader Zim, The Twilight Zone, Tales From the Crypt, Breaking Bad, Dr. Who

Current TV Faves: Letterkenny,

will update this too

Random POST/ADCARD Ramble

I like attention commanding, bold, stand out, strange, unusual, unexpected, quirky, sexy or hilarious images, &/or text. "Inappropriate" is ok. I find tourist cards can run the risk of being uninspired, poorly-composed photos with some bland desktop publishing text overlay. When choosing a photobase card try to avoid the cheapo-look tourist trap. If you want people to travel across the world to a location and preserve a memory of it forever why make it boring? Where's the local color? The world's biggest ball of twine? The notable people or wildlife? The unique view of breathtaking natural splendor or gorgeous cityscape that elevates the card from a half-hearted gesture to an invitation? and who said it had to be a photo in the first place? Typography, art, comix, cartoons all are welcome in my shoebox. Also, I have seen AMAZING things on those free/ad cards many swaps rule against. Don't be afraid to send something you think I might get a kick out of just because it was free. I have my party fliers and theatrical performance fliers all mixed in the same box as my post cards. If it looks really cool I will treasure it even if the other 999,999 that were put out into the world for that event ended up in the landfill after being swept off the ground by some clean-up crew. Ephemera of the future, kids. Collect yours today.

Favorite Crafts

Creative Things I Do:

Knitting - Completed projects include: a stuffed bunny toy, a duck pattern washcloth, scarves (straight and chunky lace), a couple intarsia lettered banners, booties, mittens, beanie hats, stars (ongoing one in each state project) and one tie.

currently developing my stamina for a sweater or an afghan. or maybe I ought to whip out a sock or a lace shawl before my hands get too creaky to do the fine work.

Beading!!! - if it can go on a string it probably will and I've been slowly branching out into wire

Fixing/re-mixing dated/broken jewelry (esp. awesomely awful gaudy costume stuff)

Sewing - last 2 projects completed were a fantastic big fuzzy winter cape with sparkly blue liner and a plaid dress. current projects are a tweed cap and my first ever quilt

Poetry (my 1st and most beloved art ever since my Pre-K days of "Big Fig Pig")


Some Swaps I've Enjoyed Working On: dotee ATCs (esp. challenge) zines zentangles themed parcels (esp. by color scheme) junk tidbits/bookpages

Odd Request(s) of the Moment to Help With the Fulfillment of My Current Crafty Dreams:

2-3 XL bright white heart shaped buttons (link if you see 'em!)

I could use a short (idk 2"-ish?) segment of gold colored trim (to use in making a tiny crown for a little figure my daughter has) UPDATE: Coronation has occurred for the wee royalty. Thank you, Cynlen!

In Summation...

Hopefully this WALLOFTEXT has been useful and/or amusing. If you have questions, comments, complaints, or suggestions PM me or, better yet, write me a letter. Have a superawesome day! PLUR :)


Comment: Update: Received a resend, thank you!
Comment: It finally made it with a big yellow sticker on it. For future reference, I wouldn’t tape it to a card. I tried to gently untape it and it literally is pulling the card up/tearing it. I think you could probably just mail it regularly (altho they may charge you for the non-machine rate).
Comment: Thank you for the nice leaf postcard.
Comment: Thanks, Marc
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Comment: great photos!
carol rated for Expand my Vocab PC USA #34 on Aug 15, 2020
Comment: I love this "leaf" PC. Very cool. I'd love to go on a peregrination one of these days. It's been too long! hahaha!
Comment: Love it! Thank you so much, I’m a huge fan of sari silk and that was the loveliest shade of green! 💚
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Comment: Thank you so much!
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Comment: Thank you for sharing.
Comment: It's always fun to learn about other people, but I really like the little tidbits we can learn about ourselves through these tests, too. But it's kinda funny when they're really spot-on, and you feel like they know you better than you know yourself! lol Have a great day! :)
Comment: Interesting personality type!
Ashzaller rated for Writing Challenge #9 on Aug 3, 2020
Comment: I love your Discription!! Sounds Good!! We have the same letters EXCEPT Im ENFP-T not INFP-T. So the Weirdo Part Sounds Just Right!! HAHA!!
Comment: It was fun to learn about our differences and similarities. Thanks for sharing.
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Comment: Thanks so much for the mushroom items and charming letter! I’m fascinated by your studies! Happy mushroom hunting!
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Happy Birthday!
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Hi Nichol I am your sending partner for the All Black ATC. I am posting today and just wanted to let you know that I have enclosed the ATC and accompanying letter inside a plastic baggie in the envelope just in case your letter box is water affected after all the horrible weather your part of the world has been having. I hope you are safe and dry but, just in case! I hope it arrives to you safe and sound and brings a smile to your face. Cheers, Barbara


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lsmahutchin on Jun 27, 2012:

Hi Nichol!
Thankfully, it does get easier and easier or I wouldn't have survived that first year with twins! We're now getting into playgroups and playdates and I wish I would have done this more early-on. Hang in there and feel free to pm me anytime you need a pick-me-up! I have some great twin horror stories that can do the trick! LOL!

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