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April 2021 I have to take a break from swapping for a little bit. I will still host my swaps but not as often- I am very busy at work - overwhelmed even- so I just need my me time back for me. Thanks for understanding. If I owe you something please email me [email protected] as I won’t be in here every day for the time being

please let me know if you did not get a swap from me. I AM HAPPY TO RESEND ANYTHING.

3/4/2021 ive been informed that things I’ve been sending have not been postmarked the day I marked it sent. I’m really sorry but there is nothing I can do about it. The Cleveland sorting center is all kinds of wack still. Which is why I am only doing the swaps I host. I will be adding a note on all swaps and extending the dates I guess.

2/24/2021 My mail is bad. At work we’ve been waiting on 6 checks to arrive. I’m waiting on 4 sticker subscriptions still. And I have just stopped swapping for now. I can’t handle it when the postmarks are wrong and people get upset at me cause it goes from my post office to the sorting center before getting postmarked. I drop my stuff to the post office e day it is marked sent. It is out of my hand at that point. I’m hoping the break will be pleasant but my mailbox isn’t happy 😭😭

02/06/21 I got a HUGE stack of mail today! So if you were waiting on a rating it’s likely gonna pop up tomorrow! Still no stamps

02/05/2021 so I had placed an order for stamps from USpS on 1/15 in preparation for February swaps. —— And my $74 order still hasn’t show up. So I have to slow down and probably skip a few rounds of my favorite swaps. I just can’t justify buying more postage 😭 I will continue to join the traveling swaps and hosting a few of them as well. But it saddens me to halt on other favs at this time. I will ABSOLUTELY STILL RESEND ANYTHING I MESSED UP OR YOU DIDNT GET. I just have to slow it down till stamps arrive. Thanks for understanding.

1/28/2021 omg I sent out some stuff and I was supposed to decorate the envelope and I didn’t — please let me know if you need me to resend and decorate. I am soooooo sorry.

01/25/2021- i was in a group forum swap- and i cant find that specific discussion any more- but i sent it out to the next person!

Also- mail is STILL arriving from DECEMBER and beginning of January- so please be patience with my rating and also receiving.

/09/2021- Hello 2021! i am still getting mail postmarked from the beginning and mid of December. so please be patient with my rating and also my swaps arriving.

please let me know if you did not get a swap from me. I AM HAPPY TO RESEND ANYTHING.

I READ ALL MY COMMENTS AND RATINGS. It’s really hard to respond to them all but I truly appreciate you taking the time to rate me.

If I owe you a rating, please ask! Gonna be late? No problem, just let me know.

Or if for some reason you had to pay postage I’ll repay you



i love postcards! blank and written on. I love stickers to share.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NOTES: Mail pick up- even if I drop it to the desk- they do not process till after they close. They collect from boxes daily at various times and process that at the end of day too. If it gets dropped off on Saturday it’s probably not moving till Monday. Just want to give you a heads up!


I will accept new (unused not written or stamped) postcards in place of anything listed on the swap choices. Just give me a note too on a slip of paper saying I chose postcards instead of ______.

I really only like postcards, stationary with envelopes, stickers and washi tape! I dont have much use for random paper scraps- but my friend does! she sells journals @sarahmakingstuff on etsy!


those are my happy mail :D anytime you have a choice- i would prefer a post card ! TOURIST TRAPS- Landscapes- city views-

About Me

I am 36, and i live in Cleveland, Ohio. (im about 15 minutes from the city) I am happily married. My husband and I tied the knot on 10/13/18 at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum! IT WAS INCREDIBLE! We have been together since 2009!

Hubs and I love AEW ! (wwe used to be so good but its lacked that 5-7 years so bad) I am pretty fluent in my wrestling, so always happy to chat that!

ABC.. for me :)

A. Amusement Parks!!! Animals, ancient times, Amsterdam, arboriculture, AEW

B. Bird watching, boo (from Mario), beautiful scenes,

C. ##cats## crafting, cameo silhouette, creativity, cards, coffee, Chicago, changing leaves,

D. Deltiology, dragons, dairymans ice tea

E. E-swapping, envelopes, elephants,

F. Frank my cat, felines, food, fall,

G. Green things, grape vodka (once in blue moon), Guns N’ Roses, grape flavor but not grapes really lol.

H. Happiness, hills, Halloween, haunting, horror,

I. Iceland, idioms, irrelevant quotes, irregular postcards

J. Jasper my cat, joyful quotes, journeys, jinx, journaling stickers,

K. Kitties of course, kite flying, kaleidoscopes, keychains,

L. Landscapes, lanyards, leaves,

M. Monopoly, mountains, music, magnets, moon,

N. National parks, nature, notebooks, New York City

O. Oboe music, oddities, owls, offensive things,

P. Postcards, piano music, Philadelphia, plates (like state or touristy Plates) polar bears,

Q. Quartets, quarters,

R. Rain, rainbows, ridges, roller coasters, rice,

S. Street signs, salutes, singing, SYMMETRY , silver spoons, shit glasses, sunshine, stickers,

T. Tri fold pamplets😃, top thrill dragster, trinkets,

U. Umbrellas, unicorns, unisex, ufo,

V. Volcanos, visually pleasant, valleys,

W. Waterfalls, Water parks, water slides, Washington DC ,

X. You got me here 😂

Y. Yard sales, yard art,

Z. Zen doodles, zzzquill 😴, zebras

Stuff I enjoy watching

The office


Parks and recreation


Good girls

The good place

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

Hitchhikers guide to galaxy is one of my favorite movies!!

I’m kinda bad at committing and watching something new. The above mentioned are on in the background while I’m working on my postcards!

I finished gossip girl and I never felt so cheated on an ending lmao I was sooooo invested!

Favorite Music

I am


with music.

I really enjoy old timey music from 40s/50s (sentimental journey anyone?)

But I can’t name artists or anything. - maybe a few as I Shazam most of them!

Tony Bennett, Sarah Vaughn , Dean Martin ,

Always on my Spotify

311, Ninja sex party , Starbomb , Falling in reverse, Alesana , Almost all 50s/60s music , Zelda music , “Cute beats” , Luis zhong,,Sublime, The doors, John Mayer , Eminem, Guns N’ Roses , Norah Jones , The Beatles, Taking back Sunday ,Panic at the disco,
, fall out boy , My chemical romance , System of down

Swap wishes :) thanks!

This is only for swaps based on wishes (or profile surprises):

So thank you in advance!

Cool Stickers

I love the sticker postcard swaps. And I always get neat stickers. So anything you would want to get in a swap! I really don’t have a stash.


Any denomination ! $.01 - $1.20 ! I’ve had to lay off international swaps as much since it’s getting so pricey!

Any postcards

If they are touristy - I like to get doubles so I can keep one and send one ! Non-touristy I don’t need doubles of but always love them to be able to share as well! (I usually end up keep most Bc I don’t have them haha)

Stationary sets

I used to have a ton, and now those are not as easy to find either haha!

Lately I’ve been sending so much I’ve been going through all of my stashes!

If you’ve read all of this, I totally appreciate your time 😬!

Swaps I host-

Traveling Sticker book

Sticker Slapped PC

national parks facts pc

Challenge! 15 questions

Fellowship of the Pocket Notebook

December Birthdays Unite (once a year)

Writing challenge (retired)

Mega note card swap (retired)

I am going to randomly be posting new swaps instead of posting a lot out at once- since I love joining others swaps too and I can only have 20 at a time haha


honeyblossom rated for Challenge! 15 questions #4 on Oct 3, 2022
Comment: I didn't receive this. Will change rating if you want to resend.
Comment: As of March 14th, You advised was going to resend since the original never arrived. I am clearing my 2021 swaps out and noticed this still not marked arrived. I will rerate once it arrives. Hope you are doing well.
Itti rated for banana postcard on Dec 7, 2021
Comment: Never got this. Get in touch if you want to make up your ratings.
isabetta rated for Ratings Booster Postcard Swap #46 on Nov 23, 2021
Comment: Thank you! Sorry for rating you so late!
chendaleh rated for Ratings Booster Postcard Swap #48 on Aug 17, 2021
nomadmama rated for Traveling Sticker book #28 on Aug 11, 2021
Comment: I really hate having to rate you a 1. I did contact you twice by email (received a response the first time but not second). I will be happy to change the rating if you send the swap.
Carollee922 rated for National parks facts & pc #12 on Aug 9, 2021
Comment: Sad to have to rate you a 1 Amanda. I will re-rate if I ever recieve the journal from this round.
Cellolady rated for National parks facts & pc #11 on Jul 5, 2021
Comment: Hi, I've tried to get in touch with you about this swap, but have never heard anything back. I read that you were behind in April? Hopefully I'll hear back sometime. Thanks.
katierose rated for Traveling Sticker book #29 on Jun 30, 2021
Comment: Sent messages here and to your personal Gmail. I hope everything is ok! I'll re rate if I receive anything.
Comment: I have to rate a 1 unfortunately. After I messaged you in April for a resend you said that it will be done. I have still not received anything and can see that your account is suspended. If someday you can get it back and offer a resend, I would change the rating.
isandie rated for Pocket Notebook Swap #3 on Jun 23, 2021
Comment: 6/23/2021: Unfortunately, I have to rate a 1 as I still have not received this swap that was due to be sent on April 5, 2021. I was told on May 13, 2021 that you would resend, and have not received anything to date, and you have not responded to messages :( I'm sad to do this. I will rerate if the swap is received.
Lorabora rated for 5 postcards in an envelope #8 on Jun 14, 2021
Comment: Never received. April 9th replied to message saying you would resend. Never received anything. Total bummer!
9O96O rated for Cut and Paste Postcard #313466 on Jun 12, 2021
Comment: *May 5* PM'd that the the PC hadn't arrived. *May 13* Replied: "I'll send another one out" *May 31* Postcard still hasn't arrived. PM remains unread. I don't know if the re-send was posted. *June 12* Postcard still hasn't arrived and the May 31 PM remains unread. ------------------------------------- Will rerate if it arrives.
marclively rated for National parks facts & pc #12 on May 31, 2021
Comment: love the cards!
Comment: Thank you so much for the awesome sticker slapped postcard you sent me! I love the card and the stickers you chose! This was such a fun swap and I’m hoping there is another one
marclively rated for National parks facts & pc #11 on May 26, 2021

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Aalicia on Mar 25, 2024:

Check your messages please

cmalaina on Jul 4, 2021:


SunflowerRose on Jun 5, 2021:

I am temporally hosting 2 of your swaps. Traveling sticker book and the traveling pocket notebook one. Im ONLY doing this till you come back and ready to take over. I didnt want the books to get lost or tossed. Gone forever.

Just send me a pm so we dont both post the next round lol

I just added a postage recommendation. Other then that i copy n pasted.

I really hope you dont mind i did try to get intouch by email and sent a pm. I hope all is ok. Cant wait to have you back.

9O96O on Jun 3, 2021:

Hi Ashzaller. Please check your messages regarding the Cut and Paste Postcard #313466.

cmalaina on Feb 14, 2021:

Happy Valentine's Day

CherryBlossomLady on Feb 13, 2021:

Love the PCs you sent me. I don't think they were for a swap- so that makes your little envies of happy mail even more appreciated. I miss you. Write me a good update when you get time.


debbiespoms on Feb 6, 2021:

Thank you so much for the 3 PC's, via PH group January WTA! I really love the B&W PC of olden days farm!

squince on Feb 6, 2021:

Thank you for the RAK package!!! I loved all the goodies!

CookieMomster78 on Jan 21, 2021:

😉☺️Thank you for sending a sticker-slapped PC RAK! It was a nice surprise and the only happy mail I received today! 😁🤗

lovesreward on Jan 12, 2021:

Thank you for the little thank you note and tuck-ins you sent, that was so kind of you. I hope the new year brings wonderful things your way! <3

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