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My Mail Please Read


sorry for not responding or being on. there have been family issues that have had to be taken care of.

Also if you sent a pm to me on swapbot after aug 1 23 they are not in my inbox for some reason. Maybe i hit a wrong button when i was trytin to check mail. so if i dont respond please resend.

Trying to see what i am missing for my swaps. please let me know if i need to resend.


1)mail i marked for today was sent out yesterday. major migraine so i forgot to log back in after work to mark it.

09/12/21. I have received several rude messages about why i was not rated yet or why i have not rated that person. And some very cryptic messages bout my items getting rated. Please just be straight forward and nice!!!! if you need or want me to resend please just so. i dont rate unless i reach out to that person.

We are adults and this is supposed to be fun. Not a job. When i contact partners i wait a few extra weeks and then let them know unfortunately i didnt receive the item and ask if they are able resend. And then work out a resend date. Its that easy to be nice and be an adult. Thank you


Its people like this makes swap bot not fun. Makes others want to stop. @ KarlaKC has been a thorn in my side since about October. Not sure what i did to her with all the 5’s and hearts i left her but guess she has to pick on someone. So she rated a 3 after a huge mess over the swap. No help from the host either. I do not recommend being in that hosts swaps or swapping with her. Host beware!! Tracking for animals in snow: Tracking Number: 70200090000211301213. Yes i even paid to have karla sign so i know she would get it. Just so it would be 5.


Please do NOT tape the envelopes like it contains a mission from Inspector Gadget. I need room to open with a letter opener or my finger as sometimes i rate while we are out and bout. When we have to told it to the sun or some type light to open there may not be a heart involved no matter the goodies. Thats a lot of work to open. Especially when the whole envelope is taped with packing tape. Ok rant over.

We go about once a week to the PO Box. Due to work its just easier on us this way.

I DO RATE when the mail comes in. Yes it may take me a few days but here is why: You spend time on making and sending the swap so I like to spend time enjoying my happy mail and giving everyone a personal rating.

***Please note the mail here is still messed up. sometimes its not picked up at my house like it should be and sometimes it takes 2 weeks to go from one side of town to the other. Allow EXTRA TIME before getting worked up that i did not rate you.

I hit send when i have my family place swaps in box at my home address. It may be placed in the box after the mail has been picked up. As we never know when it run here at the home address.

About Me

https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3RDGNY05N77QG?ref=wlshare .

I do suffer from health issues. Please be understanding. i do try to push through and not let them get to me but some days i cant.

We live in va. i have a Husband and teen daughter. We stay busy hiking and camping in the summer.

2 dogs ( chi/pug and chi/ jack rus), 1 ferret, 1 rabbit All rescue animals.

My wonderful husband just joined us!!! @casper So please welcome him as he learns the ropes and i try to help him along.

My wishes in no order right now:

Bible Verses or quotes thats uplifting/encouraging for my bullet journal.

stamps ( used or new {they will either go in junk journal, scrap book, or my bullet journal})


note cards


pressed pennies

fuzzy socks

Stickers ( any kind really )


photo albums

scrapbook stuff

Christmas cards

Christmas ornaments/decorations


tote bags


Anything golden girls, friends.

Tumblers with straws

Vintage charm bracelet(s). May never get one on here but who knows. Atleast that style if that makes sense.

Vintage jewelry.

goat milks soap/lotion (only thing i can use that wont cause rash thats easy to list.)

Sweet pea scents. (About the only scent i can wear no matter the brand that wont cause my allergies or asthma to go off)

Anything off my like list a few ways down.

Ill also be happy to take broken jewelry off your hands to play round in my epoxy and molds.

my daughter loves to open my mail. which is fine with me. its the little things that make her happy. so if anyone wants to send her happy mail please feel free. her name is addy. in just in case someone thinks im asking for more items im not.

My Dislikes in no order

Items that smell of cigarette smoke. Just dont send plz. Its a serve allergy!!!



soy stuff ( allergen)

spicy stuff (allergen) (my hubby loves spicy stuff and my daughter so feel free to send a note if want to include them.)

wicken items


cova19 talk (sets off my nerves) or masks

horror movies

Mint flavor or smells. ( if you send these i will give them to my hubby. Make him feel included)

Cinnamon smells

Black yarn. ( i cant use it very offten but if you send it i can pass it along to a local group that makes blankets for our nursing home vets just send me a note with it)


My likes in no order:

animals: horses, deer, dogs (Chihuahuas & pugs are fav) llamas, raccoon, squirrel, skunks, ferrets, rabbits, lizards, 🐢, 🐸, chickens, ducks just to name a handful. Anything really but snakes, spiders, and monkeys.




fuzzy socks



matching stationary

Stickers any kind


christmas stuff


Golden girls

Friends tv show

Betty white


Soap making

Handmade items

Christian stuff. ( no handouts to be saved more like books, bookmarks, whatknots)

Lavender: color and smell

Strawberry: design and smell, flavor. (Mccoy print from back in the day)

Caremarl: coffee, anything






Redtruck stuff

Crochting stuff



90's ( lisa frank, music, fake girly tattoos, juice bear lotion and perfume, ect)

Jewelry: I wear necklaces a lot. Stud earrings for are better due to work but dangles are ok as long as they dont hang on about .5 inc down. I also have my daith done. Rings are size 5 to 7. Yup tiny hands. Which means tiny wrist. About 6in.




*bullet journaling

*word search

*pen paling. (Open to ladies only for respect of my husband for private pen paling/swaps. being in a swap and getting paired is different since 99% swaps are sent one time to that person)

Favorite Books *Nora Roberts,

*readers digest

*james Patterson,



*real simple

*Amish reads,

  • women's day

*Julie Garwood.


*crochet world/ any crocheting book/ magazine

*Some romance.

*charlotte hughes

*Love inspired books.

*Danielle Steele,

*Lawrence Bechtel.

*Janet evanpvich

Favorite Television

We cut our dish off. Now just roku.


Golden girls,

Grey's anatomy.

Just fished watching:

last man on earth,

handmaides tail.

I also watch

*Young and restless

*chicago fire


*bold n beautiful.

  • station 19.

*good doctor.

*heart of dixie

Started watching:

*how to get away with murder.



*Private practice.

  • dr pol


  • nightwatch

    *911 lone star.

*heartstrings dolly parton


Life with Elizabeth on YouTube with betty white

Favorite Movies

I watch funny movies,

action movies.

Some romance.

family movies like Disney

Little women the new one

Favorite Music

Country music is my favorite.

Old school 90s music.

Some Christian music

conway twitty

Jason aldean

dolly parton

miranda lambert


Carrie Underwood

Some 50-80s music.

Hootie n blowfish


For Swaps

I do not try to rate down just because I do not like my mail. I rate based on the swap description. And I prefer to contact the host before i rate down.

***Please dont worry right now if its profile based. Im getting there >>>........>>>> again.. ugh!!!!!

*Handmade items are fine if the swap says handmade items may be sent. Or as extras.

*Christmas glitter, religious, non-religious, anything Christmas. you can send year round!! INCLUDE A TRADITIONAL GREETING IN THE CHRISTMAS CARDS PLEASE

** I do try to scrapbook swaps the best i can. postcards go in photo albums, letters in clear pages in binders, other stuff glued in my scrapbooks, journals, ect. stuff i cant use is passed along. But even that i take a photo and document it in the scrapbooks.

*Have me for 2 or more swaps at the same time or close to it???? Save the stamp and a Tree! send in one envelope. Please clearly mark which item is for which swap. Or just send me a pm letting me know.

links i use



NRGordon rated for would you rather 19int on Apr 14, 2024
Comment: Never received anything. No reply to messages. I hope everything is okay. I will be happy to change this rating if I hear from you.
Comment: Nothing received. Hope you are okay
Comment: Sorry to do this as we have had good swaps in the past but I still have received nothing. I will happily change this if you contact me.
Comment: Thank you so much for the postcards and bookmark! Sorry for this late rating as well, unfortunately two of your swaps were in my stray stack :-(
Comment: I am so sorry for the super late rating, I just found a stack of mail that I hadn’t rated and I’m mortified! Thank you so much for the postcard and extras.
tizzicat rated for first and last booklines 33 int on Mar 12, 2024
argentbat13 rated for Redeeming Time Bible Study on Feb 25, 2024
Comment: I haven't heard anything from her and this is the second swap from her I haven't received. I feel bad rating a one.
kiyasu rated for would you rather 17 intn on Feb 21, 2024
Comment: Hi, I contacted you the other day but you haven't signed in since January 10th. I have no choice to rate you a 1 for now, but if this gets fixed, you still have chance to get a 5 for me. I also just noticed you were late in assigning partners for this swap back in earlier December and I messaged you about it but you did reply at that time with "sorry i just assigned partners about 10 min ago. yes i logged yesterday to assign them but got called to driveway to help hubby fix our only car so we have way to work and all. then one thing another with the car and household. so i did it when i got home from work. it was a wild day yesterday." And then later on it seemed everything okay but I recently also realized turns out nobody(?) received any of your swaps from around that time and you marked your swap as "Sent" one day after the deadline too. :'( Anyway, below is a copy and paste of the message I sent to you on February 19th, 2024: // Hi, I am your partner for "**would you rather 17 intn **" and I just noticed you marked the mail as "Sent" on December 10th (one day after the swap deadline of December 9th). Based on the more recent ratings on your profile, it seems none of your "recent" mail arrived to the other swap partners, including the U.S.A. version of "would you rather 17." It also makes me think I am not likely to receive "would you rather 17 intn" from you if the U.S.A version of that didn't arrive. And you're the host of this swap and I was looking forward to receive something from the host. :'( Anyway, you marking the mail as "Sent" one day after the swap deadline made me wonder if you actually sent any of your recent hosted swaps or not because of all the other recent ratings, and if something happened to you around that time in December. Either way, I will wait a bit more and if I don't receive any responses and resending of the mail, I may have no choice to rate you a 1 later on. (Any 1s are still fixable for me and still have chances to become a 5 later on instead of a 3.) Hope you are getting better, if something did happen to you. ~Kiyasu
argentbat13 rated for Birth of Jesus Bible Study on Feb 14, 2024
Comment: Hello! I contacted you and I haven’t heard anything or received anything. I hate to rate a 1 but I feel like I have no choice. I will update your rating once I receive something. I hope you are doing ok.
me2az50 rated for would you rather 17 usa on Feb 10, 2024
Comment: I was your partner for this swap and after sending you several messages, I have not received a response. I will change my rating if I receive this.
me2az50 rated for would you rather 19usa on Feb 10, 2024
Comment: After contacting you several times , I still have not received this swap from. if you send it, i will changing my rating.
Comment: I never received anything. I will rerate if I receive something.
Eulegirl rated for First last Booklines inter 31 on Jan 19, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the first and last lines--I read Lessons in Chemistry for book club. The Sunflower book sounds really good!
Comment: I didn't receive this swap, but I am still rating a 5. I know mail gets hectic in December. Happy new year, God bless you!
Meangelgal77 rated for Bible Study ~ John 1:43-51 on Jan 3, 2024
BonjourBooks rated for Ugly Stickers Postcard on Dec 29, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much =)
suepier rated for Would you Rather intern 15 on Dec 18, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the postcard and sharing your thoughts with me.
Stampalia rated for Would you Rather intern 16 on Dec 14, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the pretty sunflower postcard. I just can't imagine going two whole years without ice cream
Comment: Thanks for the cute dog postcard!
Aynora rated for Would you Rather usa 15 on Dec 11, 2023
Comment: Thank you and happy holidays

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grammypammy on Feb 13, 2023:

Hugs, Pam

simcoe54 on Sep 27, 2022:

Hope you have a Happy Birthday!!!

riftvegan on Jul 12, 2022:

Thank you so much for sending home my Book I'm Reading Traveling PC, a dolphin postcard I started at round #10! It's full of interesting reading and interesting places... Oregon, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico and you in Virginia! Very fun, thanks for hosting!!

HappyMom on Jun 27, 2022:

Thanks for sending home the full RRTPC #57 and #58 to me. It's always fun to see where they've been!

LindaW on May 26, 2022:

Have a nice Memorial Day weekend.

cynaemon on Apr 12, 2022:

Hi, Sunflower Rose, I hope you have a wonderful Easter and Spring. Take care of yourself land stay safe. Best wishes always, Nathalie

LiMorris on Mar 2, 2022:

Thanks for rating and for the heart!

grammypammy on Dec 24, 2021:

Hugs, Pam

grammypammy on Sep 27, 2021:


Enjoy your day!

Hugs, Pam

dmwcheng on Jul 13, 2021:

Hello. =) The sticker subscription I'm part of is called STICKII CLUB. You can check them out at their website: https://stickiiclub.com. Cheers!

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