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About Me

ATTN:! I have had some personal issues and I am trying my best to get caught up. I have had a lot of issues this past week or two and it has caused me not to have time to log in! I have taken time to reach out to my partners and will be playing catch up. I usually communicate before or on the deadline if I am going to be late, but my family has been hit so hard this week that I just haven't had time. And while I would love to be the perfect swapper, my family is my top priority. Please be patient with me. Prayers are greatly appreciated!


Yay! It's my favorite time of the year!!


Notes Notes

A little note for anyone who takes the time to read my profile. If I do not rate you, please contact me to remind me. I promise to rate and if I ever miss one, it's because something serious has happened! Please return the favor and take a second to rate me, too.

Also, if you do not receive a swap from me, please message me. I always send out my swaps (they may be sent out on the deadline day, but they are always sent out). And if you receive a damaged swap from me that you suspect stuff missing from, message me, I will be happy to send a replacement.


About About Me

I'm a simple Christian girl who has been happily married for since July of 2010, I have two little boys, and I'm currently working for RadioShack, as a sales associate. My house wife skills (I.E cooking and cleaning) are far less than average, but I make up for that with my ability to put a positive spin on nearly any situation and my sense of humor is like no other. Combining sarcasm, intelligence, and a dash of ditzy, I can make nearly anyone smile!

I openly accept any tips, printables, pointing to blogs, or recipes you wish to offer me. I really want to get the hang of this "keeping your house clean" and "not going out for every meal" thing down. ;)


family Family

**Read Me!!* I would love you to pieces if you are my swap partner for a stocking stuffer swap and send for one of these lovely people instead of me. OR if you sent anything for my family. My man only gets bills and my boys love helping open my mail, but I think they would enjoy it more if it was for them! Thank you.

My family is my life, my reason for pushing on, my whole existence- and they love getting mail just as much as I do! If you would like to send something to someone in my family for a special occasion or just because- I have their names, likes, and some special dates listed below:

  • Alex is my loving husband. He enjoys video games, action movies, electronics, music, reading, guns, and fire. He is currently OBSESSED with MineCraft. I would suggest something he could carry in his wallet that relate to these things. Or something he can stick on his car, etc. I don't expect, and don't suggest, anyone send a gun through the postal service! His birthday is 4/25 and our anniversary is 7/29/10.

  • Eric is my oldest son, he just turned 3 on 9/22 - he is growing up way too fast. He loves Blue Clues, My Little Pony, Bubble Guppies, Team Umi Zoomi, Danial Tiger, and Curious George - just to name a few!! He also loves matchbox cars. He cannot get enough and he wants a new one almost every time we go to Walmart. He also loves coloring and helping mommy make things.

  • Ezra is my youngest child - he turned one on 6/28. He likes bright colored toys (large enough that they cannot fit in his mouth!), stickers, putting lids on containers - this is actually one of his favorite things, dancing, and stacking things. He also likes following mommy around and making sure that she cannot do anything without being under his strict supervision. Haha!

If you have ideas on how to preoccupy them during church that would be great! My family is getting back into church and the boys don't know how to act. I would love some tips!


crafts Hobbies, Crafts, & Themes I Enjoy

Swaps I enjoy participating in include ATC's, Crochet, letters, knit, handmade stuffs, journals, emails, pinterest, small gifts, stocking stuffers, rainy day gifts, and a lot more. If you are looking for an extra person to be in your swap please feel free to message me! If you are looking for one on one swaps, I would be more than happy to participate! Just message me with the details and we'll work something out.

Some of my favorite ATC themes include Bible verses, Christian themes in general, things relating to the joy of kids/boys, altered book pages, sex positive.

I would also be willing to angel to people in the USA. And I encourage you to be an angel, too! I pledge to ALWAYS rate. I have a system going so that I won't forget to rate you. Please pay me the same courtesy.

My Crafts & Hobbies include:

  • Crochet

  • Kniting

  • Drawing

  • Paper crafts

  • Scrapbooking

  • Writing

  • Networking

  • Nature Walks

  • Running

  • Reading

  • Biking

  • Hiking

  • Rafting

  • and a lot more! - if you wanna know if I like something, ask


Likes Likes

  • I enjoy all colors. But I cannot wear yellows or oranges - they make me look more pale than I already am.

  • Daisies and Roses are the way to my heart.

  • Doctor Who

  • Gorjuss Girls, anything and everything!

  • Recipes and recipe cards (4x6 please)

  • Tea - I'm not big on coffee or hot chocolate, but if I run out of tea it is a sad, sad day. I usually just drink sweet, iced tea- but I really want to try more types.

  • Dark chocolate. Omg! Gimme some dark chocolate with almonds in it and I will be your bestest friend forever. My husband uses this trick when he knows what he has to say is going to upset me.

  • Nail polish or nail wraps, I love to do my nails.

  • Doctor Who

  • Vampires- I have a hard core love for vampires

  • Books, book recommendations, and handmade bookmarks

  • Handmade journals, cards, post cards, etc

  • Crafting kits, complete with all materials needed and full instructions

  • Rainy day gifts and stocking stuffers

  • Nearly anything Disney or old school Nickelodeon (I.E Danny Phantom, etc)

  • Used stamps (or unused, can't go wrong with that!)

  • Did I say, Doctor Who?

  • Earrings

  • Handmade soaps and stuff (I love anything homemade)

  • Anything related to Christ. I'm trying to find my way back to that narrow path, and I would love some words of encouragement, some favorite bible verses, anything relating to Jesus.

  • Lisa Frank - I am currently obsessed with all things Lisa Frank. =)

  • Gelly Roller Pens or just gel pens, I use these for everything!

  • Glue Sticks (I use these things up like no tomorrow!)

  • Key Chains

  • Knitting needles

  • Letter sets and note cards (matching envies are a HUGE plus!)

  • Things for my family (see above)

  • Organizing stuff - containers, folders, etc (printables are awesome!)

  • Penguin, Hedgehog, and Ferret EVERYTHING!


dislikes Dislikes

  • Spicy, hot, or licorice anything

  • Zombies

  • School "Reward" stickers (Well I may accept these cassionally for my boys reward charts)

  • Magazine or newspaper cutouts, unless they're really interesting

  • Horror anything

  • Dirty or broken things

  • Non-raters, flakers, and partners who don't communicate - don't be that guy


Planner My Planner

I have a simple, store bought 8x5.5 spiral bound planner - that I am decorating with flowers and butterflies. Things I would like in my theme for my planner include:

  • Pretty paper clips

  • Tiny binder clips

  • Pockets/envies

  • Stickers

  • Tabs

  • Charms

  • Stickers/Labels

  • Bookmarks

  • Gelly Roller Pens/Funky Unique Pens

  • Washi Tape

  • PostIts/PostIt Tab Things

  • Positive Quotes/Bible Verses

  • Journaling cards


entertainment Books, Movies, Music, and TV

I'm a big reader, so my list of books I want to read and have read can be found on goodreads.com. The same goes for movies- my profile of movies I love and movies I'm dying to see can be found on IBDb.com. These are currently not updated, but will be soon. And finally, my favorite music can be found here.


wishlist Wishlist

And last, but not least, here is my swap-bot wishlist....

  • Mail - any mail. I love opening my mail box to a nice surprise

  • Mail for my family (listed above)

  • Scrap booking supplies (especially the 3D stickers!!)

  • Stationary - I love stationary

  • Homemade bath and body stuffs

  • Homemade treats! (I'm dying to try salted caramel)

  • Washi Tape (I have a new love for this stuff!)

  • ATC's relating to family, friends, love, God, or funny/cute

  • Chunky book pages (I want to see one before I try to make one)

  • Invites to your awesome swap!!

  • Pen pals

  • Emails

  • Examples of swaps I'm interested in, but haven't done yet - like the chunky page (message me)

My big wishlist item(s)?

  • Key chains! I just started driving. 22 and I finally got my license, so I would love some key chains or things to help keep my car looking and smelling great!

  • Nice stickers or scrapbooking 3-D stickers

  • I would really like two hand made carseat coolers for the boys and two car organizers. Matching? Not? I'm not picky! But I would love it if they were made by YOU.


bye Thanks for reading! Bye-bye now!



LynnMoore rated for Sticker Swap #2 on Feb 1, 2015
Response: 1/15- I have contacted you. I will be sending out swaps as my budget allows. Please be patient. I'll message you when this is on it's way. I'm sorry for not replying, I have not been on lately. 1/31- I have received a message saying this was received. I am just waiting for the rating to be changed. 2/1 - Thank you for taking the time to rerate.
Comment: it was SO nice to see mail from you again!! seeing your name & address i was like yayyyy lol. i love the envelope & thank YOU for all of the teas! i absolutely love bigelow tea, we don't have it here and it's my favourite. i can't wait to try all of them. thank you for your note, as well! hopefully you're still trying out teas? we should do a tea swap! hope you're okay. :) x p.s thanks for the washi & ATC supplies
Response: I'm so happy that you liked it all. Yes, once I get all caught up and in a routine limit I would love to do a tea swap with you. I really, really liked that envie. I have decided that this (making up swaps) is worth sending off items that I have been holding onto.
hollycm6 rated for A Christmas Baby! on Dec 15, 2014
Comment: I'd LOVE to be able to change this to a five... When i receive the swap. If you had messaged me I'd have been happy to offer you an extension on the send by date and wait on the rating until you could get something ready. Others probably would have, too. I've given others loads of time before when they needed it.
Response: 1/15- I have contacted you. I will be sending out swaps as my budget allows. Please be patient. I'll message you when this is on it's way.
bacchus716 rated for A Month of Mail - OCTOBER on Dec 7, 2014
Comment: Sorry to have to rate you a 3. You did send some, and you were keeping contact but I haven't heard from you in a while. I hope you're doing okay!
Response: 1/15- I have contacted you. I will be sending out swaps as my budget allows. Please be patient. I'll message you when the last two for this swap are on their way.
NickyNightmare rated for 1x1 Stocking Stuffers on Dec 5, 2014
Comment: I'm only rating because I forgot to, and i was just going to wait to receive your item, but i see you're partially suspended now, :( I'm sorry for this. I hope you are able to come back, and i will rerate. :)
Response: 1/15- I will be sending out swaps as my budget allows. Please be patient. I'll message you when this is on it's way. I cannot remember if I did contact you or not. If not, please send me a message. I hate that this was a 1x1 and I let you down. =(
Loonstruck rated for Book Quote on a Postcard #2 on Dec 3, 2014
Comment: Dec. 3, 2014 - I'm sorry to have to rate a one. I hope things turn around for you and your family. I will rerate if I receive.
Response: 1/15- I have contacted you. I will be sending out swaps as my budget allows. Please be patient. I'll message you when this is on it's way.
shannonlinde rated for CSG: Life Verse for November on Nov 28, 2014
Comment: I am sorry about this. I will change if I receive. I do hope to hear from you. I have been really worried.
Response: 1/15- I have contacted you. I will be sending out swaps as my budget allows. Please be patient. I'll message you when this is on it's way.
bluehairedmary rated for Book Quote on a Postcard #2 on Nov 28, 2014
Comment: I PM'd you and never heard back. I will rerate if I receive anything.
Response: 1/15- I have contacted you. I will be sending out swaps as my budget allows. Please be patient. I'll message you when this is on it's way.
Poppy89408 rated for Pick 3 Swap - October on Nov 27, 2014
Comment: Happy Thanksgiving!!
Response: Thanks for the heart. Happy late Thanksgiving.
shannonlinde rated for SD: Rainy Day Gifts on Nov 24, 2014
Comment: I am so sorry to have to rate you a 1, but I have not heard from you and have been reaching out to you. I will definitely re-rate if I receive.
Response: 1/15- I have contacted you. I will be sending out swaps as my budget allows. Please be patient. I'll message you when this is on it's way.
my3babes rated for SD > Quick - Send Me a Postcard! on Nov 20, 2014
Response: Thank you for rating!
Babsmomof5 rated for Happy Mail...But Not For Me on Nov 11, 2014
Comment: I'm so sorry I didn't rate you sooner, but wow and holy cow! Thank you so much for the super generous and amazing mail you sent my best friend. She had been having a particularly nasty week, and your package was SUCH a beautiful gift! Thank you and a million hearts for the love you put into it!
Response: Thank you for the heart. And I'm glad that she enjoyed the swap. <3
Shidonna rated for NH: Notecard, Happy Mail on Nov 8, 2014
Response: Thank you for the heart
Jamnj rated for Stocking Stuffer Theme swap #2 on Nov 4, 2014
Comment: Thanks Christy! Happy holidays!
Response: Thank you for the heart and happy late holidays to you!
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Thank you for the heart!
countrygal78 rated for TCH: Happy Fall Y'all! on Nov 1, 2014
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Thank you for the heart!
rngstgstll rated for World Post Day Oct 9 2014 on Oct 26, 2014
Comment: What a creative approach -- never thought about sparkly sand as a mail art element! Like the fireworks stamps that match it, too :)
Response: I'm glad you liked it. I loved making that and remember it fondly. Thank you for the heart!
jburb rated for Send me an envelope: pick 2 on Oct 21, 2014
Comment: Omigoodness! This package was wonderful! Thank you thank you thank you!
Response: Thank you for the heart and I'm glad that you liked your package!
auralily rated for Fill My Stocking - October on Oct 15, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much! I'm waiting until Christmas to open the package but I love the extras! You're absolutely right, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays :)
Response: I hope that you enjoyed the stocking stuffer!
Comment: the Cute Owl came peeking out from behind the Beautiful Card and Recipe Cards..and I love the Coasters... and the Scarecrow made me smile.. Thank You So Much. ! ! !
Response: I'm glad you liked it all. I had such a difficult time putting that package together. If you would like some more of the owls lemme know.

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shannonlinde on Jan 31, 2015:

Praying for you still.

cutesygirlynai on Jan 17, 2015:

everything will be ok! <3

shannonlinde on Jan 15, 2015:

I am so very glad you are back and contacting people to make up the swaps missed. Everyone needs to be given a bit of grace when life goes astray and I am sure it will be given to you! Keeping you in my prayers!! :)

shannonlinde on Jan 15, 2015:

Thinking about you!! :) Hang in there!!

anrtist on Dec 27, 2014:

I hope your 2015 is better and you can come back to swapping and make all the flakes right ;-)

Blessings, cc

LittleDonnaGirl on Dec 20, 2014:

You continue to be in my thoughts. I look forward to your return to Swap-Bot. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. (((HUGS)))

cutesygirlynai on Dec 7, 2014:

i really hope you are ok and are able to come back some day :( hugs.

LittleDonnaGirl on Dec 4, 2014:

I saw your note on your profile. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do.

anrtist on Nov 29, 2014:

Hi! I am so sorry to see that you are having personal problems going on where you can't log in or send your swaps. Please take care of the CSG~Life verses swap as soon as you can. I hate that you have gotten partially suspended with 3 one ratings now. So sorry I had to remove you from the CSG & the LLL until you can get your bad ratings resolved. I hope things get much better for you! Blessings, cc

Candyn29 on Nov 20, 2014:


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