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Date Joined: January 13, 2010
Last Online: April 16, 2012
Birthday: May 2, 1984
Country: Canada


CANADA STRIKE UPDATE (aug 17): All mail should be flowing normally, although my stateside mail still seems to take 2-3 weeks. Please be patient. :)

With postcard swaps, I would really prefer not to receive tourist ones. Thanks!

I would also appreciate that even if you don't want to read my profile, you read what I really prefer not to receive. I've been sent licorice, which I am terribly allergic to, tea and coffee, which I don't drink, and religious items, which immediately go into the trash. I find being sent religious things as offensive as someone disrespecting your own religious beliefs.

If a swap is "sender's choice", I still try to do my best to send you things you'd like to receive. Otherwise, what's the point in a fun package or letter?

Swapping is about making an effort. I don't appreciate that when I send extras in a swap people just rate a five with no acknowledgment to the extras or any of the swap at all. It doesn't have to be a heart but say something about what you've received. It's only nice.... it's rude not to even say thank-you for the swap.


I ALWAYS resend what isn't received. ALWAYS. It sucks to be flaked on.

I generally open mail in front of SB!

A quick lo-down!

My name is Nichalis but people think I'm a boy, so Janel works (That's my middle name!). My parents had fun ideas. Go mom and dad!

Philosophy/psychology lover... positive psychology, existentialism, choice, self-empowerment.. I love knowledge.

I am almost 27 and I live by myself with my monster-kitty in my little, awesome, and mostly-thrifted apartment. I have long hair (blue and brown, now), pierced ears (x2 on one side and four on the other, including my helix) and a pierced eyebrow. I have no metal sensitivities. I prefer the colour silver over gold.

Generally: I like small simple things, the colours blue and green together... I like stars, skulls, stripes, bones, trees and kittens.. I enjoy geometric shapes. I love stars.... I'm a mix of "goth" and "emo" I guess.. but not really! I have a dark/weird/strange sense of humour though! I love stickers, kawaii, postcards and stationary...also, offensive postcards amuse me. Maybe my mailman too! I am not easily offended. My t-shirt size is medium and I really, really, really, really, really enjoy the Threadless brand.

My Melodie, Usahana, Sugarbunnies, Patapatapeppy, Cinnamoangels, kawaii rabbits, Kuromi and Gloomy Bear are my fav characters.. I like pretty notepads (sticky notes), pens, markers, pins (for cork boards)...

I do art (painting) and small crafts, some scrap-book like things.. I sew a bit too so I like interesting patterned material. I like scraps. :) I like pattered ribbon as well.

I have this amazing plan to entirely cover my fridge with magnets. So far all I've got are some pretty multicoloured words (and not the four-letter kind).

Hmm, what else do I collect? Things with stars, stripes (note: NOT the american flag), "bubbles" or geometrical patterns.. nice colour combinations.. seeds for planting (don't like flowers though, prefer leafy plants and vines)..

4/20 related stuff is fun. If you understand that, then, well, we understand each other!

I like miniature things. I have a mini cheese grater which is two inches tall and is the cutest most amazing thing ever. I use it to grate garlic. Woohoo!



Postcards are awesome. I don't so much prefer touristy-ones, so the stranger/cuter/more offensive the better.

I also like postcards with really pretty art, conceptual ideas, ect.. I don't generally like Disney.

I also enjoy postcards with :

  • Dark themes, humour
  • Moomin.
  • Some E-Cards
  • Bunny Suicides
  • Weird, bizarre stuff (r rated ok)
  • Quotes, artists (Escher, Picasso, Van Gogh), intrigue
  • Unusual, humorous cats, comical, foreign,
  • bizarre, have cool graphics, are not spiders


Anything haunting, driving, different

Some loves: incubus, matt good, neverending white lights, wintersleep, thrice, lady gaga, sigur ros, stars, a perfect circle, tool

I like a lot of types of books. Here is a small rundown.. :)

First: NO - murder mysteries, romances, chickie-books (a la gossip girl or those nunga nunga books) or sci-fi (mostly) - also, I hate twatlight and harry pooper.

Authors: - Jean Paul Sartre (ie. Essays in Existentialism) - Viktor Frankl (ie. Man's Search for Meaning) - Albert Camus!! (ie The Plague, The Outsider) - Franz Kafka (Metamorphosis) - Dave Eggers (Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, How We Are Hungry, ect) -Tori Hayden (Tiger's Child, ect) - Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker's Guide) - Mitch Albom (5 People You Meet In Heaven, Tuesdays With Morrie, Have A Little Faith ect) - Augusten Burroughs (Running with Scissors, Magical Thinking, ect)

I like books (mostly memoirs or accounts, a la (auto)biographies but some fiction is alright too) about crazy people, people who are mentally ill, psychological disorders, people who have been through trials in life (have mentally ill parents, have had abusive childhoods)... I also read a lot of Holocaust memoirs (kind of like Anne Frank)..

I also enjoy existential philosophy and psychology, the concept of free will and freedom of thought and choice, empowering sorts of ideas, positive psychology.

I have a lot of books. :)


*NO licorice. It hinders my ability to breathe.

*NO - murder mysteries, romances, chickie-books (a la gossip girl), sci-fi (mostly)

*NO scented things (unless that scent is a fruity or vanilla smell. Lavender and florals SUCK!)

*NO religious themed items. PLEASE.

*NO tea, coffee (don't drink it)

*NO vintagey-grandma stuff

I prefer not to receive tourist postcards.

I am in the habit of re-gifting.. if I receive something I know I'm not going to use, I'll send it back out - keep it moving until it finds a home. :) This doesn't mean I don't appreciate your package!! It just means the love gets more exposure!

Swap Issues

Recently got a post card from Renee (Mother Brando?). It has a skeleton on it. I'm not sure what swap it is for and I can't match it up. If this is yours please let me know so I can rate you!


This isn't a list of anything I expect anyone to send me; it's just wishes. :)

Nerdy T-Shirts (size medium girly :) )

I will also accept any of these in hoodie form. LOL ;)


kankalin rated for Paint a PostCard :) on Jun 21, 2012
Comment: After 3 e-mails and 2 promises...
savvygal rated for Pink Floyd ATC on Apr 16, 2012
Comment: thank you for the card - it is one of my favourite songs as well, very touching xox
Ikat78 rated for Treasure Hunt on Mar 24, 2012
Comment: Hi Janel, thanks for the fun package. Especially like the pen.
Comment: Thank you! What a great card. It has reuse possiblities for collages. Joyce
rsj244 rated for WTF - R3 on Mar 4, 2012
Comment: I haven't received this, but if I do, I'll leave a different comment when I see what it is. LOL!! :-O
Response: what? canada post can lick my _____ ... it took a postcard 17 days to reach EEPY. I'll do a resend on it this week.
mandymo rated for Three Word Poem Swap on Mar 4, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the poem. I am going to put it in my poetry scrapbook
Response: thanks, I am glad you liked it. Sorry it took so long to reach you - my other one (within canada) took 17 days!!!
eepy rated for Three Word Poem Swap on Mar 2, 2012
Comment: Thanks, Janel. Lovely little poem.
Ikat78 rated for Isn't Love Grand? on Feb 21, 2012
Comment: I love this PC! It is adorable. Thank you:)
Ikat78 rated for Actually Love STINKS! on Feb 21, 2012
Comment: Ha! I have the same set of PCs. Fun to actually receive one:) Thank you.
Comment: TRA LA LA LA! You are definitely movin' up in the ATC world. Girl, you forgot to sign the back, though! I'm sending it back to you to do so!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the other goodies. Is that huge sticker S. Harper or am I just dumb? Thanks for the Sens cozy and your letters always make me laugh!!! LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO
Response: The huge sticker is the face of the guy who founded Smoke's Poutinery around the corner from work :)
papercaper rated for Dirty Haiku Postcard Revived on Feb 6, 2012
Comment: Thanks for your filthy haiku - impressive!
rsj244 rated for 24/24 PC Swap R11 on Feb 4, 2012
Comment: "dead heads" - Very clever! and, of course I loved it!!!!!!!!!! No worries about when you sent it. For crying out loud, dude. Thanks!!! =D
Comment: I love all the pc's you sent! Thanks so much! Live long and prosper!
nasreen rated for 100,000! on Jan 26, 2012
Comment: Thank you for my lovely swap
Response: I am so glad the re-send reached you, and I hoped you had fun with the puzzle. My apologies again for the first one not arriving! Thank you for rating.
rsj244 rated for Dirty Haiku Postcard Revived on Jan 23, 2012
Comment: omg! You are soooo funny. man-fruit??? fruit-box? I'm dying over here!
Response: I thought I was clever. :)
rsj244 rated for Winter Postcard Swap on Jan 20, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the Star Wars "Winter" postcard. My son LOVED it. =D
justined0414 rated for Rude or Naughty Postcard on Jan 16, 2012
Comment: I LOVE these cards! I need to order some for myself. I see them all the time on another website I'm always on, Pinterest. Thanks for joining and happy swapping!
TexyDeb rated for Rude or Naughty Postcard on Jan 16, 2012
Comment: Bummer about your toe! I found the card funny but not rude or naughty! lol
MissiveMaven rated for Just Plain Odd on Jan 10, 2012
Comment: Definitely odd, and I love it! Great artwork - thanks!

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ColoradoKate on Jun 28, 2012:

Hey there - you haven't logged on since April, and you have an unaddressed 1 rating. :/ I need to drop you from I LOVE Kawaii for now. You can PM me once you get your rating worked out!

ColoradoKate on Mar 15, 2012:

Happy Spring from the I LOVE Kawaii Group!

rsj244 on Jan 22, 2012:

o.m.ggggg! I received the postcard you sent with the statue.... um... holding.. his... ummmmmmmmmm! That is freaking funny. I wonder what my mailman thought? I'm going to try and scan it today so I can put it up on FB. Eepy sent me a really cool one, too, that I'm scanning. You guys rock!!! :) THANK YOU!

tiggerkitn25 on Jan 12, 2012:

Thanks for being a member of the I LOVE Kawaii group!

rsj244 on Jan 11, 2012:

Glad you liked the twins cause you got another weird one on the way! I loved the "Canadian Stick Up" PC. That must be a popular one in Canada, cuz it's the 3rd one I've received (but I'm glad because I have one in my room, one on my fridge and a blank one for my collection :D

Ikat78 on Nov 10, 2011:

Sooooo happy you like the earrings:)

susieq11 on Oct 20, 2011:

Hope you get the Profile Surprise soon!!!

Ikat78 on Oct 18, 2011:

Thank you for the PCs and the adorable sticker that I can't decide where to put because I want to keep if FOREVER!!!!

tiggerkitn25 on Sep 30, 2011:

Thank you for being a member of the I LOVE Kawaii group!

Drachenfrau on Sep 28, 2011:

Happy birthday hun! I hope you'll have a great day and that my birthday-pc will arrive today!!!

big hugs


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