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About Me

Hello Everyone who reads my profile :D

I wanted to mention that there seems to be recent postal service delays over here and from my random messages to other swappers, in other places and countries as well. Please do message me if you haven't received a swap that I am the sender of to you. You and my swap to you are very important and I take pride in personalising each and every envelope, so having them received is paramount to me. I take images of each one as well, so please let me know if you feel something is not right and I will send you the image as well as repeat. i am grateful to everyone who has over the years made it right for me as well.

I am Canadian born of Japanese ancestry, living with my partner/love of my life (Nick) in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

Please check out my YouTube links above if you feel an urge for 80's music and hairbands. Nick, is the guitar player in these videos. Kindly "like" and "share" if you please, and let me know what you think... :D

I am a happy personality that loves art and adventure. Art for me, is anything that captures the soul and creates an unforgettable experience through visual, audible or tactile methods. Adventure for me. is any out of ordinary events, whether it be spending some time outdoors (away from the abode), or having a really great day at home, doing what ever.

I enjoy hand made cards and other creations, and if inspired, make them too. I also love making jewelry using found objects.

I adore glass, and glass art, painting on glass, mouth blown glass, and favour all thing by Chihuly. I also love painting and drawing, and have graduated within the frivolous field of fine arts.

I love items from the Czech Republic, U.K., France, Italy and Germany. I also love African, Indian and Japanese. Indigenous cultures are of an interest to me, especially from North America.

My favorite cities are Toronto, Niagara Falls area, Montreal, New York, Las Vegas, Venice, Florence, Paris, Tokyo and Osaka, the Caribbean islands also find a special place in my heart-St.Kitts and Nevis, Puerto Rico, Antigua, St. Lucia, Grenada, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Aruba and the Yucatan Peninsula (though not really the Caribbean).

I enjoy beautiful things, like botanical prints, flowers, handmade papers, soap, stationary, stickers, post cards and anything that is visually complex and pleasing. I love colours and dimensional perspective in art, alternately, love quaint and charming graphics.

I love gardening, and growing vegetables and flowers, and exotic plants. I also like terrariums, as they keep the outdoors feeling going during our long cold Canadian winters.

I also love baking and cooking, and would love to one day have a quality chef's kitchen with lots
of bells and whistles. Our family loves bread, and due to my baking addiction, we haven't bought many baked things this year, as I finally have mastered bread baking.

I own two smaller dogs, as I have no children, I treat these as my babies. They are spoiled, and I am happy to do so. We walk, play and spend almost every hour of the day with each other, as mostly, I work at home. They are just great to be with. They love squeaky toys made by KONG and small rubber balls made by JW Pets. They love ripping the guts out of various stuffies too.

I love receiving snail mail with beautiful postage, and love being acquainted with interesting people from all over the world. I enjoy when someone takes extra time to make the packaging as interesting as the swap itself.

Favorite Crafts and Past Times

Jewelry making, painting, drawing, photography, decoupage, scrap booking, memory/shadow box picture frames making and treasure hunting for antiques and vintage items..

Music, Books, TV shows, Movies

I love all kinds of music, but Jazz and Blues, Reggae, and Salsa make me happy (70's and 80's music too, embarrassingly). I also like Heavy Metal, classical and Opera.

I like to read books that are of art and alchemy. Cooking, paper crafts, jewelry making, travel and cultural books are adored. I more so like books that have illustrations and photos, magazines suit me well too (except some adverts).

I love watching crime shows on TV, but also enjoy comedies and sitcoms. Also the news.

Movies, I like those which are thought provoking, biographical, documentary, romantic, comical and adventurous...don't have any favourites.

About Me

If you have read this far, thank you, I hope I am getting to the point of what a Swapbotter's profile page should be.

I hope to receive culturally inclined/local items, various stationary items, maps, seeds, international news papers, clippings, magazines, souvenirs and handicraft items. Sheet music for piano would also be appreciated, along with basic foreign language study books. I have interest in learning German, Italian, Polish, Russian. Arabic, Spanish and hone further my French. I currently speak English, Japanese, understand some Cantonese (so no swearing, lol). Currently, I am focusing on German and have learned general greetings, numbers and a few un-useful phrases.

I am not fussy, and trust the judgement of my fellow Swapbotters.

I also like anything unusual, creative and one of a kind.

I collect stamps, coins, maps, vintage epherma, indigenous art, antique picture frames, tea cups (especially made in Japan/occupied Japan), antique furniture.....

I spend time making gifts for friends, whether from scratch, or personalising found objects. I believe in recycling, and being ethical in all ways, so I buy second hand/thrift store/vintage goods, and use reclaimed materials for some projects, by re-using, re-purposing, or re-inventing items.


As for food, I enjoy all kinds of snacks, sweet and salty. I am a sucker for fine chocolate, and will dance for you to get it! I love coffee and tea, but the caffeinated kinds, and usually unflavoured.

I love baking, as prior mentioned, and enjoy creating cakes and pastries, breads and other concoctions.

Favourite flavours for me are quite simply citrus (lemons especially), raspberry, blueberry, coffee, vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate.

Complex tastes I like are: Perilla, Oregano, Fennel, Thyme, Sage, Coriander, Basil, Lavender.

We regularly cook and eat Indian, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese. Anything vegetarian oriented. Also, comfort foods, like Mac 'n Cheese, Stew... We try to limit eating animals, save for the the occasional chicken and fish dish. I do prepare for my dogs chicken, turkey and veg stew for their daily diet.

I could just go on.......


  • People and to share thoughts and their lifestyle and experiences
  • Inclusion and Acceptance for All
  • Various Mediums of Art, especially Drawing and Painting, Glass, Jewelry Design and Photography
  • Culinary Arts, Baking, Confectionary
  • Architecture and Interior Design
  • Music genres-Classical, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Metal: both listening and playing
  • Gardening, Outdoor and Indoor, Fairy Gardens, Terrariums
  • Outdoor activities: Hiking, Canoeing, Bicycle, Motorcycle and Horseback Riding
  • Road Trips!
  • Good Quality Food and Recipes of Distinction

My Favourites Include: My Dogs (Jack Russell and Rat Terrier/Greyhound cross breeds), antique and vintage/distressed items, maps, pineapples and tropical plants, random craft items, craft kits, ephemera, miniature items, pressed plants, languages, unique blank sketchbooks and notebooks, Murano glassworks and beads, Art Exhibitions and Installations.


basykes rated for Blind Envie Swap Summer 3 of 4 on Jul 10, 2024
Comment: What a great blind envie swap. Thanks for everything you included!
Response: Hey there :) Many thanks for your kind comment, rating and Heart! Glad it was enjoyed :D
mejulia rated for 2024 Recipe Swap #24 on Jul 8, 2024
Comment: The cookie recipe sounds yummy, I'm anxious to make them.
Response: I hope not too anxious,...joking, hope it's not too arduous... but maybe just a little with the nuts, lol. Anyways, thank you for your rating and Heart!
Comment: Hello! Thank you so much for the wonderful envelope. I truly appreciate your creativity. Many thanks for sharing your life in Canada. I have not been there yet but some of my father’s close friends are asking us to visit there but we never had the chance because of covid before. Hopefully, I can since I am now graduating. I have heard that you can meet a lot of Filipinos in Canada anywhere you go! To be honest, I have not heard of Maria Fe Pullon, but I’ll definitely ask my parents. I am thinking she was one of the indie singers during my parents’ time. I was born in 2001. I get your feeling that you should leave your wallet during festivals haha. I also love thrifting. There are many good stores especially in Baguio City (it is a must visit!!). Every nightmarkets in Baguio has thrift stores. You can also find good finds and branded items there. My mum doesn’t like thrifting before but she does now because she found a real hermes tableware set for only Php 2000. I also thrifted branded items there for less than 1000 pesos. It’s a very good deal. Thank you for the extras as well. Have a great day!
Response: Hi! Thank you for rating and your Heart. Thanks also for the good tourist advice, Philippines is on my bucket list of travel destinations.... but it's so far away! One day. Take care :D
romyisa78 rated for Big Envelope Full of Happiness #2 on Jun 28, 2024
Comment: Your resend made its way safe to me. Thank you so much for that wonderful surprise.
Response: Wow, the second time was a charm! So glad it made it this time. Thank you for letting me know the first didn't arrive and for rating and the Heart. I really appreciate that you communicated with me!
JBuchner rated for Blind Envie 2024 Winter 1 of 4 on Jun 26, 2024
Response: Thank you so much for rating and the Heart :D
truthfulorange rated for 2024 Recipe Swap #24 on Jun 20, 2024
Comment: OMG! I have no words! I'm super excited to try the cookies! Thank you so much!
Response: Owshegettinonb’y? and lovely grand, me Duckie!! ( How are you? ) and ( that’s wonderful, ) Thank you for your rating and Heart.:D
mspandatrain rated for Cardboard Food Packaging PC #5 on Jun 15, 2024
Comment: What a great postcard! It was beautiful and had a lot of pretty elements. Thanks for explaining where the packaging came from, we don't have them here. What cool stamps too! Love it. thanks bunches.
Response: Hi there :) I am glad that I sent something different and new to you! Thank you for your rating and Heart :D
nathalieswap rated for Tea for two, yum #15 on Jun 15, 2024
Comment: Thank you very much for the yummy teas :-) And for the extra 1! Your envelop looks amazing!
Response: Thank you so much for your kind words and for rating and the Heart. I am so pleased you liked it and hope you enjoy!
Comment: Oh My Goodness!! I love the gnomes you drew!! Especially the 4 in a trenchcoat! I'll definitely be cutting them out to put in my journal. Thanks so much! :D
Response: Hi and thank you for your rating and Heart! So glad you liked the gnomes, it was quite a challenge, lol, especially 4 of them in a trench coat Very pleased it's a keeper! Take care :D.
Comment: Guten Tag Diane, thank you very much for this absolutely amazing swap! 😍 I just love it, your painting is so beautiful, and everything is so creative and lovely. This is one of the most gorgeous swaps I’ve ever received. Danke! 💓 I wish you all the best and also fun with learning German (ich weiß, Deutsch ist schwierig 🙂). Have a wonderful Summer Solstice! Karina
Response: Hallo Karina, es ist schön, von dir zu hören and thank you for your rating and Heart. I am so pleased that you liked my swap to you, which gives me much joy! Ich versuche mein Bestes, Deutsch zu lernen, but I find there are so many words to learn in order to make a sentence, lol. I will keep on going until I get a god result. Have a wonderful Summer as well! Tschüss :D
marclively rated for Bookmarks plus on May 31, 2024
Comment: Many thanks! Marc
Response: Hi Marc! Thank you for rating and the heart! Have a great weekend :D
inventacharm rated for Happy Envie Swap #11 on May 15, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the goodies and the amazing envelope! Soo cute! Also love the handmade heart keychain!
Response: Yay! So glad you got it :) Thank you for rating and the Heart :D
Comment: Blown away by your doodle PC. Loving it. I will keep as black and white! Thank you!
Response: Thank you for your rating and Heart Mary :) I appreciate your kind comment and am glad you like the doodle. Your name has a nice flow to it!
ambhi2024 rated for Cardboard Food Packaging PC #4 on May 3, 2024
Comment: Received! Love Biscoff!! It’s a family favorite here. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 😊
Response: Glad your received it and thank you for rating and the Heart. We just tried it for the first time and now it's a family favourite. I also use the word as an alternative to the swear word it might sound like, lol. Have a good weekend :D
Comment: Thank you so much for the items you sent me. So much originality and I really like the thought you put into it. The items will be put up on my wall for display.
Response: Hello! Thank you for your rating and Heart :) Your profile is so rich in detail, I enjoyed reading it through but was confused as to what to do... but I love cooking, food and sweets as well and PIZZA!! lol
Comment: Love all the art! And I love Canada <3 I went to Toronto before and loved it! But I never had poutine, thank you so much for the packet, I can't wait to try it~ It was great to read your letter and pamphlets,dragon coin is so cool :O Thanks for your lovely swap!! I really enjoyed it, happy swapping!
Response: Hay! Great you visited over here :) For the Poutine, grab some fries, cheese curds/white cheese and enjoy! I'm so happy you liked my swap to you. Thank you for rating and the Heart.
Comment: Thanks for the awesome chunk! Love the lettering and drawings!
Response: Very glad you liked it :) Thank you for rating and the Heart!
MarHelene rated for Flower Power #3 International on Apr 18, 2024
Comment: Your card, and envelop, made my day. So pretty that even my mailman commented on it!
Response: Thanks so much for rating and the Heart. I am glad the card brought you some enjoyment, as it was a pleasure to put together!
blinger2008 rated for Cardboard Food Packaging PC #3 on Apr 18, 2024
Comment: love your giant spoon postcard lol!
Response: Yes, not to scale and imagine the mouth that would accommodate that one, lol! Thank you for rating and Heart.
Comment: Thank you darling!!! I loved all the things that you sent me! <3
Response: Yay!! Thank you for rating and the Heart. I would love to visit where you are... at least my envelope got to arrive there safely. Have a wonderful Spring!

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OrigamiGrace on Sep 8, 2023:


from CPG!

CageTheElement on May 22, 2023:

As I was starting to cut the label from my package, I just noticed the actual packaging you used for our shopping bag swap - how clever!!! I have a ton of this stuff, and you’ve inspired me with a new way to use it! Lol. Now that’s thinking outside the box! 👍🏼

MiRdLHWY43 on Jul 19, 2018:

Thank you so much for the super fun package of Canadian goods. The Rob Ford magnet is a gem that I will treasure forever, I already put the Canadian flag pin on my backpack which comes with on every trip, and I've never hoped to need a bandage before these came into my life, haha. You've really cheered me today and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! La

MiRdLHWY43 on Jul 4, 2018:

You're welcome and I'm happy you liked the tag:) I also have you as my partner for the let's go shopping swap, so more mail is coming! Xo La

MiRdLHWY43 on Jul 4, 2018:

You're welcome and I'm happy you liked the tag:) I also have you as my partner for the let's go shopping swap, so more mail is coming! Xo La

user6937 on Feb 27, 2018:

Diane the PH: PC tag has arrived and I think they're great! I'm going to have to order some; thanks for the intro to them. I also appreciate the die-cuts; I'll be sure to use them in some collage postcards :)

mgallardo68 on Feb 21, 2018:

Dear Diane, I am so surprised! You added a big smile to my face today!! What a stressful days I have had but today was different!! I received your lovely gift!! It did not arrive by February 14th but today is my oldest daughter birthday, this means I am celebrating 30 years since I became a mother and your gift was a confirmation of joy about it!!

Thank you so much for this lovely RAK from the very bottom of my heart!!! ♥♥♥

fluffyjunk on Feb 14, 2018:

Dear Diane,

when you wrote you would send me a Thank You for my RAK, I thought you would send me a card with a nice message. But THIS?!? WOAR.... O_O

The envelope alone wowed me! First I was afraid I forgot that I participated in a mail-art-swap... And the “A Canadian loves you ♥” stamp is just awesome! Absolutely perfect for Valentine`s day! :D Even the stamps! They are so beautiful...

And then the content of the envie... A lot of paper embellishments (with gold and glitter!!!) and photo corners! And those adorably monogram notecards – I have never seen something like that before! And a complete set of spellbinders!!! All this for two simple scarfs?!?

Your card with the cute drawings was also super cool! Your handwriting is sooo nice! I wish I could write in one size and in a straight line... :D

And the secret of sewing is: practice! I have an entire box full of mistakes and unfinished projects. It`s really not as if every sewing project worked. Hey... If you are interested in a private sewing-swap... I would appreciate doing one with you. I just started sewing again after a 3 year break.

A thousand thanks for this surprising package of awesome things!!!!!

MuddyPuddle on Jan 28, 2018:

I received my Norman Rockwell "Plumbers" card back - thanks so much! I love your hand-drawn Canadian flag. :)

piratejimbob87 on Dec 24, 2017:

Diane thank you so much for the lovely Christmas card, I simply love those pins, they are wonderful! Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!
Leanne x

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