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Mail service is wack, I won't worry or inquire about swaps until 6 weeks in.

Short attention span summery:

  • I love colorful, gilded, grungy, fun, quirky, weird, odd, and unique things especially when made by you. I'm not picky or easily offended at all so feel free to share what you are passionate about or trying for the first time. I do prefer things that don't shed glitter and are flat.
  • Please no extras at this time.
  • very specific wish: Friday the 13th postmarked postcards of Jason. I've received my first 3 this year! Next one is September 2024.

Very long version:

  • I strive to make you laugh, bring you joy, feel great even if just for a moment, and also tend to think outside the box. If I get it wrong or am too weird please let me know so I can fix it.
  • Scottish terrier lover and pet rescue supporter. No pets of my own currently and love to receive pictures, doodles, or stories about yours.

-I'm a terrible pen pal but love to read your letters and lists. Always check out what you recommend even if I don't really respond the "right" way.


  • Address labels: clear, plain, tiny, or regular with designs, with my email, swapbot name, or address. Mail art, postcards(handmade ok), labels, postage(real or faux), vintage postalettes, unique stamped images, and washi samples (preferably patterns, tie dyed, or watercolors, not characters) super sticker slapped envelopes covered in all those unloved ones.
  • Anything handmade or decorated by you. Atc, pocket letter, inchies, flip books, stuffies, pins, really anything.
  • Lists, jokes, poems, haiku, limericks.
  • Healthy instapot and slow cooker recipes.
  • Vintage stationery 1960s - 80s. Current brand is my favorite.
  • Bright colors. Black and White.
  • recycled and partially used items are always welcomed. I wonder how other people feel about this. I find it annoying that a lot of sticker sheets are too big for an envelope so I cut them in half and send them that way unless it specifically says on your profile not to do that.

Anything with an animal or nature 💜:

  • Scottish Terriers.
  • Rescued pets and their stories.
  • Mega fauna - e.g. Woolly Mammoth, Saber tooth tigers, giant sloths.
  • Donkeys, goats, and pigs.
  • Fish and other sea life, horseshoe crabs.
  • Woodland creatures real or imagined.
  • Put a bird on it: Flamingos, barn swallows, woodpeckers, crows, turkeys, birds of prey. I believe birds are meant to be free and not in cages. I'm not opposed to people rescuing birds that cannot be released back into the wild though. Tell me about your backyard birds. I work with amazing people who are true bird watchers, great photographers, and learn something new everyday. Recently have piliated woodpeckers visiting the feeders!
  • Ferns, oak trees, poppies, hydrangeas, pines, cherry blossoms, native plants, moss, and mushrooms.
  • The only animal thing I don't like are real monkeys and chimpanzees when dressed in clothes, they creep me out. Go figure that the flying monkeys from oz are my favorite though??? Maybe because they're fake? It's the trained circus animals that creep me out. Just no.


  • Halloween year round. Love vintage costumes (Ben Cooper!) and photos. Classic Universal monsters and Horror movies. Witch Hazel and Gossimer. Hitchcock. Vincent Price. Cute is awesome but prefer scary, not necessarily gory unless it's Edward Gorey, grungy, or gothic style overall.
  • Silly or dark humor.
  • Oddities and Imperfections.
  • Pop culture, esp 70s and 80s. Mod, Groovy, and totally awesome 80s esthetics.
  • Cults, I'm both fascinated and horrified that people get sucked into them.
  • Terrible translations- Happy outside sun trailer.

Artsy fartsy:

  • Abstract interpretation.
  • Local art
  • Outsider arts and crafts.
  • Bright bold colorful florals.
  • Art deco and nouveau.
  • Modern, surreal, and weird art, turn me on to an artist you love.
  • Illustration- vintage children's books, ads, propaganda, industrial workers
  • Vintage Hawaiiana
  • Mid century architecture and furniture.
  • Industrial, steampunk, time travel, space, and scientific themes
  • I'm not religious, but I still love the art, icons, and shrines.

write about:.

  • Triumphs and struggles.
  • Regional culture, artists, dialect, ghost stories, treats, and recipes.
  • Kindness you've received or given.
  • Family history and origin. Stories about eccentric relatives.
  • Favorite songs and concerts.
  • Favorite or hilarious childhood and teenage memories.
  • Adventures and travels. I'm one of those people that wants to see your photos and hear every detail, so go for it.
  • What you do for money and what you wish you could do.

Fictional characters and tv shows.

  • OZ.
  • The Muppets.
  • Bojack Horseman.
  • Richard Scary
  • Raggedy Ann
  • ME-Henry💙💙💙
  • Tina Belcher.
  • Grover and Oscar.
  • Parks and Recreation Jean Ralphio because he's the wooorst!

  • The Office, both versions.

  • Spock and Picard.
  • Batman 60s series
  • 60s -70s cartoons.
  • unexpected anthropomorphic "things"
  • R.O.U.S.
  • Portlandia. I think I've worked with every character on this show over the years.
  • I'm in love with Matt Berry and What we do in the shadows brings me immeasurable joy.
  • Svengoolie
  • Bozo the clown.

Food and travel.

  • illustrations of food, esp breads and pastry.
  • Austria, Chicago, Puerto Rico, Mexico, US national parks, and Canada.
  • Mountains, forests, and beaches.
  • Places I most want to visit: Montana, Alaska, England, Scotland, Japan.

NOT crazy about-

  • jewelry or makeup, I have allergies.
  • coconut. chai, and zinger tea
  • plastic which I understand is impossible to avoid, but I try to recycle and reuse.
  • non communicators, silent, and non raters
  • shedding glitter, statements on how to live life, victorian vintage(except snarky and kitch)and girly girl stuff-the exception is Valentine's day, go nuts!
  • scented items: There are scents I love and many I can't handle, ask before sending please. I do love scratch and sniff though.
  • Please for the love of all things good and holy do not send Satan's bile aka mustard.
  • 3D stickers, paper pieces, and bits, I have tons.
  • It confuses me when people join a themed swap and then their profile specifically states they don't like it. It's also frustrating when someone has extremely specific likes or long personal stories and not much else to go on. I won't join swaps that don't have very clear instructions and expectations because I take things literally and don't want to disappoint anyone.

Favorite Movies

These whimsical, visually stunning, and goofy ones

  • Sunset Boulevard
  • Freaks
  • Metropolis
  • Hugo
  • Coraline
  • The Birds.
  • The Princess bride.
  • The Wizard of OZ.
  • Return to OZ.
  • Pee Wee's Big Adventure
  • Anchorman
  • Coming to America
  • Repo Man.
  • Dazed and Confused.
  • Ghost World.
  • Zoolander.
  • Night of the living dead.

Wes Anderson films and aesthetic!!!!

You'll have my love forever if you send something (even abstractly) related to any of his movies.

Favorite Books

Always reading something and it varies greatly, could be science fiction, fantasy, or historical fiction. auto biography of Comedians, ted talks(don't know where to put these), self improvement even though I've never managed to actually improve myself for long, or old childrens science textbooks.
-The fifteen lives of Harry August by Claire North.
-The Borgias have been fascinating me lately, it's amazing that we have the details of these people's lives that lived so long ago. I get exhausted just thinking about their daily lives.

Favorite Music

Spotify is on most of the day. Frequently Go to: 80s college and dark wave, Wilco, The Who, Monsters of folk, Jack White, and love finding new music!
Too many concerts to count and we like to go see and support local bands whenever we can, as long as it's not too late, lol. I'd love to hear about concerts you've been to, songs you love, and why you love them.

Favorite Crafts

Anything handmade by you is greatly loved and appreciated, no matter your skill level.


I prefer smaller, flat, and without chunky embellishments please. Inappropriate and weird are fun send them to me!

I enjoy making papercrafts: collage, postcards, atcs, and mail art. I just haven't felt very crafty lately so haven't been joining those types of swaps. I do continue to buy and hoard supplies of course. So back on track somewhat and I'd say my crafting style goes to grungy no matter what I do, lol. If you hate it let me know. I'm easy going.

I really love needle felting, but working with wool makes me sneeze like crazy:(

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!


Taimat rated for CPG List Lovers Swap #13 - US on Feb 21, 2024
Comment: Ooh, thank you so much for the crafting channels! I love learning about new ones! (I'm trying to get into better crafting habits, myself. Namely: actually doing the crafting, haha.) Thank you for joining my swap, and have an awesome day! <3
Response: Oh yay, glad it made it there and you enjoyed the list of you tube channels. Thanks!
Comment: Thank you for the fun envelope and notecard. Love the ephemera as well.
Response: Thank you!
susieq11 rated for IFM: Hearts Mail Art on Feb 9, 2024
Comment: Thank you so much for the pretty mail art - I love it! I love the paper you used, the decorations, the cute little card and postcards - you are awesome! xoxo
Response: Thanks so much 💓
Comment: Thank you so much for this cool card for 'learn my name in morse code day!' :)
Response: You're welcome, it was really fun to make!
heliogal rated for IFM: Make a List #5-Animals on Jan 31, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the cool art note card you wrote your awesome list in!! I have gotten to see some brown bears in Yosemite Park while hiking! We have I think Western Flickers here and they have bright orange under-wing feathers is that how your's look? My husbnad's family had a donkey when we were dating and she was sweet! I do get to see a lot of cool animals around our place or on the road driving such as: bob cats, foxes, mountain lions, chipmunks, snakes, turkeys, dear, elk and wild pigs!
Response: Wow, you've seen so many amazing animals! Our flickers have yellow feathers underneath, they're so beautiful. Thank you for the nice feedback.
kasa rated for LSS - Alphabet Playlists - G on Jan 28, 2024
Comment: Laura I have to admit that I havent heard of any of them but that is why I like these song swaps so that I can learn and listen to more songs that I normally dont get to listen to. Thanks for sharing and getting me to listen to other music. Appreciate it.
Response: Thanks you, I'm glad to introduce some new music to you, I hope you find a new song or two that you enjoy!
Ikat78 rated for IFM: Make a List! #3-Holiday Movies on Jan 17, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the pretty bird notecard with the owl stickers! I love your list of movies. Krampus was SO different but good, lol.
Response: I'm so happy the resend got there, I appreciate your patience. I didn't watch krampus this year, for shame!
Comment: Hello! When I read that you were my partner and where you live I was excited to hear from you. I want to visit the haunted building you wrote about and hear other scary stories. Thanks for the spooky swap. Happy Hauntings!
Response: Thank you, Hopefully we can get paired up again some time or get a coffee at Dainty Maid food hall to hunt for ghosts, lol. It's so nice in there now that I think they've all ran away to the State theatre down the street.
Manonroberts rated for LSS - Alphabet Playlists - F on Jan 6, 2024
Comment: Thank you so much for the brilliant list! :)
Response: Thank you, Enjoy!
Myself333 rated for LSS - Choose Your Own Playlist on Dec 27, 2023
Comment: YES!! Sorry for the late rating, holidays and all. You understood the assignment, that was EXACTLY what I meant by ethereal music, it's a great playlist, thank you! Listening to your bonus playlist now, I like your taste ^_^
Response: Thanks and I'm happy you enjoy it!
Lolle rated for Non-Dominant Hand PC Dec. 2023 on Dec 22, 2023
Comment: Thank you for this fun cat pc - I love it!! 😻 Merry Christmas from NZ
Response: Thanks, Merry Christmas to you as well.
LadyJo rated for MAIL ART - Pick a Theme 2 on Dec 8, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the neat Air Balloon air mail envelope! Love the extras!
Response: Glad you like it! Thank you.
Catt007 rated for LSS - Alphabet Playlists - E on Nov 27, 2023
Comment: Thank you, some fab songs on there and thank you for reminding me of the Buzzcocks, that wasn't in my Apple music and I'm sure it used to be - I've fixed that now. 😺
Response: Thanks!
blubutterfly rated for Halloween Greeting Card 10/2023 on Nov 15, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the card & washi:) Especially enjoyed the detailed personalized spooky envelope! You are clearly very skilled at mail art:) Hope Nov is starting out well for you!
Response: Thanks so much!
Comment: Thanks for the card! The White Stripes, a classic!
Response: Thanks!
alihagerart rated for Make Me Happy ATC on Nov 15, 2023
Comment: I absolutely love this ATC! Thank you for putting so much thought into it :)
Response: Thank you and I'm so happy you love it!
Hell0Z0mbie rated for LSS: Title TBD Nov. 2023 on Nov 11, 2023
Comment: This was so fun! The only one I recognized was Jump Jive an Wail actually - I don't think I'd heard most of the songs before.
Response: Glad you enjoyed it, it was a fun swap!
Comment: Hi Laura! Thank you for sharing about your day! I am so sorry to hear about your friend's health and marriage issues - life just sometimes sucks a big one! I hope things improve on all fronts for you and her! All the best! Hugs and Happy Swapping! ;)
Response: Thanks!
crescendo rated for Happy Swap-a-versary!! To Us! on Nov 5, 2023
Comment: I love the silly donkeys! I'm happy we could share our Anniversaries together! Hooray that your other card arrived, I love everything. That little envelope you made with the mushroom top is cool, those do look fun to make! Can't wait to do the mad lib, heh. You know I will add some obnoxious words. The mermaid with those eyes! And the cool watercolor donkey card. We should design a silly trading card deck of "inspiration" for wackyness. Love it all.
Response: Thanks Sue, it was fun!
LadyJo rated for CPG 10 Question Pen Pal Letter- US on Nov 4, 2023
Comment: It was so fun to read your letter! Also thank you for the handmade envelopes! These are always nice to use! I agree getting crafts ready for the Holidays, for some reason time goes so fast and I don't start early enough.
Response: Thank you!

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grammypammy on Feb 21, 2024:

WW ~ February Wishlist

Thank you for the greeting card and the adorable ATC! Thank you for thinking of me!

Hugs, Pam

crescendo on Feb 14, 2024:

Thanks, Grandma, for the awesome Valentine and Goodness! You silly goose!

CariahCreates on Feb 13, 2024:

Thank you for the neat birthday card and little valentine from my WW february wishlist.

kiddomerriweather on Feb 12, 2024:

Thank you for the Valentines you sent me for my February WW! I love the card, HM card, and stickers. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Poohtat on Feb 8, 2024:

Thank you for the lovely note and papers for the WW Feb. I got a good giggle reading it. Happy swapping

Poohtat on Feb 6, 2024:

Ikat78 on Jan 29, 2024:

Thank you for the fun bday card! I love the ghostie sticker. I’m going on a Boston ghost tour in a couple weeks!! 👻 Can’t wait. Hope you get to take your N.O. Trip. It would be VERY cool! WW Jan, thank you.

grammypammy on Jan 28, 2024:

WW ~ Jan Wish

Thank you for the Valentine card and winter ephemera!

Happy Winter!

Hugs, Pam

Ikat78 on Jan 25, 2024:

Creative Hideout-Thank you for the fun sticker/stamped pc!!

Highlander18 on Jan 24, 2024:

Awesome Happy Mail today! Thank you very much for the WW Rak mostly stickers. Will have fun with all you sent!

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