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Birthday: October 27
Country: Canada
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Who Am I?

Oct 9/12 Update ... and that didn't work! It's been another couple of weeks since I've been able to get online. I'm getting rating right now! Thanks for all the "miss you" messages amongst my profile comments - I miss you all too and will be getting messages to you eventually - but ratings first!

Sept 20/12 Update
After a couple of horrendously busy weeks on both the home and work front, I'm behind on my rating and responding to messages, but should be caught up in the next few days. Apologies to all who are anxiously waiting ...

Hi! Pleased to "meet" you! My name is Pam, and this is my profile. I hope it helps you get to know me a little bit, but if you have any questions, please feel free to send me a PM. I should tell you a little bit about myself ...

I am:
a woman
a Christian
a priest (of the Anglican variety)
a daughter, a sister, and a friend
a Canadian
an environmentalist
an animal lover
an artist

I Collect:
Things related to my favourite things, as listed below. For example, I have a teapot collection, a flamingo collection, etc. And now, I guess, I also collect ATC's, handmade postcards, mail art, and other crafty things I've received from swap-bot swappers!

Crafts and Other Art

I'm all about the paper crafting these days. ATC's and Inchies. Handmade postcards and other mail art. The occasional bookmark or skinny, and I finally found myself a used rolodex at a garage sale, so I can swap them too.

Paper crafting for me involves glue (and sometimes tape), markers (love my PITT artist pens!), watercolour pencils, stickers, and paint. If I can apply the paint with my hands, so much the better! There is a LOT of recycling that goes on. I use cereal boxes and the like for my base. Old book pages are often the background. Cut off slivers of paper from one piece often find their way into the next one. No wonder my craft area is a mess!

Other crafts that I love but never seem to find the time to do include jewelry making and cross stitch. Or is it that I can't find the the room in my above-noted messy craft area? This means that I have a stash of beads that I never play with, and a lot of colourful floss sitting unused. Really gotta get this place cleaned up! I'm also a sporadic journaller and an amateur photographer who has recently made the switch to digital and now needs to make the time to figure out how to work with this new medium.

My Favourite Things

Things I Absolutely Love: teapots, flamingos, cardinals, Noah's Ark, pj's, John Cusack, 80's music, canoes, the number 8, Rome, the Eiffel Tower, St. Francis of Assissi, mountains, cameras/photography (not suggesting you send me a real one, just an image of one!), cute snails, fluffy lambs/sheep ... will add more things as I think of them.

Favourite Colours:
I'm pretty easy going about colour. My least favourite is probably yellow, but I don't hate it, and I can be a little fussy about green - love some shades and not so much others. I'm most consistently attracted to jewel tones (purple, red, blue). I'm a little turqoise obsessed too. One of my favourite pieces of clothing is an orange leather jacket my friend bought me years ago. But much of the rest of my clothing wardrobe is black. So make of all that what you will, and feel free to send me whatever colours YOU enjoy working with!

Favourite Writers:
John D. MacDonald, Dick Francis, Thomas Hardy, P.D. James, Margaret Atwood, C.S. Lewis, Douglas Adams, and more. Other than the dense theological tomes I read when preparing sermons, I mostly read mystery novels!

Food and Drink

Hi, my name is Pam, and I'm a carb addict. And a 20+ year vegetarian who doesn't really like vegetables O_o

I love to bake, and to eat baked goods. Sadly, I do far more of the latter than the former. Since my favourite foods are bread, cheese, and tomatoes, pizza is a big hit with me. But please don't send me any pizza! Feel free to send me chocolate or candy, though :-) I like most kinds of chocolate (except white chocolate), especially with caramel, crispy things, peanuts, etc. When I took a trip to France I discovered "Lion" chocolate bars and loved them so much I brought a small stash home with. They are long gone though, so I would love some more. I like most kinds of chewy candy too - licorice, jelly beans, ju jubes, etc. Chocolate covered ju jubes combine the best of both worlds! But as a vegetarian, I have to ask you to check labels to ensure that anything you're sending doesn't include gelatin - I can't eat that :-(

I drink both tea and coffee, and it is so nice to find a new or different tea bag tucked into a swap package! But I am pretty boring when it comes to tea! I like orange pekoe and black tea. English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, things like that. Pretty standard drink-with-milk-and-sugar teas, either with or without caffeine. I also like chai, rooibos, and teas flavoured with vanilla, chocolate, and warm and cozy flavours like that. Sorry, I don't like Earl Grey or green tea, and I would prefer to receive only individually wrapped tea bags. We just don't know each other that well, you know?

My Pets

I wish I could promise that you will never find animal hair in a package I send, but that's probably an unrealistic promise. I am badly outnumbered by my animals over here! I do try to check for hairs before I send things out though, and I can promise that you won't find excessive amounts ...

I have 2 dogs. Taz is an 9-10 year old brown pitbull who started out as my foster dog but was quickly adopted when I realized what a treasure he is. When I got him, he was recovering from having been found tied to a tree in a park, starving to death and with a tongue so badly infected they had to remove 40% of it. Taz is a big fan of vets and vet techs, and would happily have lived out his life in the clinic being handfed from their lunchboxes. However, he has adjusted to a life of luxury with me, even though it means he has to eat his food from a bowl like a normal dog! In contrast to Taz's mellowness, my new dog Kita, a 1 year old Boxer/Fila mix, is a real handful! Abandoned by the side of the road at 6 mos old, it is possible that she was abused in the past and a certainty that she was not properly trained or socialized. She and I are trying to figure out how to make this work - she needs a lot of exercise and even more patience! We even started her on some anti-anxiety meds in an effort to calm her down. Everyone says she's stunning - muscular and statuesque, with brindle colouring all over except for a small patch of white on her chest. But please don't look right at her - it freaks her out!

As if that wasn't enough, there are 4 cats in this crazy household of mine. Ella is a 9-10 year old short-haired female cat. She has really lovely grey and white markings and incredibly soft fur. She's a bit aloof, and doesn't love the other cats. But when she's in the mood, she likes to be kissed on the forehead, and then licks my nose in return. Tryst is Ella's arch-enemy. The vet really isn't sure how old he is, but is starting to think he's close to Ella's age. He's a large, short-haired black cat with a loving personality that turned him from foster cat into forever friend. Sadly, poor Tryst is missing all but 2 teeth as his jawbone had deteriorated too much to support the rest. On the plus side, his cute little tongue tends to stick out of his mouth because of it. Adorable! Tryst is a not-quite-a-million dollar kitty - he had a very expensive operation to remove over 30 gallstones in summer 2012.

I also have 2 younger cats, both found as kittens in the same park system (found them just over 1 year apart). GG, also known by his street name, Lil G is a grey tabby who was found at about 8 weeks old. He'd been out there for a couple of days already, according to neighbours, and although he was terrified of people, hunger overcame fear and I was able to grab him. He's a short-haired grey tabby, and his name stands for "grey goose" because while I was trying to catch him I kept calling him a silly little goose for running away. GG has more energy than he can burn - but he sure does try! He runs around the house until he collapses, panting. Luckily his buddy Reflex came along to play chase with him. Reflex is a beautiful brown tabby with long hair. I call him God's birthday present to me, because I found him on the side of the road the day after my birthday, fall 2011. He was about 6 months old, and the poor little guy was so hungry he was eating dirt. I picked him up and although I tried to find his owner, no one claimed him. I resisted naming him for 2 whole weeks, hoping I could find someone to take him, and then a Duran Duran song came on ... "the Reflex is a lonely child, he's waiting by the park ..." And so he got his name and became part of the family too.

Like all pet parents, I have loved and lost too many furry friends. In Memorium: Mickey, Prince, Phantom, Nero, Chaos, Roots, Sammi, Jackson, Sigmund, and Yaz.

Offering and Desiring

to be continued ...

Regarding Hearts and Extras

Regarding extras, I'm not here for the "stuff." I'm here to stimulate my own creativity, and to share in others' creative efforts too. Now that I've been doing this for a while, I've built up quite a large stash of my own. I hesitate to say "don't send me any extras" because maybe you have the perfect thing for me lying around and you'd like to share. If so, please don't hesitate to send it to me - I'm sure I'll love it! But please don't send extras for the sake of sending extras - the things that will mean the most to me are a decorated envelope, a little note telling me about yourself, or something you aren't using that you know I'll love. No purchase necessary.

I may send out extras too, but not always. For example, if I have some paper or stickers I think you'd like, I might send some, or if I notice that I have a paper punch that's on your wishlist, I might send some punchies from it. I might tuck a teabag in with the swap, and I almost always make the time to write a little note. When I have time, I decorate the envelopes that I send my swaps in.

Regarding hearts, I like to give them out, but I don't give one for every single swap. I give hearts for swaps that show extra creativity and effort, or a special regard for my likes and interests.

Talking to Myself

This is the place where I can write little love notes to myself ... ok, seriously, this is where I keep a few little reminders to myself about how "markdown" works. You can skip past this bit ...

To insert a picture do this:
! [alternate text for your picture] (http link) (but remove the spaces between the 3 elements)

To make a clicky link do the same thing without the !

Thanks to @spinjenny for posting this info on a thread in the PF's.

And a link to a nice simple tutorial about formatting other things using Markdown


Comment: Thanks for the 2 ATCs in this swap. You were right about the crown atc being perfect for me, i love it! And yes, its taken like a month to rate you. Im sorry, ive been off swapbot for awhile with end-of-summer stuffs.
PinkLotus rated for A.R.T. Illustrated Poetry Rolo #1 on Sep 22, 2012
Comment: thank you for the lovely rolo! You did a great job and it was a lovely poem you chose! I do want to note it was postmarked 4 days after the deadline. Not a huge deal as I don't generally rate down until something is a week or more late :) Thanks again for a well done card :)
PinkLotus rated for CR: Use Your Treasures - Images on Sep 7, 2012
Comment: thank you for the VERY lovely mail art envie and treasures inside :) It was great and very generous of you to make such a large envie too :)
JBromeling rated for S: Getting to Know You - August on Sep 4, 2012
Comment: I really enjoyed your card and letter. I think its great that you have made your seldom used space your crafting place. I love my craft room (even though it's a disaster) and enjoy crafting while knowing my DH built it for me. I am glad to have had the opportunity to swap with you and look forward to many more.
Comment: Thank you very much for the FABULOUS package. I loved the cardinal color page for my journal. It will have to spend it's time on display before it goes into the journal. Thanks again for the special page.
FarStarr rated for C+P: Use Your Trash - Scraps on Sep 4, 2012
Comment: Yay! Two amazing swaps from you in one day! I love this postcard...great job!!
FarStarr rated for C+P: Use Your Treasures - Images on Sep 4, 2012
Comment: Woohoo!!! Thank you so much for the awesome envelope full of goodies! Isn't it amazing how easily we can tear into a book now???
melimar rated for TPD: Mega ATC Swap SENDER'S CHOICE on Sep 3, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for the ATC! It is lovely!
makestuff rated for TPD: Mega ATC Swap SENDER'S CHOICE on Aug 27, 2012
Comment: Thank you SO much for the awesome pug ATC! This is going on the front page of my ATC book!
Comment: thanks so much for the beautiful kitty postcard Pam! I love it! (sorry for the delay in rating, was on holidays... )
kayler00 rated for TPD: Mega ATC Swap SENDER'S CHOICE on Aug 27, 2012
Comment: received the sims 2 atc very lovely, thank you!!! i appreciate you sending me something profile based. =)
Comment: Hi Pam, Received your two wonderful butterfly ATC's along with the lovely note you wrote describing them. Thank You very much! Great attention to detail.
LauraAust rated for TPD: Mega ATC Swap SENDER'S CHOICE on Aug 26, 2012
Comment: I love this ATC! Thank you so much for making it profile based - the kitten is so cute and I love what you did with it!!
Comment: your descriptions were awesome too!
anicka22 rated for Two Jammy on Aug 23, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much! Really loved your drawing!
Response: Thank you Anicka! So appreciate the nice comment, and the heart!
owl rated for Postage Stamp Lovers #3 - SCENERY on Aug 22, 2012
Comment: Awesome! I think you are a great artist. Love the stamp. My husband and I drove from Cal. to Maine and on too PEI. I've read the Green Gable books. Just had to see the orgin of the book. We stayed in a lightouse during our stay at PEI. This stamp looks a lot like the lighthouse. We took our trip in 2001. Thank you
Response: Aww, I'm so glad to bring back happy vacation memories. I don't remember my childhood trip to PEI, but my parents speak fondly of it. Thanks for the heart!
Marryth rated for TPD: Mega ATC Swap SENDER'S CHOICE on Aug 22, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for the fabulous rainbow ATC - and for angelling the 3x3 swap for me! I really, REALLY appreciate it, and love all of the ATCs! You've made my day! :D
Response: I'm so glad that you got them, and that you love the ATC's! I love seeing one less "flaked swap" on your profile. Well, it was still flaked, but you know what I mean ...
piglet59645 rated for Pink sparkling ATC #3 on Aug 21, 2012
Comment: Well.... I DO think you sent me a very nice swap as a thanks for the flamingo atc!!!! Cool you got me following me getting you. The sparkly atc is very unique and I LOVE the piggy on this other atc .Did you paint him? It is sooo cute. Thank you so much. I will keep them in my collection forever. :)
Response: Yay! I'm glad that you liked it, I love making people smile and especially those who have made *ME* smile! The little piggy is a rubber stamp, and then I filled it in with a "puffy" gel pen. I like the effect, but they are a little bit expensive!
LizzyJo rated for Rolo Rally! on Aug 17, 2012
Comment: Well, Snoopy meandered his way into my mail box---and I love his rolo! The background on "The Great Escape" is awesome (I'll have to try that technique). I loved how you put my address in the bird on the envie, too. (oh, by the way, I don't think this is the first time that you sent first---I remember one other time, maybe even 2. :-) Thanks so much for another wonderful swap.
Response: Yay, I'm glad that they got there so quickly! I was trying to find different themes/likes from your profile to use this time - was glad to have the supplies on hand to make these work. Love making you smile!
craftysisters3 rated for Destash Pads on Aug 16, 2012
Comment: I love the items! The cat will be perfect for my daughter for Christmas and the tea bag holders are beautiful!! Thank you so much!!
Response: Oh, I am so glad! You were so brave to "put your order in" sight unseen! They *were* nice things, just not my style. So glad they found the right home!

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cynaemon on Jul 15, 2016:

You're a Christian?! You've got to be kidding. Some Christian!

LahDeeDah on Nov 26, 2015:

P. S. Please ignore the Happy Thanksgiving part since you're in Canada and it's not Thanksgiving there today. Haha. I intended to remove that before leaving my comment. :-)

LahDeeDah on Nov 26, 2015:

Happy Thanksgiving

Still hoping to see you again someday!

TerryF on Sep 18, 2015:

Just checking to see if you ever came back. I cannot believe it has been almost 3 years since you left. You are missed (((Pam))). (";)

Artdragon on Jan 13, 2014:

Hey sweetie! I came back to swap-bot and I see you're MIA :( I miss you!! I want to do another swap with you! I hope you're ok!

MichelleWillow on Dec 24, 2013:

LahDeeDah on Dec 10, 2013:

Dear Pam - We all miss you and hope you're well. Wishing you a joyous Christmas and all the best in 2014.

ktdragonfly on Oct 30, 2013:

I miss your spirit! Hope you come back!

Paige1900 on Aug 18, 2013:

Just dropping by in hopes you will come back soon...I miss you bunches!

bluemonkeymama on May 27, 2013:

I miss seeing you on here, hope you're doing well. Hugs from me!

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