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About Me

My name is Kari ... I live in Long Beach, CA. I live by the CSULB campus with my hubby of 10 years and 3 fabulous felines, Princess Kitty and Chompers and our newest baby, Sweetpea. :-) Growing up I really enjoyed letter writing and sending postcards, creating things and taking pictures.

Some of my best friends today are ones I had as pen pals at age 15. One of my best friends is the little sister of my favorite 10th grade teacher. I mean... this was my FAVORITE teacher. One day everyone was getting a Japanese penpal and for some reason they ran out when it came to me. My teacher asked me up to her desk for a chat. She asked if I wanted to write to her little sister who was my age and still lived at home in Michigan. My favorite teacher liked me enough to trust me with writing to her little sister!!!!!! Right from the first letter it was magic. She came to visit me and her sister in CA several times over the years and the adventures we had together will live with me forever as some of my most cherished moments. And I also got to know my favorite teacher on a more personal level which was a dream come true as well. I held her first born child in my arms during the 10th grade Nativity play. I was Mary and he was my baby Jesus. The birth scene alone lives in infamy. And one of the biggest honors... her little sister and I were both in each other's weddings! And I recently just returned from a visit to her childhood home in Michigan with her. Now THAT is the magic of a good penpal! :-)

I love to travel and make adventure out of everyday life. I love all animals but have a special place in my heart for all things feline, sheep and squirrel. Ha. Love to go to theme parks and ride the rides but I love love love Disneyland and live only 20 minute away from it. I have been to Disneyworld twice (the first time was my honeymoon) and only wish I had the money to go every year because it is Disneyland on steroids! I love scrapbooking and taking photos. I love throwing dinner parties for my girls and traveling with the hubby. I've been to England, Ireland and Scotland.. and Canada. And all over the USA. My most fabulous trip was in 2007 when I finally got to realize my life long dream of going to Ireland! England and Scotland were the icing on the cake! We were there for 21 days and I wish I could just jump on a plane anytime and go back. Making that fabulous trip with my best friend that I married made it even sweeter! Our next big adventure will be Germany/Austria/Switzerland! Adventure!!!! It's what life is all about... whether it involves getting on a plane or hanging out in your own backyard. It's all about your attitude and how you choose to look at life. The trick is to remind myself of those words when things get tough.


*I appreciate all crafts. I wish I could sew. I work with felt, Cross stitch, scrapbooking, card making, paper crafts, handmade ornaments, painting, polymer clay jewelry and I have gotten into painting wooden boxes with vintage images on them.

Favorite Things...

*I'm a holiday girl! Love all holidays and try to decorate my house and make every one special and festive.

*Especially LOVE LOVE Halloween... the cute, crafty, and/or vintage kind of Halloween not the gory, gross, dark, spooky kind. Well... a little spooky is good. I LOVE scary movies and haunted mazes. But other than that, I love it all. Decorations, jewelry, craft supplies, nick nacks, candles, candle holders, scrapbook supplies and rubber stamps... glittery Halloween goodness... it's all good. Spooky guys are ok if they are cute. My pride and joy to my Halloween collection is my village. Ah... if I could only afford a giant Dept 56 Halloween village! My newest love to my collection is the black Halloween tree with orange lights I got last year. It was my centerpiece to the dining room for my annual pumpkin lunch this past year. I am enjoying finding and making new ornaments for my tree.

*Love Martha Stewart... I'm a poor man's Martha... and I do mean poor ;-)

*Love all things cupcake... such a happy snack food. :-)

*LOVE Ireland and all things Irish! (Finally got to go there in 2007)

*Love making polymer clay cupcake earrings

*Love clay food earrings and felt food (if I can't eat it all the time, I can at least enjoy looking at it)

*Love cats, dogs... all cute critters

*Love all things Disney! (Live 20 minutes from Disneyland!)

*Have a tiara collection and have a princess fetish (not sure I should admit this one)

*Love to scrapbook and take photos

*LOVE Snoopy and Peanuts!

*Love all things ice skating... used to skate competitively until age 21.

*Get crazy excited when it's an Olympic year!

*Jolee and her darn stickers are going to put me in the poor house. As well as her sadistic cousin, K&Co.

*Love throwing my annual pumpkin lunch (must wear tiaras)

*Love creating crafts with my hands

*Love collecting those dopey squished pennies you get from the machines when you travel... have tons of them.

*Collect magnets and mini snowglobes with the place I am visiting when I travel... and this certain kind of cartoony looking mug that they usually have when I visit a place.

*Saving up for my next big adventure... Germany/Switzerland/Austria!

*Favorite color is purple... and I love lavender, pink and red.

*Love to play guitar (quite poorly)

*Glitter makes everything better! :-) Love sparkly things and glitter and bling makes life happy.

*Love a good watermelon themed item. Dishware, stationary, towels... love it all! My kitchen is done in watermelon. Been collecting different pieces since I was 15. Dishes... glasses..bowls.. you name it. Such a happy fruit. It used to be really popular at one time but now you have to search a little to find stuff.

*I get excited for cute stationary, good stickers, scrapbooking supplies, anything with a watermelon theme, Autumn and Halloween, Disney, all sorts of Disney and non Disney princess stuff, polymer clay creations, felt food creations, cats cats cats!, Snoopy (I love that dog!) and all his friends, magnets, postcards, mini snow globes, Seals, sea lions, squirrels and sheep (random, huh?)....

*Postcards... I love postcards. If given a choice I prefer them to be naked... stamped and written on. It makes it more personal and interesting to me.

*It would be fun to find some international swappers on here that live near their own Disneylands... Tokyo, China, Euro Disney, even Disneyworld. Imagine the fun private swaps we could do!!! :-)

*** I wanted to give an explanation of the 3s on my profile. I joined a private card making group and I did so at a very bad time. I was about to be moving into a new home and if you have ever moved before you know what a horrible experience it is. Well at the same time all the bad things in life snowballed on me. Swapping was the last thing on my mind at the time. I asked the women in the group if it would be ok if I was late with their cards and they said no problem. I kept in regular contact with them the entire time. Had they ever told me that they were going to rate me low for this, which they should have done from the beginning, I would have sent off much simpler cards so that they could be on time. It breaks my heart because up until I met them I had a spotless record. I am a good crafter so hopefully this will not cause you to judge me badly. If you notice under their 3 ratings... their reviews of my cards were glowing. Sigh... it is what it is in life.

Happy swapping, everyone!


Arabella rated for Jack o Lantern ATC on Oct 1, 2014
Comment: Oooooo! Vampire Jack-o-lantern!! I love it! And the little ghostie is so cute! Thank you so much!!
Arabella rated for Dessert themed ATC swap on Sep 10, 2014
Comment: What a cute ATC!! Love the lady image and the cake - yummy!! And I love the way you decorated the envelope!! Thank you so much, Kari!!!
Arabella rated for Summer themed ATC on Aug 29, 2014
Comment: Love the summer fair atc, Kari! Brings back such sweet memories for me! Love the decorated envie, too! Thank you so much for this amazing swap!!
Response: Aww, I'm glad you liked it! I loved making this one!!! Such fun memories of how I spent my summer!
Arabella rated for Flower themed ATC on Aug 7, 2014
Comment: Wow!! Such a beautiful atc (and not even a skull on it!). I love the way you have layered the roses and the fence! And the hidden little bunnies!!! Thank you so much, Kari!!
Response: You are very welcome! This one was my favorite. Ha. So glad you liked it!
Arabella rated for Raven themed ATC on Aug 7, 2014
Comment: This is a very "delightful" raven!!! And of course standing on a beautiful skull!! Thank you so very much for an amazing atc!!
Comment: This has to be one of my very favorest atcs ever!! (and I have 3 boxes full of swapped atc many of them very nicely done!) I love the touch of red on the roses and border and the skull is just so cute!! Thank you!!
Response: Wow! That's a huge compliment!!! You are so welcome!!!
Arabella rated for St Patrick's Day cupcake ATC on Jul 10, 2014
Comment: Looks yummy enough to eat!! Thank you!!
Arabella rated for Halloweenie matchbox shrine on Jul 10, 2014
Comment: I love this matchbox, Kari!! The outside looks like the lady is being sucked into a giant cupcake!! The inside is so well done, too - and what a clever way to do the drawer opener! I'll have to remember that!! Thank you!!
Arabella rated for Valentine cupcake ATC on Jul 10, 2014
Comment: Hahaha!! Love Bites!! So very clever!! Thank you!!
Arabella rated for St Patrick's Day ATC on Jul 10, 2014
Comment: A skeleton St. Patrick!! I love it!!
Arabella rated for Handmade St Patrick's Day card on Jul 9, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much for this beautiful card! I love how "rich" it looks with all the layers and the different shades of green!
Arabella rated for Valentine ATC on Jul 9, 2014
Comment: What a sweet skeleton couple!! You just know they will love each other forever!! Thank you for this amazing atc!
Arabella rated for Fabulous Handmade Valentine Card on Jul 9, 2014
Comment: This is the most amazing Valentine card ever!! I love the little skull head girl with her spooky balloons!! I love the little border touches you added, too!! Thank you sooo much!
Arabella rated for Halloweenie handmade card on Nov 15, 2013
Comment: This is my all time favorite card!! A sparkly skull! I love it - thank you so very much!
Response: I knew you would like this one. If I'm gonna put a giant skull on something, I'm gonna make it pretty and glittery. Ha. So glad you liked it.
Arabella rated for Halloween cupcake ATC on Nov 15, 2013
Comment: I liked my cupcake lady atc, but I love your little girl with huge cupcakes! She looks so happy and sparkly! Thank you!
Arabella rated for Halloween cat ATC on Nov 15, 2013
Comment: Oh, Kari, this kitty skeleton is soooo cute - I love it!! You truly amaze me! Thank you!
Tia rated for Cupcake ATC on Nov 2, 2013
Comment: Simply amazing!!! I love this ATC!!!
Comment: Thanks for the cute cards and fun note. Sounds like you enjoy the season as much as we do. Happy Halloween.
Response: Thank you! Tomorrow is the big day! Woo hoo! Hope you have fun!!!
Comment: Thank you só much for the great card!!
satanicpanic rated for Meowy Halloween on Oct 21, 2013
Comment: This was such a great card, thank you so much!

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title of the picture Yay!! Almost October!!

Juicycupcake on Mar 19, 2013:

Loved my matchbox:). I thought I had left a rating glad I double checked!

It is beautiful and sparkly... Just what I like...

lorepuckett on Mar 17, 2013:

Arabella on Jan 21, 2013:

Happy, happy birthday!!!! Think I'll go have a pink fluffy cupcake to celebrate your birthday! And maybe a chocolate one, too! Hope you have a great day!

lorepuckett on Jan 21, 2013:

sugaraddict on Jan 11, 2013:

Hello there! I'm hosting a Valentine Baking Swap which I thought you might enjoy :) Do pop by and check it out if it interests you yea.. Thanks!!

dragonbait on Oct 25, 2012:

I sent your rating and forgot to ask you something: what did you use for the black and purple glitter? was it glitter paint, glitter paper with mod podge, or something else? It has so much sparkle, i must know how to create it! -smiles

naturenerd3 on Jul 22, 2012:

I have a new Halloween swap that you are welcome to join. There is also a cat themed version. Take care!

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