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Date Joined: August 13, 2020
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Birthday: October 29
Country: Germany

About Me

(Updated Sep 2021)

Please note:
I click "sent" as soon as I put the swap in the outgoing postbox. It might be processed a day later by the post office, so the frank might show a different date than shown in the swap. Please note that this is nothing I can influence in any way.
Another reason for a different date can be that we are sb-time + 9h over here, so it might already be the next day here anyway.

Also, I always send my swaps on time. I only join (as many) swaps I can manage to send. If by any chance I'm late I would warn you ahead of the deadline.
So if you didn't receive what I sent you, please contact me. I'll be happy to resend. That hasn't been necessary until now.
And last but not least: I rate as soon as I have opened and looked at/read the swap. If you think I should have received something but you didn't get a rating, please contact me.
I always take a photo of what I send and one of the stamped envelope with the address. So if there is an issue, we can check what the problem was.

My friends call me Stachel, I'm 31yo. I've studied filmdirecting and apart from films I love letter-writing, dogs (especially Akita Inus), books (writing and reading), friends, music (as much as film actually), dancing (I did bellydance in the past and have just started hip hop dance and jazz dance lately), making lists and writing in general. My daily life is mainly about my family (husband, son and dog) and doing creative things. We're outside a lot because we're nature-lovers. Also I'm always looking for new experiences and ideas. I'm quite excited about this swapping - this is completely new to me, although I have always had pen pals since I was 12yo and I did a lot of postcard-swapping via another website.

Favorite Music

I love many kinds of music. For example I listen to different styles of rock and metal music but also appreciate the singer songwriter solo artist with a piano. Something special I enjoy very much is original motion picture soundtracks and movie trailer music, orchestral mostly.
What I don't listen to is jazz, rap and country music.

Favorite Books

I grew up with the Harry Potter series and have never found just anything quite like it :-D

Other than that I read some of Trudi Canavan's works and some German writers like Kerstin Gier. Anything fantasy that is not medieval/war/kingdom/... is fine actually.
Oh, and if there are any dragons in there, they have to be either good creatures or just a natural wild animal, nothing ferocious or bad to the bone(!!)

I also like some non-fictional stuff, like about psychological topics, dogs and the way to happiness kind of content.

Favorite Movies

I love children's movies and realistic movies, also sad endings. And my 3rd favourite is fantasy movies, that are placed in our real world (like Harry Potter eg). And I like thrillers, if possible with a psychological aspect.
There's one movie I love in particular that doesn't match the description: Cloud Atlas

And just like with books:
If there are any dragons in there, they have to be either good creatures or just a natural wild animal, nothing ferocious or bad to the bone(!!)

I don't like any horror or splatter, anything designed to shock and disgust only. And I don't enjoy any action movie with less of a story than a short film.

Favorite Television

Just some series I liked:
Stargate SG1,
Golden Girls,
The Last Airbender,
Murder, She Wrote,
Game of Thrones,
Anne with an E,

Aaaaand again:
If there are any dragons in there, they have to be either good creatures or just a natural wild animal, nothing ferocious or bad to the bone(!!)

Favourite X

Favourite season: spring
Favourite tea: atm fruity with lime flavour
Favourite pet: dog, bearded dragon
Favourite wild animal: tiger, gorilla, eagle, thorny dragon, red panda, ...
Favourite fantasy creature: dragon, vampire (not Twilight)
Favourite smell: cocoa (the real stuff, not that sugary stuff you drink in your milk)
Favourite sports: skiing, dancing (oriental, Bollywood, hip hop, jazz dance, ...), swimming - all of those without competition/just for fun preferrably
Favourite plant: several types of grasses, sedges and rushes (with coloured blades instead of blossoms or those bushy white-ish blossoms) and gnarly, weirdly shaped bonsais of at least 1m height

Stuff I collect and use

I have quite a big collection of Washi Tape, and I can't walk past any Washi Tape in shops. My favourites are painting-like designed tapes with a nature-, deepspace- or multi-coloured theme. But actually I like most of them. The only styles I don't like are uni-colour (except the glittering ones, they're fine), simple geometric shapes or anything pink.

Also I love stationery with matching envelopes. I prefer those with atmospheric nature sights like foggy fields, bridge somewhere in nowhere on a winter day, etc.

I usually use a pen and inkpot for writing letters, but I also have a stylish quill (with which I suck at writing, haha) :D


A - Astronomy-related, Animals (not a big fan of bugs or rabbits though), Akita Inu
B - Books, Black, Blue
C - Crafting, Chocolate (!)
D - Dragons, Dogs, Drawing
E - Eagles
F - Frozen Yoghurt
G - Giraffes, Gothic style clothing
H - Happy Mail, Harry Potter
I - International Snacks/Sweets
J -
K -
L - Letters, Lizards, London
M - Myers-Briggs (I'm ENFP), Movies
N - Notecards
O -
P - Photos (especially atmospheric nature sights), Purple
Q - Questionnaire-E-mail-Swaps
R - Reading, Red
S - Stationery items, Stuffed Animals, Sashi (my dog)
T - Tea, Tigger and co., Totoro, Tigers, Tom Odell, Tori Amos
U - Unicorns if they're chubby or bad-tempered and cute
V -
W - Writing, Washi Tape, Wolves
X -
Y -
Z -

What I have no use for

Thank you, but No thank you to

  • Beauty and Bath products, as I have several allergies to ingredients often found in such items
  • pastel pink, as I'm not really into that colour (if it's part of something multi-coloured, it's okay)
  • washi tape and other tape shorter than 30cm, as I can't really use it for anything
  • animals I don't like that much are wasps, bugs, rabbits, ...
  • creatures I don't like that much are too scarily and grossly pictured zombies and Frankenstein's monster

I guess that's it, everything else should be okay. please also note the section "Dear swap partner of..." below. Thank you. :)

Dear swap partner of...

...any swap including tea:
My favourites are a mixture with green tea, white tea (plain or mixed), mild fruity teas (not too sweet and not too sour) and also mild herbal teas. I don't care much for black tea or ginger and turmeric. But I will gladly try and taste any tea you feel like sharing with me; that is what swapping is all about, after all 🤗

...any swap including food items:
Please note that I am highly allergic to nuts. Please make sure you won't include anything with nuts or anything made in the same room/at the same time with preparing food containing nuts.


draco rated for Musical Scavenger Hunt PC #3 on Sep 16, 2021
Comment: thank you for the nice postcard and your answers
Comment: I'm so sorry to hear that you were bullied and misunderstood in school. That's a tough childhood to have to deal with all that. I'm glad that you have persevered and are getting what you want now. You and Abigail Breslin do, indeed, have the same face shape. Good choice in an actress to represent you! I've only heard one of the songs that you chose for your soundtrack (the one by Elton John). That's a great choice for the closing song. I especially liked The Egg Travels (Dinosaur).
Comment: I need to go back and watch all the YouTube clips, but I love how you wove the story together with the ups and downs of growing up. You did a great job casting too!
Itti rated for ESO Colours - Red on Sep 13, 2021
Comment: Loved everything - so much stuff, and you wrapped it so beautifully! The peach-lime tea smells so good!
Comment: That was fun! Thanks for the challenge!
LiisaS rated for ESO: My week on Sep 12, 2021
Comment: Hallo Anja! vielen lieben dank für den Swap! Die Blätter, die dein Sohn gesammelt hat, habe ich direkt weiterbenutzt :) Und die Blumensamen werde ich für nächstes Jahr aufbewahren, da wir heute unseren zukünftigen Schrebergarten angucken gehen! :) Danke, dass ich an deiner Woche teilnehmen durfte und ich hoffe, dass der verklemmte Nerv auch wieder weg ist :)
MissMinaPT rated for ESO Flipbook Patterns on Sep 8, 2021
Comment: Dear Anja, such a gorgeous little flip book have I never seen! Loved it all, from the patterns to the textures, you’re amazing! Thank you so much for all the enclosed goodies - I’m beyond happy with it all 🤗 🤗
Comment: Thank you for an amazing swap idea, I really hope for more swaps like this one :D And thank you for your patience – if that vaccine reaction is any indication, I must now be as good as immune to the virus :p Anyway, on to the musical journey! I’d already heard t.A.T.u in Russian – and I much prefer their songs in their original launguage:) I’d also heard Tarkan – Simarik as it was popular in Norway back in the days. My first reaction was “Oh my god! How could I have forgotten about this?”:p I enjoyed the songs you sent me, and I think eXtério – Whippet is my favourite, simply because of the music video. It was so all over the place and hilarious that I couldn’t stop laughing. I can’t wait to show it to my husband :D And I love folk songs, so Tri Martolod was right up my alley. I checked out Nolwenn Leroy’s version, Alan Stivell’s version, and a version where they collaborate on it, but I preferred Nolwenn Leroy’s version too :)
Comment: 👍
Comment: Thanks.
Comment: Your pictures are amazing! Your son and dog are adorable. I love the snail. I never see them around my garden. So fun!
Comment: Thank you for sharing! :)
kammy rated for Playlist for car ride on Sep 4, 2021
Comment: Thank you for your playlist. I love it, I would have to add some on spotify
Comment: Thanks for sharing! Your dog is beautiful!
PolarGlow rated for Playlist for car ride on Sep 3, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the car playlist swap! I love that how you did it. I enjoyed the "remote road trip" :).
Petaltea rated for ESO: This is me. on Aug 25, 2021
Comment: Thank you! Thank you for letting me see this creative side of you. I always knew you were a talented and creative person but to be able to see those gifts up close like this, well there's almost no words for it! Wow and amazing! I love your sketches and drawings. I didn't know you painted. The postcards cracked me up. LOL. Your Blessed! Thank you for joining this swap. It was so much fun. Take care! Give Sashi a smooch.
NRGordon rated for ESG: My last vacation on Aug 24, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the swap. It doesn't surprise me that your son remembered his grandparents. Young ones have good memories. I think its because their rememberers aren't yet all clogged up with years worth of 'stuff'.
Comment: Hallo Anja, wow, ich war so gespannt auf diesen Swap und es war eine tolle Reise! So schön, dass es mit Angelo Branduardi losging, den habe ich 2009 in Düsseldorf live gesehen! Meine weiteren Favoriten kommen auf jeden Fall aus Indien und Skandinavien! Indische Bhangra-Musik macht einfach nur gute Laune! Das Video ist so farbenfroh und das ist auch das erste, woran ich bei Indien denke: Farben! Garmarnas Herr Mannelig gefällt mir supergut; muss mir mal mehr von dieser Band anhören... und ja The Rasmus kenne ich... auch war ich schon in Finnland und verbinde mit dem Land - und der Sprache - schöne Erinnerungen. Danke nochmals für diese tolle Swap-Idee und Deinen wunderbaren Brief, der ja auch sehr interessante Landesinformationen enthielt. Der Ausdruck "übermächtige Niedlichkeit" wird mir gewiss im Gedächtnis bleiben. 😊
mary17 rated for ESO: Show me around your town! on Aug 23, 2021
Comment: Wow, thanks for a great swap. I loved everything you sent. My 6 year old son loves animals, we went to 3 zoo’s so far this summer😀, so he loved looking at zoo brochure and photos. Thank you for magnet. I was admiring your handwriting and pretty stationery ❤️❤️
cynaemon rated for ESG: My last vacation on Aug 15, 2021

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Caithness on Feb 15, 2021:

Thank you so much for the delightful envelope of goodies that arrived through my letterbox. Everything was just perfect. Cheers Julie-Ann

efjellro on Jan 29, 2021:

Thank you so much for your kind birthday wishes! <3 Elisabeth

Petaltea on Dec 31, 2020:

Take care! and thank you for all that you do! Wishing you a wonderful 2021!

RachelM on Dec 4, 2020:

Santa's coming!!❄️🎅⛄🤶❤️

reauk on Nov 21, 2020:

Congratulations on creating your Euro Swappers Only Group Hope it works out for you both Andrea

Petaltea on Nov 18, 2020:

alt tekst

traceyj on Oct 26, 2020:

Hey Stachel!

It's only Monday, but I wanted to wish you a great birthday weekend because we all need something to look forward to!--

🎈 🎈 🎈 🥳🎈🤩 ❤️

myancey on Oct 1, 2020:

Thank you anja so so much for the spongebob notecard. That was so thoughtful of you. Micah wrote u back and I will be dropping in post tomorrow. Thank you so much again.

Petaltea on Sep 15, 2020:

Hi there Stachel! I receive your washi art today! Thanks so much. I loved it, how clever. I’m looking forward to your swap, sending the fb around. Great idea. I’m looking forward to cooler weather so I can get back into my hobby corner again. Your doggie is adorable. That Fur. Haha. I hope your family is well! take care, Robyn

Petaltea on Sep 2, 2020:

Hi there! I’m so glad you liked it! I can’t believe it arrived already, that was fast! The mail seems to be moving again. Give Sashi a cuddle for me. Take care!

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