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About Me

December 2021
Not currently swapping but still thinking of the community. Thank you for keeping in touch with me in so many ways. Thank you swap-bot community for all the happy mail that has arrived at my mailbox since I last swapped. This community is so wonderful. Thank you to everyone and there was even happy mail from people I have never swapped with. The day brighteners, well wishes, the mail art and lovely notes and special surprises have all been so touching. I am thinking of all of you and wishing you and your families all the best. THANK YOU SWAP_BOT FOR THE REAL FRIENDSHIPS MADE THROUGH SWAPPING!

"Angelgram" is a tribute to my Grandmother.

I have a childlike excitement about getting mail. My tiny hometown had an exchange visit with a group of young ladies from Japan when I was a tween. I became friends with one visitor. That resulted in several years of letters, gifts and craft exchanges.

From that experience I know the joy of anticipation, the sensations of the sound of opening an envelope or package , the graphic visual of the postage stamps, writing, cancellation marks or labels, the surprise of the contents .........

Likewise, I love knowing I can send a letter or package to someone, and they will have a similar experience.

I have met two swap-bot partners in person. In Spring 2018 I spent a week in the Sierra Foothills with a swap-bot pen pal -partner-friend. Previously I met another partner from the Mile High CIty area when she came through TN on her vacation. There are lots of you in Swap-Bot land I hope to meet in person someday.

Since my senior yr in high school I have worked with children who had developmental delays, then adults with multiple disabilities and next with adults struggling with mental illness for a total of 25 years.

Since 2003 I have been a homemaker. My husband needed me home after a 2001 brain injury, His progress was not a steady improvement. It occurred in intermittent leap frog jumps.

I do want to credit 4-H club as being a major influence in my life.

--A FAVORITE QUOTE: -- To hold our tongues when everyone is gossiping, to smile without hostility at people and institutions, to compensate for the shortage of love in the world with more love in small, private matters; to be more faithful in our work, to show greater patience, to forgo the cheap revenge obtainable from mockery and criticism: all these are things we can do.

Favorite Music

Pop - Disco - Big Band - Jazz - Blue Grass:

ARTIST: Andre Bocelli - Maroon 5 - Phil Collins - Enya -Snow Patrol - Iron and Wine- Bread- Perry Como- Celtic Women -Toni Braxton-The Ballycastle Players-Loreena McKennitt- 1D -Lee Brice-Toby Keith-Jimmy Wayne- Carpenters -Paul Davis-Sam Smith- O'G3NE

Concerts 1976-Now: - Air Supply- Eric Clapton-Kristen Chenoweth- Bay City Rollers-Seals and Croft- Lionel Ritchie and the Commodores-Barry Manilow-Moody Blues-Eagles-1D

Favorite Books

Biographies - Historical -Non Fiction

Fiction authors:Jane Austen - Kim Edwards- Daniel Quinn

Favorite Movies

Madam X - Vantage Point - A Murder of Crows

Planes Trains & Automobiles - Serendipity - Sense and Sensibility- Dead Poets Society


10 minute video "Change For A Dollar'' shows what a homeless man did with a few cents at a time out of one dollar in one day. Each tiny kindness shown made a huge difference in each life (some were life altering changes) a no words drama set to music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DXL9vIUbWg

I love the T E D talks (all are 18 min or less)

TED Technology, Entertainment, Design. The best talks from TED are available to the world, for free. 1400 Talks on line. World's most fascinating thinkers and doers are challenged to give " talk of their lives" in 18 minutes Try the 3 min talks to sample TED. There's something for everyone www.ted.com

Favorite Television

NCIS - Flash Point- HGTV- Undercover Boss - BIO channel - I like Science, Nature, Invention and History. I watch The Voice, X Factor in multiple countries on You Tube.



FOR SWAPS: Your creation may become a new favorite on my list. This list is only what I usually gravitate toward in stores when I window shop and/or have used decorating my home.

Travel - Maps - Ships ( all sea faring ships - tall ships- clipper ships and also especially the RMS QM2 ) I DREAM OF GOING TO THE TALL SHIP EVENT AT BOSTON HARBOR

-International flags- Olympic flags- Globes especially the ones with multi national children/adults holding hands- Postage- Mountains- National parks-Monuments- Gates- Doors- Benches- Columns-Metal work-Archs- the Moon- Aurora borealis- Trees- all trees leaves or no leaves

Birds especially owls- Koala bears- Foxes-

CANADA -France-Germany-Japan--England and the UK -Italy- Greece--New Zealand and I love to learn about all other countries

Favorite B/W photographers:

.Dianne Poinski: professional photographer who hand-colors her black and white photographs with PanPastel

Alan Blaustein

Favorite Color Photography: Gabi Gealbhain An Ruadh

Favorite Artists and Watercolorist Kimmi Bui (see her ETSY)

TEA:excited to try new flavors and brands. I have on been on a quest to find the Best Earl Grey tea. I have ordered various brands from EBAY. I would love to about hear your fav EG. Thanks to my partners for tea samples and SB penpals for the samples.

I want to try new teas so introduce me to yours.

NOT INTERESTED IN THESE THEMES OR ITEMS occult--vampires-futuristic-dystopian-zombies-cartoon characters- fast food kid meal toys. - PLEASE NO MASKS or PHOTOS WITH MASKS


I collect stationery from International Hotels and Inns (A friend who travels brought some back for me two years ago. I loved researching the Hotel, the area and attractions. That first stationery had a watermark. I learned watermarks as an identifier on paper can be traced back to the 13th century.

A very special Swap-Bot Friend sent me a treasure chest. I keep my collection of hotel stationery in there. Swap -Bot friends are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!


I love researching so much it is a hobby.

Another indoor hobby is interactive COMPUTER TRAVEL: I travel around the world sitting at my desk using:

www.airpano.com for 360 degree aerial views it is like a helicopter tour and you pilot the helicopter

a non-for-profit project focused on high-resolution spherical panoramas shot from a bird’s eye view. (choose sort by country)

(.dk Denmark.) for ground level views

free website of interactive 360 degree full screen Panoramic Photos of World Destinations, Monuments and Festivals. On most of the screens you can go up and down view with your mouse in addition to the full circle 360 degrees to see the scene behind you. Type in Elves Chasm (at Grand Canyon) in the search box and you'll be hooked. Go to the top of Mount Everest and have a look around. ( If you move mouse too fast you'll get vertigo).

I also watch real time WORLD TRAVEL BY SHIPS at


IS NO LONGER FREE: It is an open community project hosted by a research team at the University of the Aegean, Greece.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires all vessels over 299GT to carry an AIS transponder on board, which transmits their position, speed and course, among some other static information, such as vessel’s name, dimensions and voyage details.

The Greek University has stations set up around the world to receive the signals for research purposes and share the tracking capability with the public.

Go the live ocean map and click on a sector. You will see the different type vessels (which are color-coded) as it sits in it's realtime location in the ocean. Click on the icon and see a photo of the ship, check the country of origin flag that are flying, the stats, etc. At my last log on they had 52647 ships on the live map, 474004 vessels in database 1495096 photographs uploaded.

Seasonally, I follow www.viewbirds.com

to watch owls and other birds nest and raise their young on webcams located around the world


LETTERBOXING started in England in 1854. It is an intriguing pastime "treasure-hunts" in parks, forests, and cities around the world. Participants seek out hidden containers by following clues.

The prize: finding a miniature piece of art known as a rubber stamp. Many people carve their own unique image and some of us use a store bought rubber stamp.

You use an ink pad to make the image of the found rubber stamp into your personal log book . Then you use your personal rubber stamp with your trail name and image and ink it into the hidden log book. Carefully put the container back in the hiding place. Be discreet so as not to let other people see what you are doing as they do not yet understand the rules and purpose of the hobby.

You will need an outdoor bag, mini back pack fanny pack etc to carry your supplies

My stamp is a snail I bought at Hobby Lobby. You also need an ink pad and ink pen to write in your trail name, date and your city. ( A compass is optional as most letterboxes do not require a compass.) There are several that are hidden indoors at eateries , libraries and tourist areas so you can still do this in the winter.

www.atlasquest.com for locations by country or city directory, clues, mileage, terrain descriptions, hide/ find rules


Comment: Your Cornucopia is just beautiful and so is the fake one on back too. lololol Thank you................continued on your side wall...loll...
Response: You are fun to swap with and give interesting comments. Saw the side wall and "get it" per the secret code with my decoder ring. Says Drink More Ovaltine Thx for heart ye Queen of Hearts
Comment: Thank you for the full moon postcard. Very pretty.
Response: You are so welcome- Take Care till our next swap
Gobarb rated for Postcard of Positivity on Aug 19, 2019
Comment: Hi Mary. I received your nice postcard today. I really like the saying. It was amazing that you were able to write so much on the back of the postcard! Lol. I had to turn it every which way to read everything. Thank you so much...
Response: Thx for the kind comments and taking note of my cover every inch of available space. I had the quote added to a Zazzle PC and so happy you enjoyed it
Eclectonote rated for Book Themed PC on Jul 28, 2019
Comment: Loved the sentiment on your postcard: "Some of my favorite people are fictitious" So true for me! I also enjoyed your note about traveling in Washington and California and all the fun washi snippets.
Response: I Love the book theme swaps and was happy to be your partner. Hope we swap again. Thank you for writing comments and favorable rating
Comment: Mary, thanks so much for the wonderful postcard and the oh so kind comments. It was a delight to read. So much so, that I am sending you something back. If you'd like to be pen-pals, I would too. Have a wonderful summer. Cynthia
Response: Sounds great and Looking forward and Thank You
Comment: Oh Mary, I cannot even begin to say how much I loved this swap from you!! Every card was more beautiful than the one before it!! Thank you from the bottom of my toes for the gorgeous Punch Studio cards, the awesome peacock postcards and the lovely letter!! The envelope and the address label you made added such a wonderful personal touch! hearts, hearts and more hearts for you!!
Response: You always make me feel so good about my swaps with you. I think we just get each other and I look forward to our next swap already. My pleasure and you are so so welcome
Comment: Very nice!!! Loved everything!!! Thank you
Response: You are so welcome and hope you are feeling better and healing fast
Comment: Definitely best use of every bit of space on a postcard - I love it! Great ink colors and stickers! Super great mail day for me and my mailbox. Thank you! xo
Response: You are so welcome and I hope we swap again
Comment: Hi Mary - thanks for the beautiful PC and the info about the Space Station! That is cool! I saw it a long time ago, but that's just because my friend knew when it would be flying over! I want to visit the space shuttle launch site, too - I recently met someone who used to work for NASA on the space shuttle program. Thanks again, Karen
Response: You are so welcome. We watched the ISS twice this week with 6 minutes of viewing both times in good weather.
Comment: YOu put together the best yellow envie re-do! HOw do you do it? And how did you know yellow was my favourite colour too? You must be magic!
Response: You are so welcome and glad you like the second gen envie and the tuck ins. Thx for the rating and heart
earthnk rated for Sucky postcard~USA on May 9, 2019
Comment: Thank you!
Response: You are so welcome
Comment: Thank you so much! Super cute!
Response: It was a fun swap to get a jump on Autumn. I wait 9 months every year for this my fav season, Thank you for the fast rating
marinda rated for Book Themed Postcard on May 5, 2019
Comment: I loved the postcard. Thank you very much!
Response: You are so welcome. Thank you for the fast rating and kind comments.
kittyhahahotbot rated for CC: CupCakE postcard! on Apr 23, 2019
Comment: That is a beautiful cupcake! I may order some just to cut for collage. Im glad it wasnt matte too. lololol Hay, how did you make the extra squiggles?
Response: I wrote you a private msg about the unique font-symbol font. So glad you like it . Thanks for the ♥ and comments
Comment: I wrote on your side wall before i realized this was a postcard from a swap and not a hostess gift. This is reeeeeeeeeeeeeally a preeeeeeeetty postcard. It doesnt like like Zazzle for some reason. Is it?
Response: Yes it was Zazzle and what a difference semi gloss makes vs matte. It just looked like you! So I had to get it for you. Thx for the profile comments Yes it is Twinkie not a hostess
LisaLaughs rated for CC: Literary Wisdom #3 on Apr 22, 2019
Comment: Hi Mary! Thank you for the lovely postcard. I love the story of Little Women, but I have yet to read the book in its entirety. You have inspired me to take it with me on my vacation next month!!! Thank you so much!! :o)
Response: Arrived fast. There are some reads that must be repeated. Enjoy your vacation and the book
Comment: Absolutely loved every! Thanks 🤗. His far is Manchester from Knoxville?
Response: We are one hour from Nashville and one hour form CHattanooga. We would go Mcminnville to SParta to I-40 to Knoxville so about 3 hours or to CHattanooga and up 75.
Comment: Thanks, that's a really pretty photo!
Response: So glad you liked it Thanks for the rating and comments
Comment: What a sweet postcard! That song from Fifval Goes West makes me sad. I remember watching that with my boys when they were little. 😢 Yes! Please read The Testament by Grisham! It is gripping from the very first chapter! ❤️ Best wishes my southern friend!
Response: You are so welcome Thanks for taking time to write the kind comments Friend. I look forward to our next swap
Vickyen rated for Book Themed Postcard on Mar 24, 2019
Comment: Hi Mary! I love your book themed pc! Yes I love our library as well but I still wind up purchasing books now and again at yard sales & such! LOL! Hugs, Happy Reading and Swapping! ;)
Response: So glad you loved it Keep Calm and Read On and Make New Friends, LOL

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