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  • Nov 15 - making good progress on private swaps! Very behind on messages, but I haven't forgotten anyone. Thank you for your continued patience y'all!

  • If I haven't rated you, I have not received your swap (EXCEPTION: I left two swaps at my parents' house [a tea swap and an angel from H.S.]; I will get them the next time I'm there and leave you a rating/comment!)


  • I owe multiple angels for swaps I have hosted; these will be taken care of after I get caught up with private swaps! I lost the list when my profile got deleted, but I will rewrite it and post here within the next week. I also have a couple pen pals to respond to, which I will attend to as I can.

Thanks again everyone for your kindness!



bluecupcake nature, especially mushrooms

greencupcake kawaii, branded or otherwise

pinkcupcake pastel colors, neon colors, black

purplecupcake occult / Halloween / ghosts / skulls (especially if cutesy or girly)

bluecupcake aliens / UFOs

greencupcake bugs / insects

pinkcupcake plague doctors!

purplecupcake anatomical illustrations, especially hearts or bones

bluecupcake anything related to chemistry or biology

greencupcake all animals; rats, horses, dogs

pinkcupcake Pokemon, Nintendo characters (Shy Guys!)

purplecupcake Totoro, Studio Ghibli

bluecupcake bicycles, especially track/fixed gear/vintage

greencupcake tea cups / coffee mugs

pinkcupcake maneki-neko / fortune cats

purplecupcake trains

bluecupcake outsider art

greencupcake nazar (evil eye) beads / imagery


pinkcupcake stationery (letter sets and memo sheets++)

purplecupcake washi / deco tape

bluecupcake blank postcards, any kind (no ad/free, tourist-y or offensive ok, vintage are great too!)

greencupcake naked postcards, written on and stamped

pinkcupcake blank notecards

purplecupcake stickers-- sheets or flakes (no teacher/reward)

bluecupcake handmade envelopes, any size

greencupcake tea, especially interesting flavors, types unique to your country, dessert teas, rooibos

pinkcupcake souvenir magnets

purplecupcake unique regional items

bluecupcake ATCs!

greencupcake original art or writing

pinkcupcake photographs, especially odd, experimental, multiple exposures, instant, vintage

purplecupcake old books/book pages for crafting, especially from textbooks

bluecupcake loose tarot cards

greencupcake unused stamps (US) or used stamps from your country

pinkcupcake blank ATC backings

purplecupcake ephemera

bluecupcake vegan / vegetarian recipes from your culture (I can provide Turkish ones!)


purplecupcake makeup

bluecupcake anything related to or referencing abrahamic religions

greencupcake food items (other than tea) UNLESS it is vegan

pinkcupcake fashion accessories (jewelry, hair accessories, etc)

purplecupcake Disney, MLP, Harry Potter

bluecupcake visibly used/dirty/broken items, unless vintage

greencupcake not much else!


Aldous Huxley, Elfriede Jelinek, Soren Kierkegaard, Mikhail Bulgakov, Douglas Hofstadter, Aleister Crowley, Timothy Leary, Alexander Shulgin, Philip K Dick, Bret Easton Ellis, any: philosophy of mind, German Idealism, critical theory, logic, linguistics, history, occultism, Eastern philosophy, popular neuroscience and cosmology

My Goodreads to-read list (note: I don't update any shelf other than this one). If you want to read any of these books as well and do a swap about it, let me know!


My Bloody Valentine, Xiu Xiu, Salem, EMA, Slowdive, Dinosaur Jr, Carissa's Wierd, Astrobrite, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Hum, Polvo, Death in June, Have a Nice Life, The Angels of Light, Adorable, The Depreciation Guild, White Ring


Tim & Eric, Rick & Morty, Community, Jon Dore Television Show, Check it Out! with Dr Steve Brule, Community, Scrubs, Kitchen Nightmares


Enter the Void, I Stand Alone, The Piano Teacher, Funny Games, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Man Bites Dog, August Underground's Mordum, My Neighbor Totoro, V/H/S, exploitation, found footage, foreign horror


In addition to pen pals, I'd love to get into private swapping. I'm mostly interested in brainstorming together to think of creative, personalized swaps that are a bit more labor-intensive than most on here. Let me know if you have any cool ideas (or want to humor some of mine!).

Right now, I am especially interested in:

pinkcupcake New Age / spirituality / occult / paranormal / demonology / secret societies

purplecupcake dream journals

bluecupcake shrink plastic charms

greencupcake ATCs


1's and 3's



All three of these ratings are from October 2013.

  • 3 rating -- Fountain Pen Pal - Oct 2013

    This swap was initially flaked on due to personal reasons, but completed to specifications in June 2015. The 3 is not for doing the swap incorrectly, but for sending 2 years late.

  • 1 rating -- 3rd Quarter Reading Log Swap 2013

    This swap was flaked on due to personal reasons and is still owed to user @Funsizedsteph who has not been active since April 2015. I am still attempting to contact her and periodically check her profile to see if she's returned.

  • 1 rating -- ✉ Snail Mail Envie ✉ #6

    This swap was flaked on due to personal reasons and the user @B3ntButN0tbrok3n has been inactive since May 2015. I've contacted her off-site and sent out a replacement August 7.



Please let me know if my swap hasn't made it to you within a reasonable timeframe (2 weeks for domestic US, 4 - 6 weeks for international) and I will resend, though it may take a bit if it's a labor-intensive swap. I generally save my post office receipts/customs declarations for anything with expensive postage or of high value.

Please note that I can take a few days to rate, but always do. If you haven't received a rating within a few days of when your swap should have arrived, it means I didn't receive it. Contact me and we'll figure something out!

Also, if you are going to be late-- please just contact me. I understand that life happens, but courtesy and consideration go a long way.



My biggest swap-related fear is one of the participants in something I'm hosting leaving empty-handed. For that reason, I will always angel-- just keep in mind that it might take a while depending on the swap.

Don't hesitate to shoot me a PM about anything, basically. I generally reply same day.

Thanks for reading!





damilola rated for Powerful Questions - Private on Feb 1, 2023
Comment: I received a journal, late, but it was interesting to read and I like the way it was made !
kacka rated for Tea Scavenger Hunt on Oct 23, 2016
Comment: oh, i found that unrated swap when checking the swap book, i am soo sorry for that late rating. i have marked it as received that time. Thank you:)
Comment: Sorry about this, but it looks like you got held up (have not been online since nov. 2015 as of may 2016) and I didn't hear anything from you, so this needs to be a 1... but I'll gladly change it when you come back, if you get in touch! :) I hope life straightens out for you.
Houda rated for My playlist in September 2015 on Feb 8, 2016
Comment: Thanks for sharing your playlist :)
mariaelisabeth rated for Anxiety/Depression Support on Dec 31, 2015
Comment: Hello dear, I'm sorry my mind has been a mess and I now realise I forgot to rate you for this swap! I did get my letter and the extras you included, thank you so much! I would be interested in being your pen pal if you are up for it!
Comment: Thank you for the Dewgong ATC! :)
brianfuchs rated for HD/HP Planet ATC *Mercury* on Nov 18, 2015
Comment: Thanks for the ATC. The note included was for a Pokemon ATC, but I got the point. Hopefully, whoever got my note will get the point as well. Happy swapping.
Comment: Life happens and things are late. I'm happy that you kept in contact with me, communication is key. Thanks for the swap :)
Comment: Hey chika, thanks for the awesome Noivern ATC!
urocyonfox rated for HD/HP Ghost Type Pokemon ATC on Nov 2, 2015
Comment: love his little face! so cute thank you
blueapplegallery rated for Four teas in an envelope on Nov 1, 2015
Comment: Thanks :)
GeoFaerie rated for My playlist in September 2015 on Oct 26, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much for the effort you put into your September playlist. You definitely went the extra mile and gave me some awesome new tunes to enjoy.
Minxy1964 rated for Occult ATC series #2: Thelema on Oct 23, 2015
Comment: Love the cards! Thank you x
Nebula rated for Four teas in an envelope on Oct 16, 2015
Comment: Thanks for the teas! :D I love all your envelope ^^
Response: I'm so glad eee! Let me know which you like best if you can :)I really try to send teas I think people will enjoy so feedback is useful
doctordorkson rated for Significant other swap # 2 on Oct 12, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much Lisa! Jinny was super excited for this mystery package. Everything was spot on. She used the face mask the next day, and the pens were by coincidence her favorite pens ever. She's also super excited to try the different teas! Thank you <3
Response: Omg, I am so glad to hear this! I was wondering when she'd receive it and it makes me very happy she enjoyed all the items :)
stiffneck78 rated for CEMETERY PHOTO or POSTCARD SWAP on Oct 11, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful photos! More than I expected. 😊
Response: I'm so glad you liked them! I had a lot of fun taking them :)
JoannaRose rated for Book Page Blackout Poem x 3 on Oct 10, 2015
Comment: Hey! You were so much better at the poems than I was LOL. Great job, thank you.
Response: Im so glad you liked them! If you wanna work together on blackout poems together in the future I'm down. Just look me up, you know my name :)
Comment: Hey, you! Thank you very much for the letter and the extras. Your package was fun to open. We actually have a lot in common besides the whole living in Chicago thing. I will try my hardest to write you back. Thank you also for creating this swap. It meant a lot to me. <3 hugs
Response: I'm so glad it went to someone local who seems like they have a lot in common with me. I understand the pressure of responding to stuff so take your time. I'd rather hear from you in a year than never again (p.s. I met a dude who has DID very similar to how my boyfriend does as his partner... With these obscure diagnoses you gotta network, the people are generally awesome to know outside of that too)
Comment: LOVE THIS❤️ No seriously..... This swap was lovely!!!!

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kittyhahahotbot on Oct 26, 2015:

Youre welcome and thank you for letting me know. Truly a labour of luv. You can drop the swap off your dash now:) x

Fry on Oct 20, 2015:

Heya! The tarot cards came in the mail! Thanks for the awesomeness my friend! Xoxo

PortFireFlirt on Oct 16, 2015:

Hope you are doing well.

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Decorate My Profile-Surprise Me (Profile Based)

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angiejustus77 on Sep 20, 2015:

Decorate My Profile-Surprise Me (Profile Based)

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angiejustus77 on Sep 20, 2015:

Decorate My Profile-Surprise Me (Profile Based)

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angiejustus77 on Sep 20, 2015:

Decorate My Profile-Surprise Me (Profiile Based)

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veronicallama on Sep 16, 2015:

My iPad logs me out whenever I try to look under the swaps tab. I assumed it was a glitch with my device, but seeing your question- maybe it's a glitch on the site? I'll be sending you a tea swap soon! -Rhonda

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