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Do not hesitate to send me a PM for any queries, I am more than happy to listen and act in a fair manner! I really appreciate communication so don't be shy if you have any issues with receiving the item or the swap itself! Please do not rate me a '1' without communicating first.

For ratings: I truly hope others will rate in a timely manner. Please also check that you have hit ‘save ratings’ when leaving a rating as it won’t go through if you don’t AND check my profile page to make sure the rating has submitted. Thank you so much and thank you for being my partner!!

I rate all of my swaps immediately after opening (within 24 hours of receiving the swap in my mailbox or front door) and I pledge that I will continue this.

Hi everyone! My name is Annabelle and I am 32 years old. I live in Australia.

I love cooking, food, crafts and discovering new things! Purple is my favourite colour! I love dogs and animals and nature! I write my own poetry and stories as well. I love meditation and fitness and mindfulness is very important to me. I am also addicted to Pinterest!

I do not have any allergies.

I have a likes/wishlist and dislike list below - however please note that I am very open to trying new things, so don't feel that you HAVE to send something from my likes/wishlist. Just as long as it is not one of my dislikes of course!

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me a swap or RAK - I have truly loved them all! I truly appreciate the time and effort you have put into sending me something through the mail!

Favorite Music

I listen to a wide range of music - I am always up for discovering new music.

Favorite Books

Any romance novels, cookbooks and magazines (beauty, food, health, meditation/mindfulness). I really love writing poems and stories. I have really been interested in journal swaps - I feel like writing and being creative this way is a form of meditation. I love filling up an empty journal!

Favorite Movies

I am not a big movie buff, but I enjoy any romance or comedy movies.

Favorite Television

I am not a big television watcher - I prefer watching YouTube clips about food, nature, crafts or anything else that catches my eye!

Favorite Crafts

I am always up to creating any crafts, but I actively make dreamcatchers and various types of journals. I also make pocket letters and flipbooks. I really enjoy paper crafts!


  • Anything floral (obsessed! I LOVE flowers).

  • Anything animal themed, especially dogs. I like turtles as well.

  • Anything handmade (especially Pocket Letters, Flipbooks and Tag Flips).

  • Dreamcatchers.

  • Anything that is purple.

  • Food products (exceptions listed in dislikes below). I enjoy trying foreign food products. Please make sure that any food products are in their original packaging. I like savoury / sweet / sour food items. I also don't mind receiving healthy snacks or snacks that are vegetarian / vegan. However, I do not have any dietary requirements, so I am very relaxed and willing to try pretty much anything!

  • Chocolates and candy/lollies.

  • Coffee sachets.

  • Hot chocolate sachets/mixes.

  • Tea (please only send plain green or matcha tea, plain black tea, plain white tea, chocolate tea, caramel / salted caramel tea, mango tea, lemon / lemon and honey tea, apple tea, watermelon tea, lime tea, peach tea or China rose tea).

  • Recipes and food magazines from around the world.

  • Kitchen accessories.

  • Anything with a cupcakes theme!

  • Maggie Holmes products.

  • Martha Stewart products.

  • Tim Holtz products.

  • Steampunk products.

  • Fashion items such as jewellery (particularly earrings for pierced ears and anklets), clothes, scarves and makeup (I love red and pink lipsticks). I also love scented body oils.

  • Craft items/stationary - stickers, pretty coloured paper, origami paper, card stock, embellishments, diecuts, journal cards, letter sets, wooden stamps, acrylic stamps, any other stamps etc.

  • Tombow and Copic markers.

  • Enamel pins.

  • DIY kits.

  • Items that a primary (elementary) teacher could use in the classroom (as I am a teacher). I know a lot of people write on their profile that they don't want teacher stickers, but feel free to send them to me! All I ask is that they are good quality. The students I teach are obsessed with scented stickers so if you could get them, that would be amazing!

  • Positive quotes and inspirations, poetry.

  • Beautiful pictures.

  • Astrology (my Zodiac/Sun sign is Pisces, Moon sign is Libra, Ascendant/Rising sign is Pisces).

  • Tarot / Oracle card pack.

  • Amethyst crystal.

  • Souvenirs from the country you live in (postcards, maxicards, keyrings, snowglobes, etc.).

  • Any meditation or relaxation items (for example, face masks, eye masks, hand masks, foot masks, self-care books, magazines, etc).

  • Beach/nautical/island/tropical/water themed items.

  • Forest/nature themed items.

  • Bicycles and parks.

  • Health and fitness products. I love exercising, eating well and good health for my body, mind and spirit, so anything related to those would be fantastic!

  • Outer space/astronomy themed items - I am obsessed with the stars, the moon and planets, so beautiful. Anything with a star chart on it would be awesome to receive!

  • Cute stress balls/squishys.

  • Scented or unscented candles.

  • Cute and nice smelling hand sanitizers (can never have enough of them especially as a teacher!).

  • Coffee mugs with interesting/fun designs and quotes

  • Washi tape (either full rolls or samples).

Dislikes/Unneeded Items

  • Licorice or anise flavoured items.

  • Food that is mint flavoured (exception: mint flavoured chocolate is amazing!).

  • Candied ginger or any other ginger flavoured product.

  • Sultanas and raisins.

  • Food products that contain alcohol (as I do not consume alcohol).

  • Marzipan.

  • Celery.

  • Any tea not mentioned in my likes/wishlist above. I highly dislike Herbal tea, Chai tea and Earl Grey tea.

  • Food or makeup products that are past their expiration date, use by date or best before date.

  • Nail polish or any other nail products.

  • Any bath products.

  • Used products and dirty products.

  • Anything with a very strong smell, as it makes me feel unwell.


Comment: Annabelle, thank you SO much for this amazingly beautiful swap! I love everything and I enjoyed reading your lovely note ❤
Response: I am glad you enjoyed this Floral themed swap, Katie! Happy swapping! Annabelle xoxoxo ❤
AliCrafter rated for FTLOC#1: Flipbook - Easter on Mar 30, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the flipbook! Flippies are my favorite thing to make right now! I wish international postage wasn't so much for this type of swap so I could send and receive from fun destinations like Australia! I hope your Easter celebrations will be fun and colorful!
Response: You are welcome, Alissyn! I love making Flipbooks too. Glad you enjoyed the International package. 😁 I wish you a fun and colourful Easter too! 🐇🐣 Annabelle xoxoxo
Comment: Wow, wow, wow!! I was so blown away by this swap. You went way above and beyond and it truly made my day. Your pocket letter was amazing! Thanks for all the unexpected and very nice extras and the attention you put into packaging and making it a really fun experiance to open. 💌💜💛❤ Thank you so much!
Response: Thank you for the wonderful rating, Michelle! So glad you enjoyed it all. Happy swapping! Annabelle xoxoxo 😍❤
Comment: Your Gorgeous valentine pocket letter arrived today!! I love love it! So many elements and layers! And love all the goodies you’ve sent, especially the 3D stickers...ty so much Annabelle ❤️❤️❤️
Response: I am so glad you loved the Pocket Letter I made for you, Aparna! I was really happy with how it turned out. Take care, Annabelle xoxoxo ❤❤❤
Comment: Wow I am so in love with what you sent to me.Really really beautiful.I wish I could give you 100 hearts.Thank you so much for all your hard work and thoughtfulness.
Response: Thank you Linda for the lovely rating! Happy swapping! Annabelle xoxoxo
Comment: Thank you so much for the Beautiful PL and all the extras, Annabel, as always lovely package!
Response: You are very welcome, Aparna! Happy swapping! Annabelle xoxoxo
Comment: Your gift package showed up on Christmas Eve! How perfect is that? Thank you for sending so much, you went over and beyond. I'm waiting to open it with my DH. Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka
Response: Hi Hannah, oh that is perfect! Hope you like everything. Merry Christmas! 🎅 Annabelle xoxoxo
Comment: Hey Annabelle! Sorry it has taken me a few days to rate this swap. I had a family emergency with my middle son! Anyway, I love what you sent me! I love the wrapping papers you used and how you decorated the box. The teaspoons are beautiful and I’m going to put them in my tea chest hubby bought me in Japan. The little reindeer key chain/dangle is adorable and so soft. Your embellishments are so pretty and I can’t wait to use them. The shaker card you made is cute too. I love the Christmas sequins because I haven’t been able to find mine and there are so many of these. Love the sticky notes and glass pieces. I think they might work in bottle caps. I love the 3-D card, your letter, and the wooden “Believe”! The little paper houses are sooooo stinking cute! I’ve never seen anything like them. I’m putting them and the little trees with my Christmas scene. The flipbook you made is wonderful! It looks so professional! There is so much to see and do within it and I love my name in gold on the front! It made me laugh to think of you having summer for Christmas while I have winter! The Santa in swim trunks is hysterical! Lol! Our Santa goes dashing through the snow. I guess yours dashes through the sand! ;o) Oh my goodness, the Tim Tam chocolate biscuits! I might move to Australia just for those! I’ll get back to you on the Vegemite...lol. Anyway, once again this has been another great swap! Looking forward to our next one!
Response: Hi Robin! Thank you for your rating - I am glad that you enjoyed everything that I have sent you! This really was a fun swap to put together for you. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! 😘🌲🍭🎅 Until our next swap, Annabelle xoxoxo
Coffeeegal rated for FTLOC#1: Flipbook - Christmas on Dec 20, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much♥️♥️♥️ Was a great suprize. Merry Christmas 🎄
Response: Thank you, Jenny! Merry Christmas to you too! 🌲🍭
Comment: Your amazing pocket letter was a nice surprise, thanks for all the goodies, it's very well madethankyou 💕💌🤩
Response: You are very welcome, Lisa! Merry Christmas! Annabelle xoxoxo
Comment: Truly the most awesome pocket letter I have ever received.Can't stop looking at it.Currently enjoying the deep dark delicious treat.Love the extra envelopes also.Going to use them in my journals.Thanks so much for all the beauty you sent my way.
Response: Thank you for the lovely rating, Linda! I am very glad you enjoyed it all. Thank you for joining my swap. Happy swapping! Annabelle xoxoxo
Comment: Annabelle, yay! I got my stuff and I love it all! I love the little bags that you put things in and I’m glad that you just clipped them closed and such so that I can reuse them if I want to. I love, love, love that Queen of Clubs card on one of the packages! Did that come from a deck? The candy is tasty and I can’t wait to try the skeleton cookies. Your handmade embellishments are so cool! Your embellishments are always so nice. Where did you get the creepy stickers that you enclosed and decorated with? I’ve never seen anything like them. I love the musical stickers, the skull buttons (very cool), the awesome, metal charms (been making lots of dangles lately so these will come in handy), the shaker, guitar, iron-on (never seen anything like THAT either), and the diecuts with matching paper pad! I actually squealed when I saw the two hedgehogs in there! The embellishment box is so cool! The papers and stickers are awesome! I love the trims on the side. I keep forgetting to do that. Lol. The goodies inside are fabulous. I can’t wait to use some. I’m probably going to use the pumpkins in a Halloween, shadow box thing that I want to make. I enjoyed reading your letter. Thank you for all of the beautiful and fun things and thank you for swapping with me! So, what’s our next one?
Response: Hi Robin! Oh yay, I am glad you love everything! The Queen of Clubs card is from the die cut set "Miss Match" by Kaisercraft. I purchased the Halloween stickers from Ebay. I am glad you enjoyed all of the goodies and the embellishment box! Always so much fun to swap with you! Happy Halloween! Annabelle xoxoxo
Comment: Oh my god! This flipbook is gorgeous! Thank you so much! I would love to give you more than one heart! :-) and all the extras you put in are beautiful! I love diecuts and washis :-) Again, thank you so much!
Response: Thank you for the glowing rating, Josi! I am glad you enjoyed what I sent you. Happy swapping! Annabelle xoxoxo
pixiegirlanna rated for Letter Swap #5 on Sep 15, 2020
Comment: Lovely as always, thank you <3
Response: Thanks for rating, Anna! :)
pixiegirlanna rated for Self Love Swap on Aug 17, 2020
Comment: Wow! Thank you so much for everything, I loved it! And so did my sister hahah. I love the charms, they are so pretty!!! Thank you!!!! <3
Response: I am very glad you loved everything, Anna! Thanks for hosting! Enjoy! Annabelle xoxoxo
PrincessP rated for Happy Mail (Australia) on Aug 17, 2020
Comment: Thank you SO much for your wonderful swap :D It brought so much happiness to my day! The card you included with the superb fairy wren card is unreal, because they are my favourite birds! I love it (and everything else) thank you :D
Response: Thank you for rating, Lauren! I am glad that you particularly liked the superb fairy wren card (they are so nice). Happy swapping! Annabelle xoxoxo
Comment: Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! TYSVM for all the goodies! You outdid yourself!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Response: Thank you, Shana! Happy swapping! Annabelle xoxoxo
manaelsa rated for Flower Power on Aug 11, 2020
Comment: Dear Annabelle, oh my word! Your floral swap was unbelievable to receive. You truly went above and beyond. The stickers are gorgeous and the washi..... I love them so so much. Your passion for flowers is delightful. Hope this message finds you well. So nice to meet Australian swappers.
Response: Thank you Beth! I am glad you enjoyed the Floral swap that I sent to you. Flowers really are beautiful! Take care and happy swapping, Annabelle xoxoxo
krismakes rated for Letter Swap #2 on Jun 17, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful happy mail, I loved it all 😍
Response: You are welcome, Kris! Glad you loved it all! Annabelle xoxoxo
pixiegirlanna rated for Letter Swap #1 on Jun 9, 2020
Comment: Wow! So many things, thank you so much <3
Response: You are welcome, Anna! :)

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chimerix on Dec 26, 2020:

Thank you so much for the extras special gifts. The dragon earrings are so wonderful and I adore the dancing fairy pieces to craft with. And wow, the snacks! I have never had any of the things you sent and can't wait to try them. Thank you for making my Christmas even more special. Aloha!

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Oh my I owe you a very big apology I was cleaning my craft room up and came across a gift you had sent me. I am sorry and thank you so very much will be putting this stuff to use. Theresa/treeann629

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