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Date Joined: January 20, 2010
Last Online: July 16, 2016
Birthday: September 15
Country: United States

About Me

Hi! My name is Care. I am married to Harold and have been for 30+ years. I have a son and he has 3 kids so I have 3 wonderful grandchildren. All my grandkids are older and the oldest is 27. We have 3 precious great grandkids, Katelyn/Katie who is 5, Braxton/Brax who is 3 and Payton who is 5. I babysit Katie and Brax while their mom is at work. They live across the field from us. So we can see their house. We have them a lot because their mom has to work a lot. We have spoiled them rotten, they are our pride and joy and we love them to pieces. We own our home in our small town(my hometown),in the heartland, Nebraska. It is on the edge of town. The town/village has 496 people. We have 3 dogs named Mr. Bernard(Nard for short) a Cocker(housedog), a wire terrier named Bodie(housedog) and Barney a Red Heeler who is 13(outside dog), a white cat named Whitey, ( outside cats), a parrot named Ju Ju Bean, and a Guinea Pig named Chester.(inside pets). We raise Rhode Island Red chickens, bantams(tiny chickens) and a variety of ducks. Katie and Brax have a lot of fun with the animals. Katie loves cows and Brax is fascinated by the pigs.

My Work, Hubby's Work

I don't work outside the home anymore. I do sell on ebay and that gives me some mad money and some money to pay a few bills each month. I also keep up the house, yard, gardens, babysit and spend time with family, friends, the pets and other animals. Harold keeps up the yard, lawns, and spends time with all of us also.

My Hobbies

My hobbies are cardmaking, scrapbooking, ATC making, flower and vegetable gardening, swapping and the list goes on. I LOVE Shopping around at the Mall, boutiques, all the discount stores like Walmart, Target, Shopco and others, also love shopping at J.C. Penney and some higher end department stores. Love to shop at flea markets, thrift stores, garage or yard sales, auctions/etc., online shopping. I love to add to my collections which are vintage brooches, vintage compacts, rouge tins, pill & perfume compacts, vintage lipstick tubes and lipstick tube holders, bedroom vanity sets, T.V. lamps, tea cup/saucer sets, butter and cheeseball dishes, string holders, wall pockets, inkwells, paper weights, opera glasses, plates like Bradford Exchange and etc., celluloid and bakelite items, wall match box holders, unique salt and pepper shaker sets, 50's and older purses and also new purses and the old carnival/depression pitchers and bowls/etc. I frame old magazine advertising if I like it, I got a big Evening in Paris perfume advertisement page and it is in color, put it in a vintage frame. Sweet! If it is vintage then I love it. I love old manicure sets in the zippered holder/case, Old kitchen items and I could go on and on. I collect a lot of different things and I try to display them all but I am running out of room. Can't go wrong with vintage.

Favorite Music

My favorite music is country and oldies. I would like to add that throughout my profile I have added things that I like to give you an idea of what you can send for a profile based swap. I love gel pens, thimbles, mini clocks(around 3" or so tall), Love handmade cards and most of all I LOVE vintage items.

My favories authors & TV

I love reading mysteries/suspense. Love reading Amish novels also. I have to read true large print books because of one eye. I love reading Fern Michaels, James Patterson , Jude Deveraux, Beverly Lewis, Sandra Brown, Iris Johansen, Faith Baldwin and so many, many more. I do watch an occasional movie on the Lifetime channels and Syfy or Chiller channel when I have time. I like watching Nancy Grace on week nights if I can. I like watching the cooking channels. I find myself watching cartoons with the little ones also. Our favorites are SpongeBob Squarepants, Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies, Peppa Pig and Blaze. Otherwise I am not a big TV fan or watcher at all. I don't care for soap operas or shows like CSI, Law and Order, housewives and such. I do like the History Channel, Animal Planet and channels like that.

Things I & The Family Do

I do alot of volunteer work at the food bank and the soup kitchen and also volunteer at no kill animal shelters. Also at the church. Son and grandson drive in demolition derbies and so we go and watch them alot in the warm months. It is nerve racking for me and I worry about accidents when they are speeding and banging into other cars. Harold and I and son and family also take out our motor homes and go camping and fishing at the lakes. Also go boating, water ski, paddleboat, hike, play lawn games, horseshoes, grill and sit out by the campfire at night with marshmallows and roast them and make smores. We also like to barbecue/grill out when we are camping or on our deck/patio with family, friends or just the 2 of us. In the warm months we spend most evenings on the deck/patio sitting by the table with a glass of iced tea and watching the animals and looking over the countryside while talking. In the winter we can look out and see everything and if it snows we make a snowman out on the deck for the little ones to see. They look out the patio doors and make sure the snowman didn't run away or leave. When the snowman melts and he is gone they are sad because they think he ran away.

Favorite Colors

My favorite colors are pink, red, blue, burgundy, hunter green, aqua, black and white. My favorite color for jewelry is silver colored. I love vintage brooches and they can be either silver or gold colored. Necklace and chains I prefer silver colors and the same for rings and clip earrings.

About Me

I love to talk, laugh, joke, have fun and live life to the fullest. Be with my family. Spoil the babies even more. I love chocolate and caramel candy, Good & Plenty, Hot Tamales, Rasinets, malts, sundaes, desserts of all kinds, wristwatches, vintage and new jewelry of all kinds, only clip earrings, plain or flavored coffee or teas(no mint of anykind), chocolate milk, bottled water, shopping, crafting, rings, bracelets, necklaces, nail color or polish in all colors except yellow, orange, black, and green. I especially like metallic nail color/polish. Most of all, above all else, I love my family and the animal family. Also cherish my friends. My favorite shopping is at thrift stores and at garage/yard sales and flea markets.. The perfumes/colognes that I really like are Gloria Vanderbilt, Purple Passion, White Diamonds, Chantilly, Chanel No. 5, Woman and Tabu. I like embellished jeans and pretty tops and nice clothes/shoes/purses in general. I really, really love purses of all kinds except small handbags and I don't care for cloth like purses at all. I love miniature clocks, the ones that are a few inches tall or long like a mini bubblegum machine clock, a volkswagon car clock and etc. I do enjoy swap-bot and swapping, group and private. I do care about my swap partners. My husband likes western books, cowboy\western movies, anything to do with fishing. He also likes old coins. He really likes belt buckles and has quite a collection , pocket watches and funny sayings t-shirts size medium. Katie who is 5 likes anything from Frozen. She loves pretty socks, little girl purses, fingernail polish, story books, Barbie Dolls and she loves pretty clothes and shoes and she likes anything that helps her learn. She loves any little girl stuff. Brax who is 3 likes story books, balls, Hot Wheels, cars, tractors and play tools and anything for little boys. Katie and Brax both like legos. The kids love to get mail and little surprises. The dogs like treats, wet food, collars squeaky toys, teddy bears & chew bones. The cats like treats. The parrot likes treats and toys that hang in his cage and he can play with them. The guinea pig likes treats, Timothy hay balls or items to do with Timothy hay, chew items and anything that is Guinea pig related. Now back to me, If I am in a thrift store/flea market/swap meet/consignment store/antique shop and so forth, I look for these items, vintage to modern brooches/pins, lockets, clip earrings that still have the strength to hold on to your earlobe, coin purses and just any of the things that I have down in my likes and is mostly vintage. I love jewelry of all kinds from lockets, necklaces, wristwatches, bracelets and anything jewelry, real old to new. I also love vintage compacts, dresser sets(comb/brush/hand mirror). I love even just a vintage hand mirror from a set or a brush from a set, powder jars and anything vintage. I look in thrift stores and these places for all my collections.

What I don't like and do

I dislike alcohol, smoking, lateness, flakers, items getting lost in the mail, rudeness, snobby people, people who think they are above others, people who judge others, domestic violence, animal abuse, smart alecs, foul language or cussing of anykind, bad manners, okra(unless it is breaded and deep fat fried), ticks, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, crickets, ants, bats and I hate big hairy spiders that hide in my gardens, I dislike tiny spiders too. I also can't tolerate flies or big horseflies that buzz so loud and that sneak into the house when I open the door to come in. I don't like any mint flavored things. Don't like eggnog, baby themed items, cartoony themed items or cartoony stickers or reward stickers. Can't stand cloth purses. Can't stand dusting and vacuuming. I only like vintage or older or unusual buttons. I don't knit and so I don't need items related to knitting. I don't quilt so I don't need any of those kind of items. I don't crotchet. I like small embroidery kits that come with the floss. That is all the embroidering that I do. I am not into collecting postcards, old U.S. or foreign stamps, First Day Covers or coins and I don't swap these items. I don't do any paper folding such as origami, iris, tea bag and etc. I like 3D stickers of flowers, real animal, any real stickers like summer, spring or unique stickers. I don't like cartoon stickers. I don't care if people send me things that have some accidental pet hair involved. That's what will happen if you have house pets. I don't want to receive smoky smelling items but if I do, I will air it out or whatever. I don't have allergies to pet hair or smoke. I have pets too and try to keep it out of my swaps so the pets are not around my swap items but it could still happen. Sometimes I have trouble with my own hair getting caught in the tape so you might find that on your package. I am very easy going and can get along with anyone. Unless they make it a point not to want to get along and make it a point to be downright mean, rude and mouthy..

Themes And Other Items

Themes that I like are vintage, victorian, angels, animals, flapper girls, dancing couples, small children and farm country. I like hand painted or hand drawn atc's. I also like thimbles, unique magnets for the fridge, purse embellishments/charms, little coin purses that only hold change, small silhouette pictures, stationery w/matching envelopes, 3D card embellishments especially ones that you can stack or layer. I love address labels but cannot make my own. I love pretty recipe cards and recipe books/cookbooks. I also love nice recipe boxes to hold pretty recipe cards with great recipes on them. I love cruelty free products. I don't use make-up probably should so I don't scare little kids!LOL. I like pamper me items. I like mini trinket boxes to small to medium trinket boxes. I am not into washi or deco tapes. I like unusual salt and pepper sets and small knick knacks/what nots. I like handmade items. I would love to get a smash book or junk journal or dotee, those little stuffed things or inchies or things on that order because I know nothing about them or how to make them. But since I cannot make them, I cannot very well swap them so I would have to swap something else. I love private swaps. I am open to all other crafters themes and art and am open minded and am not embarrassed or offended by someone else's artwork no matter what the themes are about. So Happy Swapping!


valentina22 rated for private catcare and valentina22 on Jul 1, 2016
Comment: Thanks for staying in touch my friend.
valentina22 rated for private catcare and valentina22 on May 7, 2016
Comment: Wow what a great swap! Love my 4x4's-some will be on my wooden calendar when I change the display. Sorry I forgot to change the due date till today then saw that you had sent you cards. I can't wait to use my extras especially the fall stickers. It is one that have have long admired. Let me know when you want to start the next group.
Response: I am glad that you like the 4 x 4's and extras. Whenever you want to start the next group is fine with me as long as I have time as I am still helping but I think I can get them finished. Thank you so much for the rating and the red heart!
bluesky rated for Dollar Store Swap-Summer Edition on Apr 30, 2016
Comment: Wondrful package love your items, the marigold seeds is exactly what I was missing :) how did you know? ;-) love the totebag&cant wait to try the recipes. And I really like the kind of pen you choose. only the food not useable for me -sorry about that.
Response: Marigolds are one of my favorite flowers. They don't smell all that good but they look nice and pretty. I am glad that you like the items that I sent. Thank you very much for the rating and the red heart. Sorry about the gum. Happy Swapping!!
Heynowokay rated for Surprise Your Partner Swap on Apr 27, 2016
Comment: Definitely surprised, thank you for the thoughtful package! :)
Response: Thank you very much for the rating and the red heart. I am glad that you liked the package. Happy Swapping!!!
stkirsch rated for Blank Recipe Cards on Apr 10, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the assortment of recipe cards. There were many different designs. It's hard to discern which I like best!
Response: Thank You!
tmma27 rated for Fun Cupcake liners on Mar 30, 2016
Comment: Just received the cupcake liners. Thank you so much love the variety of choices. My oldest daughter got super excited when she saw the princess liners. I guess we will be making princess themed cupcakes this weekend.
Response: I am so glad that you like the cupcake liners. Have fun with them. Thank you very much for the rating and the red heart. God Bless!
Kktaylor rated for 1 & 10 on Mar 18, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for all the extras.
AZmom875 rated for What's In Your Purse 2? on Mar 16, 2016
Comment: That was a very awesome package! Such fun things inside. Thanks for being so thoughtful. I think I like the cosmetic bags the best or maybe the cute tissues.
Response: I am glad that you are happy with the items that I sent. This was a fun swap. I truly appreciate the rating with the red heart. Denki.
Comment: LOVE this swap, you made it special thanks so very much!!!!
1happyday rated for I Heart Candle Tarts/Melts on Mar 1, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the nice selection of scents!
Response: You are most welcome. This was an enjoyable swap. These are my favorite scents. Do enjoy them. Denki.
valentina22 rated for private catcare and valentina22 on Feb 18, 2016
Comment: Wow-What a pretty package! I love purple and the 4x4 's are wonderful. I love the lettering on the spring and may 4x4's and all of the cute flowers and embellishment. oh and the Easter and St. Pat 4x4 are great! Thanks also for all of the extras! I can't wait to use the extras for swaps. Did you get my message?
deelynn rated for Pamper Me Swap on Feb 8, 2016
Comment: Thank you much, love it all!
Followyourart rated for Tote Swap on Feb 6, 2016
Comment: Thanks so much for beautiful, awesome totes! You sent me two!! Yay!! Using them today for my shopping trip! Fabulous swap, thanks girl.
MisplacedfromPA rated for Recipe Book Swap on Feb 6, 2016
Comment: Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. I love the variety you sent. I did not have a cookbook from Oklahoma so you did great sending me that one. The extra booklets I found recipes in each I am going to try. I collect recipe cards so PERFECT for me. You did great...kudos! Happy Valentines.
valentina22 rated for private catcare and valentina22 on Jan 14, 2016
Comment: I love them all-it is very hard to pick a favorite. The attention to detail is great!Thanks for the newsy note and paper extras. I will send you a message soon about the next swap.
Comment: Wow-Thank you for All 3 Stockings & the extra item-which I cannot recall now-but I know you sent it. Have a Wonderful Christmas!
Response: You are most welcome! Enjoy your holidays and fill your stockings to the brim. I sincerely appreciate the rating and the red heart. Denki.
siggysjourney rated for Let's Swap A Tote on Dec 7, 2015
Response: Thanx for the rating and the red heart. Happiness to you and yours.
MsKuky rated for *** Christmas ATC *** on Nov 30, 2015
Comment: Care, what a wonderful atc, thank you so very much for taking the time to create such beauty. Thank you for all the wonderful notecards & stickers. Happy December, and many blessings this Christmas Season.
Response: I am so happy that you liked the atc and items that I sent to you. I so appreciate your rating and the red heart. Denki. Would just love to do a private swap with you. God Bless you and Happy Holidays, L. L. @MsKuky!
pammykn rated for Recipe Booklet Swap on Nov 16, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the cook books! Have a great week!
Response: Hope you find some good recipes to make because I am coming to supper/dinner!lol. I really appreciate the rating and the red heart! Denki! Happy Holidays.
valentina22 rated for private cat care and valentina22 on Oct 19, 2015
Comment: wow! beautiful 4x4's. I love all of the detail and bling! Thank you for the beautiful seasonal 4x4's and the stash of extras! You really outdid yourself. What a way to brighten a Monday afternoon.
Response: I am so glad that you liked the seasonal 4 x 4's. Hope you can use the extra's. Truly appreciate the rating with the red heart. God Bless!

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tcornell on Oct 25, 2016:

angel Hope all is well your way! Wishing you a blessed week!

phillaine on Sep 22, 2016:

Happy Autumn! ♥

tcornell on Sep 22, 2016:

Happy Autumn to you! Autumn

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phillaine on Apr 28, 2016:

Thank you for thinking of me on my birthday and sending me a sweet card and gift. ♥ Your timing was perfect with the blank journal! Just this morning my old one got completely flooded and I needed a new space to collect ideas. Thanks again for your kindness. hugs!
oh! It was for the Swaps & Wishes April wishlist. ;)

sweetpea22 on Apr 21, 2016:

Thank you so much for the book for my April Swaps and Wishes wishlist. I always love when you send me large print books! I don't think I've read that one.

ChrisAnne on Mar 14, 2016:

Thank you so very much for the great wishes from my Swaps and Wishes Wish List. You are amazing!

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Thank so much for March Swap and Wishes!


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