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racheljohnson on Dec 6, 2012:

Thank you for the sparkly Peanuts holiday card! Snail mail makes the season bright. :)

Swap-bot is lucky to have members like you. Happy holidays and happy swapping!!

ColoradoKate on Jan 15, 2012:

Hey there! I sent a letter to you last week. I hope you get it soon. ^_^

ColoradoKate on Jul 26, 2011:

I'm sticking a letter into the mail to you today! I hope you got both of the postcards I sent while I was gone. Take care!

Chromalaya on Jun 12, 2011:

I hadn't seen any of your lovely questionnaire swaps for awhile - I see why :P You haven't logged in for some time! Hope all is well.

ColoradoKate on May 14, 2011:

Your letter arrived! I'll write soon. :)

bugsandbells on Apr 13, 2011:


I'm here for the Read My profile swap 2

I always wanted to go to Alaska, It seeem so pretty from the pictures I've seen.

Congrats on completing your schooling!

Have a great day!

Ribbons on Apr 11, 2011:

Read my profile and write a comment 2

Hi , I read your profile just now ( obviously ) lol , and its so nice. CONGRATULATIONS on finishing school and graduation. :D :D To be honest, I have never heard about the favourite music you have written ( yeah.. so much for my music knowledge) and I think I am going to search for them in Youtube later. :) :) OK Then. Happy Swapping ! :) Alt text

Plushable on Apr 11, 2011:

Read my profile and write a comment round 2

Dear MaryAnn, you sound like a nice person that I would deffinatly love to get to know :) I think you're lucky in a way that you had the chance to live in many places and "see the world"... I think it's nice :) Wish you a happy swapping here on site! :)

xoxo Natalie

Darkestlina on Apr 10, 2011:

Read My Profile & Write a Comment, Round 2 I have done some of your email swaps before and I really enjoyed them. I absolutely love the beatles. And I like the Price is Right but its not as good now that Drew is hosting. Have a great day.

ArtisticExpression on Apr 10, 2011:

~~Read My Profile & Write a Comment, Round 2~~

Greetings, MaryAnn! I adore that you live in Alaska! I have always dreamed of visiting that wonderful state. My hubby and I are taking a delayed honeymoon sometime this year, and Alaska is one of our top choices!

Being a stay at home mom must be so rewarding. I do not have any children of my own, however I can imagine it would be wonderful to be able to watch your kids grow and learn from day to day. I am a SAHW, however I am self-employed via my Etsy Shop. I enjoy being at home all day and doing what I love.

Have a wonderful week!

Cheers, Heather

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