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Hi, My name is Mary, I am married. We have one grown daughter.

I live in New Jersey. We live in a small town near Joint Base -McGuire, Dix and Lakehurst. Sort of in the middle of the state, a little south of Princeton, and Trenton, It's about 2 hour drive to Atlantic City, and about 2 hours by train to New York City.
Although we live in NJ, I was born in a small town in western New York state, not to far from Niagara Falls, and all of my family is still there.

I work part time and seasonally from Feb./March -October, as a day manger for a local franchise named Rita's. It is a frozen treat business. We serve water/italian ice, and soft serve custard/ice cream, as well as treats using a combination of both. It is a fun job, but has it moments, like any job does. Even though it is only part time and seasonal it works well for me.

I collect chickens, many of which belonged to my grandmother, unique teapots, that are shaped like things, or have an interesting design, matryoshka(nesting)dolls, and carved wooden matryoska style santa's(ded moroz). Recently I seemed to have started a collection of owls, just love them. I also have a large collection of Cherished teddy bears, but have gotten away from collecting them.

My husband - Larry, I love him to death even though he can be really annoying at times, I guess all men are like that. He is very smart, but has little common sense, he can be quite funny, but sometimes it gets annoying . He is retired from the US Air Force,after doing a little over 20 years of service. We didn't move around much, most of our time was spent in Rome....... New York that is. He was stationed in England for 4 years, and were fortunate to be able to do some traveling, so I got to see a little bit of Europe. He now works as a supervisor for a high end appliance company, specializing in, vaccum cleaners, and coffee systems(which we think is kind of funny since we don't drink coffee, but he sure knows how to make it!). He travels from time to time and on occassion I get to go with him. Larry likes antiques, mostly old bottles, keys and license plates, but dabbles in a little of everything, what ever strikes his fancy at the time. He loves going to the local flea markets. He also loves history, and you know when he has been watching TV as it is always tuned to the History or Military channel.

Our daughter- Jennifer, I have to blame all my swapping on her, as she started it! She found swap-bot while searching for something many moons ago, she joined and then got me into it, knowing I would enjoy swapping crafty stuff, and she was right. Jen still has her account but doesn't swap these days. She keeps busy with other things. Jen is very smart, sensative, quiet, and can be funny at times. Jen just bought her first home, and loves it. It is a small 3 bedroom town house that had been completely remodeled.

We are a pet friendly home, I will do my best not to have pet fur in your swaps!

We have one dog his name is Buddy, he is black and white, not sure of his breed, as he was a rescue dog. He is a 70 pound big baby.

We also have 2 cats:
Holly is Bombay mix, we adopted her from the local shelter. She is black and white, and is a lover on her terms.
Noel was a stray our daughter caught in the parking lot where she works, just before Christmas, thus the name. We ended up adopting her, since she couldn't keep her, as her cat won't tolerate any other animals. She is a tortoiseshell, she is a little sweetheart, she loves to be held and loves to snuggle, and she purrs like nobodies business.

Favorite music/books


I like classic and soft rock, and contemporary christian music. I also like some country music. I really don't listen to alot of music these days.


My daughter says I don't read unless it is a cookbook, or craft magazine, which is true. I am not much of a reader. I do like word search puzzles, and variations of them, as well as an ocassional crossword. I have tried sudoku but I drives me nuts, as I can never seem to figure it out.

Favorite Movies


I like the old classic movies like, Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Chittey Chittey Bang Bang, Wizard of Oz, etc. What can I say they remind me of my childhood, also like the National Treasure movies, and The Princess Diaries.

Favorite Television


Any shows that have to do with Crafting, NCIS, and NCIS New Orleans, used to watch Los Angles but sort of got away from it. Castle. Cooking shows, and murder/mystery type shows. And whatever may be on that strikes me at the time.

Favorite Crafts


I like all crafts and am willing to try someting new, and have done many things over the years, but my favorite is crochet. I like to make doilies, dish cloths, granny squares for afghans, have also made amigurumi's, and other odds and ends. My husband teases and says if "I'm not knittin' I'm not happy." I don't know how to knit, I have tried but just can't seem to get the hang of it. I like to do hand embroidery, and stamped cross stitch. Have tried counted cross stitch but just don't care for it. I take a porcelain and china painting class, which I really enjoy.
I also sew, and I have recently started doing some quilting. I have made several lap size/ single bed sized quilts, which I have machine quilted, with a simple stitching. I have several quilts in the works, one of which is a crazy quilt, made with squares that I have collected from swappers here on the bot.
I also recently started doing old fashioned Penny style rugs and really like them.

Favorite colors


I like all colors, it would be a pretty boring place with out color.
If I have to choose a favorite, I would have to say my most favorite is green, I like all the shades. I also really like the colors in fall leaves, reds,oranges, greens, yellows, and browns, and how pretty they look together.

I thought I would list the colors in our home, so things could be matched to them if need be.

We bought the house from original owners, who had the house built in the early 60's and had never updated anything, so we are remodeling, and updating everything, a never ending process, and we have lived here almost 17 years.

My kitchen is yellow, with accents of green and burgandy, that is where all my rooster figurines are.

The dining room and living room are a very light sage green the two rooms connect. The dining room is the only room that is completely finished, The living room still needs a bit of trim work.They also have accents of rust, browns, and darkers greens. My teapots are displayed in the dining room and my russian dolls, and santa's are in the living room.

Our family room is light blue, with other shades of blues, greens, and reds. This room also need some trim work and the ceiling repaired were hubby put his foot through it. My husband loves flea markets and likes to collect old, odd items. We have alot of them on display, they look really neat, they give the room that feeling of a by gone era.

Our bedroom is mostly finished just needs some trim work. It is painted a light golden yellow. I have quilt on the bed, that is gold, cream, tan, and browns, with little rose colored flowers. There are also accents of greens as well.

Since Jen has moved, the room that was going to be a guest room, and a my crafting corner, will now be my craft room. The walls are painted what was called a spiced beige, sort of a light peachy color. I recently made curtains and a valance for this room. The curtain panels are coral color paisley print, and the valance is a coordinating patchwork type print.

Jen's room will become a guest room once she has finished cleaning out all her things.

Sort of theme on the trim work, kind of tedious and hubby says it can be done any time, whenever that is!

Wish list - things I like


This is for various items that I would like OR things in general that I like:

Yarn -
Cotton for dish cloths.
Have a large stash of other types of yarns so really don't need anything else.

Fat Quarters/ fabric - Any color is fine, prefer small prints, novelty prints are ok too. Love reproduction style fabrics.
Please no baby prints, scraps, or pieces smaller than 8 inches, unless it is called for in a swap. I am trying to use up my scraps and don't need any more at this time

I have a big sweet tooth and would love to try candy and sweets from other countries. I love chocolate, but don't care for cream or liquor filled. Love all Cadbury's chocolates, but especially like Flake bars and Crunchies, also Nestle's Areo bars, any flavor, and Smarties (not the american sweet-tart kind, but the kind similar to M&M,s with the candy outside and chocolate inside) Not a big fan of black licorice flavor. I also like gummy candy- swedish fish, gummy lifesavers, gummy bears and such. Please NO GUM.

Buttons- the sew on type, anything that has cute design, or fun shape, or is just pretty

** Fun kitchen gadets, towels, potholders, knitted dishcloths**

Coloring book pages Adult style, prefer them printed on heavy paper or cardstock, any type of fun designs, animals, mandalas, etc. not really into mythical creatures

Squished Pennies- would love one from you area, I have quite a collection and even some duplicates, so if you are looking for something please ask and I will see if I have it.

Earrings- I have peirced ears, I mostly wear small studs, and small dangles, or hoops. I can wear earrings to work but nothing bigger than the size of a dime.

Tea- I am a tea totaler. I am not a tea conisuer. I like plain black tea. Lipton Black Pearl and Tetley British Blend, are my favorites. I do like chai tea, and some flavored black teas. I do not care to much for fruity or flavored tea, or green tea PLEASE Do not send any tea at this time I have more than I can use I also enjoy hot cocoa, plain or flavored is fine.

Anything knitted- I am not a knitter, although my daughter is, and has recently really started to get into it more. Any fun patterns that I can pass along to her, and anything made by you would be greatly appreciated.

I like all holidays and enjoy celebrating them with family and friends. I like things that are traditional, and more cute or whimsical.

For Easter- I like cute bunny and chicks,and lambs, also like spring flowers and plants, I prefer the pastel color shades, but will go vibrant if something strikes me.

For Halloween- I like cute pumpkins ghosts, bats, spiders. Would rather have things that are cute, not into creepy or gory.

For Thanksgiving- again pumpkins, as well as scarecrows, turkeys, pilgrims, and more fall type items leaves, indian corn, gourds, ect.

For Christmas-I like most everything that has to do with Christmas. I like snowmen, gingerbread houses, and people, cute elves, and traditional or victorian style santas. I have a collection of carved wood, matroyshka style santas. I love all the colors, but tend to go more with the traditional, reds, greens, and gold.

I also like kawaii type things -the cute little plushies, deco tapes and memo papers.

I am fairly easy to please, and will appreciate whatever is sent (as long as it is not junk) I love surprises, and love having something good in the mailbox (besides all the junk mail and bills) Thank you in advance!

things I prefer not to receive

This list is for things that I would rather not receive.

I have no allergies!

Please do not send me your junk, if you have no use for it, what makes you think I would.

Nothing with profanity, nudity or anything obscene.

Scrapbook paper, paper scraps or bits, not into scrapbooking, and I have more than I know what to do with.

Novelty yarns, or any yarn, other than what is listed above, Have a large stash, so I don't need any more.

Rubber/acrylic stamps, although I do like them I don't use the ones I have and don't need any more

Kitchen aprons, don't use them

Pictures or artwork, that has to be hung on a wall, although I appreciate your time and effort put into these, I really don't have any more space to display and enjoy these items.

Things that have heavy fragrances, I am not allergic to them but find that after a while they tend to give me a headache. I don't like scents that try to mimic food, or anything vanilla scented.

Please no coffee, I am a tea totaler.

Tea bags, I have more know than I know what to do with.

Flakers and such


Fortunately I haven't been flaked on that much, but I thought that I would list them here so I could keep track of them.

The granny square swaps have been angeled, Thank you.

NFS&C Group- @Karensmontsers for the Mystery Fabric swap. No communication despite several attempts. Clicked sent on July 3. Have not received as of yet, and now her account is deleted.

QnT Group- Diamonds and jewels quilt block swap 2015 #2 @FooFaRaw clicked sent May 12, 2015 never received

Granny Squares Galore Group- Special Squares -April swap @ina has not sent, send date was April 29 2015, removed from the group

Artistic Quilters Group- AQ Mug Rug Swap-August- Send date Aug. 31,2014 @aleshapie has not sent. I understand she has surgery, but this is way past due, and very little communication.

Peas in a Pod group-Send 4 RED items to your partner Send date Feb.21, 2013 Partner @purplepogo has not sent angeled by the coordinater, @kmug500 thankyou

Nuts for Sewing Group- Beginners Travel Tissue Cover, send date Feb. 21, 2012 partner @LakeViewQuilter angeled by @KarensMonsters thankyou

"7 inch Grannies April-May" send date June 4, 2011, partner @mommythemaid - never sent

"Crochet Swap Challenge-Interactive"
send date Jan. 22, '10 partner @morgraine - never sent

"Crochet/Knit Coaster Swap"
send date Feb. 20 '10 partner @theyankeehooker clicked sent Feb. 22, '10
sent message March 17, '10 since I did not receive the package, has been read but no response, - never received

"7 inch Grannies Swap Rnd. 9"
send date Feb. 24, '10 partner @luckyloungers clicked sent on March 8,'10
sent message when package did not arrive but has not been read, and her other partner didn't get hers either - never received

"Knit or Crochet Washcloth and Soap Swap" send date Feb. 28, '10 partner @brandi1980 clicked sent on Feb. 17, '10 sent message on March 19, '10 when package had not arrived, message has gone unread, never received

7" Grannies Swap Rnd-10 send date March 31, '10 partner @mizrose03
received message, will be sending late, but never sent

@Taisa Not a flake, Poor communication and very difficult to deal with! finally received package after 3 months, which was very poorly put together, disappointing, no longer a member


Comment: Thank you so much!!
Comment: Thank you so much for the Valentine and extra goodies, I love the stickers!
Comment: Thank you Mary!
Comment: Thank you so much for the darling cards and stickers! Have a great day! Hugs, Diane
Momskii rated for Little "Classroom" Valentine Swap on Feb 3, 2020
Comment: Happy Valentines Day
Comment: Thank you, Happy Valentine's Day!
Comment: Thank you for the cute valentines and the scented stickers, I haven't seen scented stickers since the 80's! What a fun surprise!
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Comment: Thank you! Super cute.
boandsully rated for Little "Classroom" Valentine Swap on Jan 31, 2020
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sbr9000 rated for Little "Classroom" Valentine Swap on Jan 30, 2020
Comment: I LOVE EVERYTHING Mary, thank you. I hope your husband continues to improve after his stroke. Have a healthy happy Christmas.
ARTG33K74 rated for Fall MUG Rug on Nov 9, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the mug rug mini quilt! I am not sure I can bring myself to set anything on it. The pumpkin pie recipe on a swatch of fabric is a real find! Also, is it the recipe on the can of Libby's pumpkin puree? This is a treasure. <3
mags142 rated for Let’s get our BOO on! on Nov 5, 2019
Comment: Hello Mary! I greatly apologize for such a late rate! I went through a major house cleaning and I had my swaps in a bag. ANYWAY! you more than spoiled me on this swap! I love everything! EVEN SOCKS! OH MY!! Thank you for being so kind in your swap, you made my day :) happy Swapping!
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Comment: Thank you so much!! I love the colors and the pattern is much appreciated!! : )
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Comment: Thank you for the pretty yellow mug rug. It is so nicely made and I love the fabrics. The tea was a thoughtful addition!
Ajijic rated for QnT August mug rug on Aug 1, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the nice mug rug. BC
Comment: OH MY GOODNESS!! What beautiful dishcloths!! The prettiest I have ever seen!! Thank you so very much!!
Comment: Hello Mary. Thank you so much for the beautiful dishcloth. I love greens, so this cloth made me happy. I really like the pattern you used. I will be putting it to good use.

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