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Date Joined: September 1, 2010
Last Online: November 7, 2015
Birthday: November 25
Country: United Kingdom
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About Me

UPDATE 21st August 2015: Hello, I've been away from swap-bot for a number of weeks. I've literally just completed my masters degree. I will be back swapping in September, but with news back in late June that a relative close to me is terminally ill, I will not be swapping too often and I will not be doing tags or forum gifting. I am back this month to send out a belated forum wish to a swap user, catch up with a swap I never received,and edit the groups I am in. All being well, I will see you all in September :) Best, Emily

PLEASE NOTE: I always request proof of postage when sending my swaps out, and keep a record of these receipts for my international swaps. I'm currently assuming 2-5 weeks eta for global postage. If you have concerns that a swap has gone astray,or seems to be taking a while arriving,please drop me a message as soon as possible.

Other Things about me:

I am 24, living in the east of the UK. I work as a Fashion Portrait Photographer and Retoucher for an online clothing company part time, and I have just completed my Masters! :D

I have M.E which I have suffered from since I was 15. It's currently manageable but there are bad days and annoying symptoms. I'm always keen to chat with other sufferers of the illness.



-Reese's Peanut range- Milky Way French Vanilla- Oreos- Hot Tamales- Pocky- Hello Panda- Kit Kats in flavours from Japan- Meiji Gummy Chocolate Tubes-


I love almost any genre of music excluding country and rap. I tend to enjoy listening to new mixes, so I am always playing 8tracks on my ipad whilst I'm studying or relaxing on my own in the evenings. As a result, I love flatmail playlist swaps.


I am open-minded when it comes to books. I'll read long novels or short stories. Fairytales or real-life. Im not a big fan of war (WW1&2) orientated novels.Pop up books make me smile, and I find books with illustrations inspiring :)

I'll try any book once!

I do a lot of reading for my Masters in Photography, particularly recently I've been interested in theories around Menlancholia, Nostalgia and Memory.

I dont mind if books are secondhand,as long as they are in a good condition and not on the brink of falling apart.

I still love fairy tales/the fantastical. I love Tolkien's scholarly approach to writing his LOTR series and the connotations behind it. Yes, I enjoy Harry Potter; the books that really got me into reading when I was a kid. I like Young Adult Fiction as well as Adult fiction. I do not like Twilight, but have succumbed to The Hunger Games series.


  • SUPERNATURAL ! give me anything Castiel-related and I will love you forever
  • Scrubs,
  • The Office (US),
  • Smallville,
  • Doctor Who,
  • Torchwood,
  • Sherlock,
  • Star Trek The Next Generation,
  • Downton Abbey,
  • Derren Brown (The events, The Experiments, The Specials etc.)
  • Arrow
  • Constantine
  • Gotham
  • The Thick Of It/ In The Loop
  • The Apprentice (UK)
  • Pokemon (Kanto and Johto Series)
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Louis Theroux
  • Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey


The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Illusionist, The Painted Veil, Bourne Trilogy, Iron Man, The Avengers, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Hunger Games, Clueless, Moonrise Kingdom, Constantine, Pocahontas, Australia, Stardust, Thor, X Men, Legally Blonde, The Lion King, Skyfall, The Lord of The Rings, 25th Hour,

Crafts&Supplies I Need

  • Dotee Dolls: Assorted beads (I'm running low!), felt, embellishments, spools of cotton and embroidery silks

  • Journalling/Letter writing: Gel pens, ink pads and stamps.

I really want to get into art/junk journaling so I am on the lookout for all kinds of emphemera and things like binding rings or treasury tags or tutorials. Any help is appreciated!

  • Photography
  • Friendship Bracelets

Things I love:

  • Nintendo: Splatoon, Yoshi, Pikachu, Pokemon. All these characters :)
  • Hot Chocolate- of all kinds of flavours!
  • Sweet fruit teas- I'll try any flavour at least once
  • Dulce Gusto pods.
  • kawaii anything! stationary, notebooks, jewellery :)
  • Deco Tape
  • Lush Cosmetics, Body Shop, or bubble baths in sweet scents. Preferably something with natural ingredients and good for the skin!
  • Pokemon Plushies/merchandise
  • Highlighters and different colour pens always coming in handy for my studies!
  • Flyers or postcards from art exhibitions.
  • nail polish; I'm a particular fan of Barry M, or brands with similar colours and glittery nail polishes
  • Candles, including Yankee, Kringle or similar brands!
  • Jewellery: Earrings, Necklaces with Charms on them.
  • To do list notepads/planners
  • stationary/letter writing sets: pretty papers, stickers, envelopes, gel pens.
  • socks,the fluffy type for cold evenings! uk6/eu39. Also love patterned socks.
  • tabs/markers for books and pages. I like to colour code my studies!
  • scents: Vanilla. Cherry. Cinnamon.
  • lens cleaning cloths
  • My little Pony! (retro/old school! not the new faces)
  • unicorns
  • friendship bracelets! Handmade, either yarn or beaded, I don't mind.My wrist measures at around 6-6.5 inches
  • lip balms and lip scrubs. I like flavours such as honey, cocoa, cherry.
  • anything to help me relax/ ease my anxiety levels
  • rolls of film 35mm or 120mm expired or new
  • toy cameras and disposable cameras.
  • nail buffers
  • pink lipsticks from natural to bright shades
  • dotee and art dolls.
  • Letter/Word Stamps and Ink Pads
  • Zines
  • handmade softies or plushies.
  • any cute, t shirts or crop tops I can lounge in. I'm a UK size 8-10, S-M.
  • Japanese figurines.
  • Nintendo merchandise. Honestly, pictures of the Nintendo merchandise stores in Japan made my heart squeal, when I first saw them!
  • Anything Japanese for that matter, of any value. If it's colourful, handy, cute, or all of the above, I'll like it!
  • Reese's peanut buttercups
  • I'd love to try some of the overseas unusual flavored kit kats
  • bobby pins
  • miffy
  • Glittered things
  • Fascinated by space and the cosmos. Pictures, books, reading material etc.
  • learning about other cultures.


  • Anything 'in your face' religious, although I do like to read and look at art from different religious backgrounds!
  • Black Licourice
  • Lavender Scents. Never used to bother me, but now I get headaches if it's too strong :(
  • This should go without saying, but anything that is badly damaged, dirty or in a very,very tired condition!
  • Neon colours in clothing.
  • Turkish Delight, there's only one brand I like, so better not risk it!
  • Coffee. Although I WILL try flavoured teas like from Whittard, I just can't stick the taste or normal tea or coffee. I like it in cake but the beverage is too rich for me. Sadface.

Seeking Angels For:

I have yet to/ have never received swaps Or re-sends from the following. The smaller swaps I am seeking Angels or private swaps for. The larger swaps I know nothing can be done!

1) Newbie Lucky Dotee Doll (Flaked on by @Rubberstampcollector November 2010)

2) Purple Dotee Doll (Flaked on by @Momoruth October 2011)

4)Song lyrics scavenger Journal #3 http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/103574 flaked by @asplashofamber whose profile is deleted

Info for current/regular swaps

TEA / HOT DRINK SWAPS I am still new to the tea/hot drink swaps on here, and I do not have a lot in terms of sachets. But gradually building a swapping collection and discovering new and different teas.

  • Favourite Brands/Flavours: Twinings Cherry and Cinnamon, Twinings Winter Spice, Lipton Apple and Cinnamon, Moomin Black Tea: Strawberry/Rhubarb, Teekanne Raspberry and Vanilla.

  • I do not like NORMAL/PLAIN tea, as the flavour makes me feel sick, but if you send it to me, I have a very appreciative family who like plain tea and coffee.

  • I would like to try flavoured white teas

  • I LOVE tea with vanilla in it, and strong,sweet fruity teas. I love vanilla chai, and cherry, and I adore Hot chocolate, ideally water-based. Any flavour of hot chocolate is good for me!

DOTEE DOLLS: I love dotees of all varieties! I do have a dotee wish list from tags/swaps I have been flaked on.I would love a Kawaii themed dotee especially , but I'm not fussy. I just love handmade creations. I am happy to do private swaps for dotees.

Thankyou To...

This is a section to forward my thanks to and acknowledge any RAKs and Angels I've received from, I am so truly thankful and for each angel I receive, I aim to angel/RAK to give back to the community!

December 2014: Many Thankyou's to @Kiddo47 who Angel'd 'Kawaii Dotee Doll Swap', AND 'November Birthday Celebrations!' Swap. One of my favourite parcels received to date! Thankyou.

2015: Thankyou very much to @Hazelwitch3 who Angel'd a NH Christmas Socks Swap which I had been flaked on by @Mamareese23 The socks are adorable!

Thankyou oodles to @zoev1975 who Angel'd a stocking stuffer swap I had been flaked on by @monique204 The package was lovely!


JudalineZ rated for Once A Month Themed Dotees on Jun 11, 2015
Comment: So sparkly Dotee! Thank you
LunaMoody rated for Once A Month Themed Dotees on May 12, 2015
Comment: Love the kitty...thank you
Hoosfoos rated for SWL ~ Art Journal Pages Part 1, #3 on May 12, 2015
Comment: Yay it arrived today! Thank you for the pretty page. You reallt put a lot of work into it. Plus, out of all yhe page swaps yours is the first one i have actually received!
kacka rated for Secret Santa #3 on May 9, 2015
Comment: Emily, this was really secret:), i found in a box forgotten such a lovely envelope, i was thrilled with the great writing sets which is super for my collection and for using it too as the size of envies is just perfect and not available here:), thank you and so sorry for such late rating though
Comment: Thank you! I've added most of these to my list
pammykn rated for 2015 Reading Log ~ 1st Quarter on Apr 14, 2015
Comment: Thanks for the nice swap!
Comment: WOW! I was really suprised when I got your parcel. It was absolutely perfect.^_^ the Peter Rabbit was my favorite, it's also one of my favorite illustrated books. :-) Normally there are a lot of things in these packages, that I don't use or like. But yours was really amazing. I think I'll have to control myself to not eat too much of the cookies.:-o There's just one thing I won't use, that's the red nose, it reminds me to much of clowns. But I like that the profit of it is going to charity. But I have a little nephew who would like this red nose, so don't be upset about it. But I loved every other item. Thank you so much for these heavenly gifts.:-D
Minxy1964 rated for UK Easter Card Swap on Apr 1, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the lovely card xx
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely package. I just adore everything you picked out for me. I love your photography, so beautiful. The little I have seen of England is awesome. I was in the Macombre area last fall. I look forward to using the seeds and of course, trying the chocolate! Thank you again for such a wonderful swap. Hugs and 100 hearts, Mona
Comment: Thanks for the great package! I would love to visit Norwich one day. I'm really jealous that you have so much history on your doorstep! :P
Hart rated for Once a Month Dotee Themes on Mar 23, 2015
Comment: Oh Emily how beautiful, sweet, precious, creative, and I do not know what to say. I receive an amazingly gorgeous dotee. How much I love it. It is feathery softly tender. You are an amazing artist. A million thanks for sending her to me. a million hearts also
daisyd90 rated for MLU: A Mermaid Doll with Stuffing! on Mar 19, 2015
Comment: I received my mermaid last night and she is adorable!! You did an amazing job!! Thank you! <3
JLVerde rated for Puzzle Piece Dotee on Mar 16, 2015
Comment: Love this dotee. Super cute face! Thanks.
ktk8 rated for SWL ~ Art Journal Pages Part 1, #2 on Mar 16, 2015
Comment: OH WOW what a beautiful journal page I love so many aspects of it….. and am HAPPY to add it to my art journal…. and thank you so much for the mini book of snoopy stickers…..so precious!!! Happy Swapping!
cherrihurt rated for SWL ~ handmade smash/junk book #3 on Mar 15, 2015
Comment: I love the journal you sent me!! LOVE it :-) I really enjoyed the pictures, especially the goat...I want one so bad. And the pictures of the sisters...BEAUTIFUL and I swear I've seen them somewhere before. This is the first I've received and I loved it. You did An amazing job...thank you :-)
Comment: Thanks for all the goodies
daarhon rated for swap a letter *newbie friendly* on Feb 27, 2015
Comment: Thank you! I have just received it! Will now read on my way to work :)
HeideC rated for DD Dotee with Wings on Feb 27, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much for the sweet owl dotee. I love her
suepier rated for Valentine Card Swap on Feb 25, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the very cute card.
pummica rated for Easter Bunny Dotee on Feb 21, 2015
Comment: Very pretty, well made doll. I love her! Thank you!

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reauk on Aug 30, 2015:

wishes for Europe group June wish thanks was nice surprise sweet of you

romyisa78 on May 9, 2015:

Wishes for Europe march/april arrived today. thank you so much for that lovely package. isa

Paige1900 on Feb 4, 2015:

Welcome to The Postcard Place!

Would you please go to the group forum and read the requirements thread, then comment that you have read and understand. :)

Thanks and have fun!

@Paige and @TerryF

Pixiewillow on Dec 24, 2014:

Thank you so much for Being an angel to me. Really appreciate it. Happy Christmas. Rachael

phantomssiren on Dec 7, 2014:

Great to see another Thick of It fan on here!

Mugsie on Nov 25, 2014:

"Happy Birthday Emily"!

From all of us at "WIYM" group!

MrsCrissyHall on Oct 2, 2014:

Welcome to Swappers Delight! We are so happy to have you!

cutesygirlynai on Sep 14, 2014:

hi UK friend :) invited you to my swap group, hope to see you there!

Katti on May 1, 2013:

Hi! Have you received my pair of dotees? You never rated? Greetings Katti

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