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About Me

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I love fawns, if you get me as a partner and send a fawn, it is almost a guaranteed heart!

Dec 23, 2014, my leg has not healed correctly and it re-broke. I will need surgery on it coming up next year. It means more time stick on this couch. I will survive I am sure.

☺ ♥ ☼ ≈

... I love this year! Even though I am just getting over a broken leg, it has been a wonderful year. Most folks do not know that this is the 100th year that God's Kingdom has been ruling. So many pray for that Kingdom and their prayers are being answered. (The Our Father prayer)


I have complete rated every swap I can rate. That was the first thing I did after I signed in.



I thank you for your patience on rating for the swaps you send.

I do promise also, not to rate you if no swap comes,without contacting you, unless you have a load of recent ones and are well on your way out.

If you have not been rated yet, and have not received a message from me, then I will rate you as soon as I am able to.

I am a slow person. Very slow, so please bear with me. I will rate, but please give me time. So please do not think you won't get rated. You will., please bear with me. please!

Some reasons for my slowness, my illnesses, both physical and mental.

My family members illnesses, both physical and mental.

Also, if the rating has not been given, this means I have not received the item in my hands yet. It could be in the PO box waiting for pick up, so please do not be concerned, I will PM most of the time before rating, especially if I have to rate less than five.

July 29, 2013 A Mothers worst fear

I beg of your mercy.We have found out that my daughter has a fatal disease.

. I am devastated and beginning to start the circles of stunned life.

She is my baby, all mothers know that, we think of our children as babes in arms, even though we know they are well rounded adults.

Gastroparesis is her disease. We have known she was sick and with what for a few months now. But we did not know that it is a killer. In my opinion, to make the story short and not full of medical terms, she is slowly starving to death.

Ironic huh? We live and we have a full abundance of food available to us, yet she is slowly dying.


Many folks ask me about our beliefs, and hear rumors that are not true.

For anyone that would like to know more about Jehovah's Witnesses and if we believe in Jesus, (yes we do) the link here is the best way to read about us.


I will also put it up in the links section so you can just click on it, if you wish.

I try my best to do what Jehovah asks of me. Alas, I am far from perfect, so I fail daily.

I want to be a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, neighbor, woman and human. And it is so frustrating that I fail to do so, so often. Right now I am working on self control.

Galatians 5:22,23 It is so hard not to get real upset at things and I need to calm myself down. It is embarrassing that I have this problem, after all I am a sober alcoholic. I beat that, so why can't I beat my temper?

I do thank you for respecting my beliefs.

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

*I am a female and love being one!

*I am a married and have two grown children

*We have been married over 28 years and this is my only marriage.

*I love talking about Jehovah God, it is my favorite thing to do.

*I love looking out at the mountains when I can, each day.

*Much of what is below is kind of repeated below in other choices.

*I like to use my hands to make things. I am a needle arts person.

I have moved information around. Please if there is a concern and you think it may be somewhere on this page, go for reading the parts you feel is appropriate.

Since I re-purpose a lot, if you get something from me, it may have had a previous use.

My darling kitty cat, Miscellanous is her name, (Misky for short) is a very precious part of my life. I want to change her name to Bubbles.

I am a Postcrosser. And I really like to swap.

*I do have a list of cannot have's that I would like respected.

If I end up with something on my list of cannot haves, I would not be able to keep the item.

And lastly, please have a wonderful day.

Cannot haves

I figure that the cannot haves should come first. Most of the time I get goodies that I like, even if they are on my like list or not.

Cannot Haves Things I do not want at all! I am NOT willing to shove my beliefs down anyone's throat, if they ask for some of my literature, I am more than willing to send. If they ask about my beliefs I am more than willing to share.

I will share Bible verses if the swap lends itself to it.

I do ask that I be treated in the same manner. please.

I really ask that these are respected also, please. I cannot accept things that are or have to do with nationalism, patriotic, holiday, religion, occult , spiritism, witchcraft, spells, and evolution.

This includes idols and icons. Crosses, statues of Mary, rosary beads, are all things I will have to throw away if I receive them. This would include, pictures, drawings and photos of Jesus, God, angels and any Bible characters.

Also, since I do not use curse words please keep the items you send clean of them. I try not hang with people that use them and those that do, they try not to use them around me, if they use them at all, (This is family, whom I love and would miss if I expected perfection, however I chose to avoid close association with those that do like to use those words in their everyday language.)

Along with that, I try to avoid reading books with them in it, and I try to avoid watching anything that has the curse words in it, even to the point of avoiding the bleep sound a lot.

I do so appreciate all of you whom do use those words, that try not to put them in the communication and swaps you share with me. Thank you for your consideration. I know it is a habit and a way of life, so taking the extra effort, really makes me happy.

I am highly allergic to any artificial sweeteners. Please do not send anything with that in it..

I am allergic to many scented things, however some of them I am not, so take the chance, I have family I can re-gift too if I cannot handle it. I do dislike the baking scents, you know vanilla, cookies, cake along those lines. I love the smell of real things baking do not get me wrong. Thank you.

Favorite Books

My favorite book is of course the Bible.

Second is the book Draw Close to Jehovah.

I like the Cat Who mysteries.

And I have a collection of crochet books. I do like other craft books, on certain subjects. These are paper crafts, not origami though, embroidery, crazy quilt, paper crafts, from scrapbook to card making. I have almost all the Zentangle series. I think I do not have 7 or 8, However I checked them out from the library and really was not too impressed, and to boot, and found the patterns online so I saved them.

The older crochet book the happier I am. Reproduced of those is OK, but like any collector, the originals are much better. (wink)


dislikes I feel dislikes are a bit different that cannot haves.

I dislike the colors brown, orange, read. Basically fall colors. Though a fall postcard, not holiday, can be so beautiful.

Drinks and teas

I do not need any drink mixes please, unless the swap requires one. I cannot drink the artificial sweetner.

Coffees are ok to send, but the sweetener could be not added please.

Teas, oh you wonderful swappers, you have opened me to the world of teas.

I even have a tea journal, I keep the wrapper and tag, and then add them to the journal with a rating and even comments on some.

And I make iced tea, drink it daily. I use 2/3 black/orange pekeo tea and 1/3 flavored tea. It provides enough taste, with out it being strong.

I have now learned to love most teas,those I never liked as a cup of hot tea or as a basic iced tea. I will pass on the rare tea I dislike, and off the hand it seems to be white, peach and raspberry teas. These three I just cannot get to like. There may be more and I just cannot think on the top of my head.

Hot cocoas I rarely drink, I have to be cold and in the rare mood to have chocolate. I dislike almost all chocolate.

Dark chocolate is good sometimes.

I absolutely hate to receive cards depicting hunting, hunters, dead animals, animal races, fishing, bull fighting, etc.

Favorite Crafts

Favorite Crafts

LOL. This is an update. July 29, 2013. I have learned ATC and Tangling. These seem to take over crocheting as a favorite for now. So crochet is in third place. I am loving to draw and learning each step of the way.

And then postcard designing then other crafts.

I do beading, jewelry making, paper crafts, as mentioned above, gardening, and I love to cook and bake, not so much fancy, but different. Also I quilt, embroider, photo, and loom knit.

I really love baking different breads, though I no longer do much of that, since it is just my husband and I.


I collect old postcards and other postcards. And I like to see the history behind some of the cards I own.

I love to get very old postcards. The older the better. I have also found that in searching for postcards, many of them are exactly alike and prices can vary form reasonable to 'well they will never sell this.

I like vintage cookie cutters. Vintage crochet hooks, and vintage laces.

Note please Since I do love crocheting. I design most of my bookmarks I crochet, none are ever the same. If you are my partner, and think the swap lends itself to a bookmark, please PM me, even if it is senders choice, I can try, yes try to please you by making it a color you like. If I read the PM in time, but I have several made and ready to send.

I really try to re-purpose as much as I can. I am learning and making recycled paper books.

Your allergies

allergic for those I send to. Allergies can be so serious that I feel I must post this.

My cat is a very much loved part of my household. She does like to sit on my lap when I am doing my crafting, if she can get there.

So if you are allergic and/or have family that is allergic, please, please be aware of this fact.

Favorite Music

Favorite Music My favorite music is the Kingdom Songs .

From the Sing Praises to Jehovah Songbook and the Sing to Jehovah song book.

After those there are a few I like. Sweet Home Alabama is my favorite all time song after the above ones.

I do like the Eagles, as far as bands go, they are my favorite.

I do like a lot of the 50-10's music. I am not much of a music person. So I usually ask for no music to be sent or swapped.

Favorite Movies

Favorite Movies Three movies are my lifetime favorites.

All of which I have watched a number of times, that cannot be counted and I will watch again and again.

Other Side of the Mountain. Unfortunately, I do not think it is out on DVD.

While you were Sleeping. I have that one.

And The Phantom of the Opera, with Gerard Butler.

I am particular about the movies that are out now days. I personally do not like the violence and I dislike the morals they no longer have in the movies.

Favorite Television

Favorite Television

I rarely watch TV any more. I DVR three shows and even delete some of them and not bother to watch them.

Judge Judy, Peoples Court and Dr Phill.

When I do watch, I watch Hallmark movies, TMC and the food network and Discovery health.

I detest violence. So that limits a lot of what I chose to watch.

favorite things and colors

My favorite is the Bible. I have enough of those and enough Bible based literature.

Fawns, delight me. Postcard fawns will go up on my fawn wall, I like little fawn jewelry and trinkets. Fawn plates are something I have a few of also.

If it has a fawn, I usually will like it.

It need to be started.

You know I made my first ATC the other day. I am so weird, it is just fabric glued on a card. I have not decided how to finish it.

I would love a few simple ATC;s so I can get the idea of what I can do. I cannot draw that well yet. but I am learning. I stress simple, because I am learning and right now, I could not do a swap for a fancy one justice,

I love domestic cats, mostly tabbys, all colors of them. I do not like hairless cats, nor siamese cats. Cat themes items are cool, unless that are either of the cats I dislike or holiday items.

Spring and summer colors are my favorites.

I love the blues of those seasons, the purples, violets, pinks, yellows, greens and blue greens, well so on.

I crochet, so crochet based items are always welcome, same with embroidery, scrapbooking, quilling and fabrics.

Thank you all, and have a great day, week, month,year, well you get the point.

I should add this. My daughter loves rubber duckys, and Gone with the Wind memorabilia.

My sis is a teacher so any thing a teacher can use, would be used if not by her, she will pass it along.

My adorable nieces are in Jr high now.

The oldest likes to collect different erasers. The youngest likes bird house looking things.

Like postcards or stickers so small bits of fabric, s&p shakers are Ok, but too costly to ship. But no real bird houses. She likes the cutsie colorful thingys.

Mother is a reader.

Hubby likes picturesque and cards, playing and postcards, of sailing ships with the masts up. Not sail boats though.

My son is an odd one, He is into tools and such. perhaps cool patterns of boxes ans such to saw and build. Daughter in Law likes black and brown bear things.

My grand daughters are just girly, cool teen jewelry, no religious, spritistitc, Wicca, nationalistic or named ( Like that Hanna gal stuff) just plain jewelry.

*Reading easily puts me to sleep, so I cannot always read PMs each time I log in. Please do not think I am ignoring you, or reading then mark as new. The only time I mark as new, is when I need to remember an address or a swap coming up.

*Once again, please do not feel I am ignoring anyone one, I am not doing that. ~~~~~

I travel a few times each year, so if there is a question about one of my swaps, please know I am not ignoring it, I am unable to access the swap site.

Or now since my life will never be the same as above, please understand I am not slacking, I send on time and always rate only when I can open/read my swaps.

*I will however, do private swaps for PCs, if I can find the PCs, if anyone that would like one from these states:

*I get to Wyoming often if there is a Wyoming or Colorado card you are interested in. I cannot promise the card, but I can promise to look.


I always send my swaps, no exceptions! But sometimes people don't receive it... The best way to solve it, is to send me an email or PM, so I am aware of any problems and I can re-send it for you. USPS post is funny... I received postcard sent from UK quicker than a letter from a close city sent on the same day...So please, be patient. If by any reason you don't have your stuff after 6 weeks from "sent date", please, let me know!

*An example of this, is, I just got a letter from someone with the postmark April 2011, it arrived in July 2012

. .....

..... I am done hiding the flakers. Now I will post their IDs here and the swaps they flake on.

Then the flaker groups will be notified.

@luschasc A bit of everything... http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/137368


widelo123 rated for Postcard Mash Up 34 on Mar 19, 2015
Comment: Fawn, thank you for some wonderful postcards. Shirley
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Comment: Thanks so much for the teas and the post cards!
Whippet rated for WPS - Multiview Postcard #2 on Mar 14, 2015
Comment: Thank you Fawn for the lovely multi-view Colorado Springs, CO, postcard you sent to me for the swap. Happy March!
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Comment: Yea for getting the boot off! Sorry to hear about your friend.
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Comment: Beautiful, I hope you achieved your goals.
Gardener rated for Postcard Mash Up USA 2 on Mar 9, 2015
Comment: You did a great job with decorating the envelope! I loved the idea of putting a postcard on the ouside of the envelope. The animal PC were cute :-)
Response: Thank you, I got that idea from a fellow swapper, and thought is was real neat.
DLRodrigues rated for WIYM: Doodle Mail Art Swap on Feb 25, 2015
Comment: I loved the envelope and your letter was very special xx Thank you xx
Comment: Thank you
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Comment: Thank you for the resend! Love the card!
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Comment: Thanks for the cards and the extras!
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Comment: Thanks for the postcard! Baking bread sounds nice, I've got to do it again some time too ^_^/
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Comment: Cute panda :) Thanks
Comment: Thank you for a beautiful nature view from your State. Good to hear your foot is healing. Wish you all the best.
suesuzieq rated for NOT my state PC swap on Feb 18, 2015
Comment: We visit this park quite often. My husband, daughter and son-in-law, son, and another daughter have climbed extensively here. Thanks.
Comment: Thank you xx
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Comment: Loved the Bible verse on the back!
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Comment: Thanks for the interesting teas! Haven't had them before! :) Will write an answer to your letter too this week! Warm hugs, San

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