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Date Joined: March 23, 2012
Last Online: September 27, 2023
Birthday: December 12, 1977
Country: Finland
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About Me

I won't be here much and won't be swapping a lot... My mom @Viljami was diagnosed to have kidney cancer and we are all so devastated :( Update: Mom recovered well from the surgery and is doing better at the moment :) Also my dad has had health problems. He got a stroke some time ago. My own depression has been bad :(

Hi, I'm Johanna from Finland. I live in coutryside with my 2 lovely cats Nuppu and Luna. All my gerbils have passed away :( I am engaged to a wonderful man Pasi. I'm very down to earth person, quiet and calm... I love nature and animals. I'm happy to meet new people all around the world! My parents are also here on Swap-bot @Viljami

Favorite Music

I like and listen many kinds of music... pop, rock, dance... almost anything. I'm a fan of love songs and romantic music :) I listen to radio a lot. I like to dance so traditonal dance music, waltz, tango etc are also my favorites.

Favorite Books

Vampire books are my favorite!!! Twilight-saga, Sookie Stackhouse series, House of Night and more. Also cat and other animal books, nature, travelling guides. I also read travelling magazines.

Some authors I like: Stephenie Meyer, Charlaine Harris, Cassandra Clare, P.C Cast and Kristin Cast, Suzanne Collins, L.J.Smith

Favorite Movies

Twilight saga, Dirty Dancing, Romantic comedies, Action movies (with a plot). There are so many good ones and I don't even remember their names...

Favorite Television

Vampire Diaries, True Blood, The Voice of Finland and other music programs, Grey's Anatomy and other hospital series, CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds and similar series, movies, reality shows like Big Brother.

What I collect

My Little Pony G1

Postcards: beautiful views, city views/landscapes, buildings, people, food, something traditional to the country, animals (cats), nature, flowers, funny pictures etc. I'm a member in PostCrossing. Souvenir fridge magnets from other countries. Small souvenirs like thimbles, shotglasses, pins, keychains...

COINS especially Euro cents (1, 2, 5) from other countries. We don't use 1 and 2 cent coins in Finland so it's hard to get them.

Everything to do with cats

Favorite Crafts

My new passion is resin. I make resin keychains, trinket dishes, trays, led candle holders etc. I like papercrafts like ATC, pocket letters, art journals, cards. I like to paint, draw, crochet, cross stitch, needle felting.

For my resin projects I need lots of different stuff. If you have: small seshells, Mica-powders, glitter (fine or chunky), ocean/sea theme pendants and other small items, foil stickers esp. metallic colors, silicone mold (used molds are fine). Tiny/small succulent plants (not real).

What I love

I love wooden cats

Everything CUTE and PINK, glitter, girly stuff but remember that I am adult ;) CATS and other cute animals, woodland creatures esp. squirrels, hares, deer, hedgehogs. Nature, beautiful views, sunsets, beaches, sea, palm trees! I love summer! Stickers, Cat figures and all... Vampires: Vampire Diaries, True Blood, House of Night etc.

LIKES: ANIMALS (esp. cats, rabbits, sheeps, horses and all baby animals), CHRISTMAS

SKY: stars, sun, cloudes, rainbows, Aurora Borealis, lightnings, raindrops, sunsets and sunrises, THE WHOLE UNIVERSE: galaxy, planets, SEA: islands, beaches, sailingboats NATURE: beautiful views, flowers and plants, trees, beautiful and also odd nature's creations, NOTECARDS, stickers, PAPER CRAFTS and SUPPLIES If anyone likes to make ADDRESS LABELS I'd like to have some..

WISHLIST - things/themes I like

A- Animal themed things, angels, ATC cards (blank), ATC sleeves, address labels

B- BLUE CAT by Irina Zeniuk, Borber punches, Bookmarks, bunnies, beads, baby animals, beaches, biscuits, butterflies

C- CATS, CHRISTMAS tree ornaments, CHARMS, cute stuff, Candy, cookies, Crafting supplies, Christmas esp PINK ornaments, cocos, candles NO SCENTED though, cross stitch patterns, coffee, chocolates with filling, corn snacks

D- Die cut pictures, distress ink pads

E- Epoxy resin, Envelopes, Embossed images, EDIBLES (factory sealed), embellishments

F- PAPER FLOWERS, Fairies, Fantacy, fabric, FOOD: candy (all sorts), cookies, nuts, crisps, tea, hot chocolate, coffee, easy baking mixes like muffins, mousse etc. Only factory sealed!

G- GERBILS, Grumpy Cat, Gorjuss girl, Glitter, glitter glue, glossy pictures, garden theme

H- Handbags, handmade items, horses, hedgehog, hot chocolate

I- Irina Zeniuk- Blue Cat, INCH RULER would help me when I'm making ATCs, inchies and twinchies (we use centimeters)

J- Julie Nutting Doll stamps or stamped images for crafting, JETOY, Jewellery

K- Keychains (souvenir or cats)

L- Lace, labels

M- My Little Pony, marzipan, marshmallows, magnets (souvenir), mermaids, marine-, Moon, moonlight, My Melody

N- Nitrile gloves, NOTECARDS

O- old photos (black and white)

P- PAPER FLOWERS, PUCHed pictures, Postcards, Pink, purple, photos, pearls, palmtrees, old pin up pictures, potato chips, paranormal stories, pocketletters and 9-pocket sheets, PROJECT LIFE CARDS, pendants, PINK CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS

Q- qoutes

R- Resin, Resin fillers, Rolodex! Rolos, rhinestones, ribbon, roses, romantic style, rubber stamps

S- Simon's Cat, silicone molds, SLEEVES for ATCs, stickers, snailmail, socks, shower gel, souvenirs, sea, sky, stars, summer, sheeps, stationary, seashells, Swap cards, squirrels, seahorses, sailing boats, SOUR candy, snacks, salty snack, 9-pocket SHEETS

T- Tea flower (blooming tea) Tea (fruit/berry flavors are my favorite), Twilight, touristy items, tags, Tim Holtz Idea-ology SMALL TALK Spiral Bound Sticker Book, Tim Holz craft supplies, TAG-Pads

U- Unicorns

V- Vampires, VINTAGE

W- Wooden cat figures, Woodland theme and creatures, werevolves

X- Xtras, Xmas

Y- ystävät

Z- Zeniuk Irina - Blue Cat, Zebras

Ã…- Ã…land

Ä- äitini mun

Ö- öinen tähtitaivas

Blue Cats by Irina Zeniuk are more than welcome!!!

If you can get any Jetoy cat themed items I'd love to swap with you!!!

If you can make me some borders with border punch I would be more than happy!!! I could use them in my ATCs. Any kind of borders! Thank you in advance :D


I drink lots of tea. I love esp. black tea with fruits and berries (strawberry, raspberry, pineaple), Earl Grey, Russian Earl Grey, Chai but I'm very interested to try new flavors. I prefer black tea. I use milk with tea! What I don't like so much are plain tea without a flavor, herbal teas, I HATE floral teas (camomile, hibiscus, rosehip).

Flake chocolate bar, yes please!

I love Nesquik strawberry milk (powder) but can't get it from here :( Other brands would be great too.

I really like candy! Who wouldn't?! I prefer candies to chocolate but I do eat chocolate if I get some... I don't like plain chocolate. I prefer choco with nuts, marzipan, berries etc. I like sour candy! I love marshmallows, marzipan and cocos!

I love salty snacks! Like potato crisps, pretzels, corn snacks, nuts. But as I don't eat red meat no dried beef snacks or anything for me please. Different nuts are so good, no plain salted peanuts please.

All kinds of cookies/biscuits are always welcome :)

I'd really love to try and see a flowering tea or blooming tea, what ever is the right name for it!

These are our cats favorites! We can't get these from here :(


Karkit mm. Missä X, Lontoon rakeet, Vanhat autot, laku, lemon laku, lakupiiput, salmiakkilaku, Dragster renkaat (sour ja super salta) kirpeät karkit, vaahtokarkit, Hyvää Makumaasta, Fazer Merkkari Mix.

Lempiteet: Teetaivas ja kaikki sen sisältämät teet erikseen mm. Karibian aurinko, Sadepäivän ilo, Uskollinen ystävä. Keisarinmorsian, Muumitee, Chailatte.

Lempikeksit: Kanapee, Wilhelmiina, Domino, Muro, Muumikeksit, Karneval keksit, täytekeksit. Mieluiten ei suklaakeksejä.

Kortit mm. kissat, Muumit, maisemat, Inge Löökin kortit, Vallila kortit

Tarrat esim. kissat, kukat, sydämet, eläimet, tähdet, jouluaiheiset, Muumi

Kissoille herkkuja. Kissanminttu napit on ihan ykkönen ja kissanmaito on herkkua, kaikenlaiset pötköt ja raksut.

Askarteluun ainakin SiInellistä saatavia Liquid pearls dimensional pearlescent paint kohovärejä ja Stickles kimalleliimoja kaiken värisiä tykkään käyttää.

Not for me please!

I have asthma so nothing that smells strong! No perfume, scented candles etc. I'm not against religion but nothing too pushy or converting please. No violent stuff! I'm teetotaler (absolutist) and no smoker so no alcohol for me thank you! I hate cigarette smell. Nothing meat please!

About swapping!

I will always send the swap to my partner. That is something I can promise! I hope you will do the same :) If you don't get my swap, please contact me and we'll figure it out. If for some reason I'd send my swap late, I will let you know. I think it's better and polite to tell if you have some delays. I can always wait as long as I know I will get my swap :) Here mail doesn't go during the weekends and some holidays so sometimes that may cause some delays. I mark my swap "sent" when I put it in the mail box. So I have sent it even if it doesn't go right away. That way I know I have mailed my swaps. And due to the time difference sending date is wrong if I mark my swap sent in the morning... It's still the day before in US. Happy swapping!!!

If you wait a reply from me (postcard/letter swap etc.) PLEASE, please remind me if you don't hear from me. I don't intentionally leave you without an answer but life and my mind is full of stuff so I sometimes forget :( Sorry about that. And now I don't mean swaps themself but answers to your rated swap letters/postcards. Swaps I always send in the timelimit.

PRIVATE SWAPS are also welcome!

I recycle package materials!!! And as postages are so high I have to use economy mail time to time. But as we have seen priority mail doesn't come that fast either so there might not be a big difference!


Eclectonote rated for Postcard swap with a RAK wish on Apr 30, 2023
Comment: Wonderful steampunk style postcard with a great fireworks postage stamp. Thank you!
Mimosagirl rated for Fairy ATC on Apr 19, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful Fairy ATC and the little extras! I’m very happy to add this to my collection. See you next time ❤️
Response: I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the rating.
Comment: Thank you for the fun Italy ATC! I am really enjoying these swaps and seeing everyone's creativity and ideas!! Thank you for the Retrosisko postcard too! Have a lovely week! xx G
Response: I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the ❤
Pikkis rated for Joululahja on Dec 13, 2021
Comment: Kiitos, lahja perillä! Palaan asiaan, kunhan se on avattu ;)! Hyvää Joulua! Edit: Kiitos niin monesta ihanasta paketista! Erityisesti washit ja servetit sekä pikkuleimat ilahduttivat kovasti!
Comment: Thanks for the Finland postcard! Nice scenic views. Very pretty! 💕 ~ Z
middleearthtraveller rated for WIYM: HARRY POTTER PC on Jul 20, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the postcard! I felt the same re HP, haha. -k
CzechFriend rated for WIYM: HARRY POTTER PC on Jul 19, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the card!
user6937 rated for HME: Small Embellishments on Jul 12, 2021
Comment: Very cute embellishments - they'll fit nicely onto anything! Thanks :)
chendaleh rated for My wishlist PC on May 5, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the card, I love it!!
malgosya rated for Hello March on Apr 25, 2021
Comment: Thank you for a very cute postcard! Special thanks for the beautiful postage stamp and stickers! Have a nice day! I wish your mom and you health!
malgosya rated for Hello February on Apr 25, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the awesome, cute postcard! My daughter and I really liked it! Very delicate and beautiful! Special thanks for the postage stamp!
Rosa1 rated for CS: Christmas Craft swap on Apr 12, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful heart!
Nuisant rated for New Years gift - Europe on Mar 22, 2021
Comment: thank you for the cute tea towel!
debbiespoms rated for CS: Christmas Ornament Swap on Mar 9, 2021
Comment: I got it Johanna! Thank you very much for the resend . What a very pretty star ornament!
Response: I'm glad you got this one. Maybe the first one comes some day too.
Ashzaller rated for Hello January on Jan 21, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much!
romyisa78 rated for CS: New year good luck item on Jan 14, 2021
Comment: thank you so much, and happy new year
TryshaH81 rated for Ho Ho Ho on Jan 14, 2021
Comment: LOVE LOVE LOVE the ATC's...... they are just beautiful..... and the cards and the stickers..... Thank you and many many hearts to you..... thank you for swapping......
Comment: Thanks Johanna For the lovely handmade tree decoration And stickers Take care stay safe Andrea 😊
Comment: Thank you so much! It took a while to arrive but I love the ornament- it's going into the pile for next years tree! <3 Al

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Sorry to hear about your mom, I hope everything is going well. Sending prayers!

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Christmas Christmas


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Sorry to read the news about your Mother...Hugs from Ohio.

MCGalaxy on Dec 26, 2018:

Merry Christmas (I’m so sorry for the delay in posting. I didn’t take into account when I signed up that I’d be out of town from the date that partners would be assigned until the due date. I’m so sorry for not noticing that sooner. I still hope that you had a great Christmas )

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APDG ~ MEGA Merry Christmas to you!!!!

Best wishes for a great holiday season, good weather, and happy swapping! ❄️ Ema

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Best wishes from Carol AKA neca84

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APDG ~ MEGA Merry Christmas to you!!!!

And a

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APDG ~ MEGA Merry Christmas to you!!!!

Wishing you fun CHRISTMAS Memories ;-)

Sent with BLESSINGS For a VERY MERRY Christmas
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