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About Me

March 2022 - Taking a break as I've gone back to study part-time in addition to my work commitments. I hope to return sometime in the mid-year.

animated kitten with wings heart

Hello! I'm Alicia (she/they). I love happy mail and have been penpalling or sending other types of snail mail in various ways since I was a kid. I'm in my early 30s, childfree, in a long-term relationship and we are owned by a cat!

*** Please do let me know if you haven't received your swap before downrating! Mail from Australia to pretty much anywhere can be a slow and/or perilous journey (sometimes taking up three months! Especially at the moment with the pandemic still causing issues). If something doesn't arrive, please message me and we can work something out :)

Favorite Movies

The Wicker Man; the Back to the Future series; Spirited Away; Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me; Withnail and I; Fargo; The Shining; The Ghoul; A Field in England. There's about 50382048 movies I still want to watch - please send me your recs! I particularly enjoy horror movies or anything weird.


Bookish things

Villette; Crash (JG Ballard); Pride and Prejudice; High Rise; Rabble Starkey; The Adventures of Tintin; Calvin and Hobbes; Lolita; American Psycho; Maurice; Raymond Carver; Annihilation (Vandermeer); Philip K Dick; The Cipher (Kathe Koja). I buy far more books than I read, unfortunately, but talking about books and reading in general is something I really enjoy.

Lately trying to read more poetry, so far I'm fond of Auden, Yeats, Eliot, Catullus, Sappho, Larkin, O'Hara. Always happy for more recommendations for both prose and poetry!

I'm on Goodreads too, please feel free to reach out to me there :)

Favorite Television

Twin Peaks; The Prisoner; Inside No. 9; The X-Files; Black Books; Arrested Development; The Day Today; Serial Experiments Lain. I'm sure there are plenty more I can't think of right now.

What to send me

I really will love and appreciate anything you send to me! However, the below are some of my especial favourite things:

  • kawaii style
  • anything colourful, foiled, holographic, glittery. Basically all the shiny things!
  • anything gothic/witchy/weird/creepy
  • Halloween!! It's not really a thing here so I'm always excited to receive Halloween items any time of the year, since they're hard to get
  • Christmas items. I find them so cheery :)
  • lengthy letters, since I tend to ramble on myself, ha!
  • also upcycled items
  • things that represent your hometown/city or country
  • your artwork :D
  • pretty much anything to do with animals
  • things in languages other than English

I'm obsessed with stickers and washi tape, and to a lesser degree also obsessed with memo papers and letter sets.

I like both tea and coffee, although I'm not a big fan of chamomile tea. I mostly drink green, assam, lemon and ginger, sleepytime.

Characters I like:

  • Peanuts/Snoopy
  • Pretty much all Japanese characters from brands like Sanrio, Crux, San-X, etc. Especial favourites include Cinnamoroll, Pochacco, Rilakkuma, Kerokerokeroppi, Pompompurin. Basically any of the non-human characters, haha.
  • Studio Ghibli
  • Tintin! I grew up with the books and would love to visit the official museum one day.
  • Calvin and Hobbes :)
  • Pokemon
  • Moomins


There aren't many things I don't like! However I am not super into non-papercraft items such as lace, brads, ribbons and the like as unfortunately I have no aptitude with sewing, knitting, acrylic/resin crafts, etc. I'm also not really a big Disney fan unless it's Alice in Wonderland or any of the animal characters.


I'd love to hear your music recommendations with stories attached (like what the song reminds you of, a memory you associate with it, a movie it's from, etc).

Lately listening: The Twin Peaks soundtracks, Eartheater, Grimes.

credit: Jubilee

Random likes and interests

  • animals of all sorts but particularly cats
  • Peanuts/Snoopy
  • David Lynch's work
  • languages, esp. Ancient Greek and Latin
  • Indonesian culture
  • internet culture, cyberpunk
  • fanfiction/fandom
  • creepypasta
  • weird videos on youtube
  • niche microgenres like dreampunk, vaporwave, etc
  • journaling
  • horror films and horror video games
  • let's plays
  • 'aesthetics'; (e.g. dark academia, kidcore, cottagecore)
  • surrealism
  • contemporary and conceptual art
  • developing spontaneous and very short-lived obsessions with people and things
  • mental health
  • tattoos, including the stick and poke kind
  • piercings
  • LGBTQ+/pride things
  • woolgathering
  • stickers
  • postmodernism
  • folklore and mythology
  • true crime
  • the occult

alien ghost cat pumpkin dragon


Tverne05 rated for WIYM - Tiny Blind Autumn Swap :) on May 31, 2022
USAFwife rated for G: St Patrick's Day on Apr 10, 2022
Comment: Thanks so much for your letter. I love the way you decorated as well. :) Thank you for sharing!
Response: It was a fun swap! Thank you for hosting and for the heart :)
fiennesgirl rated for WIYM: Junk Journal Supplies #18 on Apr 6, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much for all of the sweet junk journal supplies! I especially love the hedgehog postcard and the Alice In Wonderland one and the cute envelopes, stickers, and such! I can’t wait to use the stuff in some projects!
Response: So glad you enjoyed it all :D Thank you for the heart :)
neca84 rated for Blind Envie #25 on Mar 28, 2022
Comment: thank you for the alphas
Response: Thank you for the heart!
Chechel2 rated for Ho Ho Ho year three on Mar 16, 2022
Comment: Finally got the swap! Lol! Thank you! Love the Pocket full of goodies! 😁
Response: Wow, that's a very late Christmas greeting, lol. I'm glad it got there safely though. Thank you for the heart :)
PrincessLeia rated for AS<3: Send A Postcard #8 on Mar 6, 2022
Comment: Hello Alicia, Thanks for the inuit PC. Im might be wrong, but i include inuit in native american indians. I went to the museum in DC and im sure there was stuff in there that was inuit. ❀️❀️❀️
Response: Oh that's good to know! I did get a little bit confused as I know there are some Inuit from Canada as well. The art is certainly very interesting. Thank you for the heart!
Tricia22 rated for WIYM: WORKING ANIMAL POSTCARD on Feb 26, 2022
Comment: Love the beautiful rainforest postcard. Thank you. I agree about reading the books you already own. It's a great way to declutter.
Response: Thank you for the heart :) Best of luck with your own reading resolutions too!
Bucket rated for R&W: Best of 2021 on Feb 9, 2022
Comment: Thanks so much for the note and fun papers! Somehow I don't think we've swapped before in the Reading and Writing group, but I'm so glad we did this time! I do lots of swaps in the group, and this is really the first time I've found someone with similar reading tastes to me (classics, literary fiction, down to read the postmodern and experimental). I was so excited to see that, without exception, everything you listed I've read or have on my TBR, or have now added to my TBR because it sounds so good. I friended you on Goodreads too. :)
Response: Sorry for the late response! I really appreciate the lovely comment (and the heart!) - I'm so excited to hear that we have similar reading tastes! I also rarely come across people (that I get to interact with, not just lurk around, lol) who like to read such things, especially the weirder/darker stuff. I accepted your friends invite and have been lurking your profile - your read list is making me want to up my game, haha!
Ettoad rated for G: A Christmas Carol on Feb 7, 2022
Comment: I absolutely loved reading your thoughts on A Christmas Carol!! Especially about reading the book as I have not read it myself, tho I have read other works of Dickens Happy New Year!!
Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! I really need to get to reading his other works. Happy New Year to you too and thank you for the heart :)
Ettoad rated for G: Christmas ghost stories on Jan 30, 2022
Comment: I so enjoyed reading your card about Christmas ghost stories (and apologies for a bit of a late rating)! I will have a look for the story you read - I really enjoyed reading a ghost story at Christmas and plan to make it a tradition Tho I too have never read Dickens’ Christmas Carol! The Muppets movie version I have seen before and was what I watched and wrote about for the Christmas Carol Swap 😺 I hope your holidays were merry and bright and that your 2022 is off to a fantastic start πŸ’—
Response: I think I've seen the Muppets version a long time ago, my memory is pretty bad so I didn't feel confident that I had enough to say about it in a letter, haha. Maybe next year! I hope you had a lovely festive holiday too, and that your 2022 is also going brilliantly! Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Enjoyed your swap
Response: Thank you for the heart :)
Comment: This was a great list you sent -- I have read a few on the list before, and I agree with you about them. Happy swapping!
Response: Thank you for the heart :) Nice to hear you also enjoyed some of the books on my list! Take care!
Sarrr rated for Ho Ho Ho year three on Jan 11, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the fun Christmas card!! The sleeve with the extras brought me sooo much joy :) I believe the letter had quite the wild journey before it reached me, the envelope was really tattered and ripped open at the edges… post offices didn’t treat it very nicely :(
Response: You're very welcome, thank you for the heart! I'm sorry to hear that it had a rough time getting there, though :( I wonder if it's because it wasn't quite flat? I'll try to make it a bit more post-office proof next time, hehe.
FeetInTheSoil rated for Private journal letter swap on Jan 6, 2022
Comment: 😍πŸ₯°πŸ˜­πŸ₯ΊπŸ’—πŸ’– Aliciaaaaaa 😍 thank you!! What a beautiful journal!! I hope mine is not getting rained on in these storms right now πŸ˜… even though it's not on your level omg the BINDING 🀯😍 thank you for your generous tuck ins and a long letter. I have already made some dot points for my next letter to you, I think I will do a messy undecorated letter next time so it's easier to get all my thoughts out, and then I'll add the pretty stuff seperate πŸ˜‚βœοΈπŸ’βœ¨
Response: πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’–you always leave the loveliest comments that truly make me smile, thank you Lena! Oh gosh, the binding I think is something I really need to work on, lol, I appreciate you being so nice about it! Your journal made it to me safely and I am just about to rate you after I finish this, sorry for the delay! Thanks also for reading all my totally random rambling. I always think of things to say after the fact, maybe next time I'll actually get everything in and it will make sense too, haha.
Carollee922 rated for R&W: Winter holiday card on Jan 5, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the really beautiful card and extras!
Response: You're welcome, thank you for the heart!
Comment: Sorry for the late rate, thank you very much for the great post cards.
Response: Thank you, glad you enjoyed them :)
Comment: Thanks for the postcard!
Response: No problem :)
Stellaerrans rated for LLU: current read PC #4 on Dec 30, 2021
Comment: Hello Alicia, thank for the beautiful maxicard with interesting information about your book!
Response: You're welcome, thank you for the heart :)
Comment: Thank you so much for the great recommendation. I will definitely check them out. I apologize for such a late rating -- sadly, your letter was put in my purse when I received it, then I switched purses and forgot to grab it. I just stumbled upon it yesterday. Please forgive!
Response: No problem at all, I can relate to that, ha. Thank you for the heart :)

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