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About Me

Hi, my name is jeannine.

I live in a blue house, blue enough that I feel a lingering presence of blue on my skin whenever I walk out of a door, like passing through a super fine mist of blue.
I live in/ share this blue house with my older sister because it makes good sense and I like her. (both my of my sisters are Amazing! I am so very fortunate.) There is also a cat. I like the cat though she is devious and rowdy; still, only slightly less devious and rowdy than the sister. I think I have a high tolerance and sturdy affection for troublesome things. Otherwise I am in my early 60s, non-smoker, never married, no children and I work a variety of odd, small, and ever changing jobs.

I have been a postcrossing member for years and value that exchange/experience very much. I think this might be another opportunity to have happy mail adventures.

Orange: orange is my happiest most favorite of all the colors. I think that's everything.

Well, No, I guess it isn't.

I have very kindly & courteously been told that my profile says nothing much specific, so

I am not fond of the color ocher.

I suspect I need a 12 step program for washi tape issue. ( Hmmmmm. cat food or more washi, see? No, the cat is neither abused nor neglected no matter what she may claim.)

I often plant flowers, but mostly I grow weeds. I like them both, flowers and weeds, but more than flowers I am aware of and attracted to leaves. The colors, the shapes and textures are endlessly interesting and yet serene.

I enjoy both coffee and tea and usually have 2 or 3 beverages scattered around at any time of the day. Her vet says the cat definitely cannot have coffee though she may have green tea if it's decaf. She has her own tea cup but prefers to drink from mine. I prefer cups with lids.

I am not particularly religous but I am not an atheist either.

I get very enthuastic about the things I find on my daily walk. I never know what I may come across. One of my best finds was/is part of a smashed plastic cup; it looks like a wing of some kind: Angel, butterfly, intergalactic insect, - don't know but it's beautiful. Finding odd scraps and tiny junk- metal, glass, plastic or wood things are a joy.
Having happy pockets when I get back to. home is often worth the grubbines and the need
for the cleaning of the found things.

I keep a book of quotes. Quotes I've read, heard or been sent. I've kept this book since i was in grade school. I look through it and it's like a journal, or calender, or maybe a guest book of visiting ideas and wisdom, or not... some of the quotes are just words -still fun though, and full of memories.

I have a shoe box of things like tea bag tags ( !Salada! ) And DMC floss bands, Cracker Jack jokes. Kinder egg toys and bubble gum machine prizes. When it gets too full I divide it up, keeping some of all types of trinkets for myself, then isend the. a packet of stuff to some unsuspecting family. person or friend whether they want it or not. Nope- Do not feel sorry for them. They do it to me with giant zuchinnis. (Porch bombing with overgrown vegetables seems to be a favored late summer pastime)

Favorite Crafts

Without either confirming or denying having a definite hoarding compulsion, I do craft.
Okay so, as a kiddle, my mum taught me needlework and sewing. She sewed most of our clothes and believed that sewing was a good base for learning useful practical skills. I agree and am lucky she was such a good teacher. Sewing was my first craft. Embroidery, garment construction, needlepoint, darning ( yes for years I did actually darn socks, I still can but I don't anymore because really "why?" ) I did them with happiness. Then I took up quilting. Oh my goodness; I love fabric! The colors and the designs/patterning. Joy! - but also expensive per project. And quilting needs SPACE. It's a long term kind of deal. I got excited about new ideas and techniques and fabrics and started new projects before finishing existing projects and that was a miserable feeling when I looked at all my UFOs and bins of things still to do. So eventually, i cut mostly all the quilts down to smaller projects, tote bags and pillows, potholders....and I did actually finish them all. I decided that quilting was too much of an endurance hobby for me so I took up beading.

Oh I love the beads! The colors, the marvelous feel of glass, metal, stone or whatever in my hands. The light through a bowl of beads is mesmerizing and delucious! I thought that beading would mean smaller faster projects, right? Yes, but also no. They were smaller and occasionally faster but beading also is pretty high maintainance, and sneakily expensive. That's when I realized that i was taken up by both quilting and beadwork pretty much so I could play with colors and patterns and design. And that's when I began papercrafting in a primary way. Now I have All the lovely colors -all the patterns. Yum!
I do mostly papercrafting, mixed media, collage, origami, calligraphy, sketching, shibori.... paper things. I do also still happily get my hands and imagination busy with lots of other than paper crafting. Sewing/ needle arts, in a small scale, art dolls, acrylic clay, papermaking, watercolor, macrame/knotting, braiding. I think eventually or maybe basically all the kinds of crafting are so inter-related that it's tricky to say one thing is separate from all the others skills. It's easy to see how caligraphy and cake decorating are similar: rythym, proportion and consistency, the same skill(s), different application. So many things to learn more about, so many fun things to try.

Stuff, and then other stuff. Maybe it's hoarding. Truly, i am running out of space to work/play in. I do pack up boxes of stuff to share or send or donate, but there's still more stuff. It could be clutter, but maybe also be treasure! It's all that amazing potential. Impossible for me to decide.

Favorite Books

I can't imagine my life with out reading. I read a lot. Almost always for fun.
I read mostly fiction, but occasionally non fiction too. I read most anything: novels, sci-fi/fantasy, mysteries, adventure, biographies, historical, thrillers, YA/childrens, Not so much the classics, I still have not managed to finish War and Peace. ( It more a personal goal than fun. I think if I just read a page or 2 a day I could finish it in this decade. Probably. maybe. -I suppose it could happen.)


Maddashin rated for Mega Letter Swap USA #1 on Mar 27, 2023
Comment: Thanks πŸ™ Hearts πŸ’•
Response: You are welcome Maddashin, πŸ’• to you too
Comment: Hi! Thank you so so much for the gorgeous stickers and extra's. I love it! Really appreciate it 😊 I hope you will get used to your new job soon! And that you are enjoying it πŸ™‚
Response: Thank You DakotaSkye93, you are very welcome. I have a lot of fun with this swap, Thank You for hosting. πŸ™‚
Comment: Looking forward to the resend thanks! I'm pretty sure I remember the first envelope but not positive since it's been awhile.
Response: Hi KelseyJayne, USPS tracking says you have received the additional envelope. Please let me know if there is an issue, πŸ™‚
Comment: This card was thoroughly delightful in every way! I spent a long time just looking at the front side, taking in the rainy day tableau. Rainbow theme and sparkly and oh my, it's just lovely. Yes, books and cat hair and rainy days :-) A million thanks for this, I'm going to stick it up by my desk to remind me to appreciate the rain.
Response: Hi redyellownow This was a super fun swap! I am very happy you like the postcard. Your kind comments made my dayπŸ˜€ A million you're welcomes, see you in the swaps πŸŒ‚β˜‚οΈβ˜”
NachoCheese928 rated for Mail Art Envelope - USA only on Mar 19, 2023
Comment: It arrived! And I love love the envelope and your thorough description. I have some stencils and stamps that you’ve inspired me to use to recreate your envelope design. I will be looking for that bunny stamp for sure. Thank you for the extra goodies as well, you made my week!
Response: I am delighted and relieved it finally got to you! πŸ’šThank You for your good thoughts, and you are very welcome! It is a great bunny stamp, one of my favorites. πŸ™‚ See you in the swaps NachoCheese928. πŸ‡
Comment: Thank you so much for all the stickers and extras. I enjoyed reading about your cats! My cats say hi to yours!
Response: πŸ™‚You are Welcome fbresnah, this is always a fun swap. πŸˆπŸˆβ€β¬›
Karen07 rated for Mega Letter Swap USA #1 on Mar 12, 2023
Comment: Hey Jeannine! I really enjoyed your artistic letter! It made my day! All the best, Karen.
Response: Awe! Thank You Karen; that is always the goal 😁 Happiness and Peace to you. 🌱
Comment: Thank you for the cards and the pretty flower stickers. I will be sending these along in some of the other swaps in this series.
Response: You're Welcome kssunlover, I am happy you like them. 🌼
cynaemon rated for Adult coloring book page - 2/23 on Feb 28, 2023
Comment: Thanks so much for the great swap. Loved the dragon. And my elve LOVED the envelope withh the rabbit. He is smiling from eartip to eartip.
Response: πŸ‡ bunnies will find thier way into all kinds of places. You are very welcome and Thank You for the heart. It has been a fun swap. See you in the swaps cynaemon πŸ™‚
Comment: I don't know why you were worried about your bookmarks, they turned out awesome! I loved everything about your package, the envelope was AWESOME definitely using it for inspiration for future envelope decor I loved the space envelope and postcard and the origami crane! Thanks for sharing one of your favorite tools with me I added the mini ruler to my 'vital supplies' box as I know it will come in handy!!
Response: Lol, these are pretty good bookmarks I think, ( I feel good about sending them) but my first 2 or 12 designs were utter rubbish. So I am very happy and relieved that you liked these. A box of vital tools is a fabulous thing to have. I am interested, envious, and nebby, what do you consider vital supplies Did your decorate the box? I keep my/some wonderstuff in an old peanutbutter jar.... its not decorated, I wouldn't even claim the jar is clean but it no longer has any peanutbutter in it. I love love love those little rulers thoughπŸ“ so useful! See you in the swaps RaspberryRobot, πŸ™‚
Comment: Thank you for the bookmark set and the extras!
Response: You're very welcome twileteyesπŸ“š
AuntieBlythe rated for Coloring Collab 2023 #2 on Feb 24, 2023
Comment: Thank You. I love the envelope!
Response: You're Welcome AuntieBlythe🌿
RoxieLilly rated for Mail Art Envelope - USA only on Feb 23, 2023
Comment: Thank-you! 😊 It is a wonderful envelope. This will go in my art journal. I would like to communicate further, I’ll send you a message.
Response: You are very welcome RoxieLilly, I am delighted that you like it, 🌸
Comment: Hi Jeannine! Thank you so so much for everything you have send me! You send me so many stickers. I really appreciate it! Love the beautiful envelope as well β™‘ Have a great day!
Response: Hi DakotaSkye93, Wow, that got to you fast! πŸ™‚ This is a fun swap, Thank You for hosting. You are welcome; and a Great Day to you too
MandaPanda813 rated for Mail Art Envelope - USA only on Feb 21, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful envelope. (I do love the color pink) the note from you , postcard, stickers, all very special. Made my day!
Response: You are very welcome MandaPanda813, I had such fun making that envelope, I'm very happy you like pink. Happiness and Peace to you 🐼
Comment: Thank you ao much for giving mr double surprise of travelling tiles.
Response: You are very welcome susanyps, I am very happythey arrived. Happiness and Peace to you,
onyx95 rated for Coloring Collab 2023 #1 on Feb 7, 2023
Comment: Wow, both of these cards are really good, I will try to follow suit. Thanks for the great extra, love how the postcard colors turned out and the origami was welcome. Thank you.
Response: Thank You onyx95, you are very kind, and also very welcome. πŸ™‚See you in the swaps!
Comment: great postcards -i hope we trade again. Love Pennsylvania cards and the trains were spectacular!
Response: Hi marclively, I'm happy and relieved that you like the postcards. I hope we trade again sometime too. πŸ™‚
bafflingjerboa rated for Write a Letter Quick swap 2 on Feb 3, 2023
Comment: WOW, what a letter! It was such a gift to receive this beautiful snippet of your day! I loved the drawings and all the extras--the Alice in Wonderland Postcard is sooo cool :D I will certainly be responding to all of the fun questions you asked in your letter! Thank you for the time and care you put into it <3
Response: Hi bafflingjerboa, You are entirely welcome, I much enjoyed writing to you. That postcard is 1 from a series of Jetoy Alice in Wonderland images. Jetoy is about as close to something kawaii as i might have. Do you enjoy Yuko Higuchi's drawings ? I love her fantastical illustrations. Thank You very much for your kind thoughts, it has been a pleasure to meet you through your profile. I would be very happy to hear from you if you wish to reply, Happiness and Peace to you. 🎈
Comment: Your package brightened my mailbox after coming home from a work trip. Thank you for all of the bookmarks and extras. I'm already putting them to good use!
Response: You are welcome danarenee, I'm happy they are useable for you. πŸ“–

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mchesser12 on Jan 29, 2023:

Thanks for adding to my Coloring Collab postcard and sending it home.

mchesser12 on Jul 18, 2022:

Thanks for adding to my Art Collab postcard.

GrumpyGrandma on Jan 7, 2022:

I love the journal that we swaped-you are a very creative crafter. This has also given me ideas to work with on my furture journals. Thank you so much.

OrigamiGrace on Jul 29, 2021:

Great profile! Welcome to Swapbot!

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