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About Me

Hello there! I'm a 41 year old woman living in North Carolina. I've been a vegetarian for about 6-7 years now & am always looking for yummy vegetarian recipes. I'm into New Age, Pagan & occult things, music, drinking hot teas & watching Doctor Who.

I share my life with my girlfriend of 23 years and a cat & 3 dogs. I don't allow our fur-babies to get near my swapping area but if you have an allergy to cats or dogs let me know ahead of time and I'll take extra precautions!

I will ALWAYS rate who sends me a swap and I truly appreciate it when I'm rated by my partners!

If you ever do no receive from me PLEASE send me a message and let me know!!! I always send my packages out on time and if something gets lost in the mail I will be more than happy to re-send a package to you! I know how disappointing it is to not get what you expect to and I will never do that to my partner. So if you don't get something from me - never fear - I WILL send you another package! :o) I hate disappointing anyone!

I ALWAYS make sure that there is enough postage put on my packages. I take every package I send directly to my local Post Office not only to make sure the postage is correct but also for safety, to insure it does not get stolen.

If I receive a package with postage due I'm sorry, but I WILL RETURN TO SENDER. Some people may think that is mean to do - but I have received so much mail with postage due I am just not willing or ABLE to pay it any more. Please check that your package has the correct amount of stamps on it before mailing it. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but it is (in my opinion) a little rude to send a package to someone and ultimately make them have to pay postage on it. I hope everyone understands and respects how I feel about this. :o)



Just a note ~ Please don't send me anything Christian.




Stuff I Collect

  • Animal totems (could be little statues, postcards, photos, etc). These are some of my totems - rodents (rats & mice especially), fox, owl, snake, badger, raven & crow.

  • Gods/goddesses (especially Odin/Norse & Inanna/Sumerian).

  • Doctor Who Mini Figures (Titan Merchandise Blind Packs) any series, any figure, new or used!!!

  • Doctor Who related - Bookmarks, postcards, rubber stamps, postage stamps, trading cards, posters & coffee/tea mugs/cups.

  • Postcards of trees.

  • Postcards of old book covers & old movie posters (the weirder the better, think 'pulp').

  • Dark & natural colors (including white & off-white) of Wool Roving, any amount, even tiny amounts.

  • Old skeleton type keys (especially with 3-ring bow/clover design).

  • Tarot cards (even loose cards would be great).

  • Mix/themed cds.

  • Runes (handmade or store-bought).

  • Teas that are in individually factory sealed bags (see below for more info on teas).

  • Amulets/talismans/charms (from a store or hand-made).

  • Crystals or any sort & size, gemstones of any kind, any shape & size.

  • Just about any kind of Pagan/occult/New Age things - items for my altar & shrine are always awesome!

  • Pendulums (especially crystal or gemstone but metal & wood are nice too)

  • Photos & prints of autumn & 'naked' winter trees are a favorite - things to decorate my walls are always welcome!

  • Dotee dolls & voodoo dolls (handmade, of course). I really like the darker more goth looking ones. I've just started collecting these and would LOVE to add more to my collection!

  • Books (I don't really collect them but I do read them!) Please see below for more information on my book-likes. Also, I have a Kindle so .mobi, .prc & .azw files can be emailed to me or sent on a disc!

  • I don't avidly collect socks but I've been in a few 'Cute Socks' swaps and wanted to include my sizes here just so the information is available! I wear size - 9 US, 6 1/2 UK, 40 EU & 25 Japan. I really like wild, crazy colors & patterns, the brighter & crazier the better! I don't get into the typical 'cutesy' stuff like Hello Kitty, Disney, etc. I mainly just love vivid colors/patterns! I especially love FUZZY socks & TOE socks!

  • Used postage stamps that are NOT from America (unless they are older than 1970). I am only interested in stamps that are in very good condition (not torn, stapled, taped over or written on). It is okay if the stamp is still stuck to the envelop, but please make sure you do not cut the stamp when you trim the envelope paper around it. I collect stamps with animals (even fish & bugs), trees, flowers, holy places (cathedrals, synagogs, temples, etc), Christmas (non-religious ones especially). I also love big stamps & ones that are unique! :o)

  • I swap Friendship Books & any kinds of 'Bags' (like: used postage stamp bags, goodie bags, sticker bags, postcard bags, etc, etc).

  • Tiny animal figurines made from porcelain, baked clay or cut from stones. Especially these animals - rats & mice, foxes, owls, snakes, badgers, ravens & crows. But any animals would be fine.


Stuff I Like To Do

Read, watch movies that make me think, drink hot tea, listen to music, munch on good quality chocolate, visit flea markets & yard sales & take photographs.

I also love to play games - right now I'm playing on GSN & FaceBook & am also playing The Secret World (a MMORPG). I really miss City of Heroes!

My most favorite thing to do is read - I am always surrounded by books! My goal every year is to read at least 50 books & so far I've been able to. I keep track of what I read and when I've finished on GoodReads & Shelfari.


My Altar & Shrine

I'm settling into my new home now & still need to set up my altar & shrine. I need some things (most of which I can't find here). I would love to receive some things to add to my altar & shrine!

First - I love silver & silver-toned items, copper is my second favorite followed by black then stone-based items. I dislike gold & gold-toned things.

I prefer basic type stuff (nothing very colorful or elaborate). Simple designs & plain looking items are always preferred over a sparkly, painted & overly embellished types of look.

What I'm looking for

  • Anything related to my totem animals - rats, mice, foxes, owls, snakes, badgers, ravens & crows.

  • Anything with the triple moon on it.

  • Anything with a simple solar cross.

  • Anything with a pentacle.

  • Anything with an eight-pointed star.

  • Silver or copper altar tiles (they look like large coins).

  • Small (5" to 6" tall) plain altar candles. Especially these colors - white, black, yellow, orange, shades of blue, shades of purple & green.

  • Silver, black or stone holders for the candles (simple with minimal design).

  • Any shape of small (less than 5" tall) glass bottles with a cork. Any color, including clear.

  • Safe-for-your-skin oils - general purpose, god/goddess, protection, enlightenment, ward-off depression & ward-off anxiety.

  • Anything related to Yggdrasil (the World Tree).

My matron goddess, the goddess I am closest to is Inanna (Sumerian) or known as Ishtar to the Babylonians. But I also connect with Ereshkigal (Sumerian/Akkadian), Kali (Hindu), Hestia (Greek) & Kuan-yin/Guanyin (Chinese).

My patron god, the god I am closest to is Odin/Woden (Norse). But I also connect with Enki (Sumerian) known as Ea to the Akkadian and Babylonians, Janus (Roman) & Thoth (Egyptian).

I would appreciate anything related to Inanna or Odin!


Random Likes

  • I would always LOVE to have anything from my Etsy & Amazon wishlists!!!
  • Witchy & Pagan stuff.
  • Individually sealed tea bags.
  • Blank note cards.
  • Postcards (unwritten in an envelope).
  • Sheets of stationery.
  • Doctor Who anything (especially postcards).
  • Used non-USA Postage Stamps.
  • OLD Postage Stamps from the US (pre 1970s).
  • Friendship Books & any kinds of 'Bags'.
  • Sheets of stickers (nothing that's for kids).
  • Nice bookmarks.
  • Any kind of ginger candy or crystallized ginger.
  • Vintage ephemera.
  • Ultra-Fine-Point Sharpie pens (any color).
  • Address labels made for me.
  • Random pages from old or foreign books.
  • Your handmade envelopes (any size, especially ATC sized ones).
  • Small colored glass bottles.
  • Note pads.
  • Gem stones of any kind or size.
  • Little 'String Dolls' (you can sometimes find them in vending machines).
  • Old (pre 1950s) postcards that have already been written on and stamped long ago.


Favorite Books

I love reading!

Fiction I especially like - adult & YA sci-fi/fantasy, psychological thrillers & weird off-beat paranormal novels (like: Neil Gaiman, Simon R. Green, Kim Harrison). I also enjoy - contemporary fantasy/mythology & supernatural fiction.

Post apocalyptic/dystopian novels are somewhat of an obsession of mine (like: "The Road" - Cormac McCarthy, "Hunger Games" series, "The Pesthouse" - Jim Crace", "Oryx And Crake" - Margaret Atwood, "Idlewild" - Nick Sagan, "The Forest of Hands and Teeth" - Carrie Ryan, etc).

Non-fiction I like - interesting memoirs/biographies of people with dysfunctional/strange lives, books about astral travel/OBEs (out of body experiences), reincarnation, the goddess Inanna (Sumerian) & god Odin (Norse), anything dealing with the occult and/or magic & information about runes.

I want to start doing Needle Felting/Wool Roving, so any books dealing with this subject would be wonderful!

I DO NOT like - any kind of romance, westerns, Christian & books for children (YA is written for young adults, not children).



I like trying new teas & enjoy swapping tea bags. I only like individually wrapped & factory sealed tea bags, no loose teas please.

Teas I like - Darjeeling, green & green blends (especially toasted & Bancha), black & black blends, rooibos/red, any dessert teas & Oolong.

Flavors I like - Bergamot (my absolute favorite), lavender (second favorite), cinnamon, ginger, clove, lemon, orange, tangerine, apple, peach, pear, any kind of 'flower/floral' flavor, spiced & herbal.

Brands I like - Tazo, Davidson, Biogena, Curtis (especially dessert teas), Stash, Mighty Leaf, Numi, Twinings & Choice Organic. I also like obscure American brands & various foreign brands. I love trying brands that are new to me, especially non-American ones.

I do NOT like these flavors - any kind of berry, mint, vanilla, licorice & cherry. I'm also not really into white tea unless it is a unique blend.

I also like flavored coffee packets, any kind, any flavor!



I love postcards. I've been collecting them for years. I have so many of the typical "tourist" ones I'm NOT collecting them any longer. That does not mean that I wouldn't appreciate postcards of your area showing any of the things listed below.

I would LOVE postcards of -

  • Nature scenes
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Marshes
  • Deserts
  • Anything with snow or ice
  • Any kinds of trees (especially old trees)
  • Any pagan/occult/new age ones
  • Any gods or goddesses
  • Any kinds of animals in their natural habitat (no zoo ones or silly ones with words)
  • Pretty art reprints
  • Old book cover reprints (pulp fiction type)
  • Old obscure movie poster reprints ('B' movie type)

I'm sorry but I no longer collect handmade postcards unless they are done digitally.

I prefer postcards that are not written on/not stamped and that are sent in an envelope. I hate that the Post Office usually destroys postcards that are sent directly through the mail.


If a swap calls for a postcard to be written & stamped that's totally fine to send! :o)



Please, please, please check the ingredients of any food items you send me. I am okay with milk, cheese, eggs, etc but please NO MEAT ingredients. Thank you so much for checking first!!! :o)


= I will ALWAYS rate & appreciate it very much when you rate me too! =



Comment: Original send by date on this was 20th January. On 19th January you altered send by date to 31st January, but didn't bother to let participants know. It is now 14th February and you haven't even marked it sent yet. This is hugely disappointing. I will happily rerate should you ever actually send.
orange0208 rated for QUICK 5 postcard swap #130 on Feb 14, 2014
Comment: Hello Jean I know you are not a flaker. I was sad about the lost envelope. Sorry about bit delayed rating. Thank so much jean for the nice collection and extra used stamps,too:))) Happy Swapping,
Response: Yunju ~ I am so very sorry that your package got lost in the mail! I am re-sending the postcards PLUS a few extra ones for you & also some used Postage Stamps in your package since I know you like them. I really hope you will decide to change your rating. I've never gotten anything less than a '5' before and you & I have had so many wonderful swaps with each other before... I hope you know that I am NOT a flaker. I feel bad that your package got lost and I hope this new package to you arrives safely & that you will enjoy the extras I'm enclosing!
Comment: thank you. Debbie
Comment: Yummy loooking thanks so much ; )
Comment: I love the Envie and the papers thanks a lot.
Comment: Thank you for this swap :)
Comment: Thank you! :-)
Twink rated for BoF ~ FBs & Bags Swap #7 (USA Only) on Jan 10, 2014
Comment: Thanks so much! I will pass them on :)
nicholes rated for The Great Ephemera Swap #1 on Jan 2, 2014
Comment: Thanks for all the cutouts and the profile based extras!
pammykn rated for Store Bought Bookmark #3 on Dec 20, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the nice bookmark & tea.
mindy rated for Winter Solstice Card Swap on Dec 19, 2013
Comment: Thank you! And Blessed Be.
MichelleWillow rated for PSCC: 200 Postage Stamps Swap on Dec 11, 2013
Comment: Somehow I missed rating you for this swap... Thank you Jean.... Wishing you merry Christmas and happy 2014! :)
Comment: Thank you for this swap :)
thevmatt rated for FBs with a note on Dec 7, 2013
Comment: Thanks so much for this swap and really enjoyed your note!
Comment: Thank you :-)
Comment: Thank you for the goodies! Happy Holidays!
Twink rated for BoF ~ FBs & Bags Swap #6 (USA Only) on Dec 3, 2013
Comment: Thanks!
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful altered PC. I like it very much!

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