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About Me

Like you might see on my profile I wasn't online for a while. With finishing my studys and getting into a new job life was quite busy around me but now I would love to pick up swaping again :)

*If you get something from me which isn't as expected due to design, quality or which ever circumstances or if you don't get something. Please contact me! I always send my swaps and read profils so if you don't get yours or you dislike it! I'm sure we can find a solution (I will resend if nessecary since I want you getting a swap from me you like) - I will respond to everything!

Now to me^^: My name is Lisa. I'm German but lived in the US for 15 month. I did an exchange program.I love the possibilities this program gave me. I could make friends from all over the world. Which I think is wonderful because I love to travel, see the world and learn about other cultures. But I am also happy to be back home because my family and friends are really important to me and I missed them and my dog^^ I love to spend time with all of them! In general I enjoy meeting with friends and do sports especially martial arts. The thing is, I usually need somebody to pushe me so I go^^ At the moment I am in college^^

I have a lot of hobbies and might even forget somethings in this listing -.- The following order has nothing to do with any kind of rating - I love all those things^^ I enjoy reading (especially fantasy), watching movies (martial arts,action,comedy and chick flicks) and listening to audio books!!!(especially in english -if you have any you don't need anymore - I'd love them). While doing those things I like to do all kinds of crafting, f.ex. felting and needlework. I also really like to paint and draw especially with pencils. Due to swap-bot I got obsessed with ATC's as well :D I enjoy being in the kitchen,too. I love baking and of cause trying all different kinds of food^^ On the other hand I love outdoor activities. I love to get out on the weekends camping, hiking, fishing or just take a walk with my dog. If I am in a good mood and the weather is fine I also do stuff in the garden. I love flowers and fresh fruits (applecake yum) :D

I also collect all kind of stuff, f.ex. poetry and old sayings (especially Asian). I like shopping and buy all different kind of things from bags to cups and little figures and of cause books and craft suplices. I enjoy spending time on art fairs its one of my favorite activities^^ And of cause I like everything cute :D and nearly every color^^

Sometimes I really think its easier to describe me by the things I don't like :D I think the most important thing for that is, I love chocolate but I don't like chocolate ice cream and the same with vanilla the other way around. So please don't send me anything (like candles or those things-by the way I love candles especially handmade :D) smelling like chocolate or vanilla... And please no things from American cartoons especially not the Simpsons or SpongeBob!!! But kawaii japanese things are very welcome^^

Favorite Books

It is kind of already a little in the 'about me' part -.- I love fantasy books. In my case that also means some 'normal' fiction^^ As long as it's no star wars, star trek or similar it's fine with me.

I have a lot of favorites so its hard to pick one :( Dragons, Elf's, Knights and Witches are usually fine with me.If the main character is female its even better :D At the moment I am totally into blue bloods, the legend of the seeker and rereading Narnia.

I also really like books which play in the European middle ages. And I love stuff about the french revolution (not just books^^- I love Lady Oscar)

If we are talking about history then I should also mention that I love mythology, my favorite ones are Greek. I love stories about the Odyssey and I think Troy is a great movie :)

In the same category fall fairy tales. I just love them from the famous ones to the more unknown ones! Also in that category poetry I just love it in every kind.

I also enjoy reading agent/mystery stories which give you information about other countries. Sujata Massey's Shimura Stories belong to my favorites.

My favorite audio books are mystery. I love the stories about Temperance Brennan, Kay Scarpetta, Stephanie Plum and similar ones.^^ The Sookie Stackhouse series is also one of my favorits.

I know they are not really books but I love Manga^^ (as well as some Manhwa) But I am quite picky about the ones I buy or of which I get fanarts. I have a big collection - mostly shojo and some other but I read some others as well;) For a manga related swap please contact me^^ (in english there are some other traslations out than in german which I would love to get;) but I may have some of them) Don't like most shonen just some lite bishonen but just certain mangakas (not all stories are good) as well as some other (like Detective Conan or Rurouni Kenshin). No Naruto, Bleach and those! Love shojo!!! (f.ex. Arina Tanemura, Yuu Watase, Banri Hidaka, Haruka Fukushima, Mayu Sakai etc.)

If you know a great book for me let me know - I am always looking for new stuff to read-especially in english (french is fine as well) :D

Favorite Crafts

I like a lot of different kinds of crafts and enjoy trying new things as well. I like to felt especially little animals and flowers. I also like doing things with yarn from friendship bracelets to different kinds of needlework. I enjoy pottery but I am not so good at the wheel (I need more practice) but I like to do small things with modeling or normal clay. I like different kinds of paper craft as well, from bookmarks to postcards and a lot of others. If I have a lot of time on hand I like to start big projects f.ex. with wood. Drawing is one of the things I enjoy most because I can do it while listening to a audio book or music or just outside. I like pencils, the best you can do so many different things with them^^ The holidays like Christmas and Easter are a time I really enjoy because their are a lot of crafts to do (especially with straw^^) And of cause doing stuff with beads is much fun,too.

Things I like^^

I like cute stuff like the typical baby animals, Hello Kitty, Miffy, My Melody, Tweety, Disney and animee characters (normal and chibi's)^^ - including stuffed animals

I like Asian things. I love Japan from traditional things over Manga to Harajuku^^ (I am trying to learn Japanese since a while)

My favorite flowers are lily's, sunflowers, roses and orchid's.

I basically love all colors -pastel and dark ones a little more- my all time ever favorites are nearly all shades of green, teal, scarlet and bright orange^^ I especially like batik where colors run into each other -as long as the mixes don't look to dirty :D

I love gemstone jewelry especially on leather strings. (I have a small collection- but sometimes some disapear :( )

I love things which have polka dots or plaid patterns.

I like candles and little ceramic things. Somehow on a lot of my trips I get little boxes without intending :D (some of them are ceramic)

Like you see I shouldn't be allowed to enter stores with money (I will leave with something) The same goes for clothing stores I love hoody's (when I travel and I see one with the name of the place - I probably will buy it^^ they are so comfy) and like most women I love bags and scarfs -in my case they can be black or one color up to something which shows all rainbow colors :D

And of cause I love everything which is made especially for me^^

I really started to love ATC's, matchboxes and Stuffies because of swap bot and the great things I see some of you do!

!!!!But please don't send me anything with the Simpsons or Sponge bob !!!! I don't like most American cartoon characters :( !!!!!

please don't send me any birdfeathers

I like to include a personal note so I like getting one, too^^


I love so many things lets see....

  • embossing powder (any kind but especially the chunkier/ coarse one)

  • I would love a thermo (not totally plastic) coffee/tea cup f.ex. from the disney store or an other with cute pics (cute ones are hard to get here)

  • quotes and saying of all kinds (especially not so well known ones)

  • everything with celtic symbols on it especially very small earrings (but no big ones I can't wear them, best pins)

  • I love felt (wool and pieces) especially in pretty colors even really small pieces [wool is pretty hard for me to get in certain colors, just online and then you mostly can't see the real color :( there is a very limited choise of color for felt pieces at my local craft store :( ]

  • felting needles ( I constantly break some)

  • pretty pieces of fabric, ribbons & yarn (Just can't find so nice ribbons here :( )

  • pretty beads and buttons (but no gold colored ones), brads as well as zippers (old and new ones)

  • clear stamps of all kinds and normal ones (especially with nature things, motives/scenes or old letters and of cause with celtic symbols)

  • books for learning languages (for beginners in all languages besides german, english and french^^) with explainations in german or english - especially japanese ones!

  • japanese things especially kids books or learning books for children (like for writing)

  • kawaii decotape!!! (I can't really find any here:( )

  • pretty bookmarks and ATCs (love them^^ and are open on private swaps for both) as well as supplies for both

  • would love any of the books from my Amazon Wishlist even used (just for Blue Blood it has to be the hyperion version- its a reminder for myself as well as the other things) but if you have any of those other books or similar ones I would love them

  • key/cellphone charms in all kinds as long as they aren't American cartoon characters (I love Hello Kitty ones^^)

  • at the moment I need new strings for cellphone charms (to put my own charms on them) the craftstore here just don't has the right size of string :(

  • every (tiny) kind of Hello Kitty figure which comes out of this little vending machines ^^

  • little reese's pieces or little peanut butter cups but no other peanut butter things since I usually don't like them- but I really miss those:)

  • Plantation Mint Tea, Raspberry Royale or Lemon Lift (but not the decaf ones!) from Bigelow (can't find them in Germany:( )

  • scarfs - I just love them (they can be huge (in size) but not so thick- so not the typical handmade ones- I love handmade things but I wont wear a scarf if it is to warm (have a lot of batic ones)

  • pretty colored pieces of wool (at the moment especially for crochet - do flowers at the moment so small pieces around 2 meter are fine)

  • instructions for nice crafts are also very welcome^^ (I am open to learn new things)

- and of cause friends from all over the world :D

private swaps^^

I like doing them, if you are interessted just PM me^^

problem with swaps

  • Pen Pal Journal Circle is/ was a round robin which I never recieved by now :(
  • Still waiting for some old swap ratings and swaps to arrive :(


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Comment: Thank you, they are very nice.
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Comment: Thanks for the resend.
Response: glad if arrived and seems that you like it^^ thanks for the rating!
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Response: no problem^^ glad you like it:)
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Comment: Thanks for the lovely card!!
Comment: omg your package! i opened it and stuff just kept spilling out!! it was a really great package and i'm sorry you had to resend T^T i'm sure the first one you sent was really great too. thank you so much for everything ♥
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Comment: Thank you for the lovely inchies.
Response: so glad you liked them^^Thanks for the rating!
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Comment: what a great recipe! thanks for sharing!
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Comment: Thank you for the sweet strawberry ATC! And thanks for the ATC sleeves! Sorry for the late rating!
smashingpandora rated for Favorite Anime at the moment on Jun 24, 2011
Comment: Thanks for taking the time out to send this list of animes, in addition to sending the URLs to the youtube videos, I will definitely be looking into these animes, as I've seen none of them! And ultimate awesomeness for being from Germany! Sehr gut! <3
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runnerbean84 rated for YOUR Favorite Themes ATC!! on Jun 12, 2011
Comment: Really nice handdrawn Atc, thankyou! xx
Comment: Cute envie! (Love, love the froggies!) And such a great collection of extras! - teddy stickers, vintage-looking stick on lace, annnndddd more froggies!!! Thank you!
Response: I hoped you would like the froggies- so happy you did^^

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Lise, thanks so so much for the earrings. I love them and so sweet of you, all the way from Germany! Many thanks!

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You mention you cant get nice ribbons - here's a German company: http://www.farbenmix.de/

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A little note to let you know that ಌLet’s eat!ಌFelt Food Series #2 Swap is in the mail!

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