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About Me

Hi! My name is Nikki, I am a 35 year old mother of three, living in the beautiful little island of Guernsey. This is me:


I am an eclectic Pagan who was scooped up by Isis years ago and She is my most beloved Mother, however I love many Gods and Goddesses and have an inquenchable thirst for learning more about all the forms of the Ancient Ones. I am a registered nurse, working in the community and absolutely loving it! As well as being an RN I also have two diplomas in reflexology and am a Reiki master. My favourite colour is purple :) I love all Egyptian related items and collect tarot decks. I love singing, folk music (esp. 60's), walking in nature and reading, baking, crochet etc etc :) I am a real homebody and like to potter around in my own space, although I do love people and socialising, but it is always nice to spend some time on your own :) I also love cats - they are so funny and beautiful :) I have a deep love and kinship with the zeitgeist of the 60's summer of love era....I love psychedelia and posters etc from the time. I am looking for some reproduction Woodstock tickets! xxx

  • I wear a size 6 uk shoe which translates to a size 8 womens in USA :) I love glitter, bright colours, stripes, anything that will make me smile :) xoxo

pledge badge What I pledged!

I recycle packaging wherever I can so please don't be surprised if your package is a bit dog-eared on the outside!

I recycle!

triple goddess

Favorite Music


Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Vashti Bunyan, Cat Stevens, Melanie Safka, Ramones, psychedelic/60's folk, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, David Gray, Jethro Tull....lots lots more, music keeps me sane :)


Favorite Books

Virginia Andrews, Stephen King, Joe Hill, Terry Pratchett, Dan Brown, Scott Cunningham, Rae Beth, Poppy Palin. My Kindle is my favourite technology thing....am always interested to hear recommendations for good reads...

Favorite Movies

Wizard of Oz, National Lampoon vacation movies. love Nicolas Cage. Wicker Man. Elm Street films, specially early ones :)

Favorite Television

Mighty Boosh, Father Ted, Young Ones, Bottom, Black Books, Mythbusters, anything historical particularly ancient Egypt.

Favorite Crafts

  • I love to crochet!!! I recently made my first amigurumi, and loved it :) I also make bags, blankets, squares, and anything else I like the look of :) I have a group here on SwapBot, you can find it here I like knitting but I am not much good at it, it's crochet all the way for me :)

Here are a few pics of what I have made - I am currently specialising in Voodoo Dolls! PM me if you are interested in a private swap - I am willing to try my hand at crocheting anything you can think of! :)

nurse ami Nurse Ami

voodoo doll Voodoo Doll

baby blanket Baby Blanket

evil bunnies Evil Bunnies

baked goods Yummy Stuff!

voodoo doll Banish the Junk Voodoo Doll

banish the flaker voodoo doll Banish the Flaker Voodoo Doll

  • Baking is a passion and a stress relief for me. I love creating beautiful sweet treats. I also really enjoy feeding people!
  • I recently discovered Zentangling, and am totally hooked!
  • I enjoy journalling, writing prose and poetry, etc
  • I love art. I'm not much good at painting or drawing, but I love other people's art. I love the work of Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and others.
  • I recently made my first chunky book :)

Things I Would Love

  • Anything purple!!!!
  • Stickers
  • Anything with an Egyptian theme
  • Anything with a Pagan theme
  • Psychedelia
  • 60's/summer of love memorabilia
  • I love kawaii memo sheets and sticker flakes
  • Corn nuts!!!!!! Can't get them here!!!
  • Chocolate, not dark though :)
  • Yankee Candles.....love them!!!!!
  • Watermelon tourmaline please!!!
  • Smellies, but mostly anything from Lush!!!!!!!
  • Nail varnish, esp. wild colours!
  • Pretty cupcake cases/papers
  • Sparkly things
  • Beautiful things
  • Anything at all really....mail which isn't bills!

I am always interested in private swaps, just drop me a PM if you have any ideas or want to swap with me. I especially am interested in swapping for larger items which I can't get here in UK, for example my holy grail of the moment is a pair of PURPLE Converse Jack Purcell shoes!!!! (Not Chucks, you can get those here no problem :) ) Can't get any here!!! You can design your own on the Converse website but they won't ship here :( xxx

I can be easily bribed with:

  • Reeses Pieces
  • Utz Cheese Curls
  • Hershey Cookies and Creme


Things I WANT!!!

  • I really, really want copies of the books by M. Isidora Forrest - Isis Magic and Offering to Isis. Please help if you can!!!
  • Tarot Decks
  • 60's/psychedelic bits and pieces
  • Pagan jewellery
  • Pagan altar paraphernalia
  • Wands, especially handmade!!
  • Hankering for a cool purple pair of Converse Jack Purcell shoes....willing to do a big swap with anyone who can help!


  • A: Amber (my eldest daughter), amber (the stone), altar stuff, amethyst, Aset, apples, amigurumi, Ancient Egypt, Amazon wishlist
  • B: besom, books (pagan)
  • C: crystals, candles, cats, corn nuts, cupcake papers/picks, crochet, chapsticks, chocolate (NOT Hershey except their white choc, and not dark choc), cauldrons, cards
  • D: divination
  • E: essential oils, Egypt, Etsy faves
  • F: fabric, funky, Fimo, figurines of Gods/Goddesses, flip flops
  • G: green, Green Tara, Green Man
  • H: Hathor, Hershey Cookies and Creme, handmade, Hecate
  • I: Isis, incense (good quality), iris
  • J: junk jewellery
  • K: Kawaii (memos and sticker flakes especially, Little Witch Town by Mindwave is my favourite!)
  • L: Levi (my son), Lila (my youngest daughter), love, lilac, Lush! handmade smellies
  • M: matchboxes, mail
  • N: Nephthys, nail polish, needle felting
  • O: Osiris, opalite
  • P: Pagan, polymer clay, postcards (especially Egyptian), pens (especially very fine tipped black and coloured pens), psychedelia
  • Q: quartz, especially rutilated and smokey
  • R: ribbon, random envies!!!, runes
  • S: socks (funky!), stickers, sphinx, sweet peas, surprises!!!, the Sixties
  • T: tarot decks, tourmaline (especially watermelon), toe rings
  • U: um...thinking of something...
  • V: very exciting mail!
  • W: whimsy jars, Woodstock
  • X: eXtraordinary packages ;)
  • Y: Yankee candles and especially tarts, yarn of all lengths, colours, thicknesses...
  • Z: Zentangle

Things I Don't Like

  • I do not smoke and can't abide the smell of stale smoke :(
  • I don't like the scent of cinnamon
  • I don't particularly like Gothic type art and pictures, bright and happy is more me!
  • I have a short bob - scrunchies and hair stuff is nice but no good to me!
  • Please do not send Christian related stuff - I have nothing against anyone's religious beliefs but these things would be better sent to someone who would appreciate and use them :) xoxo

More About Me...

my favourite people

  • @butterfly123 - Sue is an awesome swapper and a beautiful person, with so much artistic talent and a wicked sense of humour. I am so grateful to know her!
  • @mooncrab - I love Allie because she is gorgeous, generous and funny, and she is always thinking of how to make other people happy :)
  • @keaniebean - Sarah is so AWESOME!! She is such a funny, caring person with an amazing talent for sewing and creating. I adore her :)
  • @sweetxjosephine - an awesome swapper, an awesome person, an absolute privilege to know her :)
  • I love all my other Coven sisters too, especially @naurwen @smokeyquartz1980 @cajunlady @nikongoddess and @deydra

Lest I forget.... Here are my tags etc which I have to send...

My Angels!

Pentacle flyingwitch

witch cat




auntmaymay1221 rated for Voodoo Doll Round Robin on Oct 30, 2012
smokeyquartz1980 rated for Yule Calendar Swap on Mar 12, 2012
Comment: Awesome swap, I absolutely loved everything!
tinnuwen rated for Pimp my Pumpkin!! on Mar 8, 2012
Comment: And thank you for this super special swap - I'd have expected to receive anything but this - brilliant idea and I LOVE them!!! :D Calling you officially the crochetting whizzzzzzzzzzz! :)
tinnuwen rated for Winter Goddess Swap on Mar 8, 2012
Comment: I LOVE my winter Goddess - so unique and so beautiful!!!! Thank you so much! :D
auntmaymay1221 rated for Welcome to the Holly King on Mar 6, 2012
Comment: He's cute.
auntmaymay1221 rated for Imbolc Goddess Swap on Mar 6, 2012
Comment: She is so wonderful! I love the charms on her.....and a hand stitched tiny Brigid's cross...wow!
auntmaymay1221 rated for Sugar Skulls for my peeps! on Mar 6, 2012
Comment: Thank you for something so awesome....and for being so sweet to replace the lost one.
mooncrab rated for Journal Your September on Jan 16, 2012
Comment: :)
Comment: I'm re-checking my stuff and I've realised that a couple of swaps that I'm SURE I'd rated before show up as unrated now. :((( So... this was one fab brilliant swap - thank you sooooo much! I absolutely loved everything. :D Cheers from Guern, the dragon, too!
auntmaymay1221 rated for Honour My Inner Aphrodite on Nov 18, 2011
Comment: What wonderful odors wafted from this box before I even opened it!!!!!
Keaniebean rated for Mirror, Mirror...on my neck... on Nov 9, 2011
Comment: Oh woe is me for not rating this sooner :( I am a bad bad girl, I'm so sorry my lovely. Thank you for the awesome little mirror pendant. I think you are right that it is a little bulky to wear but I have a cunning plant to make it into a hanging decoration by my front door, so that any negative energies from people entering my home shall bounce straight back out!!!!! Ha take that - troublemakers :)
Adda rated for God's Eye on Oct 22, 2011
Comment: Thank you, I got the eye and it's beautiful.
tinnuwen rated for Elemental Dotee Dolls #1 - Earth on Sep 22, 2011
Comment: I've received this AMAZING dotee today! She's beautiful - thank you sooooooooooo much!!! I need to find a very special place for her. ;D
PinkLotus rated for Key Cozy Swap on Sep 22, 2011
Comment: thank you for the super cute cozy!!!
Comment: Mmm Nag Champa, i've never had this before but been wanting to try it for ages Thank You Nikki, I love the little candles and your crotchet cornucopia rocks!!!!!
smokeyquartz1980 rated for Charmed I'm Sure! on Aug 29, 2011
Comment: Awesome charm, it just screams Nikki!!!!
sweetxjosephine rated for Junk Oracle ~ #3 on Aug 23, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the great junk oracle items! They definately spoke to me! (p.s. thanks for the ruby in zoisite, also -- it rocks [that's a pun - lol]! )
Comment: Love the shading!
auntmaymay1221 rated for Take Away My Worries! on Aug 13, 2011
Response: Thanks for rating, Twilight - hope they take away all your worries :)
MrsTinyDuckie rated for Crocheted Pot Holders on Aug 11, 2011
Comment: They're so pretty! I put my other potholders in a drawer and have yours hanging on my kitchen wall now. :)
Response: Aw, I'm glad you liked them, I was pleased with how they came out! I might make some more for myself, LOL!

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Happy Holidays Nikki! :)

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Season's Greetings!

RyeRye on Sep 15, 2011:

Thanks for being a member of the Crafting Queens~

LINDA50 on Aug 16, 2011:

I love the colors you choose for that Baby Blanket. It is beautiful!

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Thank you for my profile tag! xxx

tinnuwen on Jul 18, 2011:

I like how I can see my name in the background of your vodoo dolls. Heeheeh. :D

rexypants on Jul 12, 2011:

I'm glad you got the cards - I thought later that the envelope might be returned for insuff postage - phew! Hope you had a great bday!! :D

NikonGoddess on Jul 11, 2011:

Thank you so much for your friendship!

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