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10/2016 - The past 4 years have been the hardest time of my life, without question. At long last things are looking up for me, and I am beginning to feel crafty again. I am here in the hopes I can join a small swap or two and perhaps get back into the creative hobbies I have been too depressed to pursue. I just purchased my first house and finally have a large space just for crafting...please give me a reason to start unpacking all that stuff, because as of right now it's still in boxes and I can't get my butt in gear.

I live in Southern CA with my little boy and many pets. I love crafting of all sorts. I especially love learning new crafts and buying all the stuff! (MUST BUY ALL THE STUFF!) I do have 4 cats. Though they do not come into my crafting area, I am positive I don't get all the hair off the stuff I send. I apologize in advance. PLEASE let me know if anything I send is unacceptable in any way, and I will do my best to make it right.

I am laid-back and easy to please. I tend towards things that are funky or silly or non-mainstream. I am not easily offended and have a weird sense of humor. I love bright colors, and happy things, and contemporary styles.

Please note!! I live in the desert and it is VERY HOT here from about March to November. My mailbox sits in the direct sun all day. Please don't send me anything that melts!

Favorite Crafts

Decorating my planner


Sewing - not complex clothing (yet) but tote bags, shorts, skirts, and repurposing recycled fabric and clothing into something new.

Rag rug crochet

Regular crochet (advanced beginner)

Quilting - I like small projects like mug rugs. I have SO many projects in line to be completed, yet somehow I always find a new pattern or idea that I simply must go explore. I love quilting!

Cross-Stitch - I have been doing this since I was a little kid. I don't do much now because it's hard to do around a little kid and 4 cats. But I have lots of projects started and in the works for later.

Handmade and fabric greeting cards - I think paying over $2 for a birthday card someone is going to throw away is the dumbest idea ever. So I am making my own from now on. I am new at it, and not very good, but it's fun!

Hand embroidery - I just started doing this and I think I am hooked.

I am interested in junk journals, art journaling, collage, and mixed media randomness.

Really, I just love COLOR and I love putting color together in different ways. So paper and fabric are my weaknesses. But just because I don't do a particular craft doesn't mean I wouldn't LOVE to receive it!

Favorite colors and things

I don't have a favorite color or least favorite color. I like them all! I do love brights, pastels, and most contemporary designs and styles. I like combinations of similar colors, like blue/green/yellow or purple/red/orange. I usually like whimsical prints, batiks, florals, dots, and geometrics. I am not big on calicos, country-themed items, plaid, children's character prints, or steampunk/antique-looking stuff. Think contemporary, fresh, fun, and vivid. Not grandma-type stuff. I can always use solids and tone-on-tones to help even out my stash, which is very print-heavy because that's what I love to buy most.

Other random stuff I like - HOMEMADE GIFTS and upcycled items! I love seeing what other people like to create, even if it's not something I would do myself.

I don't wear jewelry and prefer not to swap makeup or bath products. I just don't use them.

Also, I don't have any allergies and I am not picky when it comes to food. I don't like black licorice or cherry flavor. While I do love snacks, I am not likely to sign up for food swaps because of the climate here and the insecure location of my mailbox. Squirrels could probably get in there if they had something really yummy/interesting to lure them.

My planner

My newest obsession! My planner! I have been using a weekly Moleskine planner that I decorate using washi and stickers and random stuff I find. I have been very happy with it but it will be done at the end of November 2015.

My 2016 planner is from Plum Paper Designs on Etsy and it is SO gorgeous! The cover is pinks, reds, purples and orange, and the inside is varied rainbow colors. I am open to colors and I don't try to get fancy or too matchy-matchy. I rarely do one whole page layout at a time. They are all works in progress that I tend to add to when the mood strikes me.

2017 UPDATE: I decided on Moleskine again. The Plum Paper was beautiful and I loved it, but it was too big and I didn't like the spiral binding. I like to carry my planner with me and the moleskine is more contained.

I already had a decent stash of washi and cute stickers but I am finding I need more narrow washi. I am also looking for chore stickers and weekend banners, and anything else you think I haven't seen before. Any samples you want to send me are most welcome, even if it's just one sticker. If you have a favorite supplier or Etsy shop with great prices, let me know!

I am doing some DIY decorations with my scrapbook paper stash as well. If you have ideas or patterns for these, please share!

Things I can offer

I work at a library. I recycle tons of newspaper and magazines, and we sell lots of books for a quarter apiece. I bet I have access to interesting stuff, I just don't know what to look for because I am not really an ephemera person. If you need anything you think I might have access to, PM me!

I live just down the road from a National Park. I can get any souvenier/postcard/magnet you could imagine. There are lots of cool ones with desert scenes and animals like quail, tortoise, and roadrunner. I also live in an area with lots of interesting art. A lot of it is published in the local paper and magazines. Again, I bet it would be interesting to you paper-crafters.

I also can offer:

Washi tape samples

Scrap cotton fabric of all sizes and styles

Scrap cotton fabric in 1.5" x 3.5" rectangles

Scrapbooking pre-cut paper frames in a bunch of sizes and colors

Tote bags, mug rugs, zippered pouches, coasters, quilt blocks, basic clothing like aprons or skirts.

Zentangled ATCs or tiles

Lots of good wishes, positive thoughts and prayers

Things I want, need, or love

I am not offended by used items, reused packaging, or scraps. As long as it's clean and usable, I am happy. This includes sticker sheets with some of the stickers removed - perfectly fine by me!

I don't join expensive swaps and don't expect expensive things. I am a perfectionist with my own crafts but I am not a jerk about what I receive. Many of the swaps I join are specifically for beginners because I joined Swap-Bot as a way to learn new techniques and boost my own creativity, not to receive a bunch of stuff. I am 100% in favor of the phrase "It's the thought that counts" and I think we are all in different places on our creative path. Collaborating and sharing with others is a great way to learn and improve. If you want kind and honest feedback about anything you have made, I am happy to help.

Fat quarters - please just tell me if it's quilt shop fabric or walmart fabric. I want and can use both, but I like to know what I am working with ahead of time :) I don't like fleece or flannel and I don't have much use for non-cotton.

Halloween anything, but especially fabric or paper or ribbon. Or anything. Lol, I love Halloween!

Tea of all sorts - I am sort of new to tea but so far I love fruity, cinnamon, green tea, and jasmine best. I have tea almost every morning - hot in the winter, iced in the summer. I don't like mint teas or anise. Wrapped tea bags only please, I don't have a way to use loose tea either. Caffeine or not, doesn't matter. Caffeine teas are for morning and decaf is for evening or for my son, so it's all good :)

Sudoku or other puzzles - at least medium difficulty :) I like a challenge!!

Dotee dolls - they are so cute!

Anything creepy or odd or weird.

Supplies or ideas for children's crafts and art.

Things I don't like

Country or Americana themed anything, including calico print fabric. Oh, and sunbonnet Sue! Ack, I hate her!

Political or religious stuff.

Black licorice or cherry flavor things

Cigarette smoke smell

Figurines or knick knacks a.k.a. dust collectors

Mint, anise, or loose tea

Wow, this is a short list. See how easy I am?


I do not collect postcards! I might use them in a collage, and to share the hobby with my son but I don't care about how expensive/rare they are or what the stamp looks like. We talk about what is on the card, so cards with interesting pictures, animals, vehicles, anything you think might spark a good conversation with a 7 year old is appreciated! Free is perfectly OK by me, and ads are ok too as long as they look interesting or have a meaningful message written on them.


Maddashin rated for 2021/1 Page Letter #21 on May 27, 2021
Comment: Welcome back to pen palling Great letter and decorations. I am going to order a Philly cheesesteak hoagie. Glad I was your first swap
Inez rated for Handmade Coloring Book Postcard #5 on Nov 2, 2017
Comment: Hi Shannon! Thank you for the lovely PC!
Comment: Thank you so much for the roadrunner PC! He's actually cute, isn't he. I have never seen a live one but the card makes me think of my father. The Roadrunner was his favorite cartoon. He never laughed out loud, he snickered. I can still hear him now. Hugs, Diane
Saba rated for Mama Bear Letter Swap on Sep 24, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the letter. I will post you back soon!
aligurl75 rated for Join 9/6, Send PC 9/7-US on Sep 14, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the postcard :)
Response: You are very welcome!
CarolWestcamp rated for Washi Tape Bonanza #4 on Oct 26, 2015
Comment: I love all the washi and the eyeglass paperclips. And thanks for the yellow floral shaped sticky notes! :) Love it!
Comment: I did send you an email , with no answer back.
Response: That was very kind. Thank you.
jeepermom rated for Quick Send Postcard! on Aug 2, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for the card...so sorry for the late rate...You definitely deserve a star for this swap...thank you so much again from me and my son!
Comment: the fabrics are AWESOME!!!! love them :) thanks!!
Response: I am so glad!! This was fun to put together.
Comment: Thanks! Loved it all!
Comment: thx a lot !
tanjch rated for OCTOBER Bornday Cards on Sep 21, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the good wishes :) same to you (happy birthday - whenever in october it is) - and thank you for the extras (love the "good earth" one)
Response: Thank you! That Good Earth tea is so delicious...I don't know if it's available where you are but if you want more I am happy to swap you for it! Just send me a message. Thanks for the heart!
FLWAVE rated for OCTOBER Bornday Cards on Sep 14, 2012
Comment: Fantastic mermaid card, thank you! It was very thoughtful of you to include the vintage halloween fabric and typewriter card. Best wishes to you on your October birthday!
Response: I am glad you liked it! Happy birthday :)
VioletLove rated for VioletLove and Quiltncat on Jul 9, 2012
Comment: This is truly a wonderful package! I love the mug rug and the extra fabric. Violet adores her doll quilt. It is sooo cute. Even my husband commented on how cute it is :) You did an amazing job and I look forward to swapping again with you in the future. Thanks so much!!!
Response: I am so glad you liked what I made! I had fun doing it. I sent that fabric because I don't ever want to be tempted to sew with it again. It was really slippery, lol! A pleasure swapping with you and I look forward to doing it again :)
blessedtwox rated for Zentangle Pattern Series:I(i) on Jul 9, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the great ATC! And for the note inside, what a relief, and good luck!
charophyta rated for charophyta & quiltncat on Jul 3, 2012
Comment: Wow! The fish is SO GORGEOUS! I can't believe someone created this especially for me. I am totally overwhelmed with how much I love the fish. It's a work of art! And the matching square mini quilt is also so beautiful. I really love the colors and patterns you used in these!! Also can't wait to try all the fun bath products and candies that you sent! Another perk about the new boyfriend that I don't think I told you... his apartment has an amazing HUGE bathtub!! Like I'm swimming around in it! So I am loving baths ;) Before I got the package I was telling myself I shouldn't be giving you a five plus heart for a swap sent so late, but this is one of the best swaps I've ever received so it's getting a heart anyway!
Response: I am sooooo glad you liked it! I saw that fish and I just knew you had to have it. The mini quilt is a potholder, with special heat proof batting. I was practicing a new technique called string piecing, so you were my guinea pig lol. Those candies were something from my childhood that I hadn't seen in ages and found in a candy store. Probably before your time, lol! Thanks for the 5 and heart, you know I don't deserve the 5 and I wouldn't have held it against you to rate me a 3 but I am just so glad you like what I sent.
angdrumm rated for Zentangle Pattern Series:H on Jun 19, 2012
Comment: Awesome tangles, thanks
dobie256 rated for Dobie256 and Quiltncat on Jun 2, 2012
Comment: WOW - what a wonderful swap package. I really like your zentangle. Spirals are hard to do and you expertly took your patterns from large to very small. I find that a good pen (Microns or Copic multiliners) and good paper (I usually use Bristol) make for easy drawing and dark lines (although that teal cardstock is beautiful). You achieved good dark lines but I'm sure that paper was a challenge. I can't begin to describe how gorgeous the little bags are. I will be honored to use the dragonflies for my zentangle pens! And I will have to make some business cards for the little owl folder. The morning glories are perfect. Excellent swap! <3<3<3
Response: You are so welcome! You know there were like 5 different adorable dragonfly fabrics...it was hard to choose! I am glad you liked what I picked. I hope you like the bag as much as I like mine. Normally I use Microns or prismacolor pens but I used a sharpie pen on this one because I was trying to fight the urge to draw tiny like I always do, lol. It was hard to break out of my comfort zone but I am really glad we did this swap! Thanks again!
Comment: Loved your 7 things!!!!!
Response: Thanks, glad you liked it!

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ChrisAnne on Oct 17, 2015:

Glad to have you in the For The Love of My Planner group! Please jump right into the forums and swaps.

VioletLove on Jun 13, 2014:

Hi :) miss you and wanted you to know that we play with the doll quilt that you made for Violet all the time.

LauraAust on Mar 17, 2014:

LauraAust on Feb 14, 2014:

LauraAust on Dec 21, 2013:

LauraAust on Nov 27, 2013:

Happy Thanksgiving! Sorry I don't have a cute little picture to post... :)

LauraAust on Oct 16, 2013:

Where are you?!? Looks like I'll have to send you a text - I'll take a photo of all the COOL fabric I bought at the AQS show in Des Moines last weekend!! :)

LauraAust on Jul 26, 2013:

Just dropping by to thank you for being such a great friend! :)

VioletLove on Jul 10, 2013:

Violet plays with her quilt all the time! She said she might share it with the new baby. We'll see ;)

VioletLove on Jul 10, 2013:

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