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Date Joined: September 16, 2011
Last Online: August 26, 2013

Country: Canada

About Me

I live in an old brick house with my husband and daughter. I love receiving (and sending) letters and special packages in the mail so this is very exciting to me!

My favorite season is Autumn, mostly for its beautiful colors, pumpkin patches, delicious harvest and Halloween!

My favorite places in the world are: Norway, Japan, California and ï¿¥100 stores

Things I love...

• Candies and stationery from around the world (especially Japan)

• Fountain and special pens (e.g. MUJI, 0.5 tips and under)

• Japanese/Kawaii: stickers, deco/washi tape and rubber stamps

• Drinking tea and sitting in cafes

• Watching films and eating popcorn

• Traveling and photography

• Vintage typewriters and handwritten letters

• Writing letters during thunderstorms

• Snowy days by the fire

• Watching movies with the candles burning

• Jumping on a trampoline

• Calligraphy and beautiful penmanship

Favorite tv shows

• Breaking Bad

• Mad Men

• The Killing

• Homeland

• Parenthood

• Prison Break

Film favorites

• Horror and suspense

• Documentaries

• Woody Allen

• Alfred Hitchcock

• Ingmar Bergman

• Christopher Nolan

Favorite sweets

• Japanese candies and chocolates

• Milk chocolate treats

• Red velvet cupcakes

• Peach pie and coconut pie too!

• Interesting candies from around the world


• Flavored black tea and flavored rooibos (especially coconut & caramel)

• Coffee (beans) from around the world

• Ephemera (from 1960's and earlier): vintage postcards, photographs, letters, advertisements, letterhead

• Postal-themed items: stickers, rubber stamps, stationery, labels, notepads, stickies, journals, folders, wallets, stamps, postcards, etc.

• Rubber stamps: postal-themed, food, vintage or realistic cats

• Typewriter and/or accordion-themed items: stationery, notepads, journals, stickies, rubber stamps

• Pens: fountain/calligraphy pens, MUJI, fine-tipped pens (0.5 tip or less)

• Air mail stickers and labels

• Postage stamps: cats, postal-themed, typewriter-themed, accordion-themed, retro/vintage cars (especially, cheesy muscle cars), pin-ups, burlesque

• Candies from around the world

• Vintage/Retro hotel stationery or postcards (1800's - 1960's), and also cheesy muscle cars and pin-ups

• Books and magazines about poetry, writing or screenwriting

• Japanese paper craft books

• Miniature wooden spoons and tiny things (envelopes, miniature Japanese foods)

• Essential oils and aromatherapy supplies

• Things with cats on them (realistic looking cats more so than the cute or cartoony kind)

• Items with El Camino cars on them (love how cheesy they are!)

• Hand carved stamps and supplies (this is something I'm interested in getting into and would love some inspiration!)

• Journals and magazines from different countries

• Handknit envelopes

No, thank you

PLEASE do not send the following:

• No religious items

• No Mary Engelbright things

• No Disney or "cute" items (like puppy dogs with quotes or Anne Geddes pictures or Diddl or Winnie the Pooh), unless it's Kawaii

• No generic stickers (especially with animals or girly handbags or seasonal stickers)

• No sewing supplies or fabric (I have no need for them, unless it's Zakka style or Japanese/Kawaii fabric) or foam stickers/items

• No Twilight, Harry Potter or LOTR items (despite enjoying some of the movies, I have no use for these items)

• No generic teas (such as chamomile, orange pekoe, Early Grey)

• No black licorice

• No scrapbooking papers or generic, patterned paper or bits of paper or recipe cards (I have no use for these)

• No girly items or themes like handbags and shoes

• No puzzle magazines/books or Sudoku items

• No bath items or lotions, no magnets and no bookmarks

• No lip glosses or lipstick as I'm allergic to most brands/types

• No items that smell like smoke or covered in animal hair

[I hope I haven't offended anyone by this list but I know how much effort people put into their swaps and don't want their special items to go to waste. Thanks for your understanding!]

♥Earning hearts♥

I won't hesitate to give out a heart rating as long as I feel an individual has gone beyond what was required of the swap (that is, beyond the minimum requirements). For example, if you took the time to read my profile to find things you thought I would truly enjoy OR if you were kind enough to add extras, NOT to just fill up the envelope, but because you thought they were items I might like and fit my profile, then you most certainly will earn a heart. ♥

Thanks very much. Happy swapping to you!


@LittleRed - QUICK 5 Somethings #40

Special thanks again to @LittleRed for sending the most amazing package! ♥

Just a little beef

Sometimes I just don't get it - why some people sign up for swaps when clearly, all they're doing is passing on their crappy items or things that they would never keep. I don't understand why people wouldn't even look at a person's profile, at least, this is how it appears to me when I get items that I clearly cannot use or have listed in the "No, thank you" section of my profile.

When I join a swap and am assigned partners, I try to create a package that I think the person would enjoy beginning with a look at their profile. I try to have fun with the package and prepare something that I would enjoy receiving. I know I'm fairly new to Swap Bot and I HAVE received some pretty amazing packages but I'm always shocked when I receive packages that seem to just be thrown together and without any real thought as to who the recipient will be.

I'm not perfect and know I won't always please the person I'm assigned to but at the very least, I will definitely put some time and thought into what I'm preparing.

I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but it's just so disappointing to receive some lacklustre package in exchange when I've tried to be thoughtful to my own partners.

Thanks for listening to my "little beef". If there are others out there who feel the same way (or partners that are unhappy with what they've received), please don't hesitate to contact me. I'd be happy to listen! Take care. xo


Apelser rated for Typewriter Letter - March 2013 on Dec 15, 2014
Comment: Sad to say that I never received anything and it seems that swapper is no longer on Swap-Bot
MissThundercat rated for Fountain Pen Pal - March 2013 on Mar 12, 2013
Comment: thank you so much for your lovely letter and all the paper goodies! a wonderful package to receive! And i'll definitely write you back :)
Response: You're very welcome! I had so much fun writing it and putting it together so I'm glad you liked it! And thank you for the heart rating! Looking forward to your letter! Take care.
PurpleButterfly rated for Just a Happy Note Card #5 on Mar 7, 2013
Comment: Got card today, sounds like you had a great day! Thanks for all the other stuff!
Response: Thank you for your message and heart rating! (And yes, it was a great day)! Take care.
AmookIslandCreations rated for EEEEEEK ! Snow! on Mar 4, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the (2) postcards, you sent for this swap! I love them both. Thanks for the pretty stamps and cute stickers too. Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: You're very welcome! And thank you for the heart rating and kind words! Hugs to you from Toronto! (^_^)
Flybynight rated for Long letter with a twist on Feb 21, 2013
Comment: Thank you, I will be writing back soon
Response: Thanks so much for the heart rating! Looking forward to your letter! Take care.
Shevvy rated for National Handwriting Day on Feb 15, 2013
Comment: Wow, Amazing.. what a brillinat pair of goddies and a wonderful letter, I'd love to write back, PM me your address, as I very dopily threw away the envelope.. I love the tiny notecard, with the bird postcard stamp!
Response: What a lovely message! Thanks so much for the kind words and the heart rating. I'm so glad you liked it! (I'm going to PM you my address right now!) Take care.
Rhondalea6 rated for Comfy, Cozy Winter on Feb 13, 2013
Comment: Thanks so much! It finally arrived and it was worth the wait. If I could give you more hearts I would, you really went above and beyond. I'm really looking forward to trying the tea and the notebook is a lovely idea. Thanks again. :) And thankyou for resending when the first one got lost!
Response: Yay! I'm so happy that it finally made its way to you! I'm especially grateful for the nice words and heart rating that you've given me! It's been great corresponding with you! Thanks so much for your patience! Take care.
ju671ne rated for A Card Full of Thanks! on Nov 21, 2012
Comment: so much goodies! i'm so glad it finally came in the mail~ you have adorable handwriting and great things you're thankful for. (: happy holidays!
Response: You're so sweet! Thank you for the heart rating and for the nice comment about my handwriting (heh heh...). I'm glad you liked the package! Happy holidays! (^_^)
dalbright rated for Write A Letter About Your Day! on Nov 21, 2012
Comment: From the moment I pulled your letter out of its envelope--i knew it was going to be something extra special. The feel of the paper, the teas (I've never even heard of those brands-can't wait to try them!), the cute puffy stickers and the letter full of gorgeous words. My paper heart is melted! My response will come soon! ♥Happy Thanksgiving ♥debbie
Response: Oh, my goodness - what a beautiful message! Thank you so much! I am so very happy that you enjoyed the package and the little goodies! I just knew that you would appreciate the effort so I wanted it to be extra special! Can't wait for your response! Happy Thanksgiving to you! ♥
costcogal07 rated for Getting to know you on Nov 14, 2012
Response: Thanks for the heart rating!
JKropf16 rated for Snail Mail Kit Swap on Aug 29, 2012
Comment: Omg. I was so excited to get your package today! I wish I could give you a 10 because it is very AWESOME! I feel so appreciative to have gotten all these wonderful things. I cant wait to do this again!!! Thank you so much its all so wonderful!!
Response: Wow, what a wonderful message! You're so welcome! And thanks so much for the heart rating and your feedback! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Take care.
jk1p1k2tog rated for DIY Stationery on Aug 11, 2012
Comment: extra too! Loved the paper you used and all the little extra stuff. thanks a bunch!
Response: Thank you for the heart rating and for organizing this swap! (Awesome idea!) I'm so glad you enjoyed the package! Take care.
paloma rated for DIY Stationery on Aug 9, 2012
Response: Thank you so much for the heart rating and thoughtful PM! Take care.
user4618 rated for Asian Junk - 3 on Aug 3, 2012
Response: Thank you for the heart rating and the wonderful surprise in the mail! Take care.
jenn1019 rated for To Be Loved! on Aug 1, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for this lovely swap! I loved that you did it in journal format, because of the journal swap I was flaked on. It was so cute and creative, and I loved all of the goodies. If I could give more hearts I would. If you're ever interested in a private swap, message me!
Response: Thank you so much for the heart rating and your kind feedback! It makes me so happy to hear that you enjoyed my package! It was so much fun putting it together! I'll definitely be in touch to do a personal swap. Until then, have a wonderful summer! Take care.
Snowfairy rated for QUICK Happy mail #16 on Jul 12, 2012
Comment: I loved !!!! Your package to me :) loved it. All the postcards, different papers, the Asian mix. , even the tiny photo. Just a grand way to come home and have that waiting for me. Thanks for the joy! Wish I could give you a bunch of hearts. Your are a very thoughtful swapbot partner- kim
Response: Thank you for the lovely message and the heart rating! I kept finding things that I thought you would like so I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed the package! (Yay!) Have a great summer! Take care.
vick302000 rated for not-so-QUICK Pick 5 flat swap #44 on Jul 11, 2012
Comment: a thousand hearts and hugs for everything. I love it all. thank you, thank you. I would love to be pen pals. It might take me a little while to write back but I will.
Response: Thanks for the heart rating! You're so sweet! It was so much fun putting the package together so I'm so glad you liked everything! And I'm looking forward to your first letter! Until then, enjoy the summer! Take care.
Mamabemus rated for QUICK Pick 5 flat swap #45 on Jul 7, 2012
Comment: thank you for the awesome package
Response: You're very welcome! And thanks so much for the heart rating! Take care.
darzy30 rated for Not My Thing Postcards on Jul 3, 2012
Comment: This is one of those swaps that deserves more than one heart! Thank you for the wonderful and plentiful collection of postcards. I love them! I appreciate the yummy-looking vegan recipes, too! Thank you so much!
Response: Thank you so much for the heart rating and the thoughtful message! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the postcards and recipes! Hope you have a wonderful summer! Take care.

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MissThundercat on Apr 16, 2013:

Yay, so glad it arrived safely :) and you're very welcome :) I'm happy that our paths crosses here and we're corresponding now. Looking forward to your next letter. You're quite awesome yourself :) xo Tarah

dalbright on Nov 6, 2012:

I think you may be my kindred spirit. (0= Just happened upon your profile and have been smiling about our similarities. Glad you're my partner for "Write A Letter About Your Day!" ♥debbie

anrtist on Sep 2, 2012:

HEY! I sent u an invite to the LLL~Location, Location, Location Group. I hope you join in & check in occassionally to see who's swapbotting in your area!!! ;-) It 's for all Swapbotters, so u can invite anyone too, ENJOY ;-) Blessings, cc


RyeRye on Aug 28, 2012:

Tone40ott on Aug 3, 2012:

Thanks for the great postcard you sent me from Montreal:) Have a great day:))

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