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Date Joined: September 16, 2011
Last Online: July 11, 2024
Birthday: June 24, 1975
Country: South Africa

About Me

Please note - I DO NOT celebrate Halloween!! Halloween is not something we celebrate in South Africa! Please have respect for the fact that I do not celebrate Halloween and therefor do not send me anything Halloween related. It will end up in the dustbin!
Halloween Halloween

25 January 2024 - Due to the fact that our "wonderful" postal service has been liquidated due to being bankrupt, I prefer to rather to email or online swaps rather than mailing swaps our due to not knowing if the mail will be delivered. I am receiving mail, but I am not sure whether SAPO will actually get mail to other countries and how fast this will be done.

Please take note:
30 May 2023 - Unfortunately due to the problem with the South African Postal Service and with them going bankrupt, I haven't been able to use the postal service as fear that the mail won't reach its destination. This has been going on since last year and we have no idea what will happen.

13 January 2023 - I have rated all the mail that I have eventually received. Yes!! After such a LONG time, SAPO (South African Postal Service) has eventually decided to get their act together and send out some mail. I have received a medium sized box filled with mail. It was definitely a super duper mail day. Now to get back into snail mail and swapping.

1 June 2022 - I still have not received any mail since the 12th of February and therefor there are swaps from October 2021 that I haven't received but I am not going to penalize the swappers due to the postal service that aren't delivering.

10 May 2022 - Still no news on what is going on with the South African Postal Service. They say that due to their financial problems apparently their vehicles have been taken away due to non-payment. So....I have no idea when mail will start coming through.

28 April 2022 - I am sorry about my swap partners not receiving their swaps. I really don't know what to do anymore. I cannot force the South African Postal Service to sent or deliver mail. I am frustrated more than anyone else. I mailed all my swaps out. When I spoke to the staff at the post office where my mail was sent they said that outgoing mail was being collected and sent out overseas but sadly now it seems that they have been lying to me.

26 April 2022 - Still no mail since 12th of February 2022.
6 April 2022 - Please note that if I haven't rated you I haven't received the swap yet. I am not being nasty for not rating! The last time that I received mail was on the 12th of February. I know swappers are frustrated because they aren't being rated, but there is nothing I can do but to wait for the postal service. If you think it is unfair that I haven't rated you, then just imagine how I feel for not having received any mail since the February.

24 March 2022: We are having some problems with SAPO (South African Postal Office). I myself haven't had mail for the last month. Outgoing mail seem to be fine, but incoming mail seem to be a big problem. At this stage there is nothing I can do but to wait for the mail. So, if I haven't rated you for a swap, if means that I haven't received it yet. Please do not re-send it! I WILL rate as soon as I have received the swap. I know it is frustrating for you - but imagine how I am feeling without mail! Mail have been pathetic here to say the least. And there is no one to complain to as no one seem to be interested in doing their job properly. It seem that now that SAPO is going through financial difficulties one can see why this is happening. Their staff haven't been interested in doing their jobs for a long time now and thus eventually their laziness are now the cause of SAPO's financial problems. They want pay but aren't interesting in doing their jobs at all.

1 February 2021 - I am so heartbroken. My remaining furbaby, Murdock, passed away this morning. We had to put him down as he had heart failure and was getting worse. :(

20 March 2017 - I am so heartbroken. My one fur baby, Snoopy died yesterday morning after he was poisoned. :(

SWAPS - I live in South Africa and swaps from here do take a bit longer than 30 days to get to other swappers in other countries. Please take note that mail from South Africa to other parts of the world can take between 6 to 8 weeks to arrive. If it is frustrating for you that it takes so long....imagine how I feel.

RATINGS BY ME - If I haven't rated you it is because I haven't received the swap yet. I always rate when I received the swap! If it was an email swap that you have sent - the reason I haven't rated - because I haven't logged onto my email yet and haven't read the email yet!

RATING ME - Before you give me a 1 rating for not having received a swap from me, PLEASE send me a private message to let me know that you haven't received the swap. I am sure that you would also like to be informed that a swap did not arrive instead of receiving a 1 with no communication. I NEVER HAVE and NEVER WILL flake on a swap!! .

My Instagram https://www.instagram.com/marieantoinettepelser

My full name is Marie-Antoinette (yip like Queen Marie-Antoinette of the French Revolution), but everyone calls me Antoinette.

I'm 45 and live in South Africa in a town Brakpan in the Gauteng Province. I enjoy meeting new penpals from all over the world. I enjoy writing to my Circle of World Wide Friends (penpals). I'm a Christian. I enjoy spending time with my family.

Favorite Crafts

I enjoy doing scrapbooking, beading, crocheting, knitting, baking, cooking, postcrossing, writing (stories, petry and letters), listening to music, playing hidden object or mystery computer games, photography and playing with my dog. I also enjoy the colour-in for adults pages and have a few colour-in books that I enjoy as it relaxes me.

I love doing swaps of Friendship books (FBs), Friendship sheets (FSs), Deco books, slams, sticker books, label bags, postcard bags, sticker bags, goodie bags and stamp bags. I haven't done any ATC bags yet, but would love to give it a try. If you are making a deco for me - I am not fussy about themes, but I don't like anything with swearing / cursing, nudity or pornographic and definitely nothing gory.

Two blankets I crochet.




I collect postcards, bookmarks, stationery, memo paper, note cards, butterflies, dolphins, angels, fairies, books, LPs, CDs, nice pictures or photos, pens, pencils, candles, books, serviettes, fridge magnets and keyrings.

Please don't send me the following:
- nothing gory with blood oozing out everywhere
- nothing vulgar or full of swearing and cursing
- nothing with nudity/porn/erotica
- no Tarot cards or anything relating to it
- no incense or strong smells

I'm not interested in it so keep it for other swappers:

Favorite Music

I enjoy music that won't burst my eardrums. I'm not into rap or jazz.I enjoy classical, instrumental (panflute, flute, saxophone, guitar, piano), 60s, 70s, 80s. I listen to a wide variety of music.

Favorite Books

I love to read. My parents and I go to the library every second week to exchange books. So, as you can see - I get my love for reading from my parents.
Some of my favorite authors include Karen Kingsbury, Francine Rivers, Jodi Picoult, JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, CS Lewis, Dan Brown, Dee Henderson, Clive Cussler, Agatha Christie, Stephen King, Wilbur Smith, Oscar Wilde, Sidney Sheldon, Charles Dickens, Roald Dahl, Jane Austen, Enid Blyton, Dean Koontz, Nora Robers, James Patterson, Beatrix Potter, David Baldacci, Paulho Coelho, Ian Fleming; Catherine Cookson - and many, many more.
I enjoy fiction, non-fiction, adventure, mystery, detective, Christian
NO vulgar, porn or erotica.

Favorite Television

Murder mysteries, Investigation discovery, CSI - all of them, NCIS, Bones, Nature, Medical Mysteries, Law & Order (All of them).


I like receiving any type of postcard as long as it isn't anything discusting and rude. I don't mind if the postcard are sent in an envelope or stamped and written on - whatever the swap requires.

About swaps

I always send my swaps out. If you haven't received my swap to you, please let me know before rating me. I always go out of my way to make sure that my swaps are sent out in time - if for any reason I cannot sent it out in time, I will let you know - but I WILL send the swap requirements.

When sending me something in a swap - please DO NOT send me anything with naked people on. I am really not interested in it. You can keep that for others.

A to Z about me:
A – animals, ATC, angels, apples, Autumn, avocado

B – BOOKS, BIBLES, birds, butterflies, bumblebees, Bible Journaling, bananas, blue, baking, bookmarks, buttons

C – Colors, coloring books, chocolate, coffee, cats, cameras, CDs, cheese, Christmas, crocheting, gross stitch, cooking, chips

D – Dolphins, ducks, dingo's, drawings, diaries, dairy products, dogs, diamonds, dinosaurs, donuts, Disney

E – Elephants, eagles, eggs

F – Finger-food, fountains pens, forests, fans, flowers, family, friends, FOOD, friendship bracelets, father, Fall, foxes

G – God, garden, gratitude, gifts, giraffe, gnomes, guitars, games, ginger-snaps (biscuit), grandparents, gold

H – Home, horses, honey, happy mail, Hippo's, Harry Potter

I – Ice cream, Instagram

J –Jesus, jewelry, jackal, Jigsaw puzzles, jam donuts, jam, Junk Journaling, jelly beans

K – King of my life, kangaroo, kittens, knitting, kota (South African junk food - quarter load bread hollowed out and filled with french fries, sauce, meat, cheese and gravy,), keychains

L – Lions, leopards, lizards, letters, lazy days, live, lambs, lighthouses, lemons

M – Mother, memories, Monopoly, music, mountains, monkeys, mail, mittens,

N – Nature, nap time, notebook, nuts, nectarines, newspaper,

O – Oranges, orchestra, owls

P – Pineapple, pizza, purple, pink, photographs, postcards, printed images, penguins, puppies, ponies, pens, paper, pen pals, pocket letters, Pinterest

Q – Quiet time, questionnaires

R – Relaxing time, roses, reading, rings, rabbits, rainbows, random facts

S – South Africa, Swap-Bot, starts, Spring, Shein, stickers, shopping, scrapbooking, sloths

T – Trains, tea, tap-dancing, typewriters

U – Unicorns, umbrellas, uniforms

V – Vegetables, vanilla, vintage, violet

W – Water, water-bottle, Winter, writing, written letters, Willy Wonka, Washi tape, wool

X – Xylophone, X-mas, X-ray fish

Y – Yellow, yarn, yoga,

Z – Zebra, zoo, zzzzz's

enter title...

I Pledge to Rate

I will rate as soon as I have received your swap. If I haven't rated yet, I haven't received it yet!



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UKrebel85 rated for List Making #3 on Jul 10, 2024
Comment: Thank you for your lists, I'm with you on annoying road users, I can't stand people driving so close to me. I do the speed limit and it annoys me when people try and intimidate me to go faster.
kasa rated for List Making #3 on Jun 27, 2024
Comment: Belated birthday wishes for you. Thanks for sharing your lists with me. Yes being grateful is something we all need to be ,even for the simple things in life. I did enjoy your lists, grateful, books, shopping list. You gave me some ideas too, Blessings.
SkaGirl rated for List Making #2 on Jun 12, 2024
Comment: Thank you! :)
ccap rated for List Making #2 on Jun 11, 2024
Comment: Okay, I TOO love The Story by Brandi Carlile. One of my all time favourite songs. I've been lucky enough to see Brandi perform now 3 times.
Lisserz rated for Lists Galore! on Jun 8, 2024
Comment: Thank you for your lists. I tend to collect (hoard) pens too. There is just something about holding a new pen and then the ink on paper that intrigues me. One of my most used apps on my phone is Facebook. I'm not sure it's my favorite, but I certainly find myself spending a lot of time there.
ChewBecca0626 rated for Lists Galore! on Jun 1, 2024
Comment: Great lists! Thanks for the email!
kasa rated for Lists Galore! on May 31, 2024
Comment: Thank you for your lists. I enjoyed the favorite tv shows as a child and if I didnt have to work lists. It got me thinking about my answers to those lists. Thanks for sharing.
UKrebel85 rated for 50 Random Questions on May 25, 2024
Comment: My fave thing to cook when Im on my own is pasta too (that and cheese toasties!)
Pyrhulla rated for 50 Random Questions on May 23, 2024
Comment: Thanks so much for your answers! I enjoyed reading them :) Bedankt!
Comment: Great job!
spacefoxsupreme rated for 50 Random Questions on May 15, 2024
Comment: Thanks for your answers, I like that you sound so content with your life
lob rated for Email Accountability Swap 2024 #8 on May 2, 2024
Comment: You got quite a bit done. Good job! Thanks for sharing.
Cindymt rated for Random Questions E-Mail Swap #3 on Apr 28, 2024
Comment: Thank you for sharing!
ccap rated for Random Questions E-Mail Swap #3 on Apr 28, 2024
Comment: That is so cool that you're living in the same house with your parents! I also love that they're your best friends. I was best friends with my mom when she was still alive too!
UKrebel85 rated for Email Accountability Swap 2024 #6 on Apr 23, 2024
Comment: Thank you for sharing your list, you managed to get a lot done :)
HappyMom rated for Random Questions E-Mail Swap #3 on Apr 22, 2024
Comment: We had a couple of responses in common - I enjoyed reading your list and getting ot know you a little more.
Nevi2018 rated for PinAnon: Zoo Animal Series - Bears on Mar 27, 2024
Comment: These were great you PINNED ALOT!! soo many!!
Nevi2018 rated for PinAnon: Zoo Animal Series - Camels on Mar 27, 2024
Comment: Great job you pinned soooo many!!
Cindymt rated for ESG: 5 x 5 on Mar 21, 2024
Comment: Thanks for sharing!
Nevi2018 rated for OHS - Instagram Loves on Mar 21, 2024
Comment: Thanks for the Love!!

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BlueberryLady on Jan 28, 2024:

Quick friendly profile comment: I read that you like Baking ( I love to make pies and Scones) so do I...and I crochet ( mostly dishcloths) and I love playing with my Dog Pepper- She is an Australian Blue Heeler Cattle Dog.. And I see you like to Read and collect Bookmarks.. Nothing like a Real Book in your hand to Hold as you Read. Me Too! We both like similar TV shows and Authors.. Karen Kingsbury and others.. Have a Wonderful Day ! Its Raining Here in NE corner of OHIO, USA , we just got back from church.

Annydot on Jan 28, 2024:

Hello- how frustrating to have the struggles with the postal system, digital is not the same but I hope it provides some substitute. We share an interest in many of the same authors- so many of their books transport me so easily to a different world. You have been so creative in decorating your profile page, it's lovely and bright- a real pleasure to look at. Sending many good wishes your way-

Doulton on Jan 27, 2024:

I feel so much concern about the loss of regular and trusty postal service. I love letters but when the world becomes dominated by cyber natives the excitement of the mail will be less important.

I am so very sorry about all the delays you face. I have never visited Africa but have been riveted by novels by Paton, Gordimer, and Coetzee. I also love Jane Austen and Dame Agatha. Dickens is fantastic. But I think that Beatrix Potter helped to form my personality. How I loved her characters.

I hope you enjoy getting some fresh comments. I hope it is not too hot for you now.

yvonne401 on Jun 12, 2023:

Thank you!

Apelser on Jul 18, 2022:

! [pic] (https://d6c17q98yod98.cloudfront.net/images/a-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words-03.jpg)


Fritosmom on Jul 9, 2022:

Super cool Profile Page.

Apelser on Nov 4, 2018:

Note to self:


Krochet4Life on Mar 15, 2017:

Apelser on Dec 26, 2016:

Christmas in South Africa!!!




amyrasnick83 on Dec 24, 2015:

APDG Jesus is the Reason for the Season alt text]

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