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Last Online: May 21, 2024
Birthday: September 16
Country: United States

About Me

I will be very selective about the swaps I join. I get a lot of very late swaps: (early December postmark arrived here mid-May, for example). Resending can be costly. I have problems with international swaps and don't have the money to invest. I no longer trust the mail.

I prefer to establish a few penpal relationships. If you like to discuss books, music, aging; feminism; politics from a blue point of view, and nature and the environment-- send me a message . My printer has died so my letters will be 1-4 pages long handwritten.

My Pledge to You I will read your profile and try to find something suitable to send you. I know that I am very old so may not have the same cultural knowledge as you do. I will pledge to rate you as soon as possible--I will make it a priority. I fail when your profile is skimpy.

I pledge to give you a heart if you fulfill the swap without adding extras. If you don't get a heart from me it's because you added glitter, little stickers, random pieces of paper.

** I pledge to rate you at the earliest possible moment"

I am neuro-divergent and it causes me great pain. Please send me a message if you are sending me something not swap-related. Please remind me if I neglect to respond.


I understand that life is challenging for people of all ages, so I understand crises and obstacles. If you cannot send a swap on time, I "get it". A message would be nice, however. I will not give you a bad rating without making inquiries first.

My passions are cats, literature, music, travel, museums, and poetry. I like history and languages. I am remarkably illiterate about anything that happened after about 1985 or thereabouts.

I like to write letters and I read a lot. I am retired from a career as an literature and poetry teacher.
I would love to hear from anyone over 50 who might be interested in doing to Proust Questionnaire.

I probably commit most of the seven deadly sins on a daily basis. I don't think I can change at this point. But I argue daily with gluttony.

My home is absolutely smoke-free but I do have some furry cats. Please contact me if you are allergic to cat hair and let me know how I can send you a "safe swap".

My animals: I have two cats; I also have an adopted rat, Carolina, who works in Dar es Salaam. I have an adopted cat, Debra, who lives in Rome.

Only words, my friends. Only words. No little tuck-ins; no gifts, no matter how small. For me a successful day is when more leaves the house than enters it. And a prompt rating. I am very interested in other people. I like to read about what inspires and excites them and how they chose paths. I would call myself a feminist and a liberal, but I don't approach Swap Bot with any political agenda. I enjoy getting book and music recommendations.

My Limitations

I have absolutely no talents. I cannot send you cute home-made things or even awkward home-made things. Not everyone has the Martha Stewart gene. My postcards are dull. The Nine Muses passed me by when they were dispensing talents.

Other classifications (partially helpful but I am not totally sincere about the taxonomies they represent:

MBTI: Life-long INFP has become INTJ

Enneagram: 5 with a 4 wing

Astrology: I have my 12th house crammed. All my planets are in Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio. Scorpio moon rising


A: addle-pated; Arbus, Jane Austen, Fred Astaire, agnostic/atheist; anti-war; animal rights, agoraphobic, aging

B: Beethoven; Elizabeth Bishop; Bruckner; Beatles; Bogie and Bacall, Brenda Blethyn;

C: Cats, classical music, Maria Callas, Johnny Cash; Chekhov, cows; the phenomenon of "celebrity"' Charlie Chaplin; Carrie Coon; camp, cognitive struggles, Alan Cumming

D: Democrat, John Donne, Emily Dickinson, death

E: The Environment, England; equality, George Eliot, T.S. Eliot; eccentric; elderly, Eastern religions

F: fairness; Fine art; feminism; fountain pens, flâneur

G: Edward Gorey; Glenn Gould; gratitude; global politics;

H: History; Haiku; Alfred Hitchcock; Edward Hopper; hens, Handel's Messiah;

I: Italy; ink; Iceland; Issa, Introvert; ironic. INFP for many decades. Slowly turned to an INTJ.

J: JOMO (Joy of missing out), Jackie O!

K: John Keats; Klutz since birth

L: London; Mike Leigh, "Live and let live".

M: Minimalism (goal); Sherrill Milnes, Mahler; Motown; AA Milne; mental health struggles and I am always ready to believe I am wrong;

N: Nature and its travails; Neuro-divergent (sometimes my brain does odd things); nostalgia, Nemo's Almanac

O: Opera; opinionated; open to change but I fear I am fully baked by now; Flannery O'Connor

P: Puccini; The Pre-Raphaelite Movement; power dynamic; pasta; Patti LuPone; psychology, pen pals, pixallated

Q: Quirky

R: Rossini; "recycle, upcycle, reuse";

S: Shakespeare; Swedish Death Cleaning, Schubert; Stephen Sondheim; Scandinavia; satire; Wallace Stevens; Nina Simone, Survivor

T: Greta Thunberg; Trollope; travel; Anne Tyler; JMW Turner; Elizabeth Taylor, Thanatology, "The Traitors"

U: Understanding others and their disparate points of view

V: Verdi

W: Willing to listen to other points of view; Amy Winehouse, Elizabeth Warren, Edith Wharton, Shelley Winters

X: Y: Z:

Things I dislike

I do not like "alternative facts". I don't like narcissists or greedy people. I am "small-talk adverse".

I fear authoritarian governments and kleptocracy, oligarchy, and theocracy.

I really dislike the smell of smoke and am very sensitive to it. I have a fear of clowns! I don't do "cute". I don't do "New Age".
I really don't like waste and am trying to remove all plastics and other unnatural things from my environment

Otherwise, I'm fairly easy to please.

In books, I don't like Sci-Fi, "romances," "westerns," or anything Harry Potter or Twilight. The supernatural and the paranormal make me yawn! I like literary fiction; a good mystery; fascinating non-fiction, biography and memoir.

Just "Keeping it real" as RuPaul might say. If we are in a swap no need to make it extra.

I am doing my "Swedish Death Cleaning" I also do not need note cards nor postcards. Help me reach my goal of finding a good home for my sundry scraps and such. I do not send out what I consider to be "junk" although your mileage may vary.

About Me


Only what the swap calls for. I treasure words. They need not be lengthy. There's nothing like a perfect haiku (only 17 syllables more or less).



Comment: Thank you I enjoyed reading this!
KoalaMuffin rated for Ugly PC Swap #80 on May 20, 2024
Comment: Thank you so much. The bad play on words for sure made it ugly. If I could give more hearts, I would. You truly went above and beyond.
MuggleMom rated for CC: ABCs of Favorite Books #1 on May 13, 2024
Comment: Great list and a great postcard - in keeping with the theme no less. I have yet to read Anna Karenina or even see the wonderful movie. Of your list of 13, I've read 6 so 46% is not bad, lol!! Thanks for joining the swap. xxMuggleMom
FLWAVE rated for Black & White Postcard Swap #3 on May 10, 2024
Comment: I hope all went well with your mother-in-law. I love the postcard you sent of the Poodle Bump. Some dogs are pleasers and just want to be happy with their people—as this dog clearly is. Thanks!
Keanui rated for Black & White Postcard Swap #3 on May 9, 2024
Comment: Thank u for the lovely B+W pc and wow that's so crazy!!
Magpieturtle rated for SONG THEME #39 on May 7, 2024
Comment: Very beautiful card! Thank you!
TishaAnn rated for GEEK of the Week PC Swap #214 on May 6, 2024
Comment: love the postcard and Haiku appreciate it! :)
inventacharm rated for MOVIES AND TV SHOWS (MAT) #30 on May 3, 2024
Comment: Love the postcard! I need to watch Anatomy of a Murder by Otto Preminger but I have seen almost all the movies and tv shows you listed. I still need to watch Dopesick and King Richard. :)
denisedecker58 rated for SONG THEME #38 on May 3, 2024
Comment: Thanks so much! Good list!
Comment: Thank you so much for the Winnie Pooh postcard. I loved it!
Keanui rated for You Choose the Theme Postcard Swap #8 on Apr 26, 2024
Comment: I LOVE the dog postcard and the stamp!! Thank u so much and I'm so happy that you have cute cats :)
Comment: Great cards and an interesting note regarding your favorite dish. Best regards, Rich
Comment: I've never knew that the song was called 'As time goes by" LOVED IT
Comment: Thank you.
Comment: Thank you for the card! :⁠-⁠) Lol I think you win for hitting most themes.
estromberg rated for Any PC Hello USA #10 on Apr 15, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the awesome Sardine postcard! Never thought I would ever get one of those :)
deltiologycollective rated for PH: Postcard Roulette on Apr 13, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the cheeseburger postcard :)
Comment: Thanks for your note and the lovely PC. Recovery is going well. I'm still a bit tipsy on uneven ground but I shed the cane three weeks ago.
Comment: thanks for the awesome black cat pc

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sleepykitty on Apr 30, 2024:

Thank you so much for the big envelope of bonus postcards for the PH Postcard Roulette swap. I especially love the statue of someone riding a tortoise! What a fun bunch to use. Thanks again!

simcoe54 on Apr 29, 2024:

Also, thanks for all the other pcs as well - a special mail day for me!

simcoe54 on Apr 29, 2024:

The Kiritimati (Christmas Island) map postcard arrived today. Thanks for thinking of me. It is a new one to my map collection. :)

Tr3n1ty on Feb 20, 2024:

Swap: Quick! What's your Fave song Right now?

I'm in my metal era :) :) :)

Wolf Totem by The Hu

Popular Monster by Falling In Reverse

ambhi2024 on Feb 19, 2024:

Quick! What's your Fave song Right now?

💖 Tate Mcrae - Greedy 💖

MuggleMom on Feb 18, 2024:

Thank you so much for the lovely birthday card! It was a total surprise and so heartfelt! The postcards you sent also, fit perfectly with my reading!!



yvonne401 on Feb 14, 2024:

Welcome to Swaps in the U.S.A.! It's great to have you here!



Poohtat on Jan 30, 2024:

Quick Friendly Profile Comment - Poohtat -

Happy Meow

Mystyne on Jan 28, 2024:

Thank you for the replacement Christmas Card and postcards. This was above and beyond. The card is beautiful and will be reused somehow in the future.

Annydot on Jan 28, 2024:

Your version of the alphabet is worth the read alone. I saw your comment as well- ah the poets you list are some of my favorites. I've read them so often that I have managed to memorize lines which I find myself reciting in my head while I garden or sit in traffic. I also share your fear of clowns- I find them so disturbing. Several years ago, Wal-Mart had a super bowl commercial that played on the idea of how children may come to fear clowns and it still makes me belly laugh on such strange ways that our own mind demons begin to meddle us. If you'd ever like a letter, let me know and I'm happy to send one your way. (how rare to see someone reference Edith Wharton). Be well-

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