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Six Week Snail Mail Swap

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Six Week Snail Mail Swap
Swap Coordinator:tamtamlee (contact)
Swap categories: Letters & Writing 
Number of people in swap:56
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:May 6, 2012
Date items must be sent by:June 23, 2012
Number of swap partners:1

I had a very good turn out for my last "Six Week Snail Mail Swap" I thought I would have another one. I hope to get a good turn out this time to!! I enjoyed and had fun with it. So we have the same partner for all six weeks I had to make it with all one swap.

If you like send out to your partner that you recieve thats fun, but is up to you!

You will rate your partner at the end of the six weeks. Your rating will be the over all of the six weeks,You might even get a heart!

Due to postage it's only USA

This "SNAIL MAIL SWAP" will run for SIX weeks. There will be a "theme" for each week. We will send out our letters each MONDAY of the new week.

Please post in the comment space each time you send a week out. Maybe even send a message to let your partner know.

Please don't flake!! If you think you can't do all six weeks don't join the swap. No recent 1's or 3's.. If you have any and would like to join please message me and explain them. Rating of 4.8......No unrated swappers {sorry} I will allow newbies with a well filled out profil. If you do not meet the requirements & sign up anyway I will ban you from the swap.


MAY 14 {week 1}---- Write your partner and introduce yourself. {tell about life, hobbies, job....stuff like that}

MAY 21{week 2}--- Send a card {Senders Choice Funny,Thinking of you, --ect.}..Bought, Homemade

MAY 28{week 3}--- Write your partner a letter include your favorite recipe or instructions for a quick craft project

JUNE 4{week 4} --- Send a post card from your state / hometown. If you CAN"T find a postcard {like me} then write a bit about your state / hometown.

JUNE 11 {week 5} --- Send a letter to your partner --- Include something in the envelope --- Something Small, like a magnet, bookmarker, anything--- homemade or bought. Senders choice.

JUNE 18 {week 6}--- Last week is a free for all whatever {senders choice} you want to send.

Any questions please message me! If this swap has a good turn out I will host another one about July or August

Have Fun!!


Kims 04/18/2012 #

Would you be doing an international one sometime?Im from Canada,is that close enough? ;)

FrankieTeardrop 04/18/2012 #

Oh, I'd love an international one too! Otherwise, I'll do one myself when I get enough ratings. xD

tamtamlee 04/18/2012 #

Some was/is suppose to be doing an international one.

MKHurley 04/18/2012 #

I loved the last six week swap, so I am in for this one as well.

morgainegeiser 04/18/2012 #

It was great fun the last round

SoupLike 04/19/2012 #

I'd love to join the international version of this, too. If it's hosted by somebody eventually, could you put a link here? (Or let people who're interested know otherwise.) Awesome swap idea!

Rocktopus 04/20/2012 #

about the postcard and card, do we write on them or send blank?

tamtamlee 04/21/2012 #

@ brittanyzick...Which ever you would like do...

Rocktopus 04/21/2012 #

ok, I like to write on them and I send PC's naked

EmilyT 04/23/2012 #

I'm looking forward to this! I would love an international one for July or August as well.

damilola 05/ 2/2012 #

I'd like to host an international one for July/August !!! Right now my time is too tight to work on something like this. @tamtamlee if it is ok for you , just pm me. Thanks.

damilola 05/ 2/2012 #

I'd like to host an international one for July/August !!! Right now my time is too tight to work on something like this. @tamtamlee if it is ok for you , just pm me. Thanks.

damilola 05/ 2/2012 #

I'd like to host an international one for July/August !!! Right now my time is too tight to work on something like this. @tamtamlee if it is ok for you , just pm me. Thanks.

damilola 05/ 2/2012 #

ups, I meant to write it only once.... Help!

HeatherWill 05/ 2/2012 #

Yay another round! The last was was AWESOME!!!! count me in!

Magickspirit51 05/ 5/2012 #

I love this idea! I am in!

TiffanyAnnDavis87 05/ 5/2012 #

You can get state postcards or any theme postcards on Zazzle.com!!

aploenes 05/ 5/2012 #

Love the idea but I will be in germany for 3 of those :( I hope to do this next round!

AlexMer 05/ 6/2012 #

hey! may i join?? i'm from Russia)

tamtamlee 05/ 7/2012 #

This is for USA sorry

basykes 05/ 8/2012 #

I got a reminder that it's time to start swapping. I thought this didn't start until the 14th of May??

bluecrayons 05/ 8/2012 #

@basykes the partners are assigned now so your first letter can go out monday the 14th.

tamtamlee 05/ 8/2012 #

Thanks bluecrayons for answering.

mcovey 05/10/2012 #

when do you want us to mark it sent when we send the 1st one or the last one

mcovey 05/11/2012 #

send out 1st weeks today to jennifergordon

talanae 05/11/2012 #

I thought we were supposed to mail out on Mondays? (Am I wrong? I don't want to mess up the swap....I'm new here)

Jordaaan 05/11/2012 #

It says we send them every monday so the 14 is the monday coming up, that's when we send them.

tamtamlee 05/11/2012 #

First week will go out Monday the 14 th then the second week will go out the following monday. If you want to get yours in the mail over a weekend that is up to you, But they don't have to go in the till monday. Post here after you send each week out. After you send week six you will mark it sent.

If anyone has any questions please message me I'll see it quicker.

Thanks everyone for joining

talanae 05/12/2012 #

k I was just confused because mcovey sent out today :)

mcovey 05/12/2012 #

sorry for the confusion I just had it ready and went ahead and mailed it so I didn;t think it matter too much better early then late

faye411 05/12/2012 #

mailed my first one out yesterday.

tamtamlee 05/12/2012 #

That's okay mcovey! You can send your week out anytime. I usually send mine out over the weekend.

Just because one sends theirs out a day or two early doesn't mean everyone has to! The due date to send out is on mondays....Please don't get excited or worring over it. This is suppose to be fun!!!! Please be considerate to your partner if you are going to be sending out late let your partner know.

My first week went out today!!

PinkArt300M 05/12/2012 #

I sent mine out today weekends work so much better. Hope my partner enjoys my introduction letter.

kallie1978 05/13/2012 #

sent my 1st one out today.

sweetlady9783 05/13/2012 #

My letter is written and sealed, ready to be sent out tomorrow 5/14

Magickspirit51 05/14/2012 #

Mailed out my first letter this morning- Mon. 5/14.

talanae 05/14/2012 #

mcovy, I'm sorry! This is one of my first swaps and I just wanted to make sure I was doing it right. I'm glad to know I can send out early because that'll be more convenient some weeks!

My letter went out in today's mail :)

morgainegeiser 05/14/2012 #

Mailed out today.

sweetlady9783 05/14/2012 #

Letter is in the mail 5/14 :)

DixieDiane 05/14/2012 #

Letter in the mail today to @worldtraveler :)

Vagirl 05/14/2012 #

Mailed my first letter today:)

Smiles 05/14/2012 #

Sent mine off 5/14!

neecie 05/14/2012 #

sent mine today :)

Artistic 05/14/2012 #

Mailing #1 went out today. actually #2 because my partner got a let's get started bonus. LOL!

knitterofhats 05/14/2012 #

Mailed number one on Friday. Enjoy!

QUEENQUISA 05/14/2012 #

Intro letter mailed today!

EmilyT 05/15/2012 #

Sent out first letter :-0

MKHurley 05/15/2012 #

Sent out first letter late Sunday night

kmcscott 05/15/2012 #

Sent out first letter yesterday.

greengirl 05/15/2012 #

Sent out first letter yesterday.

bluecrayons 05/15/2012 #

i sent mine and i already received from my partner.

03Scarlett 05/15/2012 #

Letter sent out Monday the 14th to @HeatherWill

EmilyT 05/16/2012 #

received the first letter :)

DixieDiane 05/17/2012 #

Received first letter

PinkArt300M 05/17/2012 #

I received my first letter today. Great introduction letter. Excited to see what comes in the mail next:)

Happygirl 05/19/2012 #

Received first letter today! Great intro!

Happygirl 05/19/2012 #

Week #2 is on its way!

neecie 05/19/2012 #

got my 1 of 6 ... excited i am!!!

kallie1978 05/19/2012 #

2 is in the mail!

tamtamlee 05/19/2012 #

Week 2 sent out today

MKHurley 05/20/2012 #

sent out week two today

knitterofhats 05/20/2012 #

Week 2 is in its way!

faye411 05/20/2012 #

mailed out week 2

HeatherWill 05/20/2012 #

Week 2 out the door! :)

DixieDiane 05/21/2012 #

Week #2 out today :)

03Scarlett 05/21/2012 #

My week 2 letter is on its way to @HeatherWill

greengirl 05/21/2012 #

Received my first letter and sent my sencond letter today.

talanae 05/21/2012 #

Sent out week two today :)

morgainegeiser 05/21/2012 #

Wk 2 is on its way.

Magickspirit51 05/21/2012 #

Mailed 2nd week today!

kmcscott 05/21/2012 #

Sent out week 2 today and I am waiting to receive my first letter.

Smiles 05/21/2012 #

Sent week 2 out today

Smiles 05/21/2012 #

Sent week 2 out today

Magickspirit51 05/21/2012 #

Received letter.#1 today. Great letter.

Vagirl 05/21/2012 #

Sent out week #2 today:)

bluecrayons 05/21/2012 #

2 sent.

sweetlady9783 05/21/2012 #

Received my first letter and sent out week 2 today.

neecie 05/22/2012 #

sent 2nd one out yesterday!

jennifergordon 05/22/2012 #

opps-i think i started a week early-i'll not send this week then to catch up

gmasusie 05/22/2012 #

OOPS !!! Forgot to post 1st week and just now posting for 2nd week. But both went out. Now I'm working on 3rd. week.

EmilyT 05/23/2012 #

2 written and ready to be sent out in the morning.

QUEENQUISA 05/23/2012 #

Received wk 1 & dropped wk 2 in the mail.

mcovey 05/23/2012 #

I am really enjoy this and to my partner I will send a letter back just haven;t had time !!

sending out # 2 to Jennifer ---sorry it is late

BrandiAM 05/24/2012 #

Didn't send out the first until yesterday, and the second is going out tomorrow. Sorry about that. Will start working on Week 3, which WILL go out on time, as I'm back on track. Received Week 1: loved the letter and extras!

DixieDiane 05/24/2012 #

rec'd wk #2

MaterializeDaydreams 05/24/2012 #

Oooh! I haven't been posting when I send my stuff out. I've sent the first three items already. I'm anxious excited for this swap!

Vagirl 05/24/2012 #

Is it alright to send week #3 on Tuesday, since Monday is a holiday, or should we send it before?

kallie1978 05/25/2012 #

Rec'd #2. Thank you.

morgainegeiser 05/25/2012 #

Sent week 3 out early today, as we will be on vacation until Wed.

Happygirl 05/25/2012 #

I sent out number 3 today, hope thats alright-our post can struggle after a holiday;)

Artistic 05/25/2012 #

Because Monday is a holiday, I'm sending out mailing #3 tomorrow. Enjoy!

tamtamlee 05/25/2012 #

@ Vagirl sending it out tuesday is fine.... And sending out today or over the weekend is fine

Hope everyone is having fun!

bluecrayons 05/26/2012 #

i received week 2.

mailing week 3 tuesday.

MKHurley 05/26/2012 #

I sent out week 3 yesterday!

knitterofhats 05/26/2012 #

Mailed week 3 today

kallie1978 05/28/2012 #

3 is in the mail

Magickspirit51 05/28/2012 #

Sorry for this, but letter put in mail today, but won't be postmarked until tomorrow because of the holiday, but #3 on it's way.

greengirl 05/28/2012 #

3 is on it's way.

03Scarlett 05/28/2012 #

Letter & recipe either went out in Saturday or if not, will be picked up and go out tomorrow to @HeatherWill - not sure if I got it in the box early enough to go out Saturday but it is in the mail. : )

WanderingHedgehog 05/29/2012 #

I sent weeks 1 & 2 on time, although I didn't post it here. Week 3 will go out today, since yesterday was a postal holiday.

mcovey 05/29/2012 #

sending out week 3 --hope you enjoy the recipe!!

neecie 05/29/2012 #

sent out week 3 thingy!

kmcscott 05/29/2012 #

Week 3 was picked up by mailman this morning. I am waiting to receive 1 and 2.

sweetlady9783 05/29/2012 #

Sending week 3 out today....

tamtamlee 05/29/2012 #

Week 3 sent out

ILoveToSwap 05/29/2012 #

oh gee, guess I goofed. . . . I've sent out #1 and #2 but didn't realize that I needed to post here (at least I'm not the only one).

3 will go out tomorrow.

EmilyT 05/29/2012 #

Sorry-week 3 is going out late with the holiday and me having a lazy weekend! Week 3 also received today.

DixieDiane 05/29/2012 #

3 out today due to holiday weekend

MKHurley 05/29/2012 #

I sent out my postcard Sunday

bluecrayons 05/30/2012 #

3 mailed.

lemorton 05/30/2012 #

Sent out week three on Tuesday . enjoy.....

worldtraveler 05/31/2012 #

Didn't realize I needed to post, so sorry. All 3 are mailed. I have loved receiving from my partner @DixieDiane The 'Thinking of You' card is so great!!

Vagirl 05/31/2012 #

Sent out week #3 on Tuesday:)

Janelle 05/31/2012 #

Just checking in sent and received all 3 weeks ;0) My partner is AWESOME!!! @wokeupmissing

MaterializeDaydreams 06/ 1/2012 #

Just put week 4 in the box for pickup tomorrow.

Happygirl 06/ 1/2012 #

Week 4 is at the post-should be sent out on Saturday:)

talanae 06/ 1/2012 #

I forgot to post but week 3 went out Tues because of the holiday, sorry for the delay!

faye411 06/ 1/2012 #

week 4 will be mailed tomorrow, i have received all weeks, even bonus mailings, i have the greatest partner ever, I love her...

knitterofhats 06/ 2/2012 #

Week 4 is on its way

kallie1978 06/ 2/2012 #

received week 3 and am looking forward to week 4. I love your letters HeatherWill, thank you for the recipe.

BrandiAM 06/ 3/2012 #

Received @kallie1978 Week 3. Can't wait to try the recipe. I've loved reading all your letters, and the extras have all been so thoughtful.

BrandiAM 06/ 3/2012 #

Forgot to post that I sent out week 3.

DixieDiane 06/ 3/2012 #

Wk 4 will be mailed tomorrow Monday 6/4...Enjoy-Fat mail incoming. I have enjoyed all my mail I've gotten from @Vagirl I hope to continue with both her and the partner I'm sending to @worldtraveler when this swap is done.

kallie1978 06/ 3/2012 #

Week 4 is in the mail. Glad you like 'em Brandi : )

03Scarlett 06/ 3/2012 #

My week 4 letter is in the mail for @HeatherWill

lemorton 06/ 3/2012 #

All set to send in the AM mail for the week 4....Hope you have a good week happygirl...Enjoy.....

bluecrayons 06/ 4/2012 #

sent #4 . havent gotten 3 yet.

kmcscott 06/ 4/2012 #

Week 4 was picked up today by the mailman. Still waiting to receive weeks 1, 2, and 3.

Magickspirit51 06/ 4/2012 #

Mailed PC this morning

EmilyT 06/ 4/2012 #

Pc in the mail

catsandscales 06/ 4/2012 #

OOPS... way to read the rules... Just put Week Four's PC in the mail. =) (And I have sent the rest).

talanae 06/ 5/2012 #

I put Week 4's PC in the mail earlier today (Monday) but I must have missed the mail carrier because it's still there. I didn't get any mail today either which is really weird because I usually get SOMETHING at least. Debi I'm so sorry it's going to be late :(

tamtamlee 06/ 5/2012 #

If anyone would like to angel please message me...Thanks!

tamtamlee 06/ 5/2012 #

Week 4 in the mail

Artistic 06/ 5/2012 #

Mailing #4 was sent out today.

And I received mailing #4 from my partner today. Thanks.

MKHurley 06/ 5/2012 #

Sent out #5 Saturday

bluecrayons 06/ 5/2012 #

received week 3 and 4 today.

mcovey 06/ 7/2012 #

I have recieved 1-4 thanks Stephanie

Happygirl 06/ 8/2012 #

sent out 5 today

DixieDiane 06/ 9/2012 #

Week #5 out today to my partner-another fat envie week for you. Hope week #4 arrived ok :)

knitterofhats 06/ 9/2012 #

Week 5 out today

neecie 06/ 9/2012 #

4 out when it should have been


5 out today('tis saturday: happy weekend!)!

tamtamlee 06/ 9/2012 #

Week 5 sent out today!

MaterializeDaydreams 06/11/2012 #

week #5 in the box!

kmcscott 06/11/2012 #

Week 5 dropped off at post office yesterday. Still waiting to receive weeks 1,2,3, and 4.

faye411 06/11/2012 #

mailed week 5 today

EmilyT 06/11/2012 #

Week 5 sent last week; been receiving everything from my partner

Vagirl 06/12/2012 #

Sent week 5 yesterday!

Magickspirit51 06/12/2012 #

5 out on (Tues)- day late, sorry I completely forgot.

morgainegeiser 06/12/2012 #

Wk 5 is on its way.

morgainegeiser 06/12/2012 #

I got happy mail from a very nice angel - Faye411

catsandscales 06/13/2012 #

Sending my week 5 today or tomorrow! And I will probably be late on next week's as well, I'll be out of town this weekend (I'll pick up a fun treat by the coast, so it'll be worth it. ;)

Magickspirit51 06/13/2012 #

My apologies to my partner. I left your letter on my desk when I left work, so it didn't get mailed Tues like it should have. It definitely went out today.

lemorton 06/13/2012 #

Wow...am I glad that I am not the only one to send a day late...and to post a day later than that.... It will be at my partner by the week end... Enjoy

bluecrayons 06/14/2012 #

5 was mailed.

bluecrayons 06/14/2012 #

5 received today.

talanae 06/14/2012 #

I forgot to post when I sent week 5, but I mailed that out Monday. I dropped week 6 off at the post office today. I've really enjoyed this swap, thanks for the fun!

mcovey 06/14/2012 #

5 went out today sorry it was late !!

tamtamlee 06/14/2012 #

Week 6 goes out Monday......I want to THANK everyone for joing!! I hope everyone had fun!! I know I did!!! Watch for the next "Snail Mail Six Week" Swap......

faye411 06/15/2012 #

just mailed off letter 6... had lots of fun with my partners

knitterofhats 06/15/2012 #

6 out tonight!

Artistic 06/16/2012 #

Forgot to post this week that #5 -- and #5.5 :) -- went out to my partner. Have fun.

Also, received #5 from Sarah. Thank you!

kallie1978 06/16/2012 #

I received my week 5 (thank you!) and sent mine out to my partner on time, though I'm only writing about it now. Sorry. Love this swap!

neecie 06/17/2012 #

week 6 SENT!

MaterializeDaydreams 06/17/2012 #

Week 6 in the box, will be picked up tomorrow! Marking as sent.

lemorton 06/18/2012 #

Week 6 is now in the mail....Enjoy

catsandscales 06/18/2012 #

I'm horribly late on Week 5... =( Sending this week with 6!

morgainegeiser 06/18/2012 #

Week six is in the mail, what fun this has been!

kmcscott 06/18/2012 #

Dropped week 6 off at the post office this morning. I really enjoyed sending snail mail to my partner. Can' t believe how fast the weeks flew by.

Magickspirit51 06/19/2012 #

Sent #6 out this morning. It has been fun!

Magickspirit51 06/19/2012 #

As a note: I have only received 1 letter from my partner so far.

kmcscott 06/19/2012 #

@Magicspirit51 at least there was some contact from your partner. I have not received anything from my partner. I wish people would not sign up for swaps if they have no intention of following through with the swap.

Artistic 06/19/2012 #

6 went out to my partner today. I had a blast with this.

Artistic 06/19/2012 #

Whoops. Sorry about that large print. I must have hit a hashmark by mistake which installed the coding.

mcovey 06/19/2012 #

6 ready for tomorrows mail , really enjoy doing this and would love to do it again !!

recieved a letter and a magnet from Stephanie , thanks I love magnets!!

tamtamlee 06/19/2012 #


03Scarlett 06/19/2012 #

@HeatherWill ... Week 6 letter went out in Monday's mail to you!

Vagirl 06/20/2012 #

Sent week #6 out on Monday:)

tamtamlee 06/21/2012 #


catsandscales 06/22/2012 #

Sent #6 today!! #5 went out a day or two ago. Sorry for the delay @wokeupmissing =)

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