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Birthday: May 8, 1956
Country: United States
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PLEASE NOTE: If I mark a swap as being sent and that day has no mail delivery, it's because I put it in a USPS box by our mail room (which is just down the hall from me).

If it's not in the box by the time the mail comes, it doesn't get picked up till the next day so when I put a letter in the box in the evening or on the weekend and it shows marked as being sent on a Sunday or the prior day is marked sent and the postmark shows the following day, this is why ...

I mark sent as soon it goes into our USPS box because I'm afraid if I didn't, that I'd totally forget and wouldn't mark it sent at all. Old age? Perhaps! lol

Hi! My name is Debi and am a 63 year old Christian woman and I would love to hear from anyone who was born on that exact same day, which is May 8, 1956. I've looked for years but as of yet have not found anyone on that exact day.

A bit about me, I'm divorced, have 2 kids who are grown and on their own and also have 7 grand-kids and am a GREAT-Grandma to Jax and Kayden and baby Madilynn was born @ 12:06 a.m., Oct. 25, 2018.

Besides my kids and grand-kids, I have a very spoiled cat named Kyla, who turned 9 on July 22nd [Yep, that's her in the picture below!]

Well, she did and she didn't (turn 9, that is) 'cuz ya see, I've always heard that cats age 7 years to a persons 1 year and if that's the case then, Kyla turned 9 , so - times that by 7 and voila! Ky and I are both now ... 63! LOL

No fair, she looks far better than I do at this age! Ha! Ha!


Seeking Business Cards

I am just starting a new hobby of collecting Business Cards but after a very short time I realized that I need to be selective in the ones I collect.

There are a few specific categories that I really want to collect now and those are:

  • Any and all law enforcement business cards

  • Any and all U.S. military business cards

  • Any sports related business cards

Aside from these, I'd also love any dance related business cards (such as from ballet studios and such.) And though opera is not my favorite music, I still would love to have an opera business card (silly, I know but ... well, what can I say? Ha! Ha!)

But, if I had my choice - by far I would much rather have the law enforcement and the military cards!

Thanks so much for taking the time to look!

Favorite Crafts

  • Plastic canvas
  • My HAPPY PLANNER (Love it so much!)
  • Smashbooks
  • Junk Journals

I also love vintage photos as well, especially the regular sized pictures of anybody [don't worry, if the photo isn't identified and you don't know who the person is ... I'll give them a name. LOL]

Now, can you just see my daughter going through junque journals after I'm gone and seeing someone in it named Uncle Dan or Aunt Isabelle and her sitting there wondering why I had never told her about them.

Then she'd wonder what side of the family and hey, maybe even look at other family pics trying to find similarities to her "new kin" she didn't know about. Ha! Ha!

Maybe I really ought to tell her about the pics and make sure she knows any in the junque journals and such aren't gonna be family pics. (Hopefully I'll remember to tell her .... lol)

I love paper crafts and have a hard time throwing any papers away and though I have a lot of papers [many bits and pieces], I still would welcome any sent. Love cute pictures!

My Likes & Dislikes

  • Postcards [or pictures] of carousels

  • Would absolutely love and treasure any postcards of: Swansea,MA; Gone With the Wind; Carousels and any on the Royal Family, Downton Abbey or those that might have a writing in a different language on the front!

  • I would love a card from Yulee, Florida if anyone were to have one!

  • Anything on or about the Royal Family [especially Princess Di, William, Kate and the kids and or Prince Harry and Megan and their babies (when she has them, that is!) baby.

I really have no special love for Price Charles or Camilla so would not like anything about them.

  • I absolutely adore fine nibbed fountain pens and writing with them! Nope, I'm not hinting or asking for any because I have plenty of them, but just throwing in here with my likes, how much I love writing with them. I'd never used one until December 2015 and I immediately fell in love the minute I put the pen to paper!


  • Anything with skulls

  • Anything dark or evil

  • No adult themes

Private Letter Swaps

I love doing letter swaps but due to postage, I limit those to people here in the US.

Please, if you love writing letters and ...

  1. Aren't a flaker

  2. You write more than just a "note" [to me, actually ... any letter under 5 pages front and back, to me ... IS "just a note"!]

  3. Have legible writing that I can read [Lord, I know I sound picky but there's nothing worse than getting a nice letter to read but you can't make the words out and it happens far more than I would ever have thought it would. It's very frustrating!

    ... Feel free to send me a message if you'd like to do a one on one letter swap with me.

I love getting letters from those who put some thought or effort into their letters as I do and I guess what I mean by thought or effort is that you ... write a long enough letter.

It doesn't have to be written about anything in particular and in fact as for myself, I gab about anything, everything and sometimes even nothing at all. LOL

Oh and also, I'm just not one to like short letters, and even less is liking ones with huge writing that are trying to just fill up a page and are saying nothing in the process, just to hurry and get a swap completed. And of yes - that does happen as well.]

Some Helpful Tips

The following is copied from my friend, Karla's swap-bot page (she's no longer @ swap-bot), sadly to say so I thought I'd borrow these and put on my page so I can get to them quicker when needed.


Here on Swap-bot, you will probably always use stationEry with an E. Stationery with an E is writing materials, as pens, pencils, paper, and envelopes. If it helps, here are some ways people remember which spelling to use.

Remember that just like writing letters, we also write e-mails. E-mail begins with the letter E ... so since we write letters and we write e-mails, remember the E in e-mail and use the word stationEry.

Also ...

Let the E in StationEry make you think of an Envelope!

Think of the word StationEry because it means pEns and pEncils.

The alternative, stationAry is ONLY used to describe something that is not moving, still, staying in one place or position, immobile, or not changing.


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Just remember brackets then parentheses.

So, it's like this (now, right below this is an example). Okay - there is a space between the ] at the end of where it says link and the first ( at the beginning of the http://). To make this work, you have to take that space out. I didn't do it here because if I had, it would have done it and I wouldn't have been able to show you how to do it.

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Saskatch rated for Look this is my pet! on Jan 26, 2020
Comment: Thank you, I loved getting to meet Kyla and hearing about some of her adventures! Please give her a smooch for me 🥰
Response: I'm glad you liked it and will definitely give her a kiss for ya (believe it or not, she hates being held but loves kisses. lol)
euniceq rated for Email Swap: 50 Of My Favorite Songs on Jan 26, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the email! I don't regularly listen to a lot of the songs on the list you sent, but they're ones I know from growing up with music-loving parents who played them all the time! It was nice to take a trip down memory lane like that. Thanks again!
Response: You're so welcome and I'm glad they were good memories. Good ones for me too when I could take time and go back over and think of some of my favorites! Thanks so much for the rating and for rating so fast!
Comment: 12 years on swap-bot, wow!
Response: Thanks so much for the 5 and the heart. Yes, it's been 12 years now and I love it here more than ever!
Shuttlebug rated for Scripture Postcard USA #1 on Jan 25, 2020
Comment: Beautiful verse!
Response: Thank you for the rating and yes, I love that verse ... so beautiful!
Comment: Swaps in the mail are the best!
Response: Thanks for the rating and yes, the mail swaps are the best! : )
Response: Thanks for the great rating!
Fabriqueen rated for Women in the Old Testament on Jan 24, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for your answers and also for the recipe cards! Hugs, Diane
Response: You're so welcome, Diane! And thank you for the great rating. Have a good day!
Comment: Thank you for the vintage TV post card. Very unusual. In Tulsa we had storms one day and snow the next. Luckily it didn't get below freezing so the roads were fine to drive on.
Response: I'm glad you liked it - yeah, I found an entire pack of the vintage type postcards with all kinds of the old-time actors and actresses and another one with old time advertisements. So happy you didn't get bad roads from the storms. We had a couple of days here in NW PA that the roads were horrible bad but it's all good now. : )
cbr rated for TV Show Reccomendations on Jan 24, 2020
Comment: Thanks
Response: You're so welcome! Thanks so much for the great rating. : )
Burger1girl rated for Handwritten Bible Verses on Jan 24, 2020
Comment: Your verses have had a profound effect on me. I needed them so much during this rough time. I will hang them by my bath mirror so I can see them every morning before work, thank you so much. God uses each of us to help one another. I have begun to collect recipe cards. Thank you Debi.
Response: I don't know what you're going through but I am so happy that the verses were a help to you. Yes, God does use each of us to help others, that's for sure true! (Hugs) - - Thanks so much for the 5 and the heart. : )
Comment: Thanks for your nice note and enclosed cards. Good luck decorating your planner.
Response: Your so welcome ... thank you for the 5 and the heart and for the encouragement on my planner (I have to admit, I'm so intimidated enough that I haven't tried decorating it yet .. but I will!)
Comment: Thank you so much for sharing all of that about your Kyla! She sounds so adorable. The bit about the washcloth made me giggle so much!
Response: Thanks Eunice! Yeah, the washing her face actually just started a week or two ago. Who says you can't teach an old "CAT" new tricks? Ha! Ha! Have an awesome day!
csksml rated for What are you excited for? on Jan 21, 2020
Comment: Good luck with losing weight! I'm sure you can do it :)
Response: Thanks so much!
Siljec94 rated for What are you excited for? on Jan 20, 2020
Comment: Good luck on the weight loss! Remember to keep a healthy loss <3
Response: Thanks so much! Since Jan. 1st, I've lost 5 pounds but will be happy even just to lose a pound a week.
Aloquin rated for What are you excited for? on Jan 20, 2020
Comment: I whole-heartedly support your weight loss goals! Please keep in mind that some weeks you may not lose, but don't give up! It's just how the body works. Perseverance is key!
Response: Thanks so much for your support ... it's not always easy trying to lose but this time I'm not worried about how many pounds that I can lose how fast because that never works in the end. Now I'm just happy to lose a pound a week and if not, it's okay as long as I know I'm eating the right way.
mailsbyjah rated for What are you excited for? on Jan 20, 2020
Comment: Yay for your goals this 2020! I hope all goes well! <3
Response: Thanks so much! So far, so good - I've lost 5 pounds so it's a start anyways. : )
Siljec94 rated for TV Show Reccomendations on Jan 18, 2020
Comment: I didn't know about America's Top Dog, but I have to check it out. I don't live in the US but I love dogs so it might be good for me :D
Response: It's an awesome show and if you love dogs, I'm sure you'd like the show as well. I hope you get to check it out. : ) Thanks so much for the 5 and the heart.
fighterangel rated for Beginnings Bible Study on Jan 16, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for this thoughtful mail, and for such awesome answers to the questions. ;v; I really love your handwriting. Oh, and thank you for the awesome groundhog day memos!! That's so awesome, I love stuff like that!! Thank you for sharing such awesome mail!!
Response: Awe, thank you - I'm so glad that you liked it all. (Hugs)
postmansdaughter rated for TV Show Reccomendations on Jan 16, 2020
Response: Thank you!
AussieHorse rated for Where to Start... on Jan 16, 2020
Response: Thanks so much for the 5 and a heart. You made my day! : )

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Nevi2018 on Dec 30, 2019:

How are you & Ben and Jerry's Doing!?!? HAHAHA!! How is your goal going?? I can't for the life of me remember your goal But remember your Witty sense of Humor and Your love for Ben & Jerrys HAHA!!

LindaW on Aug 15, 2019:

The verse on the bookmarks 1 Peter 5:7 really is a blessing to me. It was a memory verse of mine way back when I was a young Christian.

Fritosmom on Jun 1, 2019:

Hello again, I received your wonderful letter and goodies. You are very kind and thoughtful.

Fairwind on Dec 30, 2017:

Quick and Easy Profile Message Swap-- Hello Debi, It was interesting to read you live in Titusville. My grandmother's sister lived there here entire adult life and my grandmother also lived there with her on and off at times. I remember seeing the photos and hearing the stories about life there. I liked hearing about the Amish they would see from time to time. I hope you have a lovely New Year's 2018!!!!

TereDiane1954 on Apr 18, 2016:

I got your nice long letter today, Debi. (When you write a letter, you don't mess around with three lines, do you?) I enjoyed it so much! And I like the brochures about the history of Titusville and the fun things there are to do. Many thanks, and a big hug♥

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