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Many of you here have swapped with this talented lady, @cmdunderground What you might not know about her is that she has struggled for years to be free of an abusive husband. If you feel, as I do, that she deserves our support, please share her GoFundMe account on your social media sites. And if you feel so inclined, please help by donating to her fund. Thank you all♥ MovingOn**

Edited to add: Sharing Cassie's message on social media is like throwing a rock into a lake. The ripples move outward from the center in ever-widening rings. You never know how far they will travel, or who they will reach! Sharing that link only takes a one-second click of the mouse. No effort at all, no cost. Please. Share.

Here is the link for the book I wrote: Seventy Times Seven

And here is the link for my group if you're interested:


Sometimes, it's comforting to mingle with others who have suffered the same sorrows as you have. Who else could understand how it feels? If you are in a relationship that is violent or abusive, or if you were raised in a home where violence was the norm, come and join us in The Walled Garden. The atmosphere is supportive and non-judgemental. I frequently add information that would be helpful if you are actively seeking an escape. We won't be swapping, but happy mail is always encouraged♥

Hello, it's me!

Here is who I am, all in living color! Pinterest I'd have put it at the top where it belongs, but it won't post up there!

I'm a 64-year-old Christian woman, love country living, and I'm a hard-core bookworm! I collect antique books (esp old Bibles). My oldest Bible was printed in 1883.

I love old things, and still have my old stamp collection that Dad helped me start when I was a kid.

I can't sing worth a nickle, but I love music.

I like to feed the birds and wildlife around our home.

We have a beautiful black Labrador who is too smart for his (our!) own good!

I've been married to my sweetheart for 5+ years. We had both lost our previous spouses to death. We enjoy traveling, and have cruised to The Bahamas, Mexico, and have gone to Hawaii several times. Hawaii is always nice:)

I like good clean jokes, meeting new people, vintage cars, snow, the beach, and chocolate.

I've recently discovered that I love sea salt and caramel!

My favorite color is purple, but I also like pink, green, red...really, anything but orange and brown.

Things I dislike are anything to do with horoscopes, homosexuality, the devil, skulls, death, psychic stuff, Halloween.

I'll never join any swaps for lotions, bubble bath and the like, because I'm very allergic to all of it.

What is the appeal of kale? I see so many articles about how great kale is. Kale is nasty!

Favorite Music

Adele, Susan Boyle, Jackie Evancho, 50's hits Phillip Phillips--I could listen to his song "Home" all day long! I also like The Righteous Brothers, Patsy Cline, Henry Mancini, Frank Sinatra, Hank Williams SR, not JR! Randy Travis, awesome singer.

When I was 15, I had plans to marry Neil Diamond, but he never asked! Shy, I guess.

I like the sound of Florence and the Machine, Mumford and Sons, Train.

If you want to hear an incredible version of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, look up Etta James and get her to sing it for you. Guaranteed to thrill your soul♥

Favorite Television

Love all the old Murder, She Wrote shows, as well as McGyver. Enjoy the X Factor and American Idol. That's about it for TV. I'm not much of a TV watcher. Well, also love all of the old MASH shows! They were great! In the Heat of the Night was really good, too.

Favorite Books

I'll buy anything by Debbie Macomber; she is a consistently fabulous writer! I like all the Sue Grafton mysteries. In fact, I have every one that she's written! I've recently got hooked on the Spencer Quinn mysteries. They're written from the perspective of the dog, and they are really, really good! Francine Rivers is an excellent author. I also like Max Lucado, Robin McGraw

Two books that I have read multiple times, and loved them each time, are A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and Celia Garth.

I love words!

Words fascinate me! I will play any word game that you can come up with! I'll even play Scrabble with myself. I am also a published writer. I belong to WordWeavers Portland East Writing group.

About Me

Here are some of the things that I love:

Old letters from estate sales, old written postcards, stamps, old books, especially old Bibles. Vintage magazines. If it is old and smelly, I'll love it, lol! Just don't send me your great-uncle Jack!

blank card stock in neutral colors

Bitten by the Bug!

I've been bitten by that washi bug! I managed to escape it for a long time, but it got me after all. I don't yet have a lot to swap, but I've a feeling that will change soon! I'm specifically looking for vintage looks, typewriters, cameras, books, writing, word themed tapes. But I also like feathers, flowers, animals, the ocean/beach, vintage kitchen tools, birds, Black Labradors, and purple polka dots♥

Tea For Two?

I like tea; there are not many I dislike. Green tea does nothing for me. Yes I know it's supposed to be good for me, but so is kale, and you all know how I feel about that!

In my tea canister, there is Constant Comment, Earl Grey Double Bergamot, Ginger Peach, Raspberry, and Mint. Fruity, minty, or spicy, that's what I like.


Nnyla rated for Take a Walk series - April on Apr 26, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the "walk" photos. I'd received them last week, but have been so caught up with work. I still haven't had time to really look at them or read the letter, but thought I'd better rate you because I don't want you to worry about whether or not the swap's arrived. Looking forward to a quiet moment this weekend to read all the beautiful mail. Hugs!
Response: Thank you, Chandra; I was getting concerned! Take your time; I hope you like what I sent. Happy springtime to you♥
BeckyG56 rated for CF: A Simple Washi Hello #2 on Apr 19, 2018
Comment: A beautiful card! I love the way it is folded, the colors of the tape are perfect together. Thanks for the samples! You are officially a washi card expert!
Response: Wow, I'm an expert already? Thank you, Becky, I'm glad you like it! It was fun to make :) And thanks for the great rating, too♥
Sternenfee rated for Sad Song: Short Fiction on Apr 16, 2018
Comment: Thank you for your story. Love it even though it has a sad ending...you described it so well, I totally feel how she must feel now. Does that make sense? Thanks again.
Response: Thank you, Manuela, for such a nice rating. I'm glad you liked it!
Comment: Thank you for hosting such a fun swap and for sending such a great swap. I really enjoyed this one.
Response: Thank you for the great rating! I'm really glad you liked it♥
PurpleEars rated for Write On: Letter swap #1 Int'l on Apr 7, 2018
Comment: Thank you! Really interesting letter! :)
glennasgarden rated for CF: A Simple Washi Hello on Apr 6, 2018
Comment: Tere you made a beautiful one of your first ever washi cards for me! Thank you so much and thank you too for the lovely washi tapes you shared with me. Happy Spring!
Response: Thank you, Glenna! It was a lot of fun, and I'll be joining washi swaps now. Thank you for the 5 and the ♥ Hugs from Oregon.
riftvegan rated for Early Spring: Photo Postcard 2018 on Apr 3, 2018
Comment: laughs... Rhododendrons and snow! Very much an "Early Spring" photo. :) Thank you for sharing your lovely pic with me!
Response: Thank you for your nice rating! Happy spring to you.
clutterfree rated for CF: Happy Card Pocket on Apr 3, 2018
Comment: What a fun swap!! Thank you for the awesome variety of goodies and the oh so personal flip flop card.."dreaming of summertime!" You know me so well! The outside envelope is amazing...I will find some way to recycle it :) My wheels are spinning with inspiration! Always great to be partnered with you....blessings, Charlene
Response: Thank you, Charlene! I was hoping you'd like that card♥ I made the outside envie with a piece of scrapbook paper I got for free at the library craft swap a while back. Yay for freebies! Thanks for the great rating. Love ya!
jukejan rated for A Childhood Memory - non-fiction on Apr 3, 2018
Comment: Funny story and the line that I enjoyed the best was, " laughter rose from the table like sparks launched from a a campfire."
Response: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Poftoffel rated for Ransom Note Poetry on Mar 21, 2018
Comment: What an absolutely lovely combination of poetry and picture! I love how you did this! This was such a fun swap, thank you! <3
Response: Oh, I'm so glad you like it! Thank you for the sweet comments and great rating♥
SephJez rated for Private: Sephora and TereDiane1954 on Mar 19, 2018
Comment: Hello Tere! I got your package today. Thank you! I like the newspaper and I love that one of them has comics! We don't have comics in our newspapers... :( I love the postcards too :D I wish you a pleasant evening, Sephora
Response: I'm so happy you like what I sent, Sephora. But seriously, what is wrong with a newspaper that has no comics? That is just wrong! Thank you for the great rating♥
kamagna rated for ISS: Tea and a Note on Mar 15, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the lovely notecard and teas! I've always wanted to visit Alaska - my husband lived in Fairbanks when he was younger but I've never been. Hopefully someday!
Response: Thanks for such a nice rating♥ I hope you and your husband get to go someday; I think you'll love it!
Comment: Beautiful poem and beautiful photo! Thank you!
Response: My goodness, that didn't take very long! Thank you so much, I'm really glad you liked it♥
Comment: Thank-you very much for your swap! Sorry for the late rating but it did come on time. 💕
Response: Thank you!
Comment: Thank you for the photo of the pretty yellow cactus bloom!
Response: Thank you!
Comment: Received my first yellow flower! Yay! Thank you so much, Tere. And yes, it's been a while! Life has kept me way too busy. But look for me in the mail soon. Hugs!
Response: Thank you, Chandra! Hugs back to you♥
Comment: Thank you so much for your lovely postcards and letter! I was not expecting it and it was such a wonderful surprise. I wish I sent you one as well but if you'd like I can send information about my in another envelope or via PM. Let me know. Your photography is wonderful and the fact that these photos where taken at a doggy day event makes them so much better. I can imagine now how fun it must have been to see all the dogs among the flowers.
Response: Thank you, Vivi, I'm glad you liked them! Don't worry about the letter, I was just feeling chatty that day.
Lety rated for Book List and Book Mark - International on Feb 27, 2018
Comment: Thank you for your list and for the bookmark. I'm definelty going to check those titles...and your book too!
Response: Thank you, Lety!
BeckyG56 rated for CF: Think SPRING (flowers) PC on Feb 22, 2018
Comment: What a wonderful surprise to receive a swap from you, and a beautiful card, at that! Thank you for the scripture, I've never read that before, but appropriate for our swap!
Response: Thank you, Becky! Song of Solomon is a lovely book to read. I'm glad you like the card. I hope you're staying warm over there♥
aligurl75 rated for Handwriting Challenge - Quotes on Feb 20, 2018
Comment: I really like the quotes you chose. I, like you tried to send only uplifting empowering quotes. Many of these are my favorites too!
Response: I'm so glad you like them. Thanks for such a great rating♥

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ChrisAnne on Apr 23, 2018:

Thank you for caring enough to check on me! And thank you even more for praying for my recovery!

glennasgarden on Apr 7, 2018:

Thanks so much for sharing the book with me Tere. I read about 1/3 of the way through it yesterday.

USAFwife on Apr 6, 2018:

Oh my goodness! Kale!! Haha! I had such a good laugh, I showed my kids and they had a good laugh, too! You're right, kale is nasty! :) Thanks for the laugh. :)
Hope you have a wonderful day! :)

susieq40 on Apr 5, 2018:

Hey girl, haven't been in touch with you in a long time, was deleting some of the relationships on swap bot because they have not been online in many years, I also need to update my profile.. See we are still in Christian friends...my daughter has been diagnosed with cancer, please pray pray pray for her....hope to hear from you soon.
Hugs Susieq40. Sue Lankford

Paige1900 on Apr 2, 2018:

ContraryHousewife on Mar 20, 2018:

cmdunderground on Jun 11, 2017:

Your efforts are amazing. You are our angel! Thanks so much for this. 😘❤

oblivionspin on May 19, 2017:

slewis234 on Mar 31, 2017:

Hello Tere.....hoping you are well and enjoying life each day. I've been thinking about you often. I just came in to try to get caught up on two swaps so I could start swapping again. I loved it here and have missed it so much. How are you? I want to read your book. Also you said you collect antique bibles. I have a beautiful antique prayer book that I'd like to give you if you would enjoy having it. Can you msg me and give me your mailing address again...take care and love each breath. Shelley

bb2 on Feb 23, 2017:

Have a good one, friend

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