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Birthday: March 17
Country: United States

About Me

I have Adult ADHD w/ Sensory Processing Disorder. I am also mama-bear of a child with ASD/ADHD and Sensory Processing D/O.

Swap-bot and Post-crossing are a couple of our coping mechanisms to avoid undue STRESS, and keep us connected to the world.

We've been post-crossing over two years now, and never encountered a problem with receiving visually disturbing postcards. Unfortunately, only 4 months into Swap-bot, we've experienced a different crowd. Since it's been a rough start here in Swap-bot land, I've had to put up my "shield" by rearranging my profile page, to begin with my list of absolute NO-GO's.

~~~Swaps will be promptly rated according to how well these are avoided.~~~


  1. ANIMAL PRINT including fur/scales

  2. INSECTS (both my son and I have severe Entomophobia), ARACHNID, REPTILES, PRIMATES, or AMPHIBIANS (yes, even the tiny green tree frog is a creep-crawly hopper that sends shivers down the spines here) Note: SEA TURTLES are the only acceptable reptiles in our household.

  3. CLOWNS, DOLLS, or CLAYMATION (esp. hate stop-motion clay figures like: Chicken Run, Coraline, or any of Tim Burton's Disney stuff). I can't quite explain why, but the way the characters move deeply disturbs me. The only stop-motion pictures I have been able to watch/enjoy were made with paper that seemed to flow (Kubo & Little Prince). Please avoid anything evil/gothic/sinister/horror-related.

  4. Radical, Religious,or Political Propaganda (I am a spiritual being who values harmony and balance, and I avoid extremes)

  5. Scented stuff: no musty, mint, smoke, floral, lavender, sachet or incense please. Severe SOY, MOLD, & SMOKE ALLERGIES!

  6. Emoji/Memes stuff (I am an "old soul" with daily mental health challenges, so my text-talk is limited to the top ten most commonly used. If you write to me, please try to print using plain and simple English rather than cursive. And don't feel like the back of the postcard has to be full either. A simple "hello from (your city/town)!" would be great, just remember to also write your swapbot member ID/profile name and the title of the swap so I can rate you)

  7. The Colors: Yellow, Orange, or Red Unless it is swap specific (i.e.) An Autumn leaves postcard, Chinese New Year, or Christmas cards

PLEASE NOTE: I prefer "naked" postcards with affixed postage stamps and hand-writing on them. If it will make it through your mailing system, I like postcards without envelopes, in order to see the cancellation stamping on the postage! HOWEVER, if the image on the postcard is not family-friendly then PLEASE USE AN ENVELOPE. My youngest child likes to check the mailbox.

============== Thank YOU.

Now, for those who care to get to know a bit more about me, please continue reading my profile!

Aloha! I’m Harmony Joy!

Yes, my mother is a hippy! And my father is a singer and musician. I am a Berkeley born and raised California-girl who currently lives on the other side of the nation. I have been married a decade, and we have three children (2 girls, 1 boy). Our current fur-family consists of a Rhodesian-mix canine rescue, a MAX-sized brown tabby feline, and a "grand-dog", pit-bull love-ball named Luna. However, we’ve had a turtle, fish, squirrel, and 3 mice over the years. LOL! I enjoy many animal species and would like to someday own a small zoo (a.k.a. ranch)!

My ohana means everything to me. Besides my V.I.Peeps, I also enjoy many indoor and outdoor HOBBIES:

(inside) Pressed Flower Craft (oshibana), Card-making, Coloring, Painting, Paint-pouring, Paper-making/marbling, Philately, Pottery, Genealogy, Handicraft, Crocheting, Listening to music, Face-painting, Dance, Reading, Weaving, Watching movies, Thrifting, DIY, Diary-writing, Sewing, Sculpting, Scrap-booking, Art-Journaling,

(outside) Hiking, Scouting, Shooting, Shopping, Herbal-ism, Horseback riding, Kayaking, Stone skipping, Swimming, Travel, Rock-tumbling, Stand Up Paddle-boading (SUP)

My current collection hobbies include: numismatics, phillumeny, stamp collecting, deltiology, and cartophilia to include: baseball, basketball, Olympic athletes, motocross, and military police dogs


A- Autumn leaves, Almonds, Art-journaling, Avocados (and guac’), Aquamarine (birthstone & color), Albanese brand “Poppin' Pineapple Gummi-bears”, Airmail stickers, Address labels, Ansel Adams (artist), Aristocats, Alice in Wonderland, Authentique (brand)

B- Buttons, Botany, Biology, Batik, Beach sand, Blue prints, Balance, Bamboo, Baymax, Bob Marley, Black pearls, Blue Fern Studios (brand)

C- Cookie-Monster, Cookies (snickerdoodle, choco-chip, macademia nut, oatmeal raisin, ginger snap, and persimmon), Cinnamon, Chile (country), Chinchilla, Coffee paintings, Chai tea, Choffy, Coins & Coin-sized envies, Coconut, Cowry (shells), Cashews, Celtic music and knots, Cowboy-girl boots/hats, Cook Islands, Collage fodder, “Cool” colors (purple, blue, green), Coloring pages (done by you!), Clogging & Irish step dance, Carta Bella (brand)

D- Daffodils & Dandelions, Dole Plantation (I love their teas & pineapples), Dancing (esp. Hula, Poi, Swing, Ballroom, and West African), Disney/Pixar, Dreamworks, Dark Chocolate, Dri-high lighters, Drums, Drum-lines, Dr. Seuss, Dyes (natural), Daiso & Dollar tree stores, Dean Martin, Duane ‘The Rock” Johnson

E- Ephemera, Epcot, Embossed paper, Eight-bit Art, Embellishments (wood, metal, shell – natural materials), Eighties Music, Envies (glassine, kraft, and magazine), Earth (our big blue planet), EARLY (pre-Vegas) Elvis, Eeyore

F- Fifties music, Forest Gump movie, Fleur-de-lis symbol, Floss (embroidery and dental), Fiji islands, Friesian (horses), Firemen, Flames & Fireworks, Frangipani (flowers), Friendship bracelets, Flutes, Finding Dory, Frank Sinatra, Flakes (not the ppl, the washi stickers), Flash cards

G- Gelli prints, Goofy (Orig. Disney), Good Earth Tea (original flavor; spicy & sweet), Guitar picks, Graphology, Glassine envies, Gilded-edge playing cards or book signatures, Game pieces, Ginger (root), Guy Harvey (artist), Glass beads, Graphic 45 papers/supplies GIFT CARDS (with or without value to IKEA, Starbucks, Dunkin, McD’s, BK, Kohl’s, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn, Michaels, Dollar Tree, iTunes, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Jet Pens, REI, Duluth, Scoutshop.org),

H- Hula Kahiko, Harmony (if it has my name on it, I must have it! LOL!), Heart-shapes (esp. hearts-in-nature), Haribo-gold gummy bears, Hot Tamales (cinnamon candy), Hummingbirds, Hurt Locker (movie; based on my job in the USAF), Hibiscus, Huskies (esp. Siberian), Hawaiian tikis

I- Iced cream flavor candies (chupa-chups, and the cold stone parlor mix by Jelly Belly), Inks (all colors: re-inkers/refills, alcohol inks, ink pads), Icebergs

J- Jade (stone/color), Juke boxes, Junk Journaling, Japanese maple leaves, Jordan almonds, Jujubes (Ferrara brand) candy, Jason Momoa, The Jungle Book, Joy

K- Kokopelli, Koru (ferns), Koala, Kiwi (people & fruit), Kisses (Classic Hershey’s, Almond, Mint Truffle, Candy Cane, or Special Dark), Kawaii, Kanji charts, Gustav Klimt (Austrian painter; I esp. love his art titles The Kiss & The Embrace), Koi fish, Kauai (island), Kliban Cat, Kanga w/ Roo, Keys, Koo-koo clocks (for Grandma), Kaisercraft brand supplies

L- Lindsey Sterling (Violinist), Levi’s tags/labels off jeans, Lotka papers, Leaf rubbings/eco-prints, Linen paper, Lychee gummies, Lyrics, Lei, Lucille Ball & I Love Lucy, Lilo & Stitch, Library card-catalogs & check-out cards

M- Mulberry paper, Mickey Mouse, Moana, Malamutes, Music (notes & sheet), Mary Poppins, Muslin, Markers (all kinds: Crayola, Sharpie, ShinHan & Spectrum Noir in alcohols), Maya Angelou, Matau designs, Maori culture, Muk-Luks, Mulan, Molecules, Mother Earth, Metallic paint

N- Norman Rockwell, Narnia, Northern Soul music, New Zealand, Native American Heritage & Symbols, Neutral colors (gray, black, white, khaki, brown, maroon, navy, and olive), New (un-used) postage stamps, Nora Butler (artist)

O- Oil paints, Orange Oil, Orange tabby cats, Owney the postal dog, Obsidian, Ocean, Otters, Orca, Olive branches, Orange rind (but not so much the color orange - more on dislikes below)

P- Postcards of Paniolo, Polynesia, Papua New Guinea, Pineapple, Pugs, Pilates, Pumpkin chai tea, Paint brushes (any kind), Pens (blue ink, but BIC reporter 4-color Pens are my fave), Page-flags (for notes and index), Poi dance, Postage stamps, Paisley & Plaid Prints, Prima & Petaloo flowers, Pisces, Poetry, Panda & Polar bears, Pansies, Phoenixes, Pomegranate, Pirates, Punny jokes, Peace signs

Q- Quilts (Hawaiian & Tshirt), Quails (esp. Californian), Quotes (I collect the positive/encouraging ones), Quarters (Elvis & America the Beautiful Nat’l Parks Series), Quill (of pens)

R- Rapa Nui, Russian Blue cat breed, Refills (P-Touch TZe labelling tapes), ROYGBIV Rainbows (spectrums-in-nature), Rock art (hetro/petroglyphs), Retro items (mix tape, roller blades, fanny packs, etc), Rugby

S- Stickers, Smash-books, Spirit animals, Springtime (puddle hopping, maypoles, umbrellas, rain boots), Sewn things (fabric/papers/envies), Star Wars, Scottish Fold cats, Sea turtles, Sanrio-brand kawaii characters (Pochacco puppy, & Pekkle duck), Sea glass, Spirals, Sponges, Sari, Shamrocks, Sarong, Samoa, Soft Slipper Socks, San Fransokyo, Steven Schulman (artist), Sequoia (Redwood) trees, Snickerdoodles, Strawberries, Step-Shows (collegiate greek-orgs), Serenity, Surf & SUP boards, Sugar Skulls, Stamperia brand crafting

T- Totem poles, Tracks (paw-prints), Thread, Tokens & Tickets stubs, Totoro, Trees, Tribal Tattoos, The 50’s era, Tulips, Tonga, Tigger & Tigers, Tony The Tiger (Frosted Flakes), Tim McGraw, Tire swings, Turquoise (stone/color), Textiles, Tie-dye, To Kill A Mockingbird & The Secret Garden, (favorite books), Tranquility

U- Uniforms & parts (buttons, badges, ribbons, metals, patches, and cords for Scouts or military), USPS stamps (new/usable), UGG boots, Uppercase magazine, Ukulele

V- VW buses and cars, VINTAGE ITEMS such as images of cameras, worn shoes, and hats, textbook pages, sewing patterns, flashcards, sheet music and various scientific papers or ephemera, Vellum paper, Vanilla beans/pods, Veterans ( I am one, and I strongly advocate for those who are wounded or in recovery as a state certified peer support specialist)

W- Wolves, Washi tapes (esp. solid colors), Wild Flowers, Willow, Whale Rider, The Wizard of Oz & The Wiz (movies), Wax (for sealing), Wyland (art), Whale sharks, Wine corks & Wax seals, "Walt-Life" (and Salt-Life) decals

X- Xylophones, Xeruses (squirrel), Xyron (sticker-maker refills), and the Xyphoid process (part of sternum; important when I teach CPR skills to my Scouts & a fun word to say!)

Y- Yarn (bits for weaving), Yellowstone (TV show), Yin/Yang (symbol)

Z- Zebra (the animal, not the print), Zines, Zenscape, Zippers & Zipper pulls (useful in mixed media art projects)

  • Favorite POSTCARD Themes: post office buildings and mailboxes, state and country maps, flags, black-and-whites, vintage travel posters, trees, husky dogs, "greetings from" large-letter cities/towns, doors & windows, retro gas stations & diners, UNESCO, "keep calm and..." cards

  • Favorite PHOTOGRAPHY: black-and-whites of animals playing/sleeping/hugging, or tending to their young, close-ups of the hands/feet/paws/eyes, vintage hats, worn-out boots and shoes, mailboxes or musical instruments, and TREES (especially giant ones that look like they've witnessed a lot)

  • Favorite FANDOM: SF Giants, Oakland A's, and NY Yankees (The Babe, Jeter, & Judge), Golden State Warriors, Hogwarts House Crests of Hufflepuff (me) & Gryffindor (my youngest daughter)

  • SIZE Large socks & Unisex T’s


  1. Friendly people, GOOD VIBES & R.A.K’s

  2. Black and Silver Sharpies

  3. Soy-free & wheat-free dog treats (corn, pea, rice, & oat are okay)

  4. Scotch-brand MAGIC tape rolls (I never seem to have enough of the stuff – and dollar tree brand doesn’t tear well nor stay stuck, so I’ve had to become a bit of a “tape snob”)

  5. Soft slipper socks (my feet are always cold)

  6. 7-of-Hearts or any Ace Playing card

  7. Elmers’ Glue All (liquid) or Craft Bond/X-Treme Glue (stick)

  8. Postage stamps (new/used)

  9. Leatherback & Green Sea turtles

Wanna See My Sent Swaps? www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/s3Wc0a


jenn52732 rated for PFATW Tourist Card on Aug 23, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for the postcard!!! I loved it!!! Would love to see an orca whale someday!!! ❤️
Comment: Thanks!
squince rated for Big Cat Postcard Swap - USA on Aug 23, 2019
Comment: Thank you! Cute kitty!
Comment: Thank you so much
hg08 rated for Let's Relax on Aug 22, 2019
Comment: Oh my goodness! Thank you so much you are awesome. You went above and beyond with this swap.
Comment: Thank you for another postcard! I absolutely love the movie Up too, especially the music, so this is right on my favorites list!
Comment: Thank You
Piroshilove rated for ATD: Disney Happy Mail on Aug 22, 2019
Comment: Thanks you so much for everything! I especially loved the Alice in Wonderland paper and stickers!
Sagebrushs rated for Christmas Cards in August on Aug 21, 2019
Comment: Nice card, thank you.
bluehairedmary rated for WIYM: Woot! PC Swap time! #6 on Aug 21, 2019
Comment: I love both real and kawaii animals! Thanks so much!
Response: Excellent! I'm so happy to have shared yet another successful swap experience with you!
Comment: Thank you for the Saturn Postcard! I didn't have it in my collection yet! And I love the swapbot sticker you have for the swap name and your username! Where in the world did you get those!?
Response: Yay! I like it when I pick a good PC to send my partners :-) As for the stickers, I made them using the envie image and my iphone's piccollage app, then uploaded it to zazzle for print when they had a good coupon deal going...they're a very durable quality sticker which is nice for things shipping globally, but finding an ink pen that writes on them well has been a challenge! LOL! BTW, my flickr page where I share what I swap has a similar envie-image called a "swapzeez" label on it for others to use as well!
NRGordon rated for Fandom-ish on Aug 21, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the great card and very nice note. It is a small world. My daughters graduated from MHS, Kate in 2000 and Allison in 2004. We moved here, in large part, for the school system.
Response: Yup! Small world in so many ways ;-) How great to hear from another person the schools there are top notch too! Aaron (my hubby) brags about his amazing school field trips to potato chip factories and going whale watching...I never got to do anything that cool (mild jealousy)!
isabellasnow rated for USAPC: 3 Elements ATC #11 on Aug 20, 2019
Comment: Hi Harmony Joy! I'm always SO pleased when I receive anything hand-drawn because that's something I simply cannot do. I'm ESPECIALLY happy when I receive hand-drawn kitties--and they're dancing! What a wonderful package--the beautiful Punch Studio card, the gorgeous Alcatraz card and the dancing kitties--triple perfection! Thank you so much and hope to swap together again soon!
Response: Meow-velous news! I am pleased hat you are happy with your swap items and that I could create an ATC you'll enjoy. When I make my art projects for others it can be MOST difficult because I'm always afraid they'll be displeased. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after-all. So, thank you for seeing the beauty in my work and encouraging me to try again :-) I sincerely appreciate your speedy and honest ratings. Always a pleasure swapping with you too!
Autist rated for TH: Washi Hunt on Aug 20, 2019
Comment: Very good self control on this one!! I love getting mail from you! I look forward to it even. Thanks!!
Response: Yay! I love hearing that, Evan :-) Thank you for being so kind to me. I feel as though I've made a new friend in you.
Margothecat rated for Big Cat Postcard Swap - USA on Aug 20, 2019
Comment: I absolutely LOVE this postcard! Plus it is a new one for my collection! Thanks so much!
Response: Meow-velous! I'm happy to have been able to add a new kitty to the Kollection!
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful PC
Response: You're welcome, "neighbor"! Thank YOU for the heart and a fast rating :-)
AbeRex rated for A Note For You # 10 on Aug 20, 2019
Comment: Thanks so much for the superhero washi tape!
Response: You're quite welcome, Abe! Welcome to swap-bot, and if you ever need anymore superhero washi just message me. I like Marvel/DC and am always happy to share with those who also have a superhero affinity!)
EmotionalSupportDevin rated for A Note For You # 10 on Aug 20, 2019
Comment: Harmony - OMG this card was absolutely AMAZING! I love the craftsmanship and it's Halloween theme. And the washi and the cards they're on!... Everything about this was 10 out of 10, would give 100 hearts if I could!
Response: That's so great to hear! Thank you, Devin! Welcome again to swap-bot! I am honored to have been one of your first pen-pal's here, and if ever you need another Halloween card, just message me! Happy to share the fun :-)
Response: Thank you!

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gerberdaisy on Aug 19, 2019:

You are so thoughtful! Thank you so much for the extra extras! You went above and beyond!!

arimails on Aug 16, 2019:

Heart For You <3

Thank you so much for the reminder on this swap. I really appreciate you going out of your way to help me out. I would like to say, the world needs more people like you! So willing to help. Having a good and kind heart is rare to find. I have met only a few people who have really touched my heart with their selfless ways. Sending lot of hearts your way.

IDreamOfAfrica on Aug 13, 2019:



CookieMomster78 on Aug 13, 2019:

A heart for you to know you're loved!

Hearts make me think of love, and love always brings to mind my little boy because he is my FAVORITE "little mister" no matter how big he grows! I love being a momma!

IDreamOfAfrica on Aug 12, 2019:

Heart for you 💞


Poohtat on Aug 12, 2019:

Heart for you. I think this little beating heart is cute.

cherlita on Aug 11, 2019:

Heart for you ❤ swap
hope you like them! Cherlita

AlfiahKhaier on Aug 11, 2019:


All heart just for you dear

gerberdaisy on Aug 9, 2019:

gerberdaisy on Jul 30, 2019:

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