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This is my actual mailbox. I use it to send swaps on-time, if not early.

Partner/Coordinator Communication will take place should this status change for any reason.

Missing Mail? Please direct message me before rating. I keep a photo-log of swap contents and packaging.

Spoiler-Alert: My Flickr account often has photographs of swaps I’ve sent.

Postage Due? I have a postal scale. 😁 But, if this happens to you please email a picture of your receipt to me and I will promptly reimburse via PayPal or Zelle. Direct-message me here, and I will respond with my email Or, if you prefer unused USPS postage stamps, I’m also happy to mail you those in-kind. I do apologize for any inconvenience.

Allergy Alert: My home is smoke-free but pet-friendly. I also shed a lot, due to Hashimoto’s. I apologize ahead of time if there’s a hair stuck in packing tape.😆

Welcome: Reliable, honest swappers for private swaps! I have an assortment of items to share with people who appreciate and can use them!

Please scroll down to “Do Not Send” section if you’re just here to review my 🛑 Dislikes list. 🛑 Thank you for your consideration!


Since this is the "About Me" section of my profile, I think it's important for others to know that I am a frank, what-you-see-is-what-you-get, protective person who does not like drama. I don't look for them, but when they find me, you can guarantee that I won't run from a fight. And if a flame starts spreading like wildfire, I'm going to do what's in my power to make sure the innocent are safe before I go run for help. I've been on this site long enough to know not everyone here has good intentions. I despise trolls (always have, even when they were a rainbow haired trend in the 90's) and people who instigate, trick, or bully others are the root of all evil in my book. I'm also a Pisces and my discernment/perception of people has been accurate more often than not throughout life. I'm a hugger (which is important to understand if you ever meet me in person) and a defender of the underdog (which you outta know if you're the bullying kind).

I am a lifeguard!

I am a LifeGuard & Peer Support Volunteer

There are many factors that can contribute to suicide risk. An estimated 90% of people who take their own lives have a health condition that is mistreated or undiagnosed. A suicide attempt is a sign that someone is in crisis. It should always be taken seriously and never ignored. That is why I will not tolerate cyberbullying.

Known offenders are forever restricted from participation in my groups/swaps.

Will you take the LifeGuard pledge?

Report Cyberbullying!


My name is 🎵Harmony Joy🎶 (she/her) I like both my first and middle name as a reminder of who I'm called to be. Others refer to me as either "Harmony", "Joy", "Harmony-Joy" or 🍪"Cookie" (because of my last name) - call me whichever you please, just don't call me late for dinner! 🤣

My name is musically-inspired because both of my biological parents are hippies. I am a Berkeley ☮️-born and Nor-Cal foster-system raised “love-child”, who currently lives on the other side of the nation. I met & married my husband in the Sunshine State, while we were both active-duty Air Force.

💞Together, we have three children (2 daughters, 1 son). Being “Mama Bear” is my favorite part of life, and I literally get more excited about 💙 Mother’s Day than my own birthday!🎁 The title also includes all my animals (past & present). 😉

🐾 At the moment, our fur-family consists of 3 feline & 3 canine rescues: Kyna (a Carolina Dog) and Ella (a Great Dane & Pointer mix), plus a Pit-bull "grand-dog" named Luna, two tortoiseshell shorthair grand-mollies named Lily and Piper. Theo, is my ginger tabby grand-gib.🐾 🐈

Perhaps you can surmise that I've always really enjoyed my animals. I think my pets help me cope with “people problems” better. 😉

Whether finned, feathered, furry, or humanoid animals, my ohana really is “my whole world” 💕🌎 And I believe that family is who we make it (beyond DNA).

I’m proud to be a Mama Bear! 🐻🧸 Which is just one more reason why Bettie White will always be my favorite Golden Girl! R.I.P.

My family says I’m “the jack of all trades, master of some.” 😆 I’m simply never bored! 🎨

So, besides my “V.I.Peeps”, I also enjoy many Hobbies:

  • (indoor) Alterations, Art-Journaling, Ballroom Dancing, Card-Making, Coloring, Crocheting, DIY, Face-Painting, Genealogy, Painting, Paper-Making, Pottery, Pressed Flower Craft (oshibana), Reading, Sewing, Smash/Scrap-booking, Watching Movies, Weaving, and West African Dancing.

(I own a Gemini Pro, Sizzix Big Shot Plus, Portable Tim Holtz Sidekick, & Cricut Explore Air2)

  • (outdoor) Fishing, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Hula Dancing, Kayaking, Rollerblading, Shooting, Stand-up Paddle Boarding, Swimming, and Shopping.

  • I 💙 crafting! I like to try new techniques too. My new-found interests are "deco" booklets, ATCs & APCs. However, my portfolio is varied from fiber arts and beading to woodwork and pyrography. My style often varies and is "moody" because I tend to make what I feel. Most of the time I embrace the mixed-media, distressed looks of inky grunge and painterly splatters. However, I enjoy the beauty of clean-and-simple (CAS) designs too.

Due to health issues, I have experienced some hand tremors and vision problems. These are mostly under control now that I got new glasses and my thyroid medication is optimized. But I'd still like swappers to be aware that there are days that I cannot art as well as others. I will always give projects my best efforts and take my time though. This means that I may send swaps very close to their deadline date. It also means that I’m learning to accept imperfections as beautiful, unique qualities and adapt my methods in accordance with the "Wabi-sabi” way. I truly appreciate your patience and understanding. 😊

  • My current collections are: Cartophilia (trading cards) to include ATC/APC and the 7-of-❤️’s playing card (in all sizes & shapes)

  • I’ve started collecting the 7-of-clubs Poker Cards to use for a memorial project in honor of my late G’Mom Cook 3/17/19-1/1/20. The club looks like a shamrock ☘️ and they always remind me of her! We would celebrate our birthdays together with my mother every year, but since she’s passed and the pandemic began, that tradition stopped. I’m starting a new tradition of my own now, using these poker cards to record a fond memory, so I can dwell on the gains she gave me rather than the loss of her being elsewhere.💚

  • I enjoy listening to audiobooks & many different genres of music. My go-to’s are usually classic rock & reggae. I have an all-in-one Radio/CD/Cassette/Record Player in my craft-room, and I 🖤 my vintage vinyl!

  • I am most comfortable at the ocean where I can lose all sense of time hunting for sea glass, heart-shaped rocks, and tiny shells to use in my crafts. I also enjoy fishing, but this ol' gal ain't cut out for boats! I've got a fair pair of fins 🧜🏽‍♀️, but no "sea legs!" 🤢

  • I enjoy spending quality time at libraries, museums, galleries, or art studios. This is because I really enjoy folk-arts & handicrafts. I ❤️ experiential arts.
  • In my youth, I enjoyed traveling the Americas and spent time living in Chile as a foreign exchange student! Now, I prefer to travel in good company, whenever possible. However, most of my current travel has been vicariously via postcards.

I 💜 snail 🐌 mail! 💌

  • When writing, please use neatly hand-written, printed, legible cursive, or typed font.* No need to stress about perfect penmanship, I’d just like to decipher what you’re saying to me. I also ask that ink colors please be **dark colors on light backgrounds because I cannot see yellow, or baby blue ink on white paper very well.

🎀Swap Etiquette🎁

I am 3 hours ahead of Swap-bot time!

FLORIDA hurricane season is from June 1st through November 15th

  • As a swap coordinator, I often "close" my swaps a day earlier than the posted date because I am a "night-owl" and do most my work while others are asleep! :-)

  • Posted swaps that are left without any interest for 72 hours, might be deleted to perhaps repost at a different time.

  • Sometimes my swaps have a Sunday send-by date even though there’s no postal service because swaps can still be dropped off in the “blue”(outgoing) mail boxes. I often drop by the P.O. on my way to do other errands on Sundays, and once that swap leaves my possession it’s marked as sent!

  • Similarly, if I’ve put a swap in my street-side mailbox for outgoing pickup, but the mail carrier doesn’t come, then I will unmark it from being sent that day. I do this because my mailbox is not water-tight and items left overnight can become damp, warped, and unsealed if I don’t bring them back inside the house. Florida is VERY HUMID and we get a lot of afternoon showers. This is also why there may be a lot of clear packing tape on outer swap packaging.

  • I also live on a mail carrier route that’s considered the ’last stop’ so, if it’s too dark outside for safe deliveries, or the delivery person feels unwell then my mail doesn’t get delivered/picked up that day. Thankfully, this has only happened a couple times since I’ve lived here. I truly appreciate our postal workers and try my best to make their jobs as pleasant as possible.

  • Since the pandemic began, we’ve had 14 different USPS personnel doing our deliveries. I’m beginning to think that our route is just going to whomever gets the time that day…🤷🏽‍♀️

  • My servicing mail station is the USPS Apollo Annex of Melbourne, Florida (Phone: (321) 255-7589).

  • Date extensions will be granted on a case-by-case basis for reliable swappers who communicate with me. I am a coordinator that understands real life happens outside of this ‘bot. 💙 I also understand that real life circumstances can change in an instant, and this site is not priorty-one when life happens. But, I don’t think it should months to log in and at least post a note on your profile so your swap partners or coordinators don’t worry.

  • I only coordinate swaps that I am willing/able to angel. I also make a sincere effort to vet each participant before assigning partners.

If you end up needing a swap angel'd, please direct message me after you’ve contacted your partner.

IMPORTANT: When I angel a swap it is strictly to ensure each participant receives something in-kind in return. It is not in any way meant to pressure someone into rating another individual. How someone does their rating is up to that swapper, and none of my business. Even if I ask for kindness and understanding of another person's extenuating circumstances, I will never tell anyone how to rate another person.

    • I {rate} incoming swaps within 48 hours of their receipt. It’s my practice to only archive them once received/rated!
    • I am not concerned with postmark dates. They’re completely unreliable and have been counterfeited by swappers here before. As far as I’m concerned, if I receive the swap described you’re good to go. 👍🏼 🖐 I will never rate a 3/1 without first contacting my partner and coordinator.
    • I try to follow-up on swaps if it's been thirty (30) USPS business days from the date I logged my swap as sent, (and at least two weeks from the deadline date) but no rating has been posted. I will contact my partner about a resend because I know postal services lose things sometimes.
    • I appreciate feedback/comments when rating and do try to make the time to respond to rater's accordingly. Even “silent” ratings I’ve received will often receive a simple “thank you” to show my gratitude for remembering to rate (although I admit to not being fond of a silent rating). There are times when I cannot respond to all of them. This does not mean that I am any less grateful for the valuable time that you’ve invested in me or the happy mail! I promise.
  • Hearts here don’t cost me anything! I look for reasons to give them when I rate. They’re not associated with extras that you throw in the envelope (I don’t want/need random toss-ins). And even though it’s fun to see in the mailbox, I don’t rate based on how the package is decorated either (there are Postmaster’s who strictly despise sticky embellishments on mail because it gums up their machinery. Every Postmaster is different and can interpret postal regulations accordingly).

I also don’t over-analyze the giving of a heart by withholding them on type-1 or type-2 swaps (a postcard can feel “extra special” to the recipient even though it’s not technically a “package”! The point is: when your swap shows me that you thought about me, I’m happy to share a heart!

I don’t give everyone hearts nor expect everyone to give them to me. A heart means extra effort or resources were involved with a swap. That’s why I will no longer heart a swap sent completely blind unless it’s specifically meant to be and named a blind swap. Any swap that’s supposed to be profile-inspired needs to have my name inside it somewhere, at the very least.



To maximize successful happy mail deliveries (and minimize waste), my swap participation/coordination will remain selective and regionally restricted until further notice.

I will also be using Pirate Ship to mail most of my packages because their rates are cheap-aaar! 🏴‍☠️

I’ve become a full-time college student again (my 5th degree), while still homeschooling my teenage son, so I will log in here regularly, but my swap coordination will be minimal. I’m also still trying to get my craft-room back in working order! September 2021 brought us broken pipes in the walls which we had repaired via insurance, but then our roof leaked and flooded the front bedroom before Christmas 2022. My house is partly stacked & packed up and/or in a storage unit up the street while we go through the slow process of having the roof repaired and front room walls redone. All this to say that I have a lot of hidden treasures to create with that are too difficult to dig for and my time-intensive swaps are on pause. I’m fortunate to have a patient husband who let’s me do my little deco/ATC swaps at the kitchen table as long as my mess stays on one half of the table and still gives him space to eat!😆

I believe it’s also worth mentioning that Int'l postal worker, railroad, and sanitation worker strikes will continue to disrupt courier mail services (esp. in parts of Asia, Europe, and Australia). So, I’m sticking to swaps that are in USA/CAN for these reasons.

Int’l Mail Suspensions

SOAK Old Postage Stamps

ZIP Code™ - The Basics

Want to make sure the domestic mail that you’re sending is processed quickly and efficiently? Then always use the standardized street address with ZIP+4® format!

Did you know USPS doesn’t want any punctuation in delivery addresses? In fact, all letters are to be in CAPS-lock and black ink on a white/light background.


By addressing mail appropriately you’ll ensure that they are processed smoothly by mail sorting equipment. Using the standardized address with ZIP+4® format alleviates possible delays from manual handling.

Try this USPS lookup tool to find the standardized address and ZIP+4® you’re mailing to:


📩Postage & Postcards✉ - Handmade postcards are always welcome. But I really do not want anymore random blank postcards please. I am technically trying to get rid of the blank ones that I have because the USPS does not prioritize these anymore, so they get lost more than mail in envelopes with return addresses because there's no accountability for them.

❤️🧡💛💚💙💗💜💗🤎🤍🖤💝 I heart art!

Please share your PC collage, coloring, drawing, graphic design, painting, or photography. I also like receiving “print-on-demand” PCs by Zazzle, Red Bubble, Café Press, Society 6, etc. If it’s a postcard that you think I will enjoy (even if the swap says "No"), mail it and let me know why! I promise I’ll never rate down for thoughtful intentions!

  • I will always enjoy used postage stamps from the Post-crossing movement or vintage/retro stamps with postal workers, mailboxes, and letters on them.

🍪🥠Special Request:

Please add a cookie to the back of my postcard🍪🥠

*I also ask that my postcards please be sent ✏written🖊 on, but in an✉ envelope🌎 (if the swap allows a choice). The envelope (or clear sleeve) simply protects the image on the postcard from being smudged or torn by the USPS machinery (and they seem to be arriving damaged more recently).

WISHLIST (a.k.a. Insta-smiles 😃 & hearts 💕)

  • Mail with a postage stamp of Chief Standing Bear
  • Postcard-sized pieces of colorful fabric
  • Quilted scraps I can cut into 💙
  • ATC-sized Mixed-Media Master-board or painted papers
  • Stitched/Sewn Paper Scraps or (tiny) Fabric Snippets
  • Typed/Written Poem, Song, Zine, or Story by YOU
  • Sheet Music or Pages from Gospel & Spiritual Song Books, specifically the songs “Roll Jordan Roll”, “Wade In The Water”, or “Nobody Knows
  • A Copy of Your Favorite, Tried-n-True Delicious Cookie Recipe
  • Dictionary Pages with My Name(s) on them in any language: harmony, joy, cook, or cookie
  • Royal Blue Ribbon and Fabrics Scraps (any size bits will do! ;0)
  • Fabric bits or book pages with The Jetson’s, Sesame Street, 100 Acre Woods, Care Bears, Autobots, or Rainbow Brite characters
  • Any ATCs that you don’t want. My only ask is that the cards be correctly sized (2.5” x 3.5”) please. I keep my cards inside standard trading card sleeves in 3-ring binders.

ATC Art I’d 💙 to add to my collection:

  1. A Christmas Cookie Monster w/him wearing a stocking cap and enjoying gingerbread
  2. A Halloween Cookie Monster w/him wearing a simple masquerade/phantom mask
  3. A St. Patrick’s Cookie Monster w/him wearing a top-hat and enjoying shamrock cookies
  4. A “Flower of the Month” ATC or APC for July through December


If anyone happens across a “yellow pages” phone book from the Bay Area, California circa 1977-78 I’m trying to find evidence of a plant shop called “Heavenly Houseplants & Other Divine Gifts” that was off Telegraph Avenue.

🤙🏽 Mahalo nui loa! 🤙🏽

Updated: 2/2/2023

Some A to Z’s of Me!

A: Autobots, Avengers, Avatar-The Last Airbender, ATCs & APCs

(My Fave ATC/APC Themes are: Trees, Star Wars, Marvel/Disney FanArt, Vintage Postage Stamps & Mail/post-boxes, Cookie Monster, Harmony Bear, Cool Phoenixes, Giant Pandas, Polar Bear, ☘️Shamrocks/Clovers🍀, Oceania, Mermaids, Orca Whales & Sea Turtles!)

B: Big Hunk Candy Bars, Bears esp. Giant Panda & Polar 🐼,💙 Blue (esp. cobalt), Blue Cats & Bald 🦅 Eagles

C: Chick-O-Stick Coconut Candy, Celtic Heritage, Clogging, 🍀Clovers, Cinnamon Chai, Chewbacca, Classic Mickey Mouse & Cookie Monster

D: Daffodils, Dancing, Drum Circles/Lines🥁, Dr. Seuss & Decoupage

E: Eighties (era) Ephemera, Elvis Presley, Eeyore & Emerald Green💚

F: Friesian Horses, Fern Fronds, Fleur-de-lis⚜️ & Frangipani (plumeria flowers)

G: Groot, Guitar Picks, Golden State Warriors, The Goonies & GryffinPuffs (I’m a Hogwart House Hybrid!) 😉

H: 🐾 Husky Dogs 🐾, 💕Heart-shapes, Hibiscus & Harmony Bear (purple Care Bear w/flower belly badge)

I: Ireland, Icebergs & Incredible Hulk

J: *Jordan Almonds, Jade Green 💚, 🏀Jordan #23 & ⚾️Jeter #2

K: Koi Fish, Kiwi 🥝 Fruit, Kliban’s Cat & Koru Loops

L: Leaf Rubbings, Lucille Ball, LEGOs, Luke & Leia Skywalker

M: Marilyn Monroe, Mandalorian, Music Notes, Mulan, Moana, Merida, Monarch Butterflies 🦋 & Maple syrup/leaves 🍁

N: Narnia Chronicles & Notes w/my Name on them 😉

O: Orcas, 🦦 Otters, Origami & Optimus Prime

P: Panda, Polar, Pooh, and Paddington Bears, Princess Bride, Ponyo, & Pansies

Q: Quilled paper, Quail (above) & Quotes (I collect positivity to refer to when I need a morale boost!)

R: Roasted Almonds, ROYGBIV (spectrums-in-nature), Rocking Horses, R2-D2 & Redwood Trees

S: Simply Cheetos White Cheddar Puffs or Snyder’s of Hanover GF Pretzel Snacks, ☘️ Shamrocks, Strawberries 🍓, Smokey the Bear, Sheet Music🎼 & Sea Turtles (the marine reptiles w/flippers)

T: Tigger, Totoro, Tie-dye, Textiles, Tweeds, Tartan & Tribal Tattoos

U: Ukulele

V: VW buses, Valkyrie & Vintage

W: Walkers Shortbread Cookies, Winter Soldier, Wolves, Wicket the Ewok & Wyland Art

X: Xylophones, X-rays, X-men & “X” marks the spot (a pirate’s life for me!) ☠️

Y: ☯️ Yin-Yang Symbols (they remind me of balance), Yoda, Yaddle & The Child (Grogu)

Z: Zebras 🦓, Zines & Zentangle

Here’s a short list of my top ten’s (in no particular order):

Music –

  1. Bob Marley
  2. Enya
  3. Tim McGraw
  4. Iz Kamakawiwoole
  5. Swedish House Mafia
  6. Ladysmith Black Mambazo
  7. Heart
  8. Plumb
  9. The Cure
  10. U2

Books –

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird
  2. The Terminal List
  3. Outlander
  4. The Secret Garden
  5. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
  6. Willow
  7. Hinds Feet on High Places
  8. Call the Midwife
  9. Windows of the Soul
  10. Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Movies –

  1. The Princess Bride (1987)
  2. Short Circuit (1986)
  3. The Goonies (1985)
  4. Tombstone (1993)
  5. Star Wars (ALL)
  6. Hook (1991)
  7. Dances With Wolves (1990)
  8. Brave Heart (1995)
  9. Whale Rider (2002)
  10. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (2005)

TV –

  1. New Girl
  2. Elementary
  3. Yellowstone
  4. SEAL Team
  5. Bones
  6. Reservation Dogs
  7. Peaky Blinders
  8. Longmire
  9. Sex Education
  10. The Mentalist

Crafts –

  1. Altering Playing Cards
  2. Trading Artist Cards
  3. Handmade Art Journaling (aka Decos)
  4. Smash Booking
  5. Junk Journaling
  6. Painting Papers and Ephemera
  7. Coloring with Alcohol Markers and Pencils
  8. Drawing with Pastels and Graphite
  9. Making mini Albums and Interactives
  10. Photo Transferring and Collaging

🛑Do Not Send🛑

🚫 Soy Anything

🚫 Claymation (plasticine stop-motion) Characters

🚫 Aliens, Albino Animal Imagery

🚫 Dolls, Zettiology Creatures, Zombies

🚫 Monkeys, Gorillas, Baboons

🚫 Scorpions, Spiders, Snakes

🚫 Fragrances, Cosmetics, Jewelry

  • Please also avoid sending clothing. I have been getting socks in Christmas swaps lately and it's disheartening because I cannot wear any of them. Think Hobbit Feet! The tiny human socks all get donated to charity for the homeless in our area though (so no waste there).

  • Some swappers enjoy having a list to “shop” from, while others feel squelched by too many ideas. For this reason, I have tried to create “harmony” in my profile by listing some of the things I like. This is not an extensive listing, 😉 so swap partners can breathe easy because my default mode is to find the good in whatever is mailed my way. 😉 😃 😊

Thank YOU for thinking of me!


Comment: Oh your swap brought me such joy! I absolutely LOVE the bookmark you made me. It is very much ocean oriented! Thank you for knowing my likes and creating! I have to share my story, it is one of my puposes, I will not let anyone be alone. I will sit with them in the darkness. Thank you for your kind words.
thequilterslink rated for CO (Collage Only) - Hearts on Feb 1, 2023
Comment: I absolutely love this ATC. It made my day! Thank you.
JuneRosebud rated for TOUGH: Re-gifties (USA) on Feb 1, 2023
Comment: Wow, Harmony!! You really spoiled me!! Thank you for the great box of items; it really made my day. Everything will definitely be put to good use=)
Rrush19 rated for ABC: Sender's Choice #23 on Jan 31, 2023
Comment: Harmony, such a lovey package you sent me! I am very impressed with your organization and care. Made my life very easy to return the home to you, which have been mailed today Jan 31st. Thank you so much, You deserve 1000❤️
Mimi7 rated for PRIVATE: 5x7 Art Journal #10 on Jan 29, 2023
Comment: HI Harmony thanks for the journal to create in and send on. Thanks so much for the lovely cat buttons!! take care
Comment: Thanks for this fun swap, which included the following decos: Linda's Bugs, Jessica's Travel the World, Sonya's Whimsical Cats and Sonya's Open Theme. I enjoyed your contributions to each and look forward to working on them. I will also re-use the cool envelope you sent them in! **** Thanks for a great, fast swap and I hope we can do this again very soon! :-)
MuggleMom rated for Just a Pair o’ Geeky Moms! on Jan 27, 2023
Comment: OMG, you just linked into the cosmic jackpot💫 ✨ Our first dog was named Mushu...our second dog is Stitch....you just yin-yang both my beloved dogs into the world's greatest ATC💕💓💗Mushu passed away 💔 in 2014 and we got Stitch in 2016💝 How freaky as you don't know about either of my dogs tho you know I like the characters...WOW I am so happy with this ATC beyond words.🫶 I never even thought of putting them together & the way you did it!! It's like Mushu is watching over Stitch...I'm so happy!! And HeiHei as a space cadet.🚀.even funnier when I think about all the chicken heads I know in the air force!! LOL!!! I have to invest in the Prismacolor pencils one day then I have to watch the YT videos of ppl using vaseline - say what!! AND, and, and, I'm all about wabi-sabi/kintsugi--it's next to my Aloha Spirit & Sakura🌸 Pinterest boards full of inspiration- it's like you know!! LOL.
Response: I’m sincerely honored to hear this and I believe Mushu is always with you and your family. I like to believe that “a dog’s journey” never truly ends as long as there’s love and remembrance - kind of like the movie Coco points out. But, if you haven’t ever watched that Dennis Quaid movie (A Dog’s Journey), it’s an excellent reminder how the ones we love never truly leave us…their energy simply changes form or matter. I know science and spirituality must be connected on cosmic levels - sometimes I find myself tuned in well enough to flow. This must’ve been one of those meant-to-be moments in the space time continuum. 🤔 In plain language, my heart is happy that you’re so happy!
Sonya rated for AMA: Always Abstract #5 on Jan 24, 2023
Comment: Thanks so much for your nice note and colorful ATC. I enjoy both neurographics and watercolors! Thanks for your patience with my delay in rating due to vacation. Cheers!
Comment: What a pretty assortment of flower fodder! Thank you so much! So colorful:)
9O96O rated for DB ♥️: Small Deco - 1 (USA/CAN) on Jan 20, 2023
Comment: Thanks for DeboraCreate's open theme deco. I do like an occasional open theme. I can usually fill in a page quickly, as I did here. The deco is ready to move on. :) Thanks so much for hosting a USA/CAN deco swap.
Comment: Thanks for the postcard holders - I'll get my cards to you asap - sent on 1/22 :)
Response: No rush whatsoever, Sandra! Please enjoy! Thanks for the heart rating too! P.S. I hope that both of the envelopes were delivered...I sent two at once because the holders were over an ounce on their own without ATC. LOL.
teejlc rated for DB ♥️: Flat Deco - 2 (USA/CAN) on Jan 20, 2023
Comment: Sorry it took me a few days to rate for this swap! It arrived on Tuesday. Thank you so much for sending Rome’s lovely vintage deco. I’ll have fun adding to it! Thank you for the extra stickers and tea cards as welll- what a nice surprise! The turtle is me favorite!
Response: No problem! I’m so glad that you received the swap and enjoy that little turtle - I was hoping that it’d find a good home! Thank you for rating with heart & for joining the swap. 💌
Comment: Thank you so much!
Response: You're welcome so much and thank YOU for the heart!
swapwithyi rated for DB ♥: NEW Decos 12/22 (Int'l) on Jan 17, 2023
Comment: thankyou for the tree and ocean animal deco<3
Response: You're welcome, Joey! I'm so glad they were delivered in record time. Please enjoy adding your art to them.
YooperHill rated for ABC: Fun w/Stamps #5 on Jan 13, 2023
Comment: This should be fun! Thank you & also for the address labels!! I’m a winner!
Response: Winner, winner! Yay! I can hardly wait to see what creative things that you come up with for this set of buddy jams, my friend. 🤩🤗
DeboraCreates rated for ABC swap for D & H on Jan 13, 2023
Comment: Thank you for sending me the cards first for this fun swap. I love how you attached fabric to your cards with sewing, and I am looking forward to creating a pair of ATCs with the lovely focal points you included!
Response: It's my pleasure, Debora! Your homer card from the set that you sent to me went out with today's mail (this afternoon), BTW. Please keep an eye out for it to arrive in your SASE within the next couple of days. Thank you for sending that too - I got a kick out of seeing my own writing on the note (then noticed where you wrote reduce/reuse/recycle in the side margin. Very clever and I totally agree!) 😊Hope you like the homer!
Comment: Thank you for sending me the cute doll deco belonging to W. Hill.
Response: You're welcome! Thank YOU for being so kind about the dimensions of that one. I'm really hoping that you'll enjoy adding to it because my kokeshi doll needs a friend to keep her company along her deco journey!
asunset4me rated for AMA: Deco booklet #339574 on Dec 28, 2022
Comment: If I could rate you higher than a 5 and a star I would. This is an unbelievably special package. Like your sister, having a holiday b-day is hard and this year was extra hard. The sprecial card you made for me and the washi tapes and personal note made me cry. I am so touched. Thank you. Sorry forgot to add Decos received Restaurant Ephemera for Deanie Ziegler, Puzzles @ sjst414, SeaTurtles @ CookieMOMster78, Star Trek @ Hell0z0mbie
Response: You’re most welcome, Jen! I’m sorry this year was extra hard for you as well. My “baby” sister just had more abnormal cells found in her lymph nodes, making this birth-year nerve wracking since she has already had thyroid cancer. I talked to her yesterday and still no biopsy results, but her 3-year old daughter had a blast unwrapping all her Christmas gifts this year and sis enjoyed watching her! Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference! ❤️ So glad my little gift could lift your spirits. Thank you for leaving the deco information too 😉 That’s always so helpful with keeping track of those little booklets!
Shellyr rated for Handmade Art Journal Go Round R76 on Dec 22, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much for the extas.very nice. Love the book.
Response: It was my pleasure to share with you! You’re very welcome. Thank YOU for rating with a ❤️ heart!
Sonya rated for DB ♥: Small Deco Booklet #339335 on Dec 20, 2022
Comment: Wow! I love opening your packages / envies! Your Philately deco is great using the USPS envie as a cover. The head stamps were such a wonderful surprise! Thanks for the die cuts and your Amazing Artists deco as well. <3
Response: 🥰 Aww shucks, you flatter me, Sonya! Thank you for your kindness and heart ❤️ rating. I’m so excited to see your artwork whenever the philatelic and Amazing Artists decos return home to me. Extra thanks for your help with keeping track of those booklets as well. You’re amazing!

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SuperNay on Feb 3, 2023:

Thank you CookieMomster78 for the AATW January wish. The Amazon wish list adhesive, rainbow sticker, postage stamps and adorable cat card. It arrived at the best time when I was having an incredible month so it really made my day! Thank you so much for bringing me happiness through the mail! :)

Poeprincess on Jan 23, 2023:

Received my “homer” for ABC #23 & I love what you did with all the elements. Thank you! Love your group.

user6937 on Jan 23, 2023:

Harmony - the second envelope has arrived! I'm so happy to have these for sending out postcards in something clear - thank you SO much! You're so generous and a good friend 🥰

user6937 on Jan 20, 2023:

Just the ATCs/holders have arrived so far - I'm sure the second one will arrive (will let you know).

yvonne401 on Jan 17, 2023:

Thank you for the cute thank you cards with matching thank you Forever Stamps (AATW January '23)! I appreciate you thinking of me.



Poohtat on Jan 12, 2023:

Oh my goodness! Thank you for the AATW Jan adorable Pooh and Piglet ATC. This is so cute! I will be putting this right into my happy journal.

MuggleMom on Jan 9, 2023:

You page is stunning for Heather's deco you sent via the TAG.



MuggleMom on Jan 1, 2023:

Wishing you a fun fill & meaningful New Year!



TeaNi on Dec 28, 2022:

Thank you so much

for granting a wish for me with the lovely letterpress cards and nice note! You ar4e so kind! I'll have to look up the "snailmail superstar"! :)

Sonya on Dec 27, 2022:

Thanks for all the great swaps this years!

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