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Country: United States


I have Adult ADHD w/ Sensory Processing Disorder. I am also mama-bear of a child with ASD/ADHD and Sensory Processing D/O.

Receiving visually disturbing postcards causes undue stress, so I’ve decided to START my profile page by identifying the list of absolute NO-GO's.


  • Animal Print/Scales
  • Insects/Arachnid
  • Reptiles (Sea turtles are the only exception)
  • Primates
  • Amphibians
  • Clowns, Dolls, Mimes, or Claymation (i.e. Tim Burton characters)
  • Propaganda (religious, political or otherwise)

I’ve had a few considerate swappers ask me about butterflies or frogs because they’re generally well-liked by others. However, this is NOT the case in my house! My son does not like any of these! Seeing them will literally put him into an emotional storm of fear and his fight-flight-or-freeze response kicks in! It’s no fun. So, please do not send these kinds of postcards to me “naked” and “exposed”. IF YOU’RE UNSURE, SEND IT IN AN ENVIE! 😉 Thanks for being respectful of my little bear!

ALSO: I personally cannot handle anything: * Scented: I have severe SOY, MOLD, & Cigarette-smoke ALLERGIES! =======THANK YOU! =======

About Me

Aloha! I am Harmony Joy!

Yes, my mother is a hippy! And my father is a singer and musician. I am a Berkeley born and California-foster-system-raised “love-child”, who currently lives on the other side of the nation. I have been married a decade, and we have three children (2 daughters, 1 son). Our current fur-family consists of 2 canine rescues: Kyna (a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix) and Ella (a Black Labrador mix), plus a "grand-dog" named Luna, and a “grand cat” named Maximus.

My ohana means everything to me.

Besides my V.I.Peeps, I also enjoy many indoor and outdoor HOBBIES:

(inside) Pressed Flower Craft (oshibana), Card-making, Coloring, Painting, Paint-pouring, Paper-making/marbling, Philately, Pottery, Genealogy, Handicraft, Crocheting, Listening to music, Face-painting, Dance, Reading, Weaving, Watching movies, Thrifting, DIY, Diary-writing, Sewing, Sculpting, Scrap-booking, and Art-Journaling.

(outside) Hiking, Scouting, Shooting, Shopping, Horseback riding, Kayaking, Stone skipping, Swimming, and Travel My current collection hobbies include: numismatics, phillumeny, stamp collecting, deltiology, and cartophilia to include: baseball, basketball, Olympic athletes, motocross, and military police dogs

I have been described as “sassy” or gritty, and as much as I enjoy making others smile, I DO NOT appreciate petty drama! I like real and intelligent people who are capable of both self-reflection as well as empathy for others. Since one of my favorite books is “To Kill A Mockingbird” I often refer to my kind of people as those who can take a “Boo Radley” moment to walk in another persons shoes! So, anyone who is quick to judge and slow to apologize will not be welcome in my world. Genuinely kind people are my kind of people. Narcissistic folk need not apply.

On that note, I am also an American with disabilities and I will not apologize for that. My mental health issues are a result of my post 9-11 service to my country, and I pride myself of being one of the few female EOD journeymen in the armed forces. When all the odds were stacked against me, I succeeded. That’s part of who I am. Period.



A- Autumn leaves🍁, Almonds, Art-journaling, Aretha Franklin, Aquamarine (birthstone & color), Albanese brand “Poppin' Pineapple Gummi-bears”, Airmail label/stickers, Address labels, Ansel Adams, Aristocats (Classic Walt Disney movie)

B- Buttons with 4-holes, Botany, Batik, Beach sand, Blue prints, Balance, Bamboo, Baymax/Big Hero 6, Bob Marley, Black pearls, Brown-paper-packages-tied-up-with-strings

C- Cookie-Monster, Cinnamon, Chile (country), Chinchilla, Coffee paintings, Chai teas, Choffy, Coins & Coin-sized envies, Coconuts, Cowry (shells), Cashews, Celtic music and knots, Cowboy/girl boots and hats, Cook Islands, Collage fodder, “Cool” colors (purple, blue, green), Cherry blossoms 🌸, Coloring pages (colored by others for my wall!), Clogging & Irish step dance

D- Daffodils & Dandelions, Dole Plantation (I love their teas & pineapples), Dancing (esp. Hula, Poi, Swing, Ballroom, and West African), Disney/Pixar, Dreamworks, Dark Chocolate, Drums, Drum-lines, Dr. Seuss, Dyes (natural), Daiso, Duane ‘The Rock” Johnson

E- Ephemera, Epcot, Embossed paper, Eight-bit Art, Embellishments, Eighties Music, Envies (glassine, kraft, and magazine), Earth (our big blue planet), EARLY (pre-Vegas) ELVIS, Eeyore (my son calls him E-horse 🥰)

F- Franken-pages, Fifties music, Forest Gump movie, Fleur-de-lis symbol, Floss (embroidery and dental), Fiji islands, Friesian horses, Firemen, Flames & Fireworks, Frangipani (flowers), Friendship bracelets, Flutes, Finding Dory, Frank Sinatra, Flakes (not the ppl, the washi stickers), Flash cards, Fruit crate labels

G- Gelli prints, Good Earth Tea (original flavor; spicy & sweet)*, Guitar picks, Graphology, Glassine, Gilded-edges, Guy Harvey (artist), Glass beads, Graphic 45: Sunkissed, Good Ol’ Sport

H- Hula Kahiko, Harmony (I heart things with my name on them), Heart-shapes (esp. hearts-in-nature), Hummingbirds, Hibiscus, Hawaiian Quilts, Huskies (esp. Siberian! But I heart Shiba & Malamute too)

I- Iced cream flavor candies, Ireland, Inks, Icebergs

J- Jade (stone/color), Juke boxes, Junk Journaling, Japanese maple leaves, Jordan-Almonds, Jujubes (Ferrara brand) candy, Johnny Depp, Jack Black, Jungle Book, Joy

K- Kokopelli, Koru (ferns), Keanu Reeves, Koala, Kiwi (people & fruit), Kisses (Classic Hershey’s, Almond, & Mint Truffle), Kanji charts, Gustav Klimt (Austrian painter; I esp. love his art titles The Kiss & The Embrace), Koi fish, Kauai, Kliban Cat, Kanga w/ Roo

L- Levi’s, Lokta papers, Leaf rubbings/eco-prints, Linen paper, Lychee gummies, Lyrics, Lei, Lucille Ball & I Love Lucy, Lilo & Stitch, Library card-catalogs & check-out cards

M- Mulberry paper, Mickey Mouse (orig. Steam Boat Willy is my fave), Mama Bear 🐻, Moana, Malamutes, Mix tapes &Music (notes & sheet), Mary Poppins, Maya Angelou, Matau designs, Maori culture, Muk-Luks, Mulan

N- Norman Rockwell, Nik the Booksmith, Narnia, Northern Soul music, New Zealand, Native American Heritage & Symbols, Neutral colors (gray, black, white, khaki, brown, maroon, navy, and olive), Nora Butler (artist)

O- Orange tabby cats, Owney the postal dog, Obsidian, Ocean, Otters, Orca, Olive branches, Orange (citrus) rind

P- Postcards of Paniolo, Polynesia, Practicality, Papua New Guinea,🍍 Pineapples, Pilates, Pumpkin chai tea, Paint brushes, Pens (blue ink, but BIC reporter 4-color Pens are a fave),Postage stamps, Paisley or Plaid Prints, Pisces, Poetry, Panda bears, Pansies, Phoenixes, Pomegranates, Pirates, Punny jokes, Peace signs

Q- Quilled papers, Quail (esp. Californian), Quotes (I collect the positive/motivational ones, Quill (of pens)

R- Rapa Nui, Blue cats, Refills (P-Touch TZe labelling tapes), ROYGBIV Rainbows (spectrums-in-nature), Rock art (hetro/petroglyphs), Retro stickers/clipart (mix tapes, rollerblades, fanny packs, etc), Rugby

S- Scout stuff, Stickers, Smash-books, Springtime (puddle hopping, maypoles, umbrellas, rain boots), Sewn things (fabric/papers/envies), Star Wars Trilogy, Scottish Fold cats, Sea turtles, Sanrio-brand kawaii characters (Pochacco puppy, & Pekkle duck), Sea glass, Spirals, Sari, Shamrocks, Sarong, Samoa, Soft Slipper Socks, San Fransokyo, Steven Schulman (artist), Sequoia (Redwood) trees, Snickerdoodles, Strawberries, Step-Shows (collegiate/Greek-org.), Serenity, Surf & SUP boards, Sugar Skulls, Stamperia brand crafting

T- Totems, Tracks (paw-prints), Taj Mahal (Blues Singer), Tokens & Tickets, Totoro, Trees, Tribal Tattoos, Tulips, Tonga, Tigger & Tigers, Tony The Tiger (Frosted Flakes), Tim McGraw, Tire swings, Turquoise (stone/color), Textiles, Tie-dye, To Kill A Mockingbird & The Secret Garden, Tranquility, Tinted Beauties Ephemera of women (like Pre-Raphaelite painter John William Waterhouse)

U- Uniform parts (I especially love used buttons, badges, labels, ribbons, metals, patches, and cords for Scouts), USPS stamps (new/usable), UGG boots, Uppercase magazine, Ukulele

V- VW buses and cars, VINTAGE ITEMS such as images of cameras, worn shoes, and hats, textbook pages, sewing patterns, flashcards, sheet music and various scientific papers or ephemera, Vellum paper, Vanilla beans/pods, Veterans ( I am one, and I strongly advocate for those who are wounded or in recovery as a state certified peer support specialist)

W- Wolves, Washi tape (I collect all size samples in an old book), Wild Flowers, Willow, Whale Rider, Wizard of Oz & The Wiz (movies), Wyland (art), Whale sharks, Wine corks & Wax seals, "Walt-Life" (and Salt-Life) stickers/decals and tags

X- Xylophones, Xeruses (squirrel), Xyron (sticker-maker refills), and the Xyphoid process (part of sternum; important when I teach CPR skills to my Scouts & a fun word to say!)

Y- Yarn (bits for weaving), Yellowstone (TV show), Yin/Yang (symbol)

Z- Zebra (the animal, not the print), Zines, Zenscape, Zippers & Zipper pulls (useful in mixed media art projects)

  • Favorite POSTCARD Themes: post office buildings and mailboxes, state and country maps, flags, black-and-whites, vintage travel posters, trees, husky dogs, "greetings from" large-letter cities/towns, doors & windows, retro gas stations & diners, UNESCO

  • Favorite PHOTOGRAPHY: black-and-whites of animals playing/sleeping/hugging, or tending to their young, close-ups of the hands/feet/paws/eyes, vintage hats, worn-out boots and shoes, mailboxes or musical instruments, and TREES (especially giant ones that look like they've witnessed a lot)

  • Favorite FANDOM: SF Giants, Oakland A's, and NY Yankees (The Babe, Jeter, & Judge), Golden State Warriors, Hogwarts House Crests of Hufflepuff (me) & Gryffindor (my youngest daughter)

  • SIZE Large socks & Unisex T’s




  3. SMOKEY BEAR Stuff

  4. 7-of-HEARTS Playing Cards

  5. POSTAGE STAMPS (new/used)

  6. Leatherback & Green SEA TURTLE Stuff

Post-crossing Profile

If possible, please send standard 4x6 inch (10x15cm) "naked" postcard with postage stamps and hand-writing. If it will make it through your mail system, I prefer postcards without envelopes, in order to see the cancellation stamping on the postage! HOWEVER, if the image on the postcard is "questionable" or not child/family-friendly then PLEASE USE AN ENVELOPE. My children sometimes check the mailbox. Thank YOU for thinking of me! I enjoy listening to all genres of music depending on my mood. I also like to read books. I am privileged to be the mother of three, an artist, teacher, geek, and military Veteran! I feel most comfortable at the ocean, in a library or museum, at a bookstore/coffee shop, or art gallery/studio. This is because I really enjoy learning new things and working with my hands! In my youth, I enjoyed traveling alone and spent time in Chile as a foreign exchange student! Now, I prefer to travel in good company. Currently my husband and I enjoy local stay-cations and exploring estate sales or antique stores for vintage tools and armaments.
I WELCOME - hand-crafted, artistic, colorful, collage, or cut dry-goods packaging postcards. If possible, please affix real postage stamps (not metered/digital) and send without envelope. I like to see the cancellation stamp! I also enjoy reading a handwritten definition, phrase, quote, or song lyric in your language! ******RESERVE - generic ads/free cards for a different post-crosser******* These are A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: - COLORS: black, purple, green, blue, pink (cools, not warms), & ROYGBIV rainbows - CARTOONS: Cookie-monster, Moana, Lilo & Stitch, My Neighbor Totoro, Kung-Fu Panda, Tigger & Eeyore, Baymax (Big Hero 6), Transformers (Ratchet, Iron Hide, Optimus Prime, and 'Bee), Sponge Bob - CELEBRITIES: Bob Marley, A.J. Buckley (from S.E.A.L. Team), Lucille Ball, Judy Garland, Julie Andrews, Duane “The Rock” Johnson, “early Elvis” (before Las Vegas), Shirley Temple, C.S. Lewis, Janis Joplin, Tracy Chapman, U2, Theodor "Dr. Seuss" Geisel - FLORA: ferns, hibiscus, frangipani/plumeria, fruit-tree blossoms, succulents, pansies, Sequoias - FAUNA: sea turtles, shells, sea horses, otters, whales, Freisen horses, wolves, working-group dog breeds (esp. Huskies) - PHOTOGRAPHY: sunsets, clouds, black-and-white, kissing/hugging, sleeping, close-ups of hands/feet/paws, eyes of animals, vintage hats, shoes, and instruments, and TREES (especially giant ones that look like they've witnessed a lot) - FANDOM: NY Yankees, Golden State Warriors, Wookie’s & droids (Star Wars) - COLLECTIONS: positive quotes, meaningful song lyrics, used VINTAGE postage stamps, vintage World Scouting stuff, nautical and pirate illustration, tribal tattoo art, phoenix, sea turtles - HOBBIES: Dancing of ALL kinds, art journalism, clay/ceramics, paper-crafting, and mixed-media


kssunlover1947 rated for Christmas Postcards #2 USA on Dec 10, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the keep calm card. I am not eating many sweets this year but will be making our regular cookies for everyone just before Christmas.
Comment: Thanks for beautiful penguin card. Loving the purple you used. I take all my cards to work for everyone to enjoy. You should add The Christmas Chronicles with Kurt Russell on Netflix to your movie list. It's awesome! Love your swap not moniker by the way.
Response: Yay for purple! I’m so glad that you like the card 😌 I will definitely look up the Christmas movie you recommend ! Thanks for the compliment on my moniker too! 😩
mjhaertling rated for Monochromatic Purple Collage on Dec 7, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the great purple postcard. Not only is it a pretty work of art; it is educational. I had to google "troodontid" & "mei long". Now when I see sleeping dragon as a crossword clue, I know it is mei long. So many benefits of swap-bot. :-)
Response: You’re so welcome! I’m so excited to hear that you found my 🐉 inspired art to also be educational because it was my son who motivated me! He’s my pride and joy, so naturally I feel as though this is a compliment of him as well as myself ☺️ Thank you for sharing!
Comment: Beautiful card! I hope everyone is healthy again. Thank you for the tea, I was running low!
Response: You’re welcome 😇 and there’s plenty more tea where that came from 😉 I’m always happy to share, so if you need more this season, just let me know! One must always have a warm beverage in fall/winter! 😊
KaliOya rated for ManE Group: Book Page Envelopes! on Dec 6, 2019
Comment: Many thanks for the many cute envelopes you sent me...including the envelope you sent the envelopes in! The cornucopia was such a nice touch. Thank you for the thought you put into picking what types of pages to use. I am really liking the manga and map envelopes! I am going to have lots of fun finding the perfect use for each and every one of these creative envelopes...you did a great job. So smart of you to put double sided tape on the flaps:) I think I will start doing the same in the future! Happy swapping.
Response: You're so welcome!! I am so happy that you like them! Have fun using them in your mailing adventures :-)
pernie123 rated for Literary Wisdom #18 on Dec 6, 2019
Comment: 48 degrees would seem warm here. I used to go away to warm climates in winter. We had 26 inches of snow earlier in the week, today 1-3 inches. Vermont! Good to stay in reality!!!
Response: LOL!!! Happy holidays!
ScrapHappyGabi rated for Christmas Postcards #2 USA on Dec 5, 2019
Comment: I LOVE your idea of a white Christmas!! Sandy beaches!! YES YES YES!!! I hope your Christmas is merry and your that you have a happy and healthy 2020 !! xx Gabi
Response: YAY! Thank you for the well wishes. Same to you, my dear! XOXO
ginnijay rated for Christmas Postcards #2 USA on Dec 5, 2019
Comment: I agree with "eat a cookie." Perfect time of year for that. Thanks.
Response: 'Welcome!
Poohtat rated for Christmas Postcards #2 USA on Dec 5, 2019
Comment: Merry Christmas and thank you for the postcard
Response: Thank YOU! I really appreciate the heart too!
Murmuration rated for Sending stuff in twos #14 on Dec 4, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely postcards and the adorable stickers! And extra thanks for reading my profile and sending me things from my lists! The little house stickers are so, so cute!
Response: Oh, I am so glad that you like the little houses! I was hoping that you would enjoy what I found in my stash to share with you! 😊
lilmermaid rated for Take Ten Postcard Swap #2 - USA on Dec 3, 2019
Comment: thank you so very much
Response: You’re welcome 😊
debbiespoms rated for MissBrenda's Christmas PC #2 on Dec 3, 2019
Comment: Thank you! Pretty! I don't collect any angels. I am so sorry, I should of said I collect them no more & I forgot to remove that about the angels. Has been there on profile since 2008. I have way too many angels. Have a great Christmas!
Response: Oh darn! No heart for me this time. 😔 I misunderstood that bit at the bottom of your profile (before hobbies) in the same paragraph where you say that you collect teddy bears it says “Christmas decorations of Angels” so I thought a seashell angel from the white sandy beaches of our sunshine state might be welcome! Oh well, I win some and I lose some! Maybe next try...
NaitomeaMinx rated for MissBrenda's Christmas PC #2 on Dec 3, 2019
Comment: Love the postcard thank you, and you're so lucky--we're already getting slammed with ice and cold. I wouldn't mind a "white" sand snow Christmas about now!
Response: Sending sunshiny smiles your way!!! Hope your holidays are warm and cozy 🥰
Comment: Thank you for the vintage playing cards. I really have a weakness for collecting those cards!! I hope you and your loved ones have a blessed Christmas!
Response: You’re welcome! 🐶I’m PAWSitively thrilled you enjoy the vintage playing cards!
Comment: Sorry for late rating, thank you very much
Response: No worries 😉 Thank you for leaving me a rating with ❤️🥰
vontakk rated for ☃️ Stocking Stuffer Swap 🎁 on Dec 2, 2019
Comment: Got it! Waiting to open on Christmas morning!! :) thanks soooo much!
Response: Okay, great! 🎁🥳📫 Have a wonderful holiday season!🎄
CarrieB rated for Socks that make you smile on Dec 2, 2019
Comment: These socks are so cute! Thank you so much! I love any Pixar movie :) Happy Holidays
Response: 😃 Super-D-duper!!!
Comment: ZOMG I am so excited. How am I not supposed to open this until Christmas!!???? AHHHHHH! You're such a great swapper! Thank you! :):):) Update #2: Okay, so I'm not a patient person and I had to peek into the envelope to see what was inside. To my delight there were these AMAZING junk journal supplies and postcards!!! :O I'm putting the wrapped pkg under the tree, but these junk journal pages are AMAZING. I can't wait to do something with them. Or just stare at them. And you don't know this, but I love Frida Clements (the other Frida) and have several of her posters around my house. She's just lovely. So happy to have a postcard of hers. I didn't even know she had postcards!
Response: Thank you for letting me know about the Frida “coincidence” 😆 This is one of those times that I feel “blessed” to be a blessing! And I am so glad that you followed your intuition to open the outer bit - that’s what I’d hoped for! A little something now and a gift for later! TWICE the nice! 😉
WoodlandBanshee rated for Pass and Paste #68 on Dec 1, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the postcard and the stack of extra postcards and address labels! A lovely swap, indeed!
Response: You’re welcome! I’m glad that it all arrived to you in good order and you like it! 😊
Comment: I can't believe I finally got your envelope! After reading your card, I guess you've already heard about the current situation in Chile, so that's why it has taken even longer than expected. I'm very happy that it has finally arrived, and of course I'm super grateful for the birthday teas you sent me. Thank you very much! I loved your mixed media page too :) I hope you'll be able to have some real empanadas anytime soon, hahaha. Best wishes!
Response: Que bueno! I am delighted that you finally received everything! Happy holidays 🥰

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lorencz on Oct 7, 2019:

Hi Harmony! I got your lovely orca postcard today and thank you so much! The watercolor is so pretty. I'm going to frame it and put it up in my classroom. Give Kyna a big hug for me. I wish I could get myself a dog, but my current landlady won't allow them. I really appreciate the sweet note and postcard.

Jbeth on Oct 1, 2019:

What a joy to find your amazingly beautiful card in my mailbox. It made me smile and filled my heart with joy. This jesture of friendliness is above and beyond and not often enough found in our society. I have it on display for my fall decor as it is craftsmenship at its best and filled with kindness. I am overjoyed that you are happy with what I sent to you. Thanks again ( jbeth)

kittyhahahotbot on Sep 25, 2019:

Thank you for the stamp. YOure very kind and thoughtful.

wolfeagle on Sep 21, 2019:

Thank you so much for the Owl stenciled ATC for the AMA Mystery Supply Swap.

stiffneck78 on Sep 9, 2019:

So cool of you to angel this swap with an awesome coffin pc!!!! Thank you!

Rosepettals007 on Aug 29, 2019:

Omgoodness! thank you for my post card! I love peach! She is elegant as she is gangsta! Haha! My sister always chose her is any Mario game! Fun times! Thank you! ❤❤❤❤

supersquirrel on Aug 24, 2019:

Thank you for such kind words. Looking forward to our next swap :)

gerberdaisy on Aug 19, 2019:

You are so thoughtful! Thank you so much for the extra extras! You went above and beyond!!

arimails on Aug 16, 2019:

Heart For You <3

Thank you so much for the reminder on this swap. I really appreciate you going out of your way to help me out. I would like to say, the world needs more people like you! So willing to help. Having a good and kind heart is rare to find. I have met only a few people who have really touched my heart with their selfless ways. Sending lot of hearts your way.

IDreamOfAfrica on Aug 13, 2019:



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