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Greetings! I'm Kathy Bates, and no, I am not the famous actress, (although I can relate to her in many ways). I read that I should introduce myself to my swap partners, so here it is: I live in Southern Indiana, near the Ohio River, with Lisa - my work partner AND my life partner; we have two dogs: Sophie the Pug and Foxy the Pomeranian, and two guinea pigs: Hawkeye and Radar. I love Capybaras, but they won't pass the city code for house pets, so guinea pigs will suffice, and they look just like miniature capybaras with much shorter legs. Lisa and I work together in a family business, but when we aren't working, I keep busy with several hobbies:
1) Family History (especially the Heritage scrapbook I'm putting together) so genealogy is a big love of mine; 2) growing Bonsai trees (which we used to sell on the internet, but don't now due to having to WORK at the family business) tree postcards and stickers are always welcomed; 3) browsing through antique store/thrift stores/consignment stores (where I find a LOT of items to use in my craft projects!), 4) surfing Pinterest (where I have pinned so many things that I'd love to try), and, of course, 5) Crafting (especially paper crafts!). There's nothing more fun than meeting the challenge of turning some found crap into something fantastic! And really, one person's crap is another persons treasure, right? My main project this year (2019) is to finish decluttering and streamlining my home, and getting my crafting corner set up. I have a beautiful big window overlooking my back yard, and I'm looking forward to sitting at a work table there, watching the birds at the feeders outside while I craft. The trick is to get it all organized so that I can find what I need when I need it, without having the place look like a craft store was blown in by a tornado. We all know that "creativity is not a pretty sight" until the project is finished and the mess cleaned up, right?

I like all kinds of paper crafts, love getting happy mail, (postcards can be sent in envelopes or naked and stamped/written on; I love them either way!); I enjoy putting together 'packets' of goodies for other people to enjoy, and learning new things. I'm always on the lookout for new ideas to use in crafting and have a big collection of materials that I like to share with other crafters.

Happy swapping to you! May your mailbox be full of happy mail and your postage stamp supply renew itself continuously!!

Thanks so much for swapping with me, Kathy Bates, (not the actress).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Updated 2/18/2019

Favorite things: bees, dragonflies; crafty bits and pieces like ribbon, buttons, charms, and unique papers/gift wrap/book pages, fancy printed napkins; anything beach related, whether on the shore or in the water; dogs especially pugs; birds and feathers; bonsai trees; genealogy; cats; guinea pigs; capybaras; chocolate, coffee, cocoa! I also like bath and shower gels, pretty kitchen towels/hand towels/washcloths.

Favorite movies/TV shows: anything with Robin Williams, Z Nation, police shows, hospital shows, fire department shows, end-of-the-world/saved-by-the-hero type movies, time travel shows, The Last Ship, movies based on true stories. Also Fringe, Deadwood, Jurassic Park series, Medium....

Favorite Music: just about anything from Mozart to Pink, reggae, 60s/70s/80s Pop, Heavy Metal, but not Thrash Metal; Country except for the really twangy kind, Gloria Estefan, Eurythmics, James Taylor, Pentatonix, Ed Sheeran, Adam Lambert... And lately, Leonard Cohen. Just no Gospel or Justin Bieber.

Wish List: Time, Money, and Good Health... But don't we all want those things??!!! Since there is never enough of those three items to go around, in lieu of that, I would love to receive anything whimsical or humorous - I love to look at the funny side of Life! Or you can check out my 'favorites' lists. Basically anything I get in the mail that isn't a bill or an advertisement is 'fun mail'!!! I'm not into Disney or religious things, so please don't send those items.

Favorite time of the year: Autumn, when the leaves are beautiful and they crackle under my feet when I walk, and the air smells so crisp! Next favorite would be Spring, when everything starts waking up again. Summer is usually too hot for me, but Winter is okay, as long as there is coffee and cocoa available, and a big pot of soup!

Hobbies: (1) I've been working on my family history, so genealogy is a big interest. I have one family line tracked back to the 1600's. My mother was a German war bride, who came to the US one year before I was born and gained her US citizenship after learning the language and studying about her new country. So working on her ancestors is a bit of a challenge, but little by little, I'll break down those walls! (2) I also grow bonsai trees, and used to sell them at art fairs and craft shows. I didn't get rich off of it, but did make enough money to finance my bonsai hobby and make trips to bonsai nurseries to choose more trees to play with and train. I still have a few that I will sell, but my collection is now at about the quantity that I can care for easily. (3) I've discovered the joy of birds and have several food and water stations for them out in my yard. Our regular visitors all have different personalities, and it's especially exciting when we get a new visitor! That sends me scrambling to the bird books to learn more about that species.

~~~~~~~~~~ If you don't get a swap from me that you are expecting, please let me know before you rate, so that I can check on it and make things right. I think a lot of the time it's the creating and sending out things that is the most fun for me, and I definitely don't want to be a flaker! I also try to err on the side of sending more than required; it's part of my 'declutter' campaign! If you should receive a swap from me with postage due, please let me know so that I can take care of the extra cost.


Jsereg001 rated for MJS: My Magpie Journal of Lists on Sep 13, 2019
Comment: Thanks! I saw some stuff on your list that I also wanna try. I’m dabbling with wire jewelry now and I wanna do some beaded jewelry too!
Comment: Dear Kathy I am stunned you spent so much time on sending something so lovely and unexpected! I dont think I've ever seen a book made of envelopes before! The pictures you sent didnt look like pictures. The paper looks and feels so different. Things must of changed. lol Up until no long ago I was still using ONLY those green disposable cameras. lololol You shared such beautiful papers. You even shared your no-where town you grew up. Your life is full of love and hair! I am so grateful for the gift you sent! And the cherry was sending the "book" in plastic which I looooooooooove. lololol A hundred hearts for your generosity and time!
Response: I'm so glad you liked the swap I created for you! The photo paper was from a batch I got at a yard sale; I'm not sure if it's something that is still available or if it was something special that the person ordered and just didn't need the rest of it so put it in the sale with other paper stuff. The plastic I sent it in was just a sheet protector (also from that yard sale!) that I cut to size. Thank you for the wonderful comments and for the heart! I'd love to swap with you again anytime!
armadillogal rated for SS: 6 ATC size Photo Swap on Aug 11, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the great shots and all the geocaching memes!
Jenicat rated for Year of Wacky Holiday Zines - July on Aug 6, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the zines and the thoughtful purple goodies 💜
amyduff rated for MJS: Recycled Magpie Journal USA on Aug 2, 2019
Comment: Hi Kathy! Your journal arrived today. Thanks for the recycled and vintage items and sharing your answers. Hope your arthritis is easing up on you and your truck is fixed. Happy Summer to you!
Wykyd rated for Year of Wacky Holiday Zines - July on Aug 2, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much!
Rainydancer rated for 1 + 1 July on Aug 1, 2019
Comment: thanks!
Comment: Wow, you made not one, but two awesome zines! You are a wacky lady to made double zines! I love them both... especially the humor you put into each wacky holiday you highlighted. Thank you!
Comment: Wow, thanks for sending two zines full of July Wacky holidays! Love the images of the poor mailman,the UFO and your two cowboys. I was most amused by the Shark stepping on a lego and the chocolate being a vegetable, thanks so much for sharing both of your wonderful fun zines.
Comment: Pretty flowers...thanks!
Response: Thank you for the heart!
SillyTilly42 rated for Real Photos - Floral Edition! on Jul 30, 2019
Comment: I love the photos and the extras! Thank you!
Response: So glad that you like them! Thanks for the heart! And I love your swap-bot ID name!! So 'poetic', Lol! Is it an accurate description of your personality? If so, you might be part of my 'tribe'!!!
Jafferty rated for Real Photos - Floral Edition! on Jul 29, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the pictures! They're lovely!
Response: Thank you for the heart and the comments! I'm glad that you liked them!
TamiHope rated for SS- Something YELLOW on Jul 25, 2019
Comment: Kathy - thank you for your beautiful card you made. You did a wonderful job and I love how the envelope matches. Thank you so much! (Love that song, too!)
Response: I'm so glad that you like the card! It was such fun to make it, and I couldn't resist making the envelope in the same theme. And yes, that tune was running through my head the entire time I was making the card, and for days afterward as well!!! Lolol! Thank you for the heart and happy swapping to you!
AlexandriaV rated for Photo Swap #1 on Jul 25, 2019
Comment: Ohmigosh! The photos were beautiful, and I love looking at the water and pictures of the beach (I don't love sitting out baking on the beach, haha). I also adored the coffee humor-it resonated with me so much! Haha. Also the washi tape!!! Where can I get that? -She writes, while drinking her morning cup of coffee. Haha. My view today is of the race horses out for their morning graze and baths.
Response: I'm totally with you on baking in the sun, so I have a big beach umbrella that goes with me. Isn't that coffee bean washi tape great? If I find it again, I'll get extra and share! How great to be able to drink coffee and watch horses first thing in the morning! Sounds like paradise! Thanks for the comments and for the heart!! Happy swapping!
shellybuckmeier rated for Patriotic Postcard USA #2 on Jul 24, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the nice handmade postcard!
Response: I'm so glad that you liked it! It was my first time using that particular technique to make the fireworks, but I learned some things from it. Thanks for the heart!
nightrainboww rated for Pinterest - Funny Animals on Jul 24, 2019
Comment: Thank you for sharing, I think the cat with make up was very funny. Sorry for rating a bit late; I was busy with moving to another country.
Response: Wow! Moving to another country: what an adventure! I thought that cat was hilarious too!
Lablauri57 rated for Real Photos - Floral Edition! on Jul 22, 2019
Comment: Loved those iris so much I may try to get some. So cute!!!!
Response: So glad you liked the photos! The irises are so adorable and just as easy to care for as their standard size cousins. I hope you can find them in your area!
Banjobritches rated for WIYM: Artist Trading Coins #2 on Jul 17, 2019
Comment: Haha! I see you noticed I play (sort of) banjo! Your coins are cute and I love all the banjo ephemera! Thank so much!
Response: Lol! You're the first person that I actually kind of know that plays banjo so it was fun for me to find some related images that you might enjoy. Thanks for the heart! Happy swapping!
jenmcjen rated for Year of Wacky Holiday Zines - July on Jul 17, 2019
Comment: love the envelope and both parts! thank you!
Response: Thanks so much for the heart!
bjansen rated for ❀JUNE // Flipbook - USA❀ on Jul 16, 2019
Comment: Flipbook was amazing. Really cool. However was not postmarked until July 10. Was suppose to be mailed by June 21st. Must rate this a 3 to be fair. Did contact me in the first week of July stating it was lost under the seat of your car. I’m so sorry for having to rate you low but I must be fair.
Response: I think you misunderstood my email the first week of July. I had given the envelope to a friend to mail for me, along with several others, as I don't get out often anymore due to my health. In good faith I believed it had been mailed. My friend also believed she had mailed it along with all the others. It was only later that it was discovered to have slipped between the seats. It was an accidental oversight which was corrected as soon as we discovered it. I appreciate you nice comments about the flipbook; I spent many hours on it and was pleased with how it turned out. I'm so glad that you appreciated it!

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