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Canada Post Service Alerts

We're in lockdown but my post office is open. I'm limiting myself to 2 visits a week. I plan on visiting tomorrow (Saturday January 16).

I went to the PO today (Saturday). No mail. Sigh. Considering I pay almost $200 a year, it would be great if it included an email alert when there's mail to pick up, so I don't waste a trip and risk contracting the COVID virus.

I'm nearing retirement.

In mid-life I started to lose my hearing and now I'm profoundly HOH. I lip-face read. I do not know sign language.

Personality style: ISFP - Adventurer

Married. Childless by choice.

🤗 Things I find interesting:

  • Hygge concept - cosy, comforting, calm, zen
  • Little Free Library visits while wandering and exploring
  • Dogs (and generally all animals including spiders and insects)
  • Coffee shops
  • Whimsical things
  • The beauty and peace of trees and forests
  • Tartan and plaid
  • Coronation Street viewer for over 30 years, but there have been many times where I've thought about quitting -- the writing can be more miss than hit most of the time
  • Landscapes
  • Farm/rural/pastoral scenes
  • Wiener Werkstätte
  • Folk art (e.g. Maud Lewis, Grandma Moses)
  • Canadiana (or your country's stereotypical/cultural/characteristic things)
  • Outsider art --learned the term from @Wanda
  • Public art galleries
  • Artist Co-op stores
  • Keri Smith--in particular her Wander Society concept. Solvitur Ambulando!
  • Documenting things a la the Wander Society

Study Says Making Art Reduces Stress, Even If You Kind Of Suck At It

"Reduction of Cortisol Levels and Participants’ Responses Following Art Making," found that 45 minutes of creative activity significantly lessens stress in the body, regardless of artistic experience or talent.

Crafting can reduce your chances of developing mild cognitive impairment by 30% to 50% according to a 2011 study published in The Journal of Neuropsychiatry.


Currently I'm doing a lot of ATCs (artist trading cards). I like the small format and that each ATC is handcrafted.

If you have a Canadian mailing address, there's a Canuck ATC Group available.

Your creative art is enough to make me happy. Please, no need to include extras in swaps you send to me. But I do value a note to go with your ATC. Maybe let me know what inspired you to make the ATC and/or how you made it.


Borrowing from @NRGordon s description, I like making postcards from found images. If you like making postcards and you are my swap partner, send me one of your creations. Let me know how you made it and tell me something about the image you picked (why you picked it, what you like about it).

Cut n Paste postcards are one of my favourite style of postcards. They are fun to make and receive. I like rummaging through magazines for images that will make a great postcard.

I prefer postcards naked, stamped and written.

indie postcard

Private Swaps

If you're a swap-bot member in good standing, also like self-made postcards and ATCs, and want to have a private swap, let me know. Send me a PM (personal message).

📺 What I've been watching:

Netflix. Australian. The undead. Mysterious. I like the characters. Finished episode 3. Good so far.

Phil is a quirky, silly, sweet guy with a big grin. He loves food and people. I recommend starting with the San Francisco episode.

4th season. I'm not liking the Royal family in this part of history. Diana was a pawn in the royal saga.

Finished 9 seasons. I will miss this show.

📘 Currently reading

Really like it so far. Getting some good exploring ideas.

To all those people who join my swaps and rate promptly and with a nice note...

Thank you

A quote from VivaLaDiane that I like:

  • I feel a 5 says - you did what you said when you said.

  • A comment says "and I appreciate that".

  • A heart says "you cared about more than just fulfilling your obligation - you cared about my happiness"

My hope is to brighten someone's day with what I send.

Canada Post delay announcements

I put a return address label on everything I send out.

If you haven't received a card within a month of my send date, please let me know.

I keep a photo-log of my outgoing swap items--front, back and at the mailbox.

I will gladly resend when necessary.

Sending and receiving mail, including global, during Oct/Nov 2020 have been approximately 10 days on average for me.

Re-sends sent to:

  • montigneyrules -- August 2020 -- Ontario to Maryland, first postcard never made it. Second postcard made it and in normal time. 👍

  • Coss - August 2020 -- Ontario to Tennesse, first postcard never made it. Haven't heard back about whether the second postcard arrived. Both postcards arrived in August! :) 👍

Happy to report that no re-sends were needed in September, October, or November 2020.

  • dawnakaulen - December 2020 -- Ontario to California. PM'd to ask if she got my hippo for PC FPRU: Print Your Own Postcard - Theme: Animal. Unfortunately she did not. Sent another PC on December 14. She ended up getting both and rated me January 4th. 👍

  • blubutterfly - December 2020 -- Ontario to Alberta. My cow postcard for PnS: Cut and Paste, never got to blubutterfly. Sent a second postcard on December 14. It arrived and blubutterfly rated me on Dec 30th. 👍

My Swap Hosting Style

If you join one of my swaps here's what you should know about my hosting style:


I send out nudge 'please rate' messages around the 2-week mark after everyone has mailed their cards. Please, no serial nudging, it makes my hosting job harder. Rate quickly so it doesn't end up forgotten in a pile of postcards.

If you haven't received a postcard around the one month mark, let me know.

Blank comments

When rating please comment on the card received. Let's make our partners feel like their postcard matters. So please, no blank comments. If you have a hard time thinking about what to write, this example might help you: Thank you for {describe the item}. It brightened my day...Thank you for the Van Gogh sunflower postcard. It brightened my day.


I check to see that everyone is rated and will add a "Finished" stamp to the Discussion section when all postcards are sent, received, and rated.


Great advice and a checklist here:

Thinking of hosting a swap? Things you should consider.

Groups I help manage (founder/co-founder):

All about ATC

Free Postcards "R" Us

Snapshot Photo Craft Projects

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Here's a great wysiwg site for writing in Markdown. https://stackedit.io/app#


Curiouskitty rated for CA : ATC Rainbow #4 : Green on Jan 22, 2021
Comment: Thank you, I love the ATC card you made & I love cats too! Honorable mention re: your note & your card holder - works great. 🙂 Hi, sorry I missed the heart the first time! ♥️
Response: Wow it made it across Canada in the same week. Our postal system is working well. I'm so glad you liked my work. Thank you so much for the heart. 💖
Aseret25 rated for PnS: Round Postcard by 9o96o on Jan 21, 2021
Comment: What a fun and creative round postcard! It arrived in perfect condition. Thanks! :)
Response: Really nice to know that it got to you in good shape. I'm pretty happy with how the faux record turned out and so glad you got to see it as it should look. I hope the postman liked it too. 😁
ktk8 rated for AAA: 1960s on Jan 20, 2021
Comment: Awwwww what a GREAT ATC and I love love love the note attached....THANK YOU so much..... many many hearts to you!
Response: I'm so glad you liked my ATC and booklet note. 😊 Thank you for PMing me with a longer reply. I may host this swap again. It was a fun one. :) And boy oh boy, nice to see such a quick delivery, less than 8 days to get from Ontario to Texas.
Comment: Thank you for the hand drawn card. I am sure many are Hopeful this year.
Response: Thanks for rating me HippieChick. Happy swapping. :)
chimerix rated for AAA: Blue on Jan 20, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the lovely ATC. I love all of the techniques you used. Aloha
Response: I definitely went to town putting the ATC and envelopes together. It was fun. One thing lead to another. 😊 Thanks for noticing. And thanks for the heart chimerix.
captkristi rated for AAA: Clear the Stash on Jan 16, 2021
Comment: What an amazingly thoughtful little envelope of goodness. Thank you so much! It's clear that you put a lot of time and effort into this and that really warms my heart. I loved the dog and chicken and the cool little book you made to write to me in. <3
Response: Thank you so much for your rewarding comment. It makes my day! 😊 It was a lot of fun coming up with the dog and chicken note and envelope.
marles rated for Sender's choice Postcard Hi! - Int'l on Jan 16, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful card!! I rarely find any sea glass:(
Response: You're welcome marles.
Comment: I love the hand draw landscape ATC. Thank you!
Response: I enjoyed making that ATC. Thanks so much for the heart AC. :)
AmookIslandCreations rated for AMA: SC QT ATC 9o96o on Jan 13, 2021
Comment: Thanks for this bright ATC! Perfect for a gloomy day! I hope your sister's MIL gets the treatment she needs and heals quickly! Stay safe and healthy! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: Thank you for the kind words AIC. I'm so glad you liked my colourful houses. Unfortunately, COVID ended my sister's MIL's life. She picked up the virus in her senior's retirement apartment building. It was contracted from staff. She was a lovely woman, even the hospital nurses said so.
user6937 rated for AO: Bird (by 9o96o #309612) on Jan 12, 2021
Comment: Cute! I'm going to have to get some of those pens :)
Response: Thanks for rating me, and thanks for the heart. :) I'm very happy with the BIC markers, the colours are vibrant. I also like Sharpies but right now the BICs are my go-to markers for drawing.
Comment: Thank you so much for your recycled Christmas card. I have never received a PC from my boss..........but I work as a mailwoman. So, my boss has thousands of people in her company. ;-) I am not a big fan of glitter, but it belongs to Christmas and I like it. Maybe for a third round this year........
Response: I have different levels of bosses. She's my immediate boss, aka my manager and has a small group of us to manage, only 4 of us under her. It was a lovely Papyrus card, I like Papyrus cards. I cut off the front of the card and glued it to the white cardstock. I was worried about the glitter, I know lots of people don't like glitter so I put my postcard in a plastic sleeve just in case you had allergies to the stuff. Thanks for rating me uiltje. I'm glad it made it to the Netherlands in good time.
Comment: Amazing choice for me, thank you! Thank you for the resend as well :)
Response: Your so very welcome. Thanks for sending me a PM too with more details. And thanks for the heart.
blubutterfly rated for PnS: Cut and Paste on Dec 30, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the re-send! I wonder if the original will ever turn up. This one was beautiful though! Looked like a vintage card from the front:) Hope you had a great Christmas!!
Response: Yeah, the 2nd one made it. I'm so glad you like it. It will be great if the cow postcard gets to you someday too. Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Thank you ♥♪♫*¨*•.¸¸🌲❄⛄
Response: You're welcome for the underwater tiger postcard. Thanks for the heart.
Inesrv rated for Private: Solvitur Ambulando - TWS on Dec 3, 2020
Comment: Thank you!! Finally I received your swap from Keri Smith!! Love your zine! Thank you! Always ready for another Keri Smith swap :D Love, Inês
Response: Yeah! Not bad, About 5 weeks to travel across the ocean. I'm so glad you like my neighbourhood walk zine. I'm taking a bit of a swap break currently but when I renew my PO Box I'll definitely want to swap TWS-style again. :)
Inesrv rated for AMA: Any Type of Mailart on Dec 3, 2020
Comment: Hello Rome, thank you for your swap! Never had seen a card like yours, very interesting! :)
Response: That turned into an unusual mail art project. One thing lead to another. I hope the fish/peixe postcard made it to you in reasonably good shape. Thanks fo rthe heart inesrv.
vick302000 rated for AAA: Sender's Choice ATC on Dec 2, 2020
Comment: Thank for the very creative atc. Love it.
Response: I'm so glad you like my abstract ATC. And thanks for replying to my PM. :)
vlhafer54 rated for Cut n Paste Postcard on Nov 28, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the very cold looking postcard - Happy Swapping!
Response: Yes, cold for sure... I wouldn't want to be on that boat. Made for a piece of art that's full of tension.
mcorbus rated for AAA: SC QT on Nov 28, 2020
Comment: Cool technique with deli paper, the bird turned out awesome!
Response: Thank you so much mcorbus. I was really happy with how it turned out too. I'm so glad you like it. I may attempt another one soon, I have box full deli paper to use up. :)

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9O96O on Jan 23, 2021:

Made this ATC for Curiouskitty for CA : ATC Rainbow #4 : Green

Handdrawn ATC and mini notecard.

9O96O on Jan 20, 2021:

HippieChick rated for ATCs - Affirmations for the New Year

Watercolour, masking fluid, ink

9O96O on Jan 16, 2021:

I made this postcard fo rmarles, for the swap Sender's choice Postcard Hi! - Int'l .

I used a photo of me holding Lake Ontario beach glass I collected last year. I recommend hunting for beach glass if you're looking for a zen-like mindful activity.

9O96O on Jan 9, 2021:

Sent to uiltje for FPRU: Christmas in our Hearts all Year Jan INT:

Lets take the front of Christmas cards and make them into "New Postcards"

wolfeagle on Dec 24, 2020:


9O96O on Dec 8, 2020:

Mail Yourself a Postcard When Traveling

Complete with glued on cutouts from magazines and other ephemera, postage stamps, and a run-down of each day's events.

9O96O on Dec 4, 2020:

9O96O on Oct 15, 2020:

My fish ATC for AAA: Sender's Choice ATC

KarenFife on Aug 7, 2020:

Rome, Today I received a second postcard from you for this swap Cut& Paste July #2. I adore this photo of the farm woman holding a hen. It is beautiful! Thank you so much! A special surprise in the mail.

RockyBeach on Aug 5, 2020:

Thank you for your card for the handmade postcard tag! The card arrived in perfect shape. Painting with nail polish is a great idea. But that's not an indoor craft, right? :) I tried to use up old nail polish for crafting. This was such a smelly experience that I never tried it again...

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