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December 30 2019

I have a new PO Box.

indie postcard

I love making my own postcards and I think it's fantastic when someone sends me something they made themselves. It's one-of-a-kind and personal.

Borrowing from NRGordon's description, I like making postcards from found images. If you like making postcards and you are my swap partner, send me one of your creations. Let me know how you made it and tell me something about the image you picked (why you picked it, what you like about it).

Cut n Paste postcards are one of my favourite style of postcards. They are fun to make and receive. I like rummaging through magazines for images that will make a great postcard.

If you're a swap-bot member in good standing, also like self-made postcards, and want to have a private swap, let me know.

I put a return address label on everything I send out.

If you haven't received a card within a month of my send date, please let me know.

Things I find interesting:

  • Keri Smith--in particular her Wander Society concept. Solvitur Ambulando!
  • Documenting things a la the Wander Society
  • Hygge concept - cosy, comforting, calm, zen
  • Little Free Library visits while wandering and exploring
  • Dogs (and generally all animals including spiders and insects)
  • Coffee shops
  • Whimsical things
  • Folk art (e.g. Maud Lewis, Grandma Moses)
  • Canadiana (or your country's stereotypical/cultural/characteristic things)
  • Amateur art made by regular people
  • Tartan
  • Public art galleries
  • Artist Co-op stores

What I like on Netflix (December 2019):

  • Downsizing
  • The Shape of Water
  • Three Billboards
  • Victoria & Abdul
  • The Crown
  • John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch
  • Ronny Chieng Asian Comedian Destroys America
  • Hello My Name is Doris
  • Swiss Army Man
  • I, Tonya
  • Theory of Everything


FYI, I have a short queue in my Relationships section, but I don't use the Relationships/Friends feature. I don't understand this feature or the benefits involved, so I'm going to ignore it.


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📮 Make a postcard for my favourite theme | for @swampcreature | January 6 2020 | sent January 7 2020

📮 Postcard Question Tag | for @Autist | sent January 9 2020


Make a postcard for my favourite theme | nothing yet

Postcard Question Tag | nothing yet

Handmade Postcard TAG | New | RockyBeach | January 9 2020

Canadian Postcard Swappers TAG | nothing yet


To all those people who join my swaps and rate promptly and with a nice note...

Thank you

A quote from VivaLaDiane that I like:

  • I feel a 5 says - you did what you said when you said.

  • A comment says "and I appreciate that".

  • A heart says "you cared about more than just fulfilling your obligation - you cared about my happiness"

My hope is to brighten someone's day with what I send.

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kelliegirl6 rated for SPCP: Postcard #5 on Jan 21, 2020
Comment: Thank you! I also love the red & blues in your photo. I guess I never associated Canada & farms! Lol
Comment: Love the postcard, Rome! What a fabulous destination - I hope you get to visit. Your nice note is appreciated! Thank you.
Response: You're welcome Karen. I definitely want to see downtown St John's and those colourful houses. Thanks for the nice comment and for the ❤️.
thequilterslink rated for Black & White DIY Postcard on Jan 17, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the Wonderful postcard, I love Birds, so it is very special!
Response: I'm so glad you like the affectionate owls.
Comment: This was SO unique!! I love it!! It's definitely made it's way into my collection. Thanks so much!!
Response: Thank you captkristi. I'm so happy that you like my little mixed media painting. I had fun making it. 😊
marylm rated for Swapping with marylm -- private on Jan 16, 2020
Comment: Thank you! It was nice to learn something new!
Response: Yeah, you got the postcard, and it got there by Friday. 😊 Thanks so much for the ❤️ marylm.
Comment: Thank you for the postcard of T Robinson’s Willows - it is very beautiful and as you know, I love art cards as this is the only way I get to see the masterpieces! Thanks also for the lovely note and I have never heard of handmade washi - it is exquisite - but how is it done? Plus the stamp was not cancelled - bonus!
Response: A frugal woman like me. I love an uncancelled Canadian 🍁 postage stamp. 😊 I'm so glad you like the Willows card. Thanks for the nice comment Cariboocarol and the ❤️. To make your own washi tape use a transfer method. See this packing tape transfer method, but use scotchbrand magic tape instead: https://thegraphicsfairy.com/diy-packing-tape-transfers/
Comment: Many thanks for the covered bridge postcard and the background of the nearby store - yes, I did look it up! We have a Mennonite bakery at a nearby town that reminded me of this place, a real treasure. I love the bridge and will cherish this quality swap!!
Response: Fantastic. This is what makes Swap-Bot so great, when you click with your partner and send them the right thing. Thanks Cariboocarol.
Comment: (Sorry, I thought I had rated you already.) Thank you for sending me your list of recently watched. I think actually all of them are available in Norway, I know I've seen them on the front page. I have been thinking about watching Downsizing, but haven't yet. I would love to see the movie with Daniel Radcliffe, but that one is not available yet (just tried to find it). Thanks again.
Response: I understand. You had me for both the Leisure Time eswap and this Netflix eswap. It was a little confusing. I hope you get a chance to see Downsizing (and eventually Swiss Army Man).
mickiecheryl rated for Leisure Time List eSwap on Dec 27, 2019
Comment: Hey Rome, Thank you for your wonderful answers. Unfortunately the photos just come up with the stop sign rather than loading :-(. The Free Little Libraries looks cool - I'm going to look them up. Your walking through old neighbourhoods also sounds really atmospheric. Happy New Year Mickie
Response: Thank you mickiecheryl. Thanks so much for the heart. I'm glad I got to tell you about something new you hadn't known about. Also thanks for letting me know about the photos. They links were going to my google photo account but I must have done something wrong. Oddly, when I look at what I sent I see the photos. But both you and efjellro dont's see the photos (I wonder if it's a browser thing). I just sent you a link.. I moved the photos to my Flickr account. Hopefully this time you can see the photos over on the Flickr site. If it doesn't work let me know and I'll try again tomorrow.
efjellro rated for Leisure Time List eSwap on Dec 27, 2019
Comment: Thank you for sending your list of things you like to do. Unfortunately the photos didn't show, I'm not sure why :/ I found the Little Free Libraries interesting, I don't think we have that here. We have a book town though, it's in Fjærland. You might find it interesting :)
Response: There's something odd happening with the google photos links. I just sent a link to the Flickr account I moved the photos to. I hope that works. If not I'll try something different tomorrow. The photos really enhance the description (at least I think so :) ). I googled Fjaerland. What a beautiful little town. On netflix there's a train ride through Norway that I love to watch. Lots of tiny towns by the water. So beautiful. "It consists of various second-hand bookshops, some of them are combined with a café, art gallery and souvenirshop." That's my kind of small beautiful town.
Comment: Thank you for sharing! The Lovely Bones was one of the first movies I ever watched on Netflix. I don't think I've ever read the book, but I remember liking the movie. I wanted to see I, Tonya when it was in theatres, but I never made it, so it's good to know it's on Netflix. I think I have The Theory of Everything on my Netflix list, so looks like I know what I'm watching next! Thanx again!
Response: Thanks for the heart MrsKytes, I appreciate it. I'm glad my list of movies mesh with what you like to watch.
Nuisant rated for ☆ EMAIL QUESTIONS #12 ☆ on Dec 22, 2019
Comment: Thank you! I loved reading your answers to the questions.
Response: Thank you Nuisant. I liked the questions. :)
Response: I'm sorry to hear that you are not well and that I have aggravated your symptoms by nudging you for a rating. But thank you for rating me right away after my reply to take your time. And thank you for also rating Lemoon. I'm sorry that she also got a blank comment and no heart. She might be wondering what she did wrong. Please let her know that it was my fault, as host, it seems I sent a nudge that came across as pushy. 😧
AnnaofTarth rated for ☆ EMAIL QUESTIONS #12 ☆ on Dec 14, 2019
Comment: Thank you for your answers. I really appreciated how personal you made the message. Thank you!
Response: 😊Thank you AnnaofTarth. 😊
Comment: Thank you for a creative board! You made my day. Happy swapping!
Response: You're very welcome lemoon. I'm glad you liked my Pin board. Thanks for the heart! :)
oldsoul rated for ☆ EMAIL QUESTIONS #12 ☆ on Dec 12, 2019
Comment: Thank you for your interesting answers.
Response: Thank you for the follow-up message. I'm glad to have provided some insight. And thank you for the ❤️.
Fieke rated for Autumn postcard international #2 on Dec 7, 2019
Comment: So sad your beautiful card didn't arrive. Thank you for sharing the picture, the message you wrote and your offer to resend one. I received the resend today (20/12/2019) thank you very much
Response: You're very welcome Fieke. I sent another postcard yesterday. Fingers crossed it arrives quickly and you are equally delighted with it. It's different from the one that went missing. --------- Thank you again Fieke. It was a pleasure swapping with you and I'm so glad the second postcard got there.
Comment: Thank you so much i love the country style post card. I love almost everything country.
Response: I'm glad I chose the right postcard. :) Thanks for the heart!
Zanet rated for PCOAT: Movies on Nov 5, 2019
Comment: Dear Rome, love the postcard, thank you! I have not seen this movie yet but I will try to watch it during Christmas... I love B/W old movies.
Response: That's a great dance scene in the movie. I'm so glad you like the postcard. Thanks for the heart Zanet.
LizFinn rated for SPCP: Cemetery on Oct 30, 2019
Comment: Thx. For a most interesting photo!
Response: You're very welcome LizFinn. 😊

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