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No Purple Please.

04012017 Put the landing craft back in the water and into the harbor. It was 48 degrees F today so spring is here. Soon we will be back out on Amook Island for the Spring, Summer and Fall. We have had 50 deer, we have counted here in the village, over the winter, and about that many eagles. With the warmer temps, came rain and fog. Badly needed here as we have had no precipitation for a month and temps hovering around 18 degrees F for the same amount of time. Hugs from Alaska, Sherry

120516 YAY!!! 2000 Five ratings reached today!

102616 We are officially back in our winter house, in Larsen Bay, after closing the house on Amook Island, until next spring. The whales, sea otters, deer and foxes as well as the eagles and sea birds have been so entertaining, this year! Winter storms are here! Already 5-10 inches of snow, high winds and seas, dark clouds and fog. Great times to stay inside and create! Also volunteering, at the school, having the kids read aloud to me. Hugs from Alaska!

080316 Taking the oxygen concentrators back to Kodiak City tomorrow! Yay! Never take any breath for granted. Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes! I know they made a difference!

052216 Thank you for all the well wishes! I am still on oxygen at night, (my oxygen goes down to 80%) but am gaining more energy every day. Had a Sleep Study done. More results in 2 weeks. Hugs from Alaska.

042416 Home after a week in the hospital with pneumonia. Had to come home on oxygen. Trying to wean myself off the oxygen. No energy, but swapping takes my mind off that. Hugs from Alaska.

012416 We just had 2 earthquakes, one almost on top of the other, a 6.5 and a 7.1. I live about 216 miles south and west of the epicenter, and they shook the house and made my lamps and mobiles swing. Nothing fell off the walls. Up in Kasilof, there are huge cracks in the road, with parts of it raised high enough to be able to slide down. They lost at least three houses to gas line fires. My Dusty kitty hid out for an hour, and my DH slept right through it.

011616 All of our snow has gone away, though we are getting winds of 40k and seas that are 18 feet high. Hope everyone is having a safe and creative new year!

120915 We were visited by Santa and his elves today, via 2 US Coast Guard helicopters. They brought gifts and holiday foods. Our children, then, put on a Christmas Program for them, the pilots and engineers. It was a beautiful, glorious, severe clear day!

102515We are officially in LB for the winter now. We have to go out and pull the running line and see what damage this last storm did (if any), but we will be mostly in LB. We have been monitoring scrap metal removal, (almost 3 million pounds so far), watching out for teenage bratty bears, (there are twins, breaking into buildings, in the village) and getting ready for winter.

06152014 My DH and I spend most of our summer and fall out on Amook Island and come into the village about once a week to check messages, get our mail, do laundry, etc,, weather permitting. I check SB and rate all the mail, I receive, on those days, as well. Please do not think that I am ignoring any messages/swaps/rating. I treasure each one I receive. Hugs from Alaska.

04092014 Home from Anchorage!!! Yay!!! Denali Vena Cava Filter removed. Hugs from Alaska.

Please...if you have any unexplained swelling on one side, any type of heavy (like a period) clear discharge from your vagina, or something doesn't "feel" right, get it checked further than a PAP smear. PAP smears do not find ovarian or uterine cancers! I was "lucky" that I had a blood clot, that after further tests, lead them to diagnose before it was too late. Don't wait. You are important!

09122013 My son is safely home from Afghanistan! Thank you Lord!

06292013 I'm home from my Lower 48 trip: Tomorrow,(4-1-13) I am beginning a long journey around the Lower 48 States. I am taking the ferry, down through the Inside Passage, to WA, (Here on 4-12-13) going from there to Idaho (4-14-13), down thru UT (4-16-13) to AZ and the Grand Canyon (4-20-13). Then I am heading east thru TX (4-23-13), into LA, thru AL to FL (4-25-13) to see my sister, After that, I will be driving up the East Coast, thru the New England States, to ME to see my uncle (5-5-13), Then, I will be heading west, and driving around the Great Lakes (with a side trip to MO to see my Nephew 5-11-13) to WI,(5-13-13) to see my other brother, Then it's thru MN to South Dakota (5-18-13) to see my Pa and his wife, north to Canada (MB 5-22-13, BC 5-24-13, YT 5-28-13) and back to Alaska (Tok, AK 5-31-13) over the ALCAN. Will get home on the 29th of Jun, weather permitting. 36 USA states, 5 Canadian Provinces and 17,000 miles, and my trip is completed! Happy Swapping!!!

NO purple please!!! Think of this as a severe allergy! It's weird, I know, but that's how it is.

I am a retired Occupational Therapist, living with my husband, David, on a remote Kodiak island, called Amook Island. The nearest village, Larsen Bay, is 4 miles across Uyak Bay. That is where we pick up our mail, fuel and have our winter house. We generate our own electricity, and use a composting toilet, but all our other appliances are the same electric and gas types as elsewhere. Our lives are ruled by the weather and the tides. We have whales, orcas, sea lions, seals, otters, sea birds, eagles, ravens, magpies and song birds, as well as fox, deer, Kodiak bear, ermine and all the sea life to watch. It is absolutely beautiful here!

Favorite Crafts

I do almost everything, craftwise except make baskets. As an Occupational Therapist, I used crafts and art to help people who had been injured or had some other life changing event, regain function and become as independent as possible. I used the modalities of leather craft, stained glass, weaving, paper arts, painting, woodworking, ceramics, metals and jewelry making, polyclays, etc. I continue to keep those skills up now for my enjoyment and to share with others. I love to learn new skills. I love mini-zine swaps!. I also learned how to do Ravenstail Weaving (deceptively looks simple to do). I love mail art!

Likes and Dislikes

I LOVE Yellow and Blue to Blue Green (teal blue) as my favorite colors.

Vintage and antiqued items.

Small printed papers, rather than large ones

Doilies, crocheted and paper

Art nouveau and art deco, think of Alphonse Mucha and Maxfield Parrish. . Birds, the ocean (and all the creatures that live in it) and dragonflies are favorite subjects.

I love lemon anything, and yellow/white daffodils.

Mail art that is thought provoking and intriging to look at with textures.

Interested in all kinds of lands, peoples and cultures.

Natural Sciences: Biology, Botany, Geology, Herbology, Meteorology etc.

POSTCARDS: I love all of the above subjects. I have an album going of ALL kinds of birds, (ravens and birds of prey are favorites). I love foxes, muskox, wolves, old decrepit buildings and outhouses too. I appreciate every single PC that I receive!


I DESPISE Purple!!!

If you want a heart, from me, please do not make anything, send it in, or enclose anything with that color within the packages or envies, or postcards that you send. That includes writing on PC with purple ink.

That being said, I am thrilled that there are other people who DO enjoy purple as I can pass purple papers and pens, etc., that come in sets, on to them :)

It has been brought to my attention that people are feeling "intimidated" by my request for no purple and are "afraid that you will mark them a 3 on a sender's choice swap." I have only rated one 3 and that was because that person sent a swap that was not within the parameters set by the swap, and did not reply to any messages, until after I rated a 3. I have only rated ones to those people who flake. As it states above, I will just not give a heart for swaps that have purple on them, they will be rated a 5 if they fufill the requirements of the swap.

vulgar language or gratuitious nudity.

political subjects or running down any country.

cutsie or childish, including stickers with childish themes

Favorite Music

Pretty eclectic in this area. It all depends on my mood. Only things I dislike are head banger/ violent music and rap.

Favorite Authors

Kate Shugak and Liam Campbell Series by Dana Stabenow, Iris Johansen, Kay Hooper, Marjorie Liu, Kathy Reichs, Patricia Briggs, Margaret Coel, Sue Grafton, Susan Henry, Mercedes Lackey...for fun. I have read all of John Sandford, and Toni Hillerman and am working on Kendra Elliot's Bone Secrets series. I like urban legend anthologies too. I read about ancient cultures from Egypt to Herculanium, to the Mayas and Incas, etc. I am book poor...all my money is spent on books.

Favorite Television

We do not have a TV. I catch these shows when we go into town. Project Runway and All Stars, Bones, CSI, Mystery on PBS, Crafting in America, Home and Garden TV, Discovery and Animal Planet

Flaking and other Stuff

If I sign up for a Swap, I will be sending out the item(s). If you do not receive something from me, please email me, and I will rectify that. That being said, also please be patient, as I do live in a remote place and sometimes we do not get mail for 2-3 weeks. I will also rate my partners, usually on the same day I receive the item(s). Thank you in advance for not flaking. Hugs from Alaska.

State Card Map PCs

I now have one of every State Map Card! Thank you so much for helping me reach this small goal!

I know Alaska has, at least, 4 state maps cards, so I would not mind getting more than one from each state. If you would be willing to, I would like you to PM me to make sure you are not sending me a duplicate. Thanks in Advance.

NOTE: I have found, through swapping, that I absolutely LOVE those PCs that have the terribly old and neglected buildings on them that say "Retirement Home, only needs a little work," or "This can be yours for $999,999.00" I would love to have one from each state! I currently have one from California, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, Oregon, Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, Colorado, Tennessee, Montana, and Wyoming. Thanks!

Oh, Oh...now I have a new LOVE, thanks to Heather!!! Outhouse PC!!! She sent me a blue one with a smiley face on it. :) I have one from: Alaska, Texas, South Carolina, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky!!!. Thanks.

Angels: Thank you so much!

@Lucine @Merimax @Thelittledreamcatcher @MichelleWillow @VLD


Comment: Hello Sherry. I received the traveling Postcard in good order. I will pass it on in the next round (66). And thank you for the cow postcard. I LOVE it. Have a nice day.
Response: Thanks for the heart and you are so very welcome! Cows are such a great audience for practicing speeches or music!!! They are rapt. Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
sunshinesuperman rated for USA-Hearts PC-April on Apr 18, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful ATC. I adore how you used flowers with hearts, it's so me. I was excited to receive some Alaskan mail from you! Hugs, Mona
Response: Thanks for the heart and all your kind words. As soon as I saw how much you love gardening and flowers, I had the inspiration for this card. Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
luleemik rated for CQ: Mini Mixed Media Journal USA on Apr 16, 2017
Comment: What a great journal you sent to me---so many elements and neat little pockets and tags! wish I could give you more than 1 heart, but want you to know you did an exceptional job on this! Thank you for sharing your art with me:)
Response: Thanks for the heart and all your kind words! This was so fun to make for you! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Comment: Very cute postcard. I'm the same as you with shoes. I have 3 pairs, all different colors, of my favorite style. Thanks for making it for me.
Response: Thanks for the heart and you are so very welcome! Yay that we don't live during Victorian times when all shoes were black! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Comment: I love the extra zine and the other postcard! I like the stats on the bottom.. Date; temp; seas; winds. I love it!!!!
Response: Thanks for the heart and so glad you loved everything. I keep track of those stats everyday, as they drive what we are going to be doing with our day! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
kittyfluffgal rated for SWL ~ INTL Penpal Zine on Apr 9, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the lovely Zine. I loved the vintage feel to it!
Response: Thanks for the heart and you are so very welcome! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Vickyen rated for AN Water Water Everywhere! on Apr 9, 2017
Comment: Hi Sherry! What an awesome pc and I had no clue about how clear the water is there or about the whales! What an amazing place you live! Hugs and Happy Swapping! ;)
Response: Thanks for the heart! Oh, yeah, the water is clear! When the sun is just at the right angle and we have a calm day, we will take the boat out and just drift and watch all the fish, crabs, sea stars, jellyfish and other wild life swim below us. Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
pynart2 rated for SWL ~ USA Penpal Zine on Apr 3, 2017
Comment: Loved your 2 Zines. always happy to see your creations.
Response: Thanks for the heart! So glad they arrived safely! :) Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Comment: Tks for the resend and extra, it wasn't anyone's fault as lost might happened anytime, be happy!
Response: Thanks for the heart and you are so very welcome! I just hope, wherever this one was lost, that it eventually shows up again! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Zindelo rated for SWL ~ INTL Penpal Zine on Apr 2, 2017
Comment: Yo, this fell in my letterbox today! Everything I get from you is always so cheerful, thanks very much! Love the interesting facts, and the second zine is so pretty and artistic. Here's a fun thing in return for the weird fact: You can't lick your elbow... if you're normal. I've got a friend who has funny shoulder joints, and he can turn his arm in just such a way that he CAN get his tongue onto his elbow! But he's very much an exception, not the norm. Have a lovely day!
Response: Thanks for the rating and all your kind words! I think your friend should contact Guiness Book of World Records! He may be the only one in the world who could do this! LOL Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Comment: Wow, you really r0cked that postcard. Felt turfs and lawns? HOw intricate all the punched holes and weaving that ribbon. Wow! And the back is as pretty as the front. Adorable! I've only seen one or 2 others that can decorate a postcard like that! Its so awes0me! Everything! Thank you so much. "Dusty" kitty cant get over it! x! lol! Oh wait, I just noticed the turret is a add-on. lol Derrr....it says Balitimore. lol Isnt Baltimore full of castles. lol I need to get my glasses. lol Thank you so much again!
Response: Thanks for the heart and all your kind words! Dusty does get around! She is the "princess kitty" at our house. LOL Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
EllenWilGraagPost rated for SWL ~ INTL Penpal Zine on Mar 30, 2017
Comment: Thanks 4 the Zine ànd the extra one :-) What a nice surprise! And what a funny 'Weird fact' :-D
Response: Thanks for the heart and you are so very welcome! I like to throw those "weird facts" out there at times. LOL Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Comment: Thanks for the extra pc, very nice. You wrote that you saw 50 deer around your village. What special for me, I've never seen 50 deer together. But here you see quite different things. At present, the nesting season starts here. Last I saw at least 40 gray herons sitting in a row along the shore, waiting for perhaps a female comes along ;-). Greetings from the Netherlands.
Response: Thanks for the heart and you are so very welcome! We had one (1)intermediate egret show up here last fall. We ended up with people from as far away as Australia, come to see and photograph it!!! LOL Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
bjmonroe rated for CQ: Hat on a Cat ATC - Int'l on Mar 28, 2017
Comment: Loved your ATC. What a unique idea! Thank you for making it for me, sharing your kitty with me. Thanks for the goodies you included.
Response: Thanks for the heart and your kind words! You are so very welcome. Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Mimi7 rated for CQ: Hat on a Cat ATC -USA on Mar 28, 2017
Comment: Hi Sherry first off thanks for using lighthouse postage stamps on the envelope, I saved them for future crafting!!Thanks for the little envelope and the butterfly file folder, so cute Love the ATC of Dusty i had a kitty who looked much like her, her name was Sasha. So funny, I have had cats all my life but until I got these 3 I have now, I had never heard cats growl, all of my cats now growl. And Missy plays fetch also and Missy also loves her daddy more than me. Missy and Dusty sound a lot alike!! Thanks for a wonderful swap!! :)
Response: Thanks for the heart and you are so very welcome! Missy and Dusty do sound a lot alike. When we are working outside, Dusty plasters herself against the closest window to "supervise." She is strictly an inside kitty as we have about 50 eagles in the village and she would be too tempting for them.
kittyhahahotbot rated for SWL ~ USA Penpal Zine on Mar 26, 2017
Comment: 2 zines!!!!!!!!! My lucky day! Thank you so much. I'll call you the other purple lady. Im mean who has a car that flies! Or who lives on a lsland. And heres a weird fact: I cant lick my elbow either. lol I love zines! x
Response: Thanks for the heart and all your amusing words! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
yvonne401 rated for CHWH ~ Spring Recipe Postcard Swap on Mar 26, 2017
Comment: Thank you! Just so you know the Fiddlehead Fern recipe was for spring. What I meant by spring was the season of spring. I don't think you have spring in Alaska.
Response: Thanks for the heart and you are so very welcome. We have spring in Alaska, with fiddlehead ferns growing, baby animals being born, and the earth awakening from winter's sleep. Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
jaz1yn rated for HMPC: Put a "Definition" on it on Mar 25, 2017
Comment: Your martin/bird postcard is lovely and I enjoyed reading your message. Thank you for making it and sending it to me!
Response: Thanks for the heart and you are so very welcome! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
PeggyO rated for HMPC: Sender's Choice-March on Mar 23, 2017
Comment: Thanks for your pretty colored design postcard---I think you did the drawing of the design as well. I keep thinking I should try some of that but not confident enough to do so. I must practice which is all it takes I suspect. I would LOVE TO SEE ALASKA so much.We are thinking of taking a cruise that would leave from Seattle. It is on my Bucket List! Thanks for the card and the friendly message. Happy swaps and sending hugs back to you!
Response: Thanks for the heart and all your kind words! You are so very welcome! Yup! It just takes practice. I have traveled, on the Marine Highway, from Haines, AK to Bellingham, WA! Spectacular scenery My DH and I have traveled every highway, in Alaska, to the end of the road, and we have only seen a tiny portion of it. Come on up! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
rexypants rated for Big Spring Swap on Mar 22, 2017
Comment: Hi Sherry! Thank you very much for the wonderful envie of PCs! I especially loved the alligators. The one with your address on it is pretty cool too. Take care and thanks for joining!
Response: Thanks for the heart and for hosting this fun swap! You are so very welcome! Happy Spring! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry

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WayUpInAlaska on Mar 30, 2017:

Hiya! was just browsing through profiles and saw you were in Alaska too! :) I'm up in North Pole by Fairbanks...just thought I would stop off and say a quick hi while I was here :)


Whippet on Mar 29, 2017:

Thank you Sherry for being so kind to send me the card "The Little Moments With You...", also the Alaska postcards RAK. Central Florida's "Spring" has passed too quickly, tomorrow the first daytime temp up to 90F for '2017! Keep cool for me.

Drachenfrau on Dec 30, 2016:

Have a wonderful 2017, Sherry!!! I hope my Christmas-card arrived. :-*

AmookIslandCreations on Dec 30, 2016:

wolfeagle on Dec 29, 2016:


AmookIslandCreations on Dec 3, 2016:

bjmonroe on Nov 23, 2016:

anrtist on Nov 8, 2016:

There are so many negative things on TV & everywhere you turn,.. esp on this election day!
I want to share this with you lovely ladies today!!!

Blessings, cc

jukejan on Nov 2, 2016:

Enjoyed your profile and your screen name drew me in. I have a AK interest and loved reading about the wildlife. Peace!

AmookIslandCreations on Oct 31, 2016:

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