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Birthday: November 28, 1958
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RATINGS: I always send let me say that again I always send and I always rate let me say that again I always rate the day or the day after that your package/letter/PC arrives. Please please PM me before you decide to give me a bad rating and also let me know if I have not rated you yet if you think I should have by that time. I always answer all of my messages quickly.

Please see my Wishlist below for things I would like or might need of course I would be very thankful for anything. I love happy mail!

I am an artist/designer/photographer/vintage collector who loves to share!

These are just some of my favorite and not so favorite things.....

My favorite color is purple all shades but I really love that deep dark amethyst purple. I like all shades of blue green orange pink yellow and red too. I don't like neon colors or animal prints please don't send these to me if at all possible.

I love flowers especially the iris! I collect anything to do with irises and daylillies would be a close second...I could go on about gardening indoors and outdoors.

I love any flavor of mint, I am crazy for good dark chocolate. Sugar free candy for me. I like STASH teas.

Dragons blood scent relaxes me and I love soy candles. Floral and citrus scents are ok except for NO peach.

I am a huge fan of ME Mary Engelbreit and Debbie Mumm.

I am a reader of many things from online articles to magazines, blogs....to books, I prefer fiction. I like Debbie Macomber Janette Oake Louise Penney and Mitch Ablom

I love waterfalls they amaze me and I think that sunrises/sunsets are awesome!

My Mother was born in Paris, France I love anything to do with France and especially Paris!

I mostly do paper crafts greeting card making, bookmarks scripture cards and even some tags, I love to make post cards, create and collect ACEO's and ATC's, sending and collecting postcards making jewelry with glass beads, swarovski crystals and real silver~ I never use plastic.

I love cats and have a cat named Ruby. She was born Dec. 2, 2012 She is part Maine Coon.

I love owls and hedgehogs.

I love the outdoors, Enjoy trips to Maine~Peaks Island, visiting places in NH, MA, RI, CT and VT and Canada..

I am Nana to two grandsons (born 2/16/08 and 6/30/2010)

I am a mother of two adult sons the best guys ever. Love them!

I am a fan of the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Redskins sports teams. Now that I live in New England I also like the Patriots, Red Sox Bruins and Celtics!

I am a cancer survivor 2006 (rare muscle cancer) please don't feel sorry for me it made me a stronger and better person in so many ways.

I like butterflies, dragonflies, frogs, fireflies, ladybugs, lighthouses, fairies, angels, sparkle, shine, glitz, glamour, romance, sentimental, vintage, Victorian era ....I collect vintage buttons........I especially love glass buttons.

I am a Christian....I collect scripture cards and crosses. Bible verses are always welcomed~I love God! I love bible verse postcards blank so I can use them.

I am a beach person~love the water....I lived in FL for 15 years, I am not fond of flamingo items but I have seen them flying in flocks it is a really amazing sight to behold....

My favorite contemporary artist is Thomas Kinkade RIP 2012...I like Norman Rockwell too

The Currier Museum is within walking distance to me....I finally visited the Currier Museum with my sister on Saturday Oct 22, 2016

Turnoffs: animal prints, neon colors, day of the dead, foam stickers, foam anything, dirty things, punk, cheap stickers, I do like Hello Kitty but most kawaii I just don't understand, grunge, goth, liars, cheats, now that I know what it means flakers that too I would never do that to someone....no smoking, drugs or drinking alcohol related anything, no magazine cut outs please I can do that myself. Unless it is a picture of an iris***** I like those if they look pretty!

I collect vintage greeting cards and postcards (my oldest postcard to date is 1908, you guessed it with an iris on it). Now thanks to Rhea my oldest PC is 1907 beautiful card with a purple pansy on it. 2018 I have started doing postcards again sending and receiving. Collecting new and used!

I do like crocheted/knit items or hand stitched or machine sewn items things you can make.I don't do any of those anymore because I am disabled from the muscle cancer! Something hand made by you would be cherished! Nov 2016 I am need of a knit or crocheted dish cloth My old one is falling apart!!!! Thanks to @BlueberryLady I have a new dishcloth for 2017 I just told her the other day it is so well done it is still in good shape Jan 2018 It would be nice to have a couple more on hand to switch them out~ Summer 2019 I am I need of a crocheted dish cloth again. I am trying the micro fiber cloths for now.

I have long hair! Barrettes and hair ties are nice to keep it out of my face. I don't wear hats (except in the winter and I have plenty), headbands really bother me....I love jewelry especially vintage my birthstone is topaz I like blue purple and greens.....I prefer silver and white gold vs yellow gold...I have pierced ears that are extremely sensitive....I have very sensitive skin so I don't want any soaps unless it is goats milk with not much added to it and a light scent, lotions are ok as long as the ingredients are stated, makeup is ok if it is a good brand I do like lip gloss I do like some light flavors too. Especially needed in the winter here is chap stick.

I am a Peanuts fan love Snoopy and the gang....

I collect seashells (small ones only) from around the world,

I love owls and collect them. Also I just plain old love birds. Always have going way back into my childhood. Love hummingbirds and I collect them.

My favorite months are Spring and Fall.

I also like it when it snows and I like snowglobes.

I grew up in Maryland, love seafood especially MD blue crabs....miss them!!!! Miss Ocean City MD too~

FOOD: I hate coconut please don't send it to me and no grapefruit interacts with meds I take~

I like vintage pages from books as well as old music sheets

I love vintage coin envelopes~

My favorite holiday is Christmas.

I am a Democrat....not very much into politics though please so no political materials, love God and my country!

I live in a victorian era church that was converted into apartments on the inside we still have high ceilings and large windows, there is no stained glass left, I love stained glass I can hang it in big windows where stained glass once was and I collect pieces of stained glass art. I have plenty of wall and window space to go here.

I have a love of quilts handed down to me through my Mother who was an accomplished seamstress, quiltmaker, needle crafter, cook, gardener and the best Mom ever....she is in Heaven now (2006) my first grandson was born on her birthday and well he is my angel. The hardest time of the year for me is Mother's Day. My Dad has passed away on Jan 16 2019 First Father's Day was a bit rough.

One of my sister's is my best friend we are 13 months apart in age.

Please see my wish list below for my current needs and wants. Thank you!

Favorite Music

I love country music especially Johnny Cash (may he and June be resting ever so peacefully watching down over all of us) oddly somehow his song Ring of Fire really moves me....that is for any new music of his that song is my favorite, I love all of his songs! I like rock and roll...yes 60's and 70's....I prefer silence when I am creating! When it rains the sound is so lovely to me! Birds make some of the most beautiful music in the world! 2016

I lost hearing in one of my ears due to the meningitis and pneumonia I contracted~I almost died 4 times that Spring (3/22/16) while I was in the hospital for 30 days. I had seizures and heart attacks too. I have a hearing aid for my one ear~It has taken me a good 2 years to get back into the swing of things especially here on SB but I am back! Ever so grateful to be alive!

I used to have lovebirds. I miss my babies I had to give them up when I moved from FL to NH.

Favorite Crafts

I love to create postcards, tags, cards, notes and bookmarks! I am an artist I draw and paint I make ACEO's and make ATC's I make mixed media master boards I love to draw with ink. My favorite papers are mulberry and hand made paper when I can find them. I like to try new crafts ~ I design and create jewelry...decorate gift boxes, cigar boxes....I love to take digital pictures of nature, the outdoors, birds, flowers, scenery....I've been known to create in a whimsical way sometimes unique way sometimes....I use my own pressed flowers and greenery etc in my art creations from time to time.....yes I collect press and dry flowers and foliage

Favorite Books

I love to read the Bible..... my favorite childhood book is The Wind in the Willows.....I collect and love Beatrix Potter books as well as...I like The Secret Garden and Child's Book of Verses.

I love Debbie Macomber books.

Recently Summer 2018 I started reading Louise Penney Inspector Gamache series. It is based on Quebec City I don't usually read crime novels but Penney's books are quite good.

Favorite Television

I prefer to have no TV on....I watch CNN for some news, I enjoy The Voice, NH Chronicle, gardening shows, craft shows, cooking shows, Martha Stewart, HGTV, Antiques Roadshow, Discovery Channel for many varied topics, Larry King (not on anymore), Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown RIP 06/08/18 and many different PBS shows I grew up with "no" television in our household not that we couldn't afford one my father was a lawyer but my parents didn't think it was good for us. We rented a TV to watch the presidential elections and the landing of man on the moon. Of course I watched bits and pieces of TV here and there at friends houses guess that was why I loved sleepovers at other people's houses so much, no TV made me a good reader which I can do and watch TV at the same time. I used to like Johnny Carson and watched him faithfully no more late night TV for me now.

Favorite Movies

Officer and Gentleman is my all time favorite movie. I like love story movies as well as high speed fast action movies such as Fast and the Furious...The first movie I ever saw in a movie theater was The God Father way back when....then my sister and I saw Jaws and swore we would never go in the ocean ever again haha we both love the ocean. The actor Adam Sandler used to live here in Manchester NH where I live now somewhere in this city. I know he went to school nearby where I live. I love his movies always have.

Favorite Crafts

Anything that has to do with paper, card stock, embellishments and more paper.... I use old calendars and pretty card stock to make my own envelopes I enjoy making paper bookmarks I am learning stamping! I make Washi tape and paper strip cards book marks and scripture cards too Decoupage with paper napkins~Handmade, homemade anything is the best! If I can hand sew something and have it turn out nice well then I am really happy Love to make mixed media master boards!~


FALL 2019

Unused postage for letters and postcards for the USA that I can use for swaps that I am in.

Unused clean paper napkins for decoupage Any with a nice print on them that would work well for handmade PCs book marks or ATC would be very much appreciated~Just need one of a kind tissue papers and napkins for mixed media Napkins can be stripped down be you to pne play and folded a couple of times. If I need to I can iron them before using them.

Blank postcards with nice pictures on them that I can send out to others or vintage ones for my collection. I am also looking for bible verse/scripture post cards with pictures and words or just words

Love Kate Greenway anything!!!!

Looking for velvet ribbon In 2019 I am still looking for velvet ribbons.

All seasons themed die cuts or punchies that you can make for me~I don't have any machines or hand tools to make these.

Steampunk anything!

Glassine clear envies not too big and no smaller than business card size please Ones that I can stamp on and send a surprise in~I like the color glassine envies too~

Bookplates I collect them I prefer blank with no hand written names on them and vintage would be nice~

Vintage airmail envies~

Card making supplies for all seasons~

Ink stamped sayings like hello or other greetings and bible verses for my card making, bookmarks, tags, pc's, scripture cards and ATC's~

I have a love for and have a great appreciation for any items that are sewn, quilted, embroidered, needlepoint, counted cross stitch, crocheted, tatted or knit.

Love flowers I used to garden a lot. I don't have a garden space nor a patio or balcony now so please don't send me flower seeds. I like flower die cuts stamps washi tape paper and stickers.

Embellishments nice ones for card making and tag making such as layered flowers with brads, ink pads and stamps can be gently used, die cuts/punchies for all seasons, glass glitter, specialty papers I am always low on purple paper die cuts washi tape of course because it is my favorite color, select STICKERS only really nice ones please, NO children stuff Disney themed or movie or TV or character stickers or reward stickers PLEASE unless I ask for it

Washi tape I love it! Samples are a great way to share~ 2019 I am looking for browns with designs on them~dots stripes lace zig zag pattern Any and all washi tape is appreciated!

I am looking for diecuts of all sorts that are punched 2" 3" and even up to 4 1/2" that small stuff is confetti I don't really want it~

I like beads (really glass only), love lampwork beads and any buttons (flat back preferably) LOL (I am going to be that Nana with a big button tin to pass along) seriously I also use buttons as often as I can ie~ eyes on a felt items I make. I like flat back decorative cabachons not too big or heavy because they would be used on paper items and sometimes boxes and glass jars that I decorate.

Patterned and or plain cardstock/papers for card making would be so much appreciated! Plus envies to go with them!

Lined or unlined note/letter stationery paper writing paper and matching envelopes in cat, pretty flower or garden themes or nature or just plain that I can decorate or maybe with cupcakes I love anything and everything cupcake! I have a pen pal now It is so hard to find stationery.

Please no memo pad sheets unless it is iris lighthouses or cats I recently inherited a ton of pads!

Store bought or handmade note cards and envelopes or blank notecards, envies are always appreciated to write notes~

Sticky notes especially the ones in shapes~

Cat related paper things such as memo paper stationery note cards washi tape and stickers~

I collect vintage post cards and vintage greeting cards with or without envelopes and vintage playing cards all must be clean, not musty smelling, no smoke smells, no stains, the greeting cards can be written as well as the old postcards can be written on and stamp canceled to authenticate the date. The playing cards must look nice for collecting. I do understand about age and a little wear is fine hopefully no tears I only need a couple of different playing cards or one of a kind would be nice not a whole pack thank you~

ATC/ACEO size cardstock for watercolor weight or other weights Prefer white or ivory thanks so much~

I will private swap USA ONLY for most anything related to arts/crafts materials just message me please and we can discuss!

Thank you for taking the time to read my wish list! I know it is long but I have been swapping a long time and I want to help my partners figure out things to send me that I would love to receive~though like I said before I love happy mail! Who doesn't? What I don't use I can always share!

Happy swapping and crafting in 2019!!!!!

2019 I am still collecting anything and everything ME (Mary Engelbreit) and Debbie Mumm would be a second choice. I like Susan Branch and Marjolien Bastin too~ Oh and I LOVE Thomas Kinkade


I am quite an avid user of Flickr and I sometimes check Instagram but only follow. See my links above at the top~


TamiHope rated for CF: Fun Card #1 on Aug 22, 2019
Comment: Glenna - your card is just beautiful! I love the colors you used, and the ribbon works just perfectly. Thank you very much! Hugs, Tami
JJcrafty rated for SF~ Blank Notecard Swap~USA on Aug 22, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the note cards. I love the light house very much.
bb2 rated for CF: Fun Card #1 on Aug 22, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the pretty card, note and kitty tags. You did a nice job on this Fun Card#1.
Comment: Thank you.
Response: You are most welcome! Thanks for rating me and for the beautiful heart too!
Comment: Hi Glenna, this postcard if Meredith, NH is beautiful!!!
Response: Thanks! I am glad you like it~ Thanks too for rating me and for the beautiful heart too!
bb2 rated for CF - Scavenger Hunt ~ AUG on Aug 15, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the fun envelope full of goodies: note cards, stickers, postcard and more. Of course, I love the umbrella items and the gold embellishments are also favorites. The autumn envelope is the only thing I've seen before, but perfect for this time of year. Thanks and happy swapping!
Response: Joan so glad you like everything! Enjoy! Thanks so much for rating me and for the beautiful heart you gave to me!
Comment: nice cards, thank you
Response: So glad you liked the note cards~ Thanks for rating me and for th beautiful heart too!
pinklilly rated for UHM: Card with a cat on Aug 14, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful card!
Response: You are most welcome! I am glad you liked the card I made for you~ Thanks for rating me and for the beautiful heart too!
Comment: Thanks so much your fabulous Swap. Loved the notecards and you are getting hearts for sure bc of the Box Tops πŸ’‹
Response: You are most welcome~ So glad I found someone to give Box Tops too! Thanks for rating me and for the beautiful heart you gave me!
porpie5 rated for Swaps ~ Send Anything #3 on Aug 12, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for the $100 bill! haha! I liked the notecard and the pictures, the cutouts, the washi and the stamps. I especially liked the van Gogh picture, it's what I have on my computer cover! Yay! Thank you so much for all the goodies!!
Response: You are most welcome~ So glad you are pleased with everything! Enjoy~ Thanks for rating me and for the beautiful heart you gave me!
Comment: Ahhhh, I'm obsessed with these gorgeous florals! Thank you Glenna!
Response: You are most welcome! I am so glad you like them~ Enjoy! Thanks for rating me and for the beautiful heart too!
Comment: Thank you so very much for the lovely pc
Response: So glad you liked it You are welcome! Thanks so much for rating me and for the beautiful heart too :)
Comment: What a beautiful postcard! Thank you so much. I always wanted a sister. I'm 13 years younger than my older brothers so it's more like an only child. I enjoyed reading your note.
clutterfree rated for CF: Encouragement PC #2 on Aug 8, 2019
Comment: Glenna...I loved the beautiful CA PC. I have never been that far west. Thanks for the great verses of encouragement and it was good to be in a swap again with you friend. Enjoy the rest of summer! Hugs and prayers.
Response: I am so glad I sent that PC to you Charlene! Enjoy the view! Thanks so much for rating me and for the beautiful heart my friend!
snailmaillover rated for CF: Encouragement PC on Aug 7, 2019
Comment: I’m sorry for such a late rating. I always love receiving mail from you! You’re a great partner! Have a blessed rest of your summer!
Response: So glad you like mail from me! Thanks so much for rating me and for the beautiful heart too!
LadyJo rated for CF: Last Name Intial Challenge on Aug 7, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the fun things you sent to me! All very useful for me! Cute owl stickers!
Response: Jo I am go glad you liked everything. Enjoy! Thanks so much for rating me and for the beautiful heart you gave me!
grammypammy rated for CF - Put a BEE on it on Aug 6, 2019
Comment: I absolutely love the Bee Bookmark!! How adorable to make it with napkins! I don't know how to do that but you did a great job on it!
Response: So glad you like the bee book mark Pam! Enjoy! It is easy to make them with napkins check out a YouTube video on it. Pretty much the same as making card fronts. Use one ply napkin glue stick and book mark cardstock. Do one side and then wrap the napkin around to the other side and glue down. When semi dry I press them under something heavy so they stay flat. Thanks so much for rating me and for the beautiful heart you gave me~
Fritosmom rated for CF: Kindness on Aug 5, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful note card and lovely words of kindness. Whoever is happy makes others happy:-)
Response: You are most welcome Linda~ Thanks so much for rating me and for the beautiful heart too!
Comment: Thanks!
Response: You are most welcome! Enjoy! Thanks for rating me!
Comment: Thanks for the PC from NH! Happy summer to you too : )
Response: You are most welcome! Thanks for rating me!

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bb2 on Aug 13, 2019:

Just dropping by to say hello!

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Thank you for the NH PC of Covered Bridges and lovely Welcome to Christian Friends Group. Hugs

susieq40 on Jul 11, 2019:

Glenna, thanks for the greetings.....😍😍😍😍😍

tampagirl on Jun 18, 2019:

Thank you for the welcome postcard! I wad actually born in NH but haven't been since I was 5! So I really enjoyed looking over the map. Thanks again!!πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ Rachel

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Thank you for the sweet Siamese cat birthday card! It was a lovely surprise. <3

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Just drivin' by to say hello!

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A day late, please forgive me. Hope it was grand! - Donna

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