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Your Partners First Name - (Profile Swap)

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Your Partners First Name - (Profile Swap)
Swap Coordinator:4getmenot71 (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Miscellaneous  Newbie 
Number of people in swap:240
Last day to signup/drop:April 3, 2008
Date items must be sent by:May 3, 2008
Number of swap partners:1

For this swap, you will have to use your creativity and imagination to a certain degree. :)

Here is how it will work:

Once partners are assigned, you will go to your partners profile to see what kinds of things she likes. Then, taking all of the letters in her first name, put together a "surprise package" with at least one thing for each letter.

I will give an example here;

Your partners name is Sara. She likes angels, reading, stationery, hand-made items and apples. Her favorite colors are red and orange. Your package may contain something like this:

S ~ A package of orange stationery.

A ~ A small book on angels.

R ~ A hand-made bookmark in the color red.

A ~ A pkg. of apple flavored candy.

This swap is all about making your partner feel special... not just for what she is about, but for WHO she is (her name.)

I will not set a dollar amount for this swap, because everyone's names are different, and different types of things will be being sent.

Important Be sure to include a note with your package, explaining which item goes with each letter, and also the name of the swap and where it's from, along with your username. :) (Just makes things alot easier for everyone involved!)

About rating:

If the swap meets all of the requirements, meaning that there is at least one item for each letter of your name, your profile was clearly taken into consideration, and your package arrived on time, you are REQUIRED to give at least a 5. You cannot rate lower if you did not like the design on the orange stationery, or if the apple candy smelled more like strawberry to you. Lol.

You cannot rate a "1" if you received a package. Period.

You should only use the 3 rating if the swap did not meet requirements to the point of excess. Eg. The swap was sent way past the due date, you have 5 letters in your name, but only received 4 items, NOTHING was from your profile, etc.

And if you MUST give a lower rating, please do so with kindness, AFTER all other attempts to work things out with your partner have failed.

This swap is all about kindness, so please be kind and be fair.

This is international, open to newbies with completed profiles and "oldies" with ratings of 4.7 and above.

Let's make this one ♥special♥! ;)


colorfizz 02/24/2008 #

This is supercute!

4getmenot71 02/24/2008 #

Glad you like the idea and so happy to have you join, colorfizz!

Marionsmom 02/24/2008 #

Can I join even though my first name is really long LOL... I am in!

clydeesmom 02/24/2008 #


CraftyDez 02/24/2008 #

Supercalafr....uh Lorraine, you got more than a smile out of me, you got all out gut busting laughter.


lxmack 02/25/2008 #

I have a longish name but my shortened nickname (Alex) will do fine--though X may make it interesting for my partner!

Monkeywatcher53 02/25/2008 #

Hey, chica, the idea behind this is great, but I have a question. How are you going to override the existing computerized rating system with your suggested ratings? Everyone is just going to agree to comply? Just curious.

4getmenot71 02/25/2008 #

Monkeywatcher53~ Well, I am hoping that everyone reads the rules BEFORE signing up and therefore agrees to abide by them when rating. I know that I cannot "control" what everyone rates when it comes right down to it, but I am trying to assure fairness in rating. :)

4getmenot71 02/25/2008 #

Lol... you ladies are making me giggle! ;oP

jennyknitstoo 02/25/2008 #

lxmack, if your my partner, I already know what I'm doing for "x" :)

melodious 02/25/2008 #

What a great idea. I can't wait to do this one :)

4getmenot71 02/25/2008 #

Thanks, melodious! Happy to have you! :)

GeorgeBee 02/25/2008 #

I have quite a long name too, Georgina, but am happy, if my partner wishes to, to shorten it to George! :-D

4getmenot71 02/25/2008 #

Oooh, pretty name, GeorgeBee!

GeorgeBee 02/25/2008 #

You really think so? I always think its a bit of a moutful! I always say it too fast though and its sounds like I'm saying G-Gina lol! Prehaps I should speak slower hmmmm....:-D

4getmenot71 02/25/2008 #

Yes, I do! :)

Hehe... I sound funny saying my own name too... I think everyone does!

melodious 02/25/2008 #

GeorgeBee, I grew up next door to a Georgina and always thought it was a beautiful name. :)

lilkye 02/25/2008 #

Haha! I love doing these...but frankly....I love my name too much to feel bad about it short ending me on this swap chuckle

Look forward to it :^)


OhMy 02/25/2008 #

Fun! My name is Jessi,

GeorgeBee - My 2nd daughters middle name is Georgina and it is our cousins first names. It is an old family name in our family!

OhMy 02/25/2008 #

BTW Just a suggestion, that we put a wee note saying which item is for which letter!

4getmenot71 02/25/2008 #

Oh yes, OhMy! How could I forget to add that! Doing that right now! :) Thank you for the suggestion!

lilkye 02/26/2008 #

ahh...a name like my daughters might wreck havoc....trying to find so many smaller things so you don;'t go broke doing this swap! Her name is Killashandra ...12 letters...gah!

nycfsa 02/26/2008 #

What a great idea! I'm in! My name is Mary Elizabeth, but my partner can do just one or the other.

GeorgeBee 02/26/2008 #

Lots of Georgina's about then! I don't know any (other than me of course lol!)!!!

Lilkye, now THAT is a long name!!!!

monstermansmum05 02/26/2008 #

Mines Brittany! But I go by Britt too so either is fine!

magicjessnrach 02/26/2008 #

Hi lilkye I always loved the name killashandra, she is my favourite McCaffrey hero!

BlackDiamond 02/26/2008 #

My name is Christy..the letter "y" may be a challenge but I think my partner can pull it off :)

konstantine728 02/26/2008 #

hahahaha....what a coincidence...my name is Sara.

stacirose 02/27/2008 #

I haven't seen a swap like this...very clever idea! :D

kgeslab 02/27/2008 #

What a fun group! My name is Mary Ellen, but Mary is fine! This will take some creativity!

lilkye 02/27/2008 #

magicjessnrach....she's one of mine too grin....

it sucks...only have a few books by McCaffrey I haven't read yet :^(

Tuttifruttigirl 02/27/2008 #

Too bad I am already taking part on too many swaps, but d hope we can have that theme swap sooner again!:o)Love the idea!

ShabbyJules 02/27/2008 #

How fun is this im In the extra L my mum put in JULLIE has always given me trouble now it means a present lol

MissU 02/27/2008 #

I am SO signing up for this. Good luck to my partner! My name is Urzula.

4getmenot71 02/28/2008 #

Thank you all so much for joining and for saying you like the idea. :)

konstantine728 ~ I guess this swap was MEANT for you to join, eh? ;oP

LOL @ ShabbyJules & MissU!

jennhx 02/28/2008 #

This is such a creative idea! And it could be challenging... (especially if I get you, Urzula!). Luckily I live in the town where the store Archie McPhee is (they sell rubber unicorns and crazy stuff like that).

PiercedNinjette 02/28/2008 #

melts I love this OH so much!

PiercedNinjette 02/28/2008 #

Clydeesmom, you made me "lol" myself!

PiercedNinjette 02/28/2008 #

OH, and.. my name is Crystal.. hehe...

florian 02/28/2008 #

hi. my name is may-lis.

clydeesmom 02/28/2008 #


DecoPalace 02/28/2008 #

I love this idea!! I hope you do it again and send me a message!!

My name is Nathalie but you can skip one of the A. Please don't send anything to eat that has caffinee or cinnomon. Both will kill me. I love to smell cinnomon!!

glendas 02/29/2008 #

this swap sounds great,,glad to be apart of it

8miau8 02/29/2008 #

What a GREAT idea! I'm Sara too! And for the first time in my life I regret my name is so small... :o)

Lilian 02/29/2008 #

Ohmy, i'd love to be in! I find this swap so awesome ^____^ By the way, my real name (Patricia) is quite long, so my partner can take 'Patri' as a short and cool form :D My profile is full of stuff about me so i think it's not so difficult at all to find something to send me, haha :D!

Lilian 02/29/2008 #

Oops, my first comment didn't show up! Well, i said, i'm glad to be in, i think this is an awesome swap for a newbie like me haha :) By the way, my real name (Patricia) is quite long, so my partner can use 'Patri' as a short and cool form of my name :D & my profile is full of stuff about me, so i hope my partner can find ideas for the goodies easily :D

HappyCactus 02/29/2008 #

this is awesome - my name is Ariana...have fun with all the 'a's!!

Hachimitsu 02/29/2008 #

I love this swap!!!

it sounds so funny!! ^_^

I'm totally IN.

My name is Pamela.


TheFallenAngel 03/ 1/2008 #

I love this idea!

My name is "Shawnna", but I'm fine with my partner dropping the extra "n" or shortening it to "Shaw". Most people do when they're emailing me... probably because of the fits I've been known to throw when they forget that extra "n"! ;-)

Anam 03/ 1/2008 #

This is a great idea for a swap, bfd!

My real name is Patti.

mediatinker 03/ 1/2008 #

This will be such fun; I am looking forward to coming up with interesting letter matches - I hope my partner has a long name! My name is Kristen.

jennyknitstoo 03/ 1/2008 #

YAY, Mel, it's the #1 swap. My name is Jennifer, but please go with Jenny. :)

Caam 03/ 1/2008 #

What a cool idea for a swap! I'm in! And my name is Carrie. Kind of an easy one, I think?

mazzam 03/ 1/2008 #

Hi! My name is Marylyn so I have a fairly long name too - complete with y's. Can I expect something yellow????

dandelionmom 03/ 1/2008 #

I have looked at this one sooo much and can't resist it any longer! Count me in!--I'm a Sharon but if my partner wants more of a challenge she can use my middle name Leigh--I would love it if some of my items were renamed to make them fit!

FeltFinland 03/ 1/2008 #

Same here, couldn't resist any longer - sounds a real fun swap. My name is Amanda - lots of a's, sorry!

weeatcrayons 03/ 1/2008 #

This sounds so fun!! Just a small note, my full name is Jennifer (Jenn is just a nickname) and I'd rather do something with my full name since it rarely ever gets used!

magicjessnrach 03/ 1/2008 #

Forgot to say - my name is Rachel.

Carolina 03/ 2/2008 #

What a great idea! I have so many swaps right now... But I couldn't resist! Lucky me this is going to start in April!

My name is quite long: Carolina. Letters are not that difficult though!


clwilson2000 03/ 2/2008 #

Jenny, I feel like I'm stalking you. :-)

This is way cute. My name is Charlotte, but DEFINITELY feel free to shorten it. I don't need 9435094 things. LOL

rosemae 03/ 2/2008 #

Hi I love the idea of this swap, I can't wait to start. My name is Belinda.

Tinkergirl 03/ 2/2008 #

Oh, I like this idea. I hope I don't end up having to drop from this one. Don't worry though, if I do, I'll make sure it's before the deadline.

My name is Nicolle (yup, 2 L's)...I think my parents did that just to confuse people. LOL.

This sounds like so much fun.

jennyknitstoo 03/ 3/2008 #

Char, you're TOTALLY stalking me. :)

jikuykendall 03/ 3/2008 #

This is such a great swap idea! My name is Jennifer.

Ang73 03/ 3/2008 #

My real name is Angela but I go by Angie mostly so feel free to use Angie but don't shorten it to Ang please cause I really don't use that except as my Username for Swapbot.My name in the address is Angie.Easy letters really.Can't wait for this swap but I wish it was starting sooner cause it seems so far away.

Faerielicious 03/ 4/2008 #

My name's Eva - aren't you lucky? LOL (In case you're going "Oh the noes, I wanted MORE LETTERS" - I'm called Eva Maria, really. But I'm nice. :P )

LisseasLuxuries 03/ 4/2008 #

My name is Kathleen...thankfully - I guess my mom liked the color lavender and was going to name me Lavendra...I've always been thankful that she came to her senses and used a good ol' Irish name!

madiegrace41 03/ 4/2008 #

My name is Alexandria. ALXmack is kinda scaring me because I go by Alex sometimes and you have Dave Matthews is your fave music. If you name is Alexandria too its gonna kinda freaking me out right now. LOL

4getmenot71 03/ 5/2008 #

Thanks for all of the wonderful compliments on this swap idea, ladies! I am thrilled to know that so many people like the idea and are having fun with it!

It is also VERY exciting for me to have the number one swap on swap-bot! WOW! I can't believe it! I never expected such a huge turnout!

I am considering doing a similar swap in the future, but maybe perhaps with a theme to it!

If this one all goes well, I probably will! ;oP

Thanks so much to all of you for joining!


4getmenot71 03/ 5/2008 #

Oh, and I also wanted to say that there are sooo many LOVELY names here! :)

lilkye 03/ 5/2008 #

hmmm....would it be cheating if I used the name on my Birth Certificate instead of my actual name chuckle?

My name's Kye, but my BC said KyeLeone ....they forgot the space!....had to get it legally changed at age 27 because (on my SECOND Driver's License renewal for cripes sake!!) the DMV insisted that, even though there was a space on every other piece of ID I had (including my Social Security card and Military ID) that the HAD to use my BC name....imagine the havoc caused when my name suddenly changed on my Driver's License...hah it was one heck of a pain!


lilkye 03/ 5/2008 #

erm...my BC still says KyeLeone....and I'm not sure why they wouldn't change it (just noticing the typo that says "said"....gah...."proof read Before posting! Before!" hehe

lunagoddesswithin 03/ 5/2008 #

I like this challenge! And has there been a swap with so many people before? Wow!

Oh... and, my name is Juanita. ;)

ElizabethObviously 03/ 5/2008 #

Can you guys what MY name is??? lol

cobaltgypsy 03/ 5/2008 #

Lilkye! I had a similar problem! My name is MeLissa (yup, that's a great BIG "L" in the middle there!) and when I had my son overseas, the military refused to let me leave the country with him because my name was misspelled on my BC! At the age of 25 I had to file for a new BC, license, passport, the whole works! It took almost 8 months to get it all straightened out!

So everyone, my name is MeLissa

4getmenot71 03/ 5/2008 #

lunagoddesswithin ~ "And has there been a swap with so many people before?"

Gosh, I really do not know what the highest number has been in any swap! :)

hetty 03/ 6/2008 #

This swap is such an awesome idea, I'm really excited about it :) My name is short and sweet, Hope. But most of my friends call me Hetty (from my initials, HET) so either is fine with me.

BluEyedPenny 03/ 6/2008 #

Hi everyone! I saw this swap and knew I had to join. For so long I hated my name, Arminta. I seem to be the only Arminta out there. Luckily my Grandma shortened it to AJ, (the J is for Josephine). :)

4getmenot71 03/ 7/2008 #

What an interesting name, Arminta! I have never heard it before! Is there a special meaning behind it? I would love to hear about it. :)

Hetty ~ My Mother nearly named me Hope, instead of Melody!

katielouise 03/ 7/2008 #

This is a great swap I think, my name is Katie!

goingsewcrazy 03/ 7/2008 #

This looks fun! I'm in and for once I may not be the ONLY Hope :)

Starwatcher 03/ 8/2008 #

I wish i could join - this swap sounds like a lot of fun! - but I'm going to be on the road in May so I'm trying to keep the number of swaps down - since my neighbor will be handling my mail and it will be hard to keep up with the ratings. I do enjoy traveling - but i will miss participating in swapbot! Have fun everyone!

Creations 03/ 9/2008 #

My name is Sherry... This is one name that has many different spellings. I'm looking forward to doing this swap. All the other swaps I am sighned up for are either journal making or sewing aprons, so this is quite differnet for me. I'm a crafter so I have lots of ideas swimming around in my head for my partner! Blessings, Creations

CrochetCupcake 03/ 9/2008 #

This will be so much fun! I used this technique to reveal myself to my partner in SP11 so sent her gifts with the letters of MY name to re-arrange. I think way even better, so your are thinking about your partner's likes AND using their name which is so honoring.

And, I'm so excited to have a 7-letter long name - what was a curse in kindergarten is finally a bonus! (wink!)

boatingbelle 03/10/2008 #

This sounds like a fun swap - lots of lovely names. My name is Margot. Please don't forget the T, so many people do, either that or they insist on calling me Margaret.

Deedrey 03/10/2008 #

My BC says Audree but I never spelled it that way because I was often called Andree instead (very popular in french language). I guess my French parents wanted to 'frenchize' my name. I always use Audrey, I hate the ee part. Even some of my ids are Audrey. And it adds a 'y' to the game :-)!

love2shop 03/10/2008 #

This sounds really fun! My name is Zeta which is a different name. this name you will never remember or won't forget(lol). I have a creative side so hopefully I can come up with something really awesome! Can't wait to get started. Hey can we use are middle names too(just kidding)! :]

roxybabe2261 03/10/2008 #

my name is marina, its different i know. im excited to do this since its a different swap for me, i cant wait to see whose name i get!!

emsan 03/11/2008 #

I'm in! Sounds like great fun. My name is Emma! Looking forward to this swap. :)

MicheleoneL 03/11/2008 #

MICHELE is my name :) I'm looking forward to this one!

GeorgeBee 03/11/2008 #

Haha love2shop if you used my first and middle names that would be a lot of things to buy lol as I have two middle names!

misspumpkin 03/11/2008 #

This one looks superfun!!! I can't wait to receive my partner! My name's SANDRA, a bit long but I hope you girls won't mind!

Baglady 03/12/2008 #

My name is Marion. What a great swap! Can't wait to do my partners name and also can't wait to see what I will get!

BeOriginal 03/12/2008 #

hey, I'm a newbie but my profile is complete could I join please? cya x

BeOriginal 03/12/2008 #

BTW my name is Amelia xx

hoppyloo 03/13/2008 #

Hetty and goingsewcrazy..... my daughter is called Hope! I just looove that name! (BTW hoppyloo is after her...she is Hope Louise) My name is Becky (Or Rebecca if we are being really grown up .... yeah, right! LOL)

Punkrockertracey 03/14/2008 #

This is so fun and original. I can't wait!!!

marenkg 03/14/2008 #

Hi everyone! My name is Maren. This is such a cute swap, I can't wait to get my partner <3

vintageartchic 03/15/2008 #

Great timing! All of my "cazillion" March/April swaps will be over. I'm ready for a May swap! Count me in. My first name is Sharon. I looooove this idea! I guess a lot of other people like it too. we're up to about 194 swappers on this one! Congrats Brokenfaedoll!

NOTYOURPRIZE 03/16/2008 #

My name is Samantha.. and thats looong. So if it's easier for my partner you can do Sammie or something like that, haha. xoxo

Sage 03/16/2008 #

This was too cool to pass up and my name is Sage ;)

NavyBussGirl 03/16/2008 #

This will be a great way to start my swaping!

NavyBussGirl 03/16/2008 #

Oh and my name is Rebecca but if you want you can do Becki.. just make sure it's an I and not a Y. LOL

dephal 03/16/2008 #

My name is Phyllis, which is kinda long. So if my partner wants to send me just 1 "L" thing, no problem. And may I point out that Yarn starts with a Y? ;-)

Magpieandluna 03/16/2008 #

Now Heres The Ball Buster My Name is Shantessa

Magpieandluna 03/16/2008 #

My daughter's name is Magdalena lol!

nushbushwush 03/17/2008 #

Oh this is awesome! I have a reallllllly long name though! ANNUSHKHA. I'll make it up by giving my partner something really, really nice(:

niecedenise 03/17/2008 #

Yep! MY name is Denise.

mtpaperplayer 03/17/2008 #

I'd like to join in the fun!! My name is Marilyn

cobaltgypsy 03/17/2008 #

Ya know, Yoohoo begins with "Y" too for those of you who live in the Southern US and can get YooHoo drinks at the market still! :)

Kristipye 03/17/2008 #

This looks like so much fun and a great challenge, too.

My name is Kristi

BeOriginal 03/18/2008 #

my names amelia xxx

Marshmallow 03/18/2008 #

I joined the swap a while ago and I just realized that I never posted my name. Which by the way is WINDY, like the weather. Named after the day my parents were married, Windy May...That's me!

Kathyy 03/19/2008 #

This sounds like fun. My name is Katherine but I go by Kathyy (yes with two y's).

GeorgeBee - I like the name Georgina. I think it is so beautiful and poetic. I have a friend who has three daughters. All of their names rhyme with hers and the youngest is named Georgina.

simonJester 03/19/2008 #

I'm Sara, too! How lucky will my partner be? I also go by Sara Jean sometimes, but you can just use the first name.

GeorgeBee 03/19/2008 #

Kathyy, poetic? Now I never thought of it that way!! I suppose it is! My mum actually preferred the name Georgia, so why she didn't call me that I don't know lol, then again I gain an extra pressie in this swap because of the 'n' :-D

Whats your friends name? The only name I can think of that ryhmes with Georgina is Tina.

Kathyy with an extra y heehee, I have never come accross a Kathyy before...you might get a couple of yellow presents there!

Or a Windy, thats cool!

kraftytanya 03/19/2008 #

Hi I am Tanya and so looking forward to this swap it sounds like heaps of fun to do

Kathyy 03/20/2008 #

GeorgeBee - my friend's name is Tina (Faustina is her full name).

Kathyy 03/20/2008 #

Wow 221 people in this swap!! I sure hope there are not many flakers.

antface 03/20/2008 #

My name is Elizzabeth (two z's) but my partner is certainly welcome to shorten it to Lizz or just send smaller/less expensive items! :)

weeatcrayons 03/20/2008 #

Hey BFD, if you need help keeping track of this swap since they're are SO many, lemme know :)

valleychic 03/20/2008 #

I don't think I've ever been in a swap with so many participants :) I'm looking forward to it. BTW my name is Nidia.

punkprincess 03/21/2008 #

will you be hosting such a swap later again?? april and may are totally chaotic for me bcoz i have exams to give...(i'm frm india btw....so school cycles are different....)and they end only in mid-may :( ....pls be hosting some for a later date!!!! (btw my name is DUSHINKA....wld have been quite a long one for all u guys..:D)

JL 03/21/2008 #

This swap seems very exciting - But I know my partner would be like _ _ _ _ with my name - Jeannette....... (hehe)

catherine9 03/21/2008 #

My name is catherine. I love the idea of this swap.

Tinkergirl 03/22/2008 #

I'm sorry BFD but I have to drop this one because of finances right now. If you do one like this again in the future I hope I'll be able to join. Take care.

Lavahalo 03/22/2008 #

I'd like to join in to! I am new here and not sure how this all works. How do I know who to send to?

Tigriess 03/22/2008 #

This is definitely one of the most creative swaps I've seen so far! Kudos to the coordinator ^_^ Un(fortunately), my name is Daisybelle. But I've gone by both "Daisy" (family and friends call me that) and "Belle" (team mates and ex-boyfriends ;o) so either or is up to my p =oD Can't wait to see who I get!

PostMuse 03/23/2008 #

Very cute idea for a swap. I can't join because my name is way too long, and I am quite fond my full name... Bonnie Jeanne... because it took me 40 years to get people to use it, but I hope participants post to this thread when they get their swaps because I'd love to see what everyone sends.

Kathyy 03/23/2008 #

I hope that if I get a partner with a long name they use my long name, Katherine, and if I get a partner with a short name they use my short name, Kathyy.

Lenna 03/23/2008 #

Hello there, my real name is Eleni but people call me Lenna, too, so it's basically up to you. I just have a quick question-this is my first, so how do we actually get our partners assigned?

jnaos 03/23/2008 #

I can't wait.. newbie to this site.. I love doing swaps on craftster but it's nice to maybe not have to craft all the time.

4getmenot71 03/24/2008 #

WOWEE! Thanks to everyone who has shown an interest in this swap! And also for the kind compliments regarding my idea for it. :)

If this swap is a success, meaning that everyone receives what is owed to them, I may just do a swap like this every other month or so, and use different themes.

I wasn't going to host anymore public swaps (because I have a group that I host swaps in now) but I may make an exception for this one idea. ;)

Lavahalo ~ When the time comes, the system will pair you up with a partner. You will receive an e-mail telling you that you can see who your partner is, so you come to the site and look for this swap and then click on the link where it says to see who you send to. :)

evieroz 03/24/2008 #

I want to sign up for this swap. Can't find where to sign in at??????????????

justdesserts 03/25/2008 #

i'm very excited to be doing this! although i may not get as much with my short name (tara), i hope to get someone who has a long name to make it interesting and fun for me!

jemma 03/26/2008 #

my name is jean very new to this my interests are cloth dolls quilting try anything with a needle i collect crystals + elephants love beads and BLING asian fabics marbled fabrics blues+greens books+films fantasy majic witches wizards etc
music 60+70s rock + celtic +new age type i hope this will be the first of many swaps this one looks like a great challange

valleychic 03/26/2008 #

With a heavy heart, I am going to have to drop this swap but I'll join the next round.

sweetcandylove 03/27/2008 #

my name is Lloyda Zindy. You can either use Lloyda or Zindy. My friends calls me Lloyda whilst my family calls me Zindy. :) Can't wait to get this swap started!

silexelis 03/27/2008 #

great idea :) though my name is so short (3 letters) that perhaps my swap partner can do my last name too (also 3 letters) lol ~ can't wait ^^

mtpaperplayer 03/27/2008 #

Is this swap full? Please let me know when it will start, and who my partner(s) will be. Thanks!!

KrissyVB 03/27/2008 #

My name is Kristin. I'm super excited about this swap!!! I can't wait to shop :) Yay!!!

desertbrat30 03/28/2008 #

Hello everyone! I'm new here but SO looking forward to this swap! My name is Marie by the way.

milkberry 03/29/2008 #

Hi! This sounds fun so I joined in! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! (^_^)

Amberly 03/30/2008 #

My first name is my user name Amberly. If someone has a short first name, I would like to send items relating to the middle name or last name also. I guess we'll see...

gogoringo 03/30/2008 #

yay! i'm so excited about this one.. my name is Pilgrim, i don't really shorten it, but if my partner gets stuck just message me and i'll help work something out. :)

vanillabean 03/31/2008 #

Wow! There is a lot of people in this swap - such a great idea! My name is Tracy - fairly simple (I think!).

dogfishsmum09 03/31/2008 #

I'm a new girl too and I am so looking forward to starting the swap, it sounds like fun my name is Barbara but I'll not mind if it's shortened to Babs. I'm sure I shall understand it when the time time comes, I do understand though that swapping can be quite addictive.

lalchee 03/31/2008 #

My name is Hilary -- just one L! :-) What a great idea for a swap -- I'm really looking forward to shopping for this one. :-)

cayce 04/ 1/2008 #

Hi all! :) My name is Petra. I`m new here too and really looking forward to the swap.

cayce 04/ 1/2008 #

Hi all! :) My name is Petra. I`m new here too and really looking forward to the swap.

BrandiMR 04/ 1/2008 #

Brandi with an "i". =DD

mightyhealthy 04/ 1/2008 #

I couldn't resist any longer! My name is Anastasia. Sorry partner! you can blame it on my mama! =) I'm really excited about this swap!

sbergeron00 04/ 1/2008 #

I'm Stephanie and I thnk thi is going to be a blast! I hope I get my name this week so I can get this completed before Spring Break is over! I want to spend some serious time on this! cheers!!

sbergeron00 04/ 2/2008 #

BTW, the due date or sending out is my actual 44th Birthday!! This is the best timing!! Come on Bot start swapping!!(I know the bot isn't a real person and that begging won't make it swap any faster but it makes me feel better. :) cheers!

lilysmom1023 04/ 2/2008 #

I signed up just in time. My name is Alecia... That's with an E. My dad spelled it just the way it sounds. So I blame him for not being able to find anything with my name on it. :)

loisxlane 04/ 2/2008 #

Hello :) I just signed up. My name is Kayla. I think this is going to be a lot of fun! <3

milkberry 04/ 3/2008 #

hello i signed up coz this sounds really fun! i'm a noobie and this is my first swap! my name's super long! rumanza asyikin but you can shortened it to either one if you like!

BUSYBEE 04/ 3/2008 #

My name is Melanie, and this sounds like fun.

sandyp218 04/ 3/2008 #

Great idea for a swap. Fun, creative and personal. I can't wait to get started! My name is Sandy and as excited as I am, I hope I don't get SUPERCALAFRAGALISTICESPEALATOTIOUS. :)

RunawayOctober 04/ 3/2008 #

The suspense is killing me! Who will my partner be? Yay! :D

coquicola412 04/ 3/2008 #

My name is Kristen =) I'm excited!

P.S.-Char...I'm stalking you too, with Jenny's help!! Bwahahaha!

linhasebolinhos 04/ 4/2008 #

Where's my partner? I'm dying with curiosity :-)

4getmenot71 04/ 4/2008 #

Please be patient, everyone! I have two other ladies helping me with going through profiles. This swap is HUGE and we want to be sure that no "flakers" slip through. We want everyone to be happy with their partners and make the swap a success. :)

SmurfyTXMom 04/ 4/2008 #

I guess since everyone is leaving a comment with their name, I will too. =) My name is Christina, but most people call me Chris, so shortening it is fine by me. =)

sunrooms 04/ 4/2008 #

I'm so excited that partners were assigned! Also, to my partner... please note the second e in my name (KellEy). A lot of people think it's okay to drop it and act like it doesn't exist. haha

Juliuslove28 04/ 4/2008 #

Yay I can't wait to get started! ~Jennifer~

debbiesw 04/ 5/2008 #

Ok, partners are assigned, I'm so excited. My name is

Deborah but its usually Debbie, so either or is fine by me, arent you lucky it wasnt surnames as mine is Sheridan-Wood!! What could you have sent for the hypen!! hee hee, i've even been thinking about that myself!! Are we telling our partners who we are before the swop in case we have any questions for them or have we to keep it a secret and just enclose our note in the parcel?

GeorgeBee 04/ 7/2008 #

Hi debbiesw, I know your sending to me anyway as you can see if you click on 'rate my partners' you can see who's sending to you :-D

So if you have any questions ask away heehee, you can even send this package and our private swap package together if you like as you'll save on postage that way!

sleepingrover2010 04/10/2008 #

I just love the idea of this swap. My name is Barbara. Have fun with the Bs, As, and Rs. My profile is very informative, so I am excited to see what you come up with and send. I am easy to please, overall. I always work to send my very best work to my partners because that is ME. I will look forward th receiving the package you created. Have a great day and wonderful weekend.

Barbara sleepingrover2010

4getmenot71 04/10/2008 #

For a hyphen, one could always send a bottle of "Mrs. Dash!" ;oP

debbiesw 04/11/2008 #

hee hee

GeorgeBee 04/14/2008 #

Lilmissthrifty, your parcel was posted today!

mediatinker 04/15/2008 #

I got my package last night and it was wonderful. aclemens found such clever ways of connecting the letters of my name to things I like. I hope she gets as good as she gave.

Artistic 04/16/2008 #

A box was mailed out today to my partner. It's coming from the U.S. and headed to Thailand. Enjoy!

CrochetCupcake 04/23/2008 #

I received an AMAZING box from Mediatinker .... WOW! So many handmade and thoughtful items. I am truly overwhelmed. It looks like she received something wonderful, too, and I'm so glad. TERRIFIC SWAP! -Shawnee

chiaweb 04/23/2008 #

if you have received the mail please post the pics!! i'm so curious!!! :)

ifluctuate 04/23/2008 #

The girl I was supposed to send to (fishlegs) has dropped off the planet and decided not to participate in the swap!! Please if she was supposed to send to you message me and I will send to you instead!! It probably won't be on time though, since there is very little time left in the swap and I have spent a lot of time trying to contact her and swap creator to try and sort things out.

SolvaNabila 05/ 2/2008 #

My partner has only three letters in her name, but it was hard enough hehehe... I did one of the things in my language ;) because I could not imagine anything in English...

soniclibra 05/ 6/2008 #

looks like my partner is going to flake on me.. she has not even sent out another swap on her list that has ended a long time ago prior to this one :( this makes me sad..

TrayLite 05/13/2008 #

I find alot of people on this swap haven't even sent yet wow

4getmenot71 05/14/2008 #

Hi everyone;

Just wanted to let you all know (those of you who have not already pm'ed me) that I am working on contacting those who have not sent.

I have a lot going on in my life right now, but I am doing my best. I have replied to all pm's regarding this swap, so if anyone has any further questions, feel free to pm me.

If angels are needed, I will see if I can set something up within my private group, or see if one of my friends can set something up for me in the public forums as I no longer go there due to all the nastiness.

Just bear with me, I am working on it! ;)

Also, it has been brought to my attention that supposedly there has been "no contact whatsoever from the host of this swap..." if ANY of you did not get my reply, please let me know here and I will pm you again.

Thank you,

ghostlymelody (Formerly known as "brokenfaedoll.")

4getmenot71 05/17/2008 #




4getmenot71 05/17/2008 #


Thank you;


mystikal 05/17/2008 #

I sent my package to clydeesmom--Lorraine. I did not recieve mine from Bellexx. I have sent a pm to her asking about it and have not recieved a answer. She hasn't logged on since 5/1 which is when she marked mine as sent. As of 5/17 I have not recieved anything.I pmed her that I rated her with a 1 until I recieve my part and then will change it. Just informing you. If you need anything else please let me know. I'm willing to help out in anyway.


Cookstar34 05/19/2008 #

I sent my package to 123poggy123 on April 29th. I received a message from darkflamme on May 5 saying that she would send my package that week. As of today, May 19, I have not heard or received anything

howtoflyhome 05/21/2008 #

i sent a package to krissyvb and have yet to receive one from melikc. she said she was sending it on the 8th. ive sent her a pm since then that she hasnt seen asking about the package

SolvaNabila 05/21/2008 #

The one who were supposed to send to me, did not send it yet, even, atleast she did not mark it sendt in the list...

She has a rating of 3, with only 3 swaps. She sendt me a PM saying she is sorry that she is late, and that she will send it as soon as her finals are over, though, so I cling to the hope... hehe. Hope so, if not, I will leave a 1 soon.

misspumpkin 05/27/2008 #

I sent mine and the person received it, but I haven't received anything yet :(

BUSYBEE 06/ 2/2008 #

I have not rec'd anything yet. :(

SolvaNabila 06/ 3/2008 #

I got a lovely package from a lovely Angel for this one. Thanks a lot, Sally! I really apreciated it! It was sooo nice!

BUSYBEE 06/ 4/2008 #

I rec'd a message from my person I guess I will wait a lil longer to see if I receive the first package. I guess I got the snail mail this month.

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