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I'm tired of getting crappy swaps #2

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I'm tired of getting crappy swaps #2
Swap Coordinator:aonbelay (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items  Art  Letters & Writing 
Number of people in swap:53
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:March 22, 2013
Date items must be sent by:April 5, 2013
Number of swap partners:1

What's worse than getting flaked on? Getting a crappy swap! I'm talking about where you spend a lot of time and energy (and perhaps even money) on a swap only to get crap in return. Maybe you spent hours creating a beautiful journal; adding fun prompts, original artwork or collages and packaged it with a few extras your partner might like. In return, you get some flimsy dollar store journal with a couple of stickers slapped on the cover, and only a few written entries with tons of spelling errors etc. Maybe you signed up for an envie stuff and crammed a large envie full of profile goodies and in return received the tiniest envie half filled with crap nobody would ever want.

You get the idea.... these swaps have left me jaded and less welling to sign up for swaps in fear of getting crap in return. This swap is for people who are tired of getting crappy swaps and would like to send AND receive something nice (for a change). For this swap you’ll have 1 partner and will send them a nice card and a profile gift (or gifts) worth a minimum of $5.

****NOTE: I drop right before assigning partners, NOT when they sign up. Please keep that in mind when you view the participants. ~thanks ****

Here's the skinny:

  1. You'll read up on your partner...get to know them a bit
  2. You'll send them a super nice card (store bought or handmade) introducing yourself and include something positive. Tell them about your day, a funny story, positive quote, whatever you think is happy and fun.
  3. You will also include a small profile gift(s). This can be store bought or handmade in any medium, but must be worth around $5. If you buy several things, then the total should add up to a minimum of $5. The point is to take your time and put together something that will help make up for all the crappy swaps they've been getting. Please keep your partner in mind. If they're into sparkly pink unicorns, a black gothic altered journal might not be the way to go.
  4. Make your package look nice. Decorate the box/envie or wrap your gift(s). Make it feel special!

• DON'T cheap out on this swap so you can get out of buying/making your partner a gift. No selfish people allowed!

• DON'T send your partner a long bitchy letter about how much you've been flaked on or about your crappy swaps (we're trying to make up for that stuff remember?) Keep it positive!

• Remember, just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t make something wonderful and fun! Get creative (that’s what Swap-bot is all about right?)

• I WILL BE CHECKING PROFILES not only for ratings, but reading feedback too! Swap-bot’s rating system is over rated (pun intended).

• If you can't handle putting someone before yourself DON'T SIGN UP! We’re trying to pay it forward and give a nice swap. Please put something together you would love to open!

• I really want this to run smoothly so if you have any questions please let me know :o)

• Sorry International, shipping is just way to expensive and experienced package swappers only (sorry 20 "type 1" swaps will not get you into this swap)


pennypuppy 03/ 8/2013 #

You might want to put a rating of 4.9, or you may get a crappy swap; just saying...............

aonbelay 03/ 8/2013 #

I'm personally going to go through everyone's profile. A rating of 5 doesn't equal a good swap, only that it met the bare minimum requirements. I'm looking at the most current ratings/feedback/heart ratio which says more about the person swapping than the swap-bot rating. We've all been there, you get a swap and have to rate the swap a 5 because it met the requirements, but in reality, it's just more like a 2 or 3.

ladydy5 03/ 8/2013 #

Beauty but in this case stuff is in the eyes of the behold or one woman's trash is another woman's treasure. Cool swap though.

aonbelay 03/ 8/2013 #

Ladydy5-- I agree with you! I love destash swaps where good supplies I no longer need/want can go towards a new home and become another person's treasure. I'm talking about swaps that totally miss the point and/or are thrown together without thought or care!

TC 03/ 9/2013 #

Take a close look at @hg08 's ratings. I don't think you'll want to receive from her!

aonbelay 03/10/2013 #

TC-- I go through everyone's profiles (to drop) right before I assign partners. I agree with you!

kawaii1984 03/11/2013 #

I was gonna join this swap till I read hg08's ratings. I've been flaked or got crappy swaps and I'm worried I'd get her as a partner and get something I don't like. I like the swap idea though.

aonbelay 03/12/2013 #

Kawaii1984, it's a shame, you should have read the comment right above yours. I drop right before I assign partners, not when they sign up.

Lorna21 03/17/2013 #

I was in a swap called "Something green". I sent a brand new watch from amazon to my partner. I received a pack of gum and stickers on the deadline date. I was a little turned off/ annoyed. Why would someone wait until last minute to send the cheapest thing?!? My item was delivered on the third day of that swap. I had to wait for the very last day for my item to be delivered. I could have bought myself a 50 cent pack of gum and some stickers!

tazangelbabydes 03/18/2013 #

i wish there was a little more time, im in a few swaps right now and have to watch my budget lol. so if u decide to make a new one please message me so i can join. thanks!!

aonbelay 03/18/2013 #

Lorna21--I know what you mean! I handmade a set of beautiful color-your-own paperdoll with dresses, a set and everything and got a couple of pixelated photocopies back. That's just a drop in the bucket. I'm hoping that this swap will be a super nice one!

Didra 03/18/2013 #

I did a mini whimsy jar swap and got trash in a jar. Or I should say low quality scraps. Worse part it was a babyfood jar and it wasn't even filled full like they are supposed to. Then over Christmas break I did an mega envelope swap. She said she was gonna be late, but a month late? Then I received something I cannot use. I feel if she told me she had no time so she made her kids make them I would believe her. I love swapping but I feel burned. Not to mention the flakers. To make myself feel better I remember the person I receive from is not the person that I gave my beautiful work to. Hopefully that person sent out something just as wonderful. Ps if you are "not an artist" why would you join an ATC swap? I don't have a baseball traing card. Maybe I should get some made up. I'm not a baseball player but here is my trading card. Ok I'm done. :)

pinkstrawberryz 03/19/2013 #

I'm fairly new at swap-bot but recently received the WORST package ever. It was thrown together, no thought...like she scrambled around the house and threw anything in the envelope, including a sticker sheet that looked like one of her kids got a hold of. It really erked me. I put 110% into my swaps. If you can not do the same find another hobby right? Anyways, enough venting..I'm hoping we all get a great swap through this one :)

skarykari 03/19/2013 #

I'm brand new to Swap Bot, but I used to do mail-art swaps all the time in college a few years ago, through a different website. I am actually quite experienced.

I can't wait to get back into this, but I'm having a heck of a time finding swaps on here that I am eligible to join. I don't meet the "minimum requirements" for hardly anything except some boring type 1 swaps.

Can I pretty please join this swap!? I promise to send a package that is thoughtful, creative, beautiful and special. And In accordance with my parters tastes. That's the whole point of this site anyway right- to create beautiful things! I'll even go above & beyond to prove my worth :) I understand if rules are rules and you don't want to take any chances, but let me know please! I would really love to join! Kari

aonbelay 03/19/2013 #

I'm sorry Skarykari--but for this swap I can't let you in without any ratings. I am being firm on checking ratings and contacting participants to make sure they can meet the swap requirements. Given the nature of the swap I can't let in someone who has never been rated through Swap-bot join in. Newbie status is tough, but hang in there! You'll get some swaps soon.

Margothecat 03/20/2013 #

Since profiles will be checked will, I will join.

art3osb 03/20/2013 #

I've never gotten real bad crap but can I join anyway? I want to make someone happy :) Plus, I'll be happy too because it will be like getting a birthday present. I turn 40 in April.

My family and I will be in Tennessee starting the 23rd and we will be back before mail deadline so I can look in TN and my state, OH. If my partner would like a souveneir from TN let me know. We will be going to the zoo. I can get postcards, magnets, mug--- if you collect--- or anything with zoo name. Can get something with TN name on it. We will be visiting lots of other places too.

beadqueene 03/20/2013 #

This sounds like a nice swap idea, I feel your pain! Too bad the sign-up/deadline period are the exact dates I'll be away :( I'll keep an eye out for round 3!

d2photo 03/20/2013 #

Who ever gets to be my partner is going to be REALLY happy. Been bouncing stuff with the host yesterday. Get ready folks. Time for the good stuff to make the rounds.

mrsheatherbush 03/21/2013 #

So very excited for this swap!!!!

KrackerJaxx 03/22/2013 #

I just joined so I'd be labeled a "crap" swapper I suppose. Sounds like an awesome swap! One day when I figure out how to get a few swaps (signed up for one now) there will be another NO more crap swap! Have fun everyone!

Anna34 03/22/2013 #

@art3osb what part of Ohio you from? What part of TN you moving to? My boyfriend it's from Cleveland we live in Bristol TN...my hometown

Anna34 03/22/2013 #

Lol I thought you was moving here...my mistake

art3osb 03/23/2013 #

We want to @Anna34 We got here today @ 8:00 a.m Sparta, TN

Lucine 03/24/2013 #

I'm also tired of getting crappy swaps too! I even don't join ATC swaps anymore.

I so like this swap. Unfortunately, I'm international. Hope you will do an international version. Or let me know. I am willing to swap^_^

Lila84 03/27/2013 #

I always hate to send just one or two things for swaps. I'm not sure how much I spent on this swap, but I always tell myself I went a little overboard. lol I should be saving my money. BUT I enjoy this site. I hope I get something in return from someone who put a lot of thought into my swap as I did for my partner. And shipping, my! I've never spent that much for shipping a swap before. Oops. Oh well. I hope my partner will be happy!

bizzles 04/ 8/2013 #

I received a crappy swap for this swap. (Items that were half used, and water stained...) even after the person messaged to see what would be good to send... Oh well, I hope my partner liked everything I sent... all new, unused, well packaged, pretty things!

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